May 21, 2014 11:24 AM EDT

The first official “gameplay” trailer is up for Batman: Arkham Knight. It’s more like a sizzle reel cobbled together from cutscenes and a smattering of gameplay cutaways, the latter designed to send you down the rabbit hole guessing what any of it means in view of prior Arkham series mechanics.

Arkham Knight will foreground the Batmobile, of course, so that’s mostly what you’ll see in all the money shots here. We already knew Batman had cool multi-segmented armor (check) and that he can jump off high things—even higher here (check). But if the trailer’s not just teasing us — those fast-slow sequences could just as well be non-gameplay “look how cool I am” zingers—and this really is gameplay, you’ll be able to remote-summon the Batmobile, leap up as it’s approaching and land in the driver’s seat. Alright, that’s pretty cool.

You’ll then be able to drive it (check), crash it into stuff (check), do cookies (check), fire missiles from it (check) and—getting back to the actually cool stuff—eject from the driver’s seat on the go, not Adam West-style, to start gliding around Gotham City’s moonlit, only-ever-nighttime streets and byways. My favorite part’s at 1:30, where the Batmobile’s jetting down the insides of a circular pipe-way, swinging up the wall until it’s cruising upside-down (take that, Mario Kart 8!).

But yeah, as bona fide gameplay trailers go, this one leaves a lot to the imagination, and with five months to go until this thing’s out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows on October 14, that’s probably the point.

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