Brand You Never Heard of Is Begging You Not to Stop Eating It

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Pretzel Crisps is really, really worried that people are going to give it up for Lent. So as part of a strange social media marketing move, it took to Twitter to randomly beg people not to forego the snack.

A BuzzFeed editor was implored to not give it up. (He wasn’t going to … he has no idea what Pretzel Crisps are …)

As did a writer for The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon:

Social media marketing can be tricky. And although this isn’t the worst Twitter gimmick we’ve seen, Pretzel Crisps’ random piggybacking onto a religious holiday (with relatively impersonal messaging) seems a little off.

Ash Wednesday isn’t typically a notable day on marketers’ calendars, but in a social media-centric world, it’s not entirely surprising for a company to try to tie itself to any event:

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