Who Is Adele Dazeem? Watch John Travolta Flub Idina Menzel’s Name

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If you watched Sunday night’s Academy Awards ceremony and found yourself confused about who John Travolta was introducing to sing the Oscar-winning song “Let It Go,” you’re not alone. Apparently, even Travolta himself wasn’t sure.

Though it was Idina Menzel—who Travolta correctly, but weirdly, described as “wickedly talented”—who was singing the hit song from Frozen, the Pulp Fiction star introduced her as Adele Dazeem. (Adele Dazim? Adela Dazeem? We’re not even sure!) You can watch the flub on this Vine from Modern Family‘s Eric Stonestreet, below:

[vine url=”https://vine.co/v/MA7WgDqvqUD” width=400 height=400]

Luckily, Menzel didn’t let Travolta’s misstep rattle her, as she went on to turn out a “wickedly” amazing performance.


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