March 6, 2014


Phyllis Krasilovsky, 87, author of nearly two dozen popular children’s books, including The Very Little Girl (her first, in 1953) and The Cow Who Fell in the Canal.


By the Washington city council, marijuana. Possession of up to 1 oz. (28 g) of pot will result in a $25 fine–comparable to a parking ticket. Smoking pot in public will remain a crime.


Jim Lange, 81, original host of ABC’s hit matchmaking show The Dating Game for 25 years.


Justin Kaplan, 88, Pulitzer Prize–winning biographer of Mark Twain as well as Walt Whitman and Lincoln Steffens; he later became the editor of Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations.


Dale Gardner, 65, American astronaut best known for his 1984 rescue and return to the space shuttle Discovery of a pair of satellites that had drifted off course.


Huber Matos, 95, a top lieutenant in Fidel Castro’s rebel forces who split with Castro over the latter’s turn to communism. After 20 years of brutal imprisonment, he left Cuba and became a prominent anti-Castro activist in Florida.

This appears in the March 17, 2014 issue of TIME.

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