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• Wu-Tang Clan’s überexclusive new album–there is only one copy–features vocals from Cher.

• The Power Rangers are morphing back into relevance: Lionsgate announced it will produce a live-action film based on the popular ’90s kids’ show.

• Prince William was spotted flying to Dallas in coach from a friend’s wedding in Memphis. Royalty–they’re just like us.

• According to a U.K. study, swearing is a “harmless emotional release” that may actually help people feel more resilient. Hell, yeah!


‘You need to calm the f-ck down. You don’t want to constantly be a GIF.’

JENNIFER LAWRENCE, to Marie Claire, on what she tells herself in order to avoid becoming overexposed–though as she admits, “I can’t not photo-bomb somebody if it’s a good opportunity”

CANNES YOU SEE ME NOW? The Cannes Film Festival–which runs May 14–25 this year–is known for being a spectacle, and the promotional materials are no exception. Case in point: this giant canvas version of the festival’s official poster, which uses a picture of Marcello Mastroianni in Federico Fellini’s 8½. The classic film screened at Cannes in 1963.



Number of selfies taken during one hour in Miami’s South Beach by Mark E. Miller, a new Guinness World Record; in order to secure the title, Miller had to include a different person in each photo he snapped–presumably without pausing to pick a filter


Shows Inspired by #Social #Media

ABC’s forthcoming comedy Selfie–about a 20-something woman who’d rather be liked online than in life–may be the latest TV series spawned by social media, but it’s certainly not the first. Here, a look at how others have fared.


#RichKids of Beverly Hills

The hit E! reality series (starring retail heiress Dorothy Wang) was inspired by Rich Kids of Instagram, a blog dedicated to the photo app’s most over-the-top millennials



The creator of GIF blog #hollywoodassistants sold this comedy to CBS in 2012; it has yet to materialize


$#*! My Dad Says

The short-lived CBS sitcom (starring William Shatner) was loosely based on a Twitter feed of the same name


Shh … Don’t Tell Steve

CBS began developing the series–inspired by a guy who secretly tweeted the drunken antics of his roommate using @shhdontellsteve–but chose not to go forward with it


I F-cking Love Science

The Science Channel is developing a show (executive-produced by Craig Ferguson) based on the popular Facebook page


It’s easy to forget that the origins of the U.S.’s modern obsession with sugar are linked to slavery and unpaid sugar-farming labor–which is part of the reason artist Kara Walker created this giant sugarcoated stat ue, which opened to the public on May 10 in New York City’s defunct Domino Sugar Factory. Her take on the ancient sphinx draws on imagery from racist stereotypes about black women, challenging the viewer to confront them.


Jon Hamm

The Mad Men star, 43, is suiting up again–this time for the lead in Million Dollar Arm (out May 16), the true story of a sports agent who travels to India in search of a cricket player he can turn into a Major League Baseball star. Here, he talks to Time.


You’re a noted Cardinals fan. What are your feelings on cricket?

I did get into it, and right after we finished [Million Dollar Arm], I shot something in the U.K., and they were having a big cricket tournament called the Ashes, so I watched that. It’s an interesting game.

Can you explain it to me?

It’s the pastoral, upper-class relative of baseball. Most games in the world nowadays are judged by clocks and minutes and quarters and halftime. This is a very different, leisurely pastime.

You make it sound so poetic!

Well, thanks.

Do you play?

I play baseball. I’m on a team here in L.A. It’s a bunch of older guys at varying levels of skill.

Which position do you play?

Catcher and right field.

How much is your arm worth?

Not much. You could probably get change from a 20.

I want to ask about Mad Men, but the show keeps things so close to the vest. Do you have a spoiler-deflection tactic?

I don’t know how we got this rubric of being the one show [that’s anti-spoiler]. I don’t think The Good Wife was like, “Josh Charles dies this year. Anyway, tune in and look for it!” I’m usually as honest as I can be without ruining it.

Do you follow any of the fan conspiracy theories?

I get told about them by people who want an opinion on them, but I don’t seek them out. I find that if you dig too deeply on the Internet, you’re only going to get your feelings hurt.


• Kellogg’s will stop using “all natural” and “nothing artificial” labels on select Kashi products, settling a lawsuit that challenges those claims.

• Solange Knowles, a.k.a. Beyoncé’s sister, attacked Jay Z in an elevator, reportedly because he wouldn’t get her friends into a party.

• A newly described wasp species that stings its insect prey in the brain was dubbed Ampulex dementor, after the soul-sucking Harry Potter creature.

• Students at a California high school were busted for running a prom draft, in which boys paid to pick girls in rounds.


This appears in the May 26, 2014 issue of TIME.

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