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‘Burning Man: The Musical’ Is Now A Thing

It's techies vs. hippies set to a tune

Move over Downton Abbey, James Bond and even you, Donald Trump, there is a new musical in town: Burning Man: The Musical.

The comedy musical opened very off-off Broadway — on the internet, specifically — and is only five minutes long, but it packs a lot of action and surprisingly deep character development into its grand opening number. There’s the eager techie boarding a school bus bound for Black Rock City with visions of hanging out with Elon Musk and Google execs in his eyes. There’s the grizzled, wizened hippy and the starry-eyed girl bemoaning the loss of the Burning Man festival that was before “the techies came to plug n’ play” and singing about “when the playa was clean / and techies stayed in SOMA.” All that in just the opening number!

The second act offers even more with a tech coder who is trying to develop an app for drone delivery of water at Burning Man and ends up singing a heart-lifting number that asks, “What would Steve Jobs do?” Clearly Steve Jobs would watch this video.


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Bunny and Fawn Romping in Nature Prove Bambi Is Real Life

Disney's film was a documentary

Correction appended, Aug. 13

A baby deer and an adorable bunny playing together sounds like the stuff of Disney films (Bambi, specifically), but a new video proves that animation might be closer to reality television than we think.

A recent video taken by Bryan Knowlton at Colorado’s YMCA of the Rockies shows what may be the most adorable meet-cute ever. The fawn cautiously approaches the rabbit on the lawn, giving the bunny a good sniff before jumping back playfully. When the rabbit makes a little leap of his own, the game is afoot. Soon the bunny and fawn are zipping around the lawn. While the little deer seems to be having a blast, the bunny looks a little defensive and perhaps a bit frightened by the gangly creature literally fawning all over him. Luckily, the bunny’s not scared enough to run away, letting our Bambi fantasies live on.

Correction: The original version of this story misstated who filmed the video. It was Vicky and Steve Johnsen.

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Watch This Golden Retriever Puppy Try to Figure Out How Rain Works

The struggle is real

Gene Kelly went singing in the rain, Milli Vanilli blamed it on the rain, Prince had a purple rain. It seems like everyone from Missy Elliott to Bob Dylan to the Eurythmics wrote a song about the rain — and it seems that Jack the Golden Retriever puppy has listened to none of them.

In a new video making its way around the web, Jack the puppy has never seen rain before and is completely confounded by the concept of water falling from the sky. Clearly the only thing to do is try and catch it — every single drop of it. The pup quickly gets the handle of it and seems to be enjoying himself in the rain. Seems like he has found the perfect activity to entertain himself while he updates his playlist.


This Video of Shadflies Taking Over a Bridge Will Make Your Skin Crawl

You've been warned

The brave souls at the Iowa Department of Transportation battled thousands of shadflies and lived to tell the tale.

It’s hatching season for shadflies, also known as Mayflies, which are aquatic, dragonfly-like insects that hatch in huge swarms, typically in May. They dwell near fresh water, which likely explains why they were drawn to the Savanna/Sabula bridge in Eastern Iowa.

Last weekend, officials were called to the bridge over the Mississippi River to literally plow the massive swarm of flies off, the Iowa DOT explained in a Facebook post. According to one official, the flies were piled as high as their ankles. The swarms of flies also made the road slick, leading to dangerous conditions for drivers.

Watch the video of the ordeal at your own risk.

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Watch This Guy Explode A Water Balloon Suit In Slow Motion


If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to sit inside a giant water balloon and then pop it, The Slow Mo Guys have a video for you.

In the video, Dan, half of the team, wiggles his way into a six-foot balloon that is slowly filling with water. As more and more of his body disappears into it, the other of the team, Gav, handles the camera and makes suggestions as to what he looks like (“a slug!” “Jabba the Hutt!” “an adult-sized womb!”) teasing him until the balloon finally pops.

Watch the massive balloon pop in glorious slow motion.

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You Can Now Watch All 6 Star Wars Movies At The Same Time

Purists may not want to watch

If you’re looking for a way to get your Star Wars fix before Star Wars: The Force Awakens comes out in December, the internet has provided a unique solution, which is the Star Wars equivalent of shotgunning a beer (or, you know, something classier).

YouTube user maurcs (a.k.a. filmmaker and senior Archer animator Marcus Rosentrater) has created a video that layers all six of the Star Wars films on top of one another so you can watch them simultaneously. It’s a neat trick, but no one could walk away from viewing the full two hours and 22 minute video with any idea about the plot of any of the movies. Still, it’s a strangely mesmerizing piece that feels like a kaleidoscope of Star Wars characters, locations and battles bleeding into each other.

The best part is that Jar Jar Binks disappears into the melange, making it easy to simply pretend he was never there at all.

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Watch These Kittens Recreate The Psycho Shower Scene


Anyone who has seen a kitten get a case of the zoomies knows that all kittens have a little psycho in them. So it’s no surprise that YouTube user Pasdidée has followed up the smash hit all-kitten reenactment of the dramatic final fight in The Lion King with something a little more frightening.

Specifically, in the new video, the furry little felines reenact one of the most gruesome scenes in cinematic history — the shower scene from Psycho.

It’s dark and disturbing, and will make cat owners across the globe lock their bathroom doors to bar furry intruders from entering the room before stepping into the shower.


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The Piano Guys Take On The Jurassic World Sonatas

Beauty and dinosaurs

The Jurassic World sonatas may have originated as part of the soundtrack to the uber-dino action flick Jurassic Park, but in the skilled hands of internet sensation the Piano Guys, the scores are heart-wrenching and beautiful.

The Piano Guys are part of that rare corner of the internet where truly talented performers become viral video stars. For the uninitiated, the Piano Guys are four Utah dads who started down the road of viral stardom with a series of self-made music videos that offered a virtuosic take on classical music for the internet generation. Fast forward and the Piano Guys’ videos have a staggering 500 million views — their take on One Direction’s “That’s What Makes You Beautiful” alone has 41 million views — and 3.8 million subscribers to their YouTube channel, plus four chart-topping albums and IRL concerts that have sold-out around the world.

Their timely take on the Jurassic World sonatas is just further proof that the Guys know how to tap into the internet zeitgeist.



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Watch The Muppets’ Dr. Teeth Sing ODB’s ‘Shimmy Shimmy Ya’

Shimmy shimmy heck yeah

When Wu-Tang Clan member ODB made a video for his 1995 hip-hop classic “Shimmy Shimmy Ya” he turned to Hype Williams for a straight-out-of-the-’70s feel. Turns out he should have just turned to The Muppets’ house band, The Electric Mayhem.

Mashup genius Mylo the Cat has paired the rap staple with a video of bandleader Dr. Teeth getting his “Shimmy Shimmy Ya” on and the results are pitch perfect. That’s become the norm for Mylo the Cat, who also brought together the Muppets and The Beastie Boys, as well as the Great Gonzo doing the Digital Underground’s Humpty Dance.

“Shimmy Shimmy Ya” is the perfect song for Dr. Teeth who is clearly the ODB of Electric Mayhem. No one else has his energetic mix of piano playing, slick moves and distinctive way of singing. Similarly, no one else in the Wu Tang had ODB’s idiosyncratic style on the mic. As Method Man said on 36 Chambers when it comes to ODB, “there ain’t no father to his style.” (For the record, Method Man is definitely the Floyd of the Wu Tang.)

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Here’s The ‘Thriller’ Meets Game of Thrones Mashup You’ve Been Waiting For

Warning: Game of Thrones spoilers for the most recent episode


Warning: Don’t watch if you haven’t seen last week’s episode of Game of Thrones — or do, if you like spoilers.

While Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” may have been released in 1982, it’s pitch perfect for today’s mashup-happy internet. After all, no mere mortal can resist the evil of watching the classic song mashed up with Game of Thrones.

In the petrifying final scene of last week’s Game of Thrones, the White Walker-in-Chief, the Night’s King, turns poor Jon Snow’s blood to ice with a shrug and a brazen, “Come at me, Snow.” The results were bone-chilling. The one thing that could make them more frightening? If Vincent Price had narrated the scene.

Luckily we live in the age where such things are possible and some genius has taken Price’s voiceover from Jackson’s zombie pop song and laid it over the top of the eerie GoT scene so that others can enjoy — or be scared silly.


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