Busted! This Toothbrush Tattles On You To Your Dentist

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When it comes to oral hygiene, telling the truth can be a challenge. After all, you don’t want to tick off the person forcing sharp pointy instruments into your mouth. But thanks to technology, we’re all about to get busted for fibbing to our dentists.

The Oral-B tooth care company has developed an electric toothbrush and smartphone app that can wirelessly report your brushing habits to you dentist via a Bluetooth connection. The Bluetooth 4.0 toothbrush app tracks every brush stroke made by the toothbrush and tattles sends the results to your dentist.

As you brush, a video simulation on your phone guides your hand, showing you where to brush and how hard. The app will also offer helpful hints on how to get the job done faster and better and chart your progress so that the next time you’re in the dentist’s chair maybe you won’t mind being honest. Although, they still haven’t developed self-reporting dental floss.

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