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Smooth Moves: The History and Evolution of Honda’s ASIMO Robot

As the robotics realm continues to heat up, Honda’s ASIMO (short for Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility) is something of an old-timer.

It’s been around for 14 years, and has seen continual improvements – check out the above video for more of the backstory.

While some robots have a more menacing look – ahem, Atlas – ASIMO has always played the part of a cutesy, Jetsons-style robot meant, in Honda’s words, “to help those in society who need assistance.”

In that spirit, ASIMO is able to do things like opening and serving beverages. It knows sign language – both Japanese and English. It can avoid bumping into people in hallways. Stuff like that.

At the International Auto Show in New York last week, Honda showed off ASIMO’s latest improvements. The robot, once relatively rigid and… well, robotic, is now far more nimble, able to run, jump, climb stairs and kick soccer balls with more human-like dexterity.


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30-Second Tech Trick: Edit an iPhone Video Right After You Shoot It

Most of the footage you capture is boring. Here's how to quickly cut out the boring stuff and keep the good stuff.

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Game of Thrones’ Red Wedding Gets The Disney Treatment

Sorry, Prince Charming!

Game of Thrones’ “Red Wedding” episode has gone down in the annals of cultural history as one of the most jaw-droppingly brutal hours of television ever. Roughly, 1,570 of the 1,579 total killings in the HBO series took place during the episode. So naturally, it’s prime for a Disney makeover.

In the new video, Cinderella and her Prince Charming stand in for Robb Stark and his pregnant bride, eager to share their special day at a celebratory feast with their friends, family and allies in the Magic Kingdom. Those in attendance include Ariel a.k.a. The Little Mermaid with her man, Eric, along with Mulan and Snow White, Sebastian the Crab and various adorable animated mice.

Cinderella’s evil stepmother has other plans though. Despite Ariel doing her best Catelyn Stark-esque impression and delivering heartfelt pleas alongside threats of brutality, no one makes it out alive.

But who’s behind the violence? Spoiler alert: It’s a Disney princess getting in touch with her inner Arya Stark.

“A Magical Red Wedding” (A Disney / Game of… by finandbow

[via The Wrap]

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This Dog Totally Thought She Could Fly


While the word “fail” gets bandied about the internet a great deal, it really, truly suits this video. Why? Because when this eager dog comes tearing across the living room with an eye for landing on the couch and gnawing on whatever is in her mouth, she is absolutely 100% convinced that she is going to make it. She’s certain of it. Convinced. Until she’s not and is instead face first in the furniture. We’ve all been there, puppy dog.

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Here’s a 5-Minute Amazon Fire TV Walkthrough

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VIDEO: Timber Timbre Premieres “Beat the Drum Slowly”

Creep on with the band's new clip

If ominous folk music is a thing, Timber Timbre nails it.

The Canadian outfit isn’t exactly a buzz band, as Taylor Kirk and his collaborators have been around too long for any flash-in-the-pan status; instead their fandom has developed into something more akin to a dull roar, thudding underneath. Their fans are quietly everywhere — like in a horror movie, but with a catchier beat.

Over their last four albums, Timber Timbre has carved out a niche for their darkly melodic music that creeps through your speakers. The band seems to know the effect that their music has, too — hence the title of their last album, Creep On Creepin’ On.

“Beat the Drum Slowly,” the latest single off their fifth album, Hot Dreams, shows the band doing what they do best: making memorable, quietly disquieting tunes sure to give you goosebumps while listen on repeat. The video for the track, which TIME is premiering today, looks like a genetic crossbreed of R. Crumb and James Kochalka, but was actually animated by Chad VanGaalen, an accomplished musician in his own right. Filled with imagery of creeping lines and exploding thoughts, the animation seems innocent at first, before it turns unsettling; it pairs perfectly with the slow thumping of the song.

Creep on, creepin’ on, guys. We’ll be listening.

Timber Timbre North American Tour Dates:

4/25 – Brooklyn, NY – Music Hall of Williamsburg
4/27 – Washington, DC – Rock & Roll Hotel
4/29 – Carrboro, NC – Cat’s Cradle
5/1 – Atlanta, GA – Terminal West
5/2 – Nashville, TN – Exit/In
5/3 – Louisville, KY – Zanzabar
5/4 – Newport, KY – Southgate House Revival
5/5 – St. Louis, MO – Off Broadway Nightclub
5/7 – Iowa City, IA – The Mill
5/8 – Minneapolis, MN – The Varsity
5/9 – Madison, WI – Memorial Union Terrace
5/10 – Chicago, IL – The Empty Bottle
5/23 – Toronto, ON – Massey Hall
6/3 – West Hollywood, CA – The Troubadour
6/5 – San Francisco, CA – The Independent
6/7 – Portland, OR – Mississippi Studios
6/8 – Seattle, WA – The Crocodile
6/10 – Vancouver, BC – The Commodore Ballroom
6/12 – Edmonton, AB – Starlite Room
6/13 – Calgary, AB – Republik
6/14 – Saskatoon, SK – Broadway
6/16 – Winnipeg, MB – Union Sound Hall
9/19 – Montreal, QC – Metropolis Theatre
9/20 – Quebec, QC – Le Cercle

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This Stunning Time-Lapse Video Of Fireflies Will Remind You Why Nature Is Awesome

But seriously, it's pretty mesmerizing

Fireflies are pretty captivating when watched with the naked eye, but in this time-lapse video, they become even more stunning. Photographer Vincent Brady created this project after becoming fascinated with fireflies as an artistic subject a few years back.

The video description explains a bit more:

Shot over the Summer of 2013 primarily in Lake of the Ozarks, MO as well as Grand Ledge, MI. The majority of the Summer I dedicated to photographing fireflies, because, well, they are just awesome. Nothing quite ends a hot and humid Summer day like the blessing of the majestic fireflies. Lake of the Ozarks is a fantastic home to the creatures. Being out on the boat and watching as they light the treeline with their all night disco party is just amazing.

The music you hear in the video was composed by Brady’s friend, Brandon McCoy, specifically for this project. It definitely contributes to the whole feeling-at-one-with-nature thing.


30-Second Tech Trick: Get Facebook Hack Notifications for Your Account

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