June 3, 2014 8:06 AM EDT

The three-day manhunt of Ryan Kelly Chamberlain II, a media and tech consultant suspected of harboring explosives, ended on Monday when authorities in San Francisco took him into custody.

A search for Chamberlain, 42, ensued after FBI agents found explosives and a lethal chemical in his Russian Hill home on Saturday, the Associated Press reports. Police on Monday spotted his white Nissan at Crissy Field near the Golden Gate Bridge during a routine patrol of the park and arrested him without resistance.

People who knew Chamberlain expressed dismay that he was in possession of explosives. Randy Bramblett, a friend of Chamberlain, told AP that the suspect had a tendency to become highly emotional when he was disappointed. “I’ve never seen him be violent, ever, but I would definitely say that maybe emotionally and mentally he was a little unstable,” Bramblett said.

A note titled ‘Goodbye’ appeared on Chamberlain’s Facebook account earlier on Monday, having apparently been written on Saturday and timed to delay the posting. In the message, he said goodbye to loved ones and discussed suffering from depression “for as long as I can recall.”

FBI spokesman Peter Lee told AP that although Chamberlain was thought to be armed and dangerous because he had “the means, methods and access to make a bomb,” he was not considered a serious threat to society.


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