Mayo Squeezes Out Mustard

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Mayonnaise-lovers know well the look of disgust a squirt of their favorite condiment will elicit on the face of a mayo-hater: the glance, the shudder, and the “…eww…..” followed by an impassioned oratory extolling the virtues of mustard. But take heart, mayonnaise enthusiasts. You are legion.

A new report from the market research firm Euromonitor makes it plain that, in the United States condiment market, Mayonnaise bests the competition handily, Quartz reports. Consumers in the U.S. spend $2 billion a year on mayonnaise. Mustard, meanwhile, raked in less than $450 million in 2013, and that number has been in decline since 2009, according to the study. The hot sauce market, which has been growing mightily in the U.S. in recent years, is still paltry compared to mayo.

The closest any condiment comes to competing with mayonnaise is that most stereotypically American of condiments: ketchup, the market for which was valued at $725 million last year.


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