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January 17, 2014 12:25 PM EST

A Utah police officer shot four members of his family before killing himself, police there said Friday.

Police in Spanish Fork, Utah believe Joshua Boren, 34, killed his wife, their two children, and his mother-in-law with a handgun before turning the weapon on himself, the Salt Lake Tribune reported. Chief Steve Adams said Boren had not reported for duty Thursday night and his supervisor sent officers to his home. When they arrived, they found the lights on, but no answer at the door.

“Through a window, officers noticed blood on the carpet of the front room as well as empty handgun shell casings,” said Spanish Fork Lt. Matthew Johnson.

When the officers gained entry to the house, they found the bodies of Boren, his wife Kelly, 32; their children Joshua, 7, and Haley, 5; and Boren’s mother-in-law Marie King, 55.

Authorities said they didn’t find a suicide note, but did note that the Boren had been going through marital problems for several months. Despite that, Johnson said Boren showed no outward signs of trouble.

“There were no warning signs,” he said. “This was a total shock to everyone.”

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