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This Stunning Time-Lapse Video Of Fireflies Will Remind You Why Nature Is Awesome

But seriously, it's pretty mesmerizing

Fireflies are pretty captivating when watched with the naked eye, but in this time-lapse video, they become even more stunning. Photographer Vincent Brady created this project after becoming fascinated with fireflies as an artistic subject a few years back.

The video description explains a bit more:

Shot over the Summer of 2013 primarily in Lake of the Ozarks, MO as well as Grand Ledge, MI. The majority of the Summer I dedicated to photographing fireflies, because, well, they are just awesome. Nothing quite ends a hot and humid Summer day like the blessing of the majestic fireflies. Lake of the Ozarks is a fantastic home to the creatures. Being out on the boat and watching as they light the treeline with their all night disco party is just amazing.

The music you hear in the video was composed by Brady’s friend, Brandon McCoy, specifically for this project. It definitely contributes to the whole feeling-at-one-with-nature thing.


30-Second Tech Trick: Get Facebook Hack Notifications for Your Account

Here's how to sign up to receive an email or a text message if a stranger logs into your Facebook account.

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30-Second Tech Trick: End Calls with the Power Button on Your Android Phone

It's hard to angrily end a call when you have to tap a touchscreen. Here's a slightly better way.

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The 5 Best In-Ear Headphones

Here are the five best in-ear headphones you can buy right now, based on data from our friends at FindTheBest. Each ranking is based on FindTheBest’s Smart Rating, which aggregates scores from gadget review sites along with specifications and audio ratings (impedance, sensitivity, high and low frequencies, etc.) for each set of headphones.

Watch the video above and then click on any of the headphones in the below graph to learn more about each model:


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Turns Out Dogs Get Extremely Confused by Magic Tricks

Turns out they become very flustered when you make treats disappear

Most people understand the general idea behind sleight of hand magic tricks, but dogs, it turns out, have a little more trouble grasping the concept.

Finnish magician Jose Ahonen decided to completely bewilder a series of dogs by showing them treats and then promptly making those treats disappear into thin air. The video, which has racked up more than 3 million views, shows the canines’ varied responses to the slightly torturous trick.

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Android Wear: Here’s What Google’s Smartwatch Interface Looks Like

Over on YouTube, Dom Esposito burns through a roughly six-minute overview of the developer version of Android Wear, the software that’ll power Android-based smartwatches set to hit the market this year (see my colleague Jared Newman’s excellent Android Wear write-ups here and here).

In the above video, Esposito shows off the developer version of Android Wear, which he loaded onto his HTC One smartphone. Though the functionality shown in the video is a far cry from what we’ll see in finished products, the tour should give you a good idea of how text messages, tweets, email and calls will be handled.

Of all the smartwatch offerings on the market right now, I’ll admit that the Moto 360 watch shown in the video is the only one to have caught my interest to the point that I’m actually considering buying one. Two things will make or break the purchase for me, however: price and battery life.

For me, anything north of $150 probably won’t cut it. As for battery life, I don’t expect to get more than a few days out of each charge, but I certainly don’t want to have to charge it every night. Ideally, the screen would stay off to conserve battery life unless a call, text message or email comes through. In other words, I wouldn’t use this thing to tell time.

Google Android Wear: Full Overview And Demo (Beta) [YouTube via Tim Stevens]

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This Baby Begins Each Day With a Bruno Mars Dance Party

Forget coffee: clearly this is the best way to wake up

If you have trouble dragging yourself out of bed in the morning, take a cue from this baby who rouses himself from slumber each morning with a little dance session. In this video, uploaded by his parents, baby Christian hears Bruno Mars’ “Runaway Baby” and wakes himself up with some pretty stellar dance moves. He starts off with some basic booty wiggling, eases into a little head-banging, and finally, tops it all off with a flourish of air drums. Clearly this is how we all need to prep ourselves for the day.

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Get Your Cubicle A-Rockin’ With Allie X’s New Song “Prime”

This synth-pop star is in her prime (sorry)

When Katy Perry tweets that she’s “obsessed” with your debut single, you have a lot to live up to. Allie X proves that she’s up to the challenge with her follow-up song, “Prime.”

“Prime” — which comes just one month after her seemingly out-of-the-blue debut single, “Catch” — suggests that Allie X is no one-hit wonder: She can seemingly produce bubbly and stylish tracks with an impressive ease that should hopefully inspire Robyn to hurry back into the studio already.

The track is an injection of sparkly synth-pop that’s so catchy. it reminds you of why pop songs are called infectious in the first place. The dizzying sing-song beat pairs well with the video that features X spinning endlessly on a stool as she sings, “Get me what I want and it should be fine.”

If Allie X keeps crafting songs like this, your summer playlist should be more than fine.

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30-Second Tech Trick: How to Take the Best Selfies

How to check your light, set up your shot and ultimately do what's in everyone's best interests. Here's the 30-second tech trick for taking better pictures of yourself

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