March 14, 2014 5:26 PM EDT

A mother lost her son after going into premature labor, and she had a sandbox made at the grave to make it easier for his 3-year-old brother to mourn. (

In honor of March 14, Buffalo Bills players spell out Pi with their numbered jerseys. (Buffalo Bills Facebook)

Some scientists think a pygmy T-rex roamed the Arctic. (National Geographic)

Trend alert: How baby boomers are planning eco-friendly funerals. (New York Times)

A true romantic, a blanket octopus has a tentacle that it fills with sperm, rips off, and gives to a female, which then squeezes it over her eggs like “a tube of toothpaste.” (NPR)

This London modeling agency representing women with multicolored hair and piercings bills itself as the “anti-modeling agency.” (The Daily Beast)

An interactive map of the world’s billionaires. (Forbes)

Watch this beautiful data visualization of air traffic over Europe. (Fast Company)

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