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Try These Apps and Sites for Selling Your Old Stuff

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Garage sale goes online

Looking to get rid of some old junk? Your unused stuff could be someone else’s treasure.

Depending upon what you’re trying to sell, some services are better than others. We scoured online markets big and small, looking for the best ways to help you unload anything from your fridge to your Fendi bag.

Regardless of the service, selling your old stuff isn’t exactly a get-rich-quick scheme. Well-lit photos that show different angles of an item are key to drawing interest, as are setting fair prices and crafting descriptive titles with keywords buyers are likely to search for.

We considered the following factors while researching services:

  • Ease of use: Is the website or app interface newbie-friendly?
  • Amount of work: From settling on a good starting price, to responding to buyers, to shipping items, some apps make selling stuff online more work than the profit is worth.
  • Fees: Expect to pay at least 10% of an item’s selling price to the marketplace you use – and up to 40% if you use a concierge service that takes care of listing and shipping the items for you.


Since its launch in 1995, the online-auction kingpin has steadily added features to its marketplace, attracting professional e-sellers and real-world store owners to its original base of regular folks looking to clear out their junk.

A comprehensive selling interface lets you experiment with different selling models – the $1 auction is unbeatable for attracting interest, while setting a specific Buy It Now price can help shift items that the buyer may prefer to get immediately, such as clothing. You can also add in a Best Offer feature if you’re up for some haggling, or put a reserve on auctions so that items won’t sell unless they hit particular prices.

Best for: eBay works for just about everyone, although its listings policy officially rules out “intangible items,” specifically noting that souls can’t be sold. At any given time, there are around 110 million worldwide listings spanning clothing, furniture, antiques, collectibles and more.

Ease of use: While listing an item on the desktop site involves a lengthy form that asks for time-consuming (but not mandatory) details such as the length of a shirt sleeve, posting via the eBay app is much quicker.

How much work do I have to do? Just posting an item for sale is pretty quick when using the app. Snap a few good photos of the item, find a keyword-friendly title, and type up a couple descriptive sentences. If you’ve got a lot for sale, eBay offers features for more experienced sellers, including estimated prices and in-depth analytics for tracking your sales. The flip side is that you can end up spending an inordinate amount of time trying to craft the perfect listing.

If you just want to get rid of your things, the eBay Valet service lets you mail in certain types of items — including like-new designer clothing — for eBay staff to sell. The service commands a fee up to 40% of an item’s selling price. However, eBay is waiving the fees through June 30, 2015. So if want to give the service a try, do it now.

Fees: Your first 20 listings are free to post whether you go for auction or fixed pricing (though upgrading with bigger photos or premium visibility in search results costs extra), after which each listing costs 30 cents. eBay also takes 10% of the final selling price of each item (before shipping costs). If you use PayPal – and eBay makes it a requirement for certain listings – it charges an additional 3% onto that.

eBay is waiving all fees on its eBay Valet service through June 30, 2015.

Good for getting rid of old stuff? There’s a good market for broken electronics, so if you have a smartphone with a busted screen, or a laptop older than your niece, chances are another eBayer will want to strip it for parts.

Overall: Selling on eBay takes the most effort, but can turn the most profit. However, the site has gotten some flack for its seller-unfriendly buyer protection policy, where sellers foot the refunds for items that don’t arrive or are claimed to be significantly different from the description.

Find it here: ebay.com, iTunes, Google Play


This iOS app sits between sellers and buyers to take care of the entire listing process, including determining the highest selling price based on similar products and sending you boxes with prepaid mailing labels for a UPS pickup. If you live in Austin or San Francisco, you can arrange for a real live person to come over, pack your item, and ship it.

Gone works with online marketplaces including Amazon and eBay, using algorithms that analyze transactions on these sites to determine the highest price for your item before posting it on the most profitable site. Users can track the progress of their items through the app.

Best for: If you prize convenience over profits, Gone works well for selling electronics in good condition.

Ease of use: Getting your stuff into the marketplace is all done via the app. You snap at least two — and up to four — photos or videos of the item to be sold, add a quick description, and upload it to Gone for price appraisal.

How much work do I have to do? Not much. Once you upload items to Gone, you’ll get an estimated earning (minus packing, posting, and other costs), at which point you can either reject or accept the listings. After that, you’ll receive boxes and mailing labels to ship items to the Gone warehouse, where they’ll be inspected then put up for sale within a day. If you allow it to access your email, the app can scrape your inbox for receipts of stuff you bought online in order to automatically populate the items’ description boxes with the pertinent details.

Fees: Convenience comes at a cost: a 32GB iPad Air received an estimate of $235, compared to $317-$370 for Buy It Now listings on eBay. Once your item sells, you receive your earnings as a PayPal transfer or check, minus 7%-15% in fees, depending on the final value sold.

Good for getting rid of old stuff? No. Gone only takes on consumer electronics – think computers, tablets, smartphones, or headphones.

Overall: If you don’t want to go through the laborious process of spit-shining your gadgets, photographing them, and stressing out over how much to sell them for, Gone does it all for you through in an easy to use interface – and charges less in fees than eBay’s similar Valet service.

Find it here: thegoneapp.com, iTunes


If Craigslist is an online version of the classifieds, OfferUp is a tech-savvy version of Craigslist. It sports a gorgeously intuitive, picture-heavy interface for buyers to find anything from appliances and antiques to clothing to electronics in their respective locations.

Like eBay, both buyers and sellers are rated after transactions, and like Airbnb, both can opt for additional validation through real-world ID scanning, as well as linking Facebook and email accounts. The service encourages sellers to stay local with face to face transactions, and avoid shipping items without the buyer seeing them first.

Best for: Just about anything in your home, from heavy appliances to small decorative items.

Ease of use: Modern, fresh-looking Android and iOS apps make it especially easy to stroll around taking pics of all the things you don’t want before uploading each with a keyword-friendly title and short description. Buyers can then browse by neighborhood – which can give you an edge when hawking an old electric kettle that could sell simply because it’s the nearest one to a prospective buyer. Buyers can message you from within the app – a good idea in case of disputes.

How much work do I have to do? It takes about half a minute to post a listing, and you don’t need to bother with shipping. As with Craigslist, for the sake of staying safe when meeting with virtual strangers for the transaction, it’s a good idea to meet buyers in a public location.

Fees: Selling can be more profitable for certain items than other sites, as there are no fees, and you can be paid cash in hand.

Good for getting rid of old stuff? Yes. With thousands of new posts every day – compared to eBay’s hundreds of thousands – there’s less competition for your old stuff, and many neighborhood buyers may pick your everyday junk over someone else’s simply because it saves them gas or shipping fees.

Overall: OfferUp is like a cross between eBay and Craigslist, with no-fuss, in-person transactions, and trust features such as seller ratings and user validation.

Find it here: offerupnow.com, iTunes, Google Play


There are dozens of fashion reselling sites out there, but Vinted offers an additional feature: the option to swap items without incurring any fees.

If you prefer to make some cold hard cash, it’s also an easy option for putting stuff up for sale. Where high-fashion-centric sites such as Vestiare Collective require sellers to send in their prospective items for checking before sending on to the buyer – thus lengthening the time before you get paid – Vinted lets sellers and buyers conduct their own exchanges, with seller ratings and the option to follow particular sellers and brands.

Best for: Clothes that are in good condition, from mass market fashion to designer brands, though the bulk of listings seem to be for mainstream fashion.

Ease of use: You can post items for sale via the web and iOS and Android apps by simply uploading a few pictures, inputting the brand, size, and condition of an item, and then writing a short description. If you’re up for a swap, you can add that as an option, allowing other swappers to get in touch for a fee-free exchange.

How much work do I have to do? You’ll have to figure out the best price for your item, buy postage materials, and ship items yourself.

Fees: Listing items is free, but if you sell instead of swap, you’ll incur a 19% fee (which is fairly standard for fashion reselling – similar secondhand clothing sites take 20-40%). However, Vinted hangs on to payments until the buyer confirms they’ve received the order and it’s as described, so you may end up waiting a week for money to be deposited into your account. A nice feature is that if you buy an item on Vinted but don’t like it (and can’t return it), you can relist that item for sale without incurring the fee.

Good for getting rid of old stuff? If you clean, iron, and shoot good pictures of your clothing, you could turn a tidy profit, though that 19% transaction fee can make sales of less expensive items more trouble than they’re worth.

Overall: A low-fuss way to sell mainstream fashion for a teen-to-twentysomething audience.

Find it here: vinted.com, iTunes, Google Play


This sophisticated clothes reselling marketplace focuses on branded fashion, with items displayed in a magazine-esque design that showcases editor’s picks and categories such as “unique and surprising shoes.”

Sellers can compile a personalized homepage or “closet” showing items for sale as well items they’ve liked from other sellers. Users can follow sellers and brands in order to keep track of new items.

Best for: Designer bags and accessories, with somewhat lesser demand for high-end clothing and shoes.

Ease of use: The site and iOS app are streamlined and stylishly designed, with a simple interface for uploading photos, noting brand, size, and color, and setting the price, including a calculator to show what you’ll earn after fees. Listings are active until they sell, without the time limit that some other sites impose.

How much work do I have to do? It’s minimal. You take a few photos of each item (which Tradesy edits and cuts out onto a white background for that pro storefront look), select the brand and category, and either choose Tradesy’s proposed price for the item or set your own. When a sale goes through, you’ll be sent a prepaid, pre-addressed mailing label and box to mail items directly to the buyer.

Fees: Items can sell for anywhere from under a hundred bucks to thousands of dollars. There are no listing fees, but the site charges an 11.9% commission (or 9% if you keep your earnings on Tradesy to spend on-site). Its refund policy is seller-friendly – if a buyer returns your item because it’s the wrong fit or style, you’ll keep all your earnings and Tradesy takes care of the refund.

Good for getting rid of old stuff? Only if it’s branded and in good condition.

Overall: It’s great for selling your pricier items to fashion-savvy shoppers, however Tradesy has a smaller user base than eBay, so you may get fewer interested buyers.

Find it here: tradesy.com, iTunes


This beautifully designed site and iOS app focus on the reselling of unique or designer homeware, as well as antiques and jewelry. The site’s homepage shows timely curations of the available products, such as barware in time for Father’s Day, or items from “New Miami Sellers.” A couple hundred new items are posted each day, with the site’s catalog filtered by designers, styles, and cities, so that buyers can hunt down anything art-deco in Chicago, for instance.

Best for: Vintage or antique furniture, house accessories, or jewelry in good condition.

Ease of use: The online form for posting items contains helpful fields for first-time sellers, with options for noting the condition of your item (anywhere from “excellent” to “needs work”), its dimensions, your description of it, and whether you’ll allow local pickup – handy for minimizing the odds of fickle buyers returning items for no good reason.

How much work do you have to do? You’re the one to set an asking price, as well as a minimum price, but if you can’t decide, Chairish can suggest a price that’s likely to help you sell your item quickly. You can’t just list any old item, either: Chairish must approve the listing based on your pictures and whether there’s demand for the item’s particular style. After that, the listing will be live within five working days. If an item doesn’t sell after 30 days, you’ll be encouraged to drop the price.

Fees: There’s a 20% commission fee, and buyers have 48 hours to return shipped goods. Payment isn’t credited to your account until the return period ends. (If a buyer picks up in person, then the return period ends at the time of pickup and you’ll presumably have been paid cash in hand.)

Good for getting rid of old stuff? Not unless it’s quite valuable: there’s a minimum listing price of $75 for each item.

Overall: Good for selling high-value homeware to people who are likely to appreciate it.

Find it here: chairish.com, iTunes


Over 60 million people use Craigslist every month, posting anything from jobs to event listings. The buying and selling of secondhand goods represents a brisk trade on an overflowing marketplace that still looks like a 90s-era message board (the iOS and Android apps are much more polished). It’s often the place to pick up a bargain from people who just want to get rid of their stuff.

Best for: Nearly anything in your house, particularly big things such as appliances and furniture. Smaller items like clothing or accessories are better suited to other sites.

Ease of use: Without the need to fuss around with lengthy posting interfaces or a middleman to give you the thumbs-up on a listing, Craiglist is an extremely easy way to get your stuff out to prospective buyers. As long you write a descriptive title with the keywords a buyer is likely to search for and choose a fair price, you’re likely to be able to move your stuff.

How much work do you have to do? If you’re keen to sell, you’ll have to be on the ball with responding to interested buyers, some of whom may test you with low-ball offers that seem designed to insult. Choosing a fair price may also be tough for some, though you can always note that you’re open to haggling in order to draw more interest.

Fees: There are no fees for listing items for sale. You may have to price your items a little lower than you think, though, as buyers are often expecting a good bargain when they head to Craigslist. But cash in hand coupled with a no-refund policy makes a convincing case for posting here.

Good for getting rid of old stuff? Yes. And if you just want to get rid of stuff, you can list it for free.

Overall: Craigslist is still the juggernaut for getting rid of bulky items, with no listing fees and less businesslike transactions.

Find it here: craigslist.org, iTunes, Google Play

This article originally appeared on Techlicious

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Reddit’s Dismissed AMA Coordinator Victoria Taylor Breaks Silence

GMO Answers at SXSW (2 of 2)
Erich Schlegel—AP for GMO Answers Reddit’s Victoria Taylor, far left, moderates a live, in-person “Ask Me Anything” session on GMOs at the GMO Answers exhibit at SXSW featuring, from left, Indiana farmer Brian Scott, registered dietitian Connie Diekman, Dow AgroSciences biologist Dan Randolph, and GMO Answers spokesperson Cathy Enright on Monday, March 16, 2015 in Austin, Texas.

Her departure set off a moderator revolt

Victoria Taylor, whose dismissal from social media platform Reddit set off a mutiny among the volunteer moderators of some of the site’s most popular sections, has finally broken her silence about being let go by the site.

“I’ll never forget my time at reddit,” Taylor, who joined the company in 2013, wrote in a Wednesday post on Reddit itself. “You allowed me to be a part of some of the greatest conversations of our time, and it was an honor to be your ambassador.”

Taylor’s responsibilities at Reddit included serving as an ambassador of sorts for the site’s highly popular “AMAs,” or “Ask Me Anything.” AMAs began as a loosely organized way for interesting but not necessarily famous Reddit users—air traffic controllers, for instance—to answer questions about their job or some other aspect of their lives. But they have since attracted the likes of authors, actors and even the President of the United States looking to promote their latest project or policy agenda to Reddit’s growing audience (Reddit had more than 36 million accounts as of last month, though many users have more than one account to share information anonymously).

Much of Taylor’s work involved corralling those A-, B- and C-list celebrities, ensuring the person behind the keyboard was indeed the notable figure in question and getting them comfortable with Reddit’s interface and community, both of which have unique quirks that can be off-putting to a first-timer.

Taylor, who was beloved by many of Reddit’s hard-working but unpaid moderators for making their lives easier, was unexpectedly fired last week for reasons that remain unclear. Some have speculated she was let go after an AMA interview with civil rights leader Jesse Jackson was set adrift by racially charged comments, though Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian has denied that.

In protest against Taylor’s dismissal and other changes, several Reddit moderators set their subsections to private late last week, effectively turning them off to public view. That disruption forced interim Reddit CEO Ellen Pao to make a public apology on Monday for what she called “a long history of mistakes” in the way Reddit’s paid staff has dealt with the site’s volunteers and community at large.

“We screwed up,” Pao wrote. “We haven’t communicated well, and we have surprised moderators and the community with big changes . . . The mods and the community have lost trust in me and in us, the administrators of reddit.” An online petition for Pao’s dismissal from Reddit, meanwhile, gained nearly 200,000 signatures as of the beginning of the week. Ohanian, too, has been on the defensive, spending time talking to his site’s community about the recent changes.

Here’s Taylor’s Reddit post in full:

How was your weekend? Mine was…interesting, to say the least.

I’ve had some time to think about how to respond to the extraordinary kindness and support you’ve shown me. And here it is:

I’ll never forget my time at reddit. You allowed me to be a part of some of the greatest conversations of our time, and it was an honor to be your ambassador.

I just want to take a moment to say thank you to all of you who have reached out.

Thank you for everything you’ve given me. From your messages to your artwork, I am deeply moved and grateful beyond words, and your encouragement has meant more than you’ll ever know.

I’ve been incredibly humbled and honored to serve this community, and I truly believe all voices matter.

Your voices matter.

You proved that this weekend.

And really, this weekend wasn’t about me. It was about you. And if I know one thing about this community, it’s that you’ll continue making your voices heard. And that’s an inspiration.

I know many of you may be curious about what’s next for me, and I’m still figuring that out. However, I can assure you, wherever the road leads, I will live up to the faith you’ve had in me.

You can take the woman out of reddit, but you can’t take the reddit out of the woman. I believe in you. And that’s a promise.

Thank you.


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How Spotify Wants You to Avoid Apple’s Extra Fees

Spotify logo displayed on an iPhone.
Daniel Bockwoldt—picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images Spotify logo displayed on an iPhone.

Paying for Spotify through Apple actually costs extra bucks

Spotify wants to save you from paying extra charges to Apple.

Music streaming service Spotify’s ad-free paid tier costs $9.99 per month, but because Apple charges a 30% fee for purchases made through its App Store, customers end up paying $12.99 if they set the Spotify iOS app to auto-renew their monthly subscription.

Spotify is planning to email its customers to tell them how to fix this, The Verge reports.

To avoid that extra fee, Spotify customers first need to cancel their subscription through iTunes. Then, once their current subscription has lapsed (they may have to wait until the end of the month), they can sign up again, this time through Spotify’s web service.

While on first glance Spotify’s move seems like just a helpful gesture, it’s also a shot at Apple, which just launched its own music streaming service that competes with Spotify. Apple Music costs $9.99 a month after the free three-month trial period, without users having to worry about any extra fees.

This article originally appeared on Fortune.com

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Here’s How Twitter Plans to Capture Video Ad Dollars

Twitter Goes Public On The New York Stock Exchange
Andrew Burton—Getty Images

Feature comes days after Facebook ramped up its own video offerings

Twitter is making it easier for apps to advertise on Twitter through promoted videos.

The move, announced Wednesday, comes after Facebook started another option for those advertising through video: the ability to pay only after a video has played for at least 10 seconds.

Richard Alfonsi, Twitter’s VP of global business development and platforms, called the new feature “an immersive experience to have video directly in the tweet. It creates great performance and lets marketers convey a lot more about what the app does.”

The micro-blogging service said it will also allow advertisers to pay in different ways, too, called “optimized action bidding.”

“This new bidding type allows app install advertisers to optimize their bids according to install, while still paying by app click—offering another way to lower cost-per-installs and yield the highest possible ROI,” the company said in a statement.

Lyft, a ride-sharing service that rivals Uber, recently boasted about Twitter’s advertising capabilities: “Twitter has become our go-to channel for social media marketing,” the company said. “We’ve seen tremendous results with up to three times better performance than other social media channels.”

Twitter unveiled auto-play videos recently and started selling app-install ads last year, Adweek reported.

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Why Apple’s CEO Tim Cook Probably Has Way Too Many Direct Reports

Apple Unveils iPhone 6
Justin Sullivan—Getty Images Apple's CEO Tim Cook.

He manages 17 people

Tim Cook took over the top role at Apple in 2011 and has since amassed 17 direct reports, according to an analysis by Business Insider.

Cook was only overseeing nine people when he took over as CEO of Apple, which means his management load has increased more than two-fold in almost four years. That’s a pretty significant gain — and one that management experts say may be more than one manager can handle.

According to Hal Gregersen, who heads up the MIT Leadership Center, told Business Insider that the ideal number of direct reports is between six and 12. The optimal number is dependent on how many people a leader can have in a room and still maintain a constructive conversation, said Gregersen.

Gregersen hasn’t studied Cook directly, but said that he has his work cut out for him: “The odds are against any team of 17 versus a team of six.”

For instance, in an hour-long meeting, 17 people would each have three-and-a-half minutes to share their thoughts, versus 10 minutes each for 6 workers. Small groups of people have the ability to go deeper on any one issue.

On the other hand, more direct reports could mean fewer layers of management. Former General Electric CEO Jack Welch considered that an advantage when he ran the international conglomerate. It allowed “people to flex their muscles,” and it allowed him to “focus only on the big important issues, not on minutiae.”

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Faster Wi-Fi Speeds Are Coming To Virgin America

Courtesy of Virgin America.

Watch YouTube on your iPad to your heart's content.

Virgin America has launched faster inflight Wi-Fi that will give you smooth, uninterrupted YouTube views for your whole journey.

The company has partnered with broadband technology firm Viasat in outfitting its 10 new A320 aircrafts with updated Wi-Fi networks. The use of ViaSat-1, a high capacity Ka-band satellite service that offers speeds of up to 140 gigabits-per-second, could make Virgin’s Wi-Fi eight to ten times faster than your garden variety inflight networks. Passengers will be able to watch countless episodes of PewDiePie beginning in September, the company said in a statement.

It marks the next chapter in the wild world of wireless service on planes. Despite the obvious benefits, there are huge discrepancies in pricing and speeds for on-board Wi-Fi, as detailed in our recent story on the economics of inflight Internet. Most airlines use Gogo, the biggest player in onboard Wi-Fi, and Gogo can support connections of 3.1 Mbps to 9.8 Mbps. Gogo has also been raising the prices of surfing the Web in the skies, betting that customers will pay almost anything for such a privilege.

“I’ve seen prices as high as $35 a flight for a cross country flight,” Tim Farrar, satellite telecom analyst for TMF Associates, told Fortune. “That pricing isn’t widespread yet, but there appears to be no limit to what people are prepared to pay.”

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NYSE Abruptly Halts Trading in All Securities

Positive Earnings Push Dow Jones Average Higher For Day
Andrew Burton—Getty Images Traders on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

Early indications are that a computer problem or glitch is the cause

Reports are coming from Twitter that trading has been unexpectedly halted on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

In an immediate and brief statement, NYSE confirmed, “NYSE/NYSE MKT has temporarily suspended trading in all symbols. Additional information will follow as soon as possible.”

Early indications are that a computer problem or glitch is the cause. Coincidentally, United Airlines had to ground all flights for an hour this morning due to computer issues as well.

This is a developing story. Please check back for further updates.


Here’s Why Your Boss is Probably Younger Than You

McDonald's Flagship Restaurant Re-Opening In Frankfurt/Main
Hannelore Foerster—Getty Images Steve Easterbrook, CEO of McDonald's, was born in 1967.

Young CEOs already leading huge Fortune 500 companies

As baby boomers head for retirement, members of Generation X, or those born between 1965 and 1980, are taking their places in the c-suite.

The Wall Street Journal reports that this new batch of top executives comes with shared traits, including being more tech savvy on average, quicker to react, and more prone to retaining young employees.

“There is going to be a sea change in terms of the ways that individuals in the corner office lead,’’ Sandra Davis of MDA Leadership Consulting said in an interview with the newspaper. “They are far more nimble and agile.”

CEOs under age 50 have already been tapped to lead some of the world’s largest companies, including Microsoft, McDonald’s, 21st Century Fox and Harley-Davidson, according to the publication.

Satya Nadella, a star Gen X CEO, has used his post to attract from talent from young startups. He became CEO after Steve Ballmer, his older predecessor.

The publication also points out that younger CEOs tend to go for a flatter organization structure versus one that’s highly hierarchical, meaning less bureaucracy and more fluidity in decision-making.


Elon Musk on SpaceX Explosion: It’s ‘Definitely a Setback’

He said it was "definitely a setback"

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk on Wednesday gave his first televised interview in which he made comments about a recent failed launch of his company’s Falcon 9 rocket.

Speaking with CNBC, Musk called the June 28 rocket failure “definitely a setback”, and said the company was in the midst of a thorough investigation. Until then, he added, SpaceX would refrain from any more launches.

“I think we need to understand exactly what went wrong and be very deliberate at it,” Musk said while attending the Allen & Co conference in Sun Valley.

June’s failed Falcon 9 launch — SpaceX’s 19th — was carrying supplies and experiments bound for the International Space Station. With other resupply missions planned for the near future, the SpaceX rocket’s loss should not put the astronauts aboard the ISS in jeopardy.

“We need to look at the data and see if there were any near-misses,” Musk added. “Could something else have gone wrong and what do we need to do to fix that. Our goal is to have the most reliable rocket ever because it’s going to be launching astronauts soon, so it needs to be super reliable.”

Despite the setback, NASA recently affirmed its support for SpaceX. with agency administrator Charles Bolden saying the explosion should not deter Musk and his team from their spaceflight program.

“SpaceX has demonstrated extraordinary capabilities in its first six cargo resupply missions to the station, and we know they can replicate that success. We will work with and support SpaceX to assess what happened, understand the specifics of the failure and correct it to move forward,” Bolden said in a statement.

TIME Video Games

The New Destiny PlayStation 4 Bundle Is What We Deserved Last Year


Now that's one gorgeous PlayStation 4

The original Destiny “glacier white” PlayStation 4 bundle was a trifle bland. White in that case indicated “builder white,” or white-white. Actual glaciers are nearer turquoise, like the crystal meth Walter White cooked in Breaking Bad. Imagine how much cooler that would have been!

The new Destiny: The Taken King 500GB PlayStation 4 bundle, just unveiled to celebrate the eponymous third expansion’s release on September 15, is by contrast delightfully ornate. The still-white console (with matching controller) now sports a lovely looking silver etching of the game’s cosmic map, with a large gold Guardian’s crest smack in the middle. And the bundle includes a physical copy of the “legendary edition” of the game, including all expansions through The Taken King, plus several “digital collector’s edition” upgrades (exotic Guardian items, emotes, armor shaders and an early access weapon pack).

In short, it’s the PlayStation 4 whoever’s responsible for pulling the trigger on these things should have green-lit a year ago.


The Taken King, chock full of new stuff to do (including a brand new campaign), is apparently developer Bungie’s plan to shore up the game’s dearth of content. Not that said dearth has dulled Destiny’s luster. Destiny has done very well for publisher Activision, with around 16 million registered users to date.

And it’s probably done very well for Sony’s PlayStation 4, too, what with Sony shrewdly securing enviable timed-exclusive content from day one. In The Taken King‘s case, that includes: a co-op Strike, a PvP multiplayer map, three legendary gear sets and an exotic scout rifle.

No word on a price yet, but last year’s Destiny PlayStation 4 bundle, which included a standard $60 copy of the original game, went for $450 (a 500GB PlayStation 4 currently goes for $400). The legendary edition of The Taken King runs $60 by its lonesome, while the collector’s edition goes for $80. The “limited” and “ghost” editions of the original game, by contrast, went for $100 and $150 respectively.

Wherever the new bundle’s price lands, you’ll probably need a loan to finance whatever eBay scalpers wind up asking, assuming this thing sells after it rolls out on September 15.

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