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Watch: First Aid Kit’s New Video For “My Silver Lining”

Swedish folk duo First Aid Kit has unveiled a video for “My Silver Lining,” the lead single from their forthcoming album Stay Gold.

The track marries disco, folk and a western twang for a distinctly vintage country swing vibe that seems to pay homage to both Harry Nilsson and Rumors-era Fleetwood Mac. It’s a good fit for the band — and it bodes well for their upcoming release, which was produced by Bright Eyes producer Mike Mogis and features arrangements by Nate Walcott, who has worked with Rilo Kiley and Broken Bells.

“We wanted to create an intriguing and mysterious world where everything is slightly off and the mansion slowly comes to life,” said First Aid Kid in a statement. “The idea of things in life changing, even scaring you, but still having to carrying on despite it all is a theme in the song, which we wanted to convey in the video.”

Watch the album trailer for First Aid Kit’s Stay Gold, due out June 10th on Columbia (pre-order here):

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100-Year-Olds Moms Share Insights On What It Means to Be a Mother

In honor of the 100th anniversary of the first Mother's Day

This Mother’s Day, why not take some advice from three women who’ve been moms for a very, very long time?

In honor of the 100th anniversary of the holiday, Mashable sat down with three centenarians to discuss what motherhood means to them. The women reflect on the great parts of being a mom along with the hardest parts — like raising children during wartime.

“When you see your kid go away, and then you see the papers with the casualties,” Sadie Adler says. “It was shattering.”

Adler also offered the following advice to today’s parents: “Listen to your children and treat them as a grown-up.”

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Watch Gluten-Free People Struggle To Explain What Gluten Is

Jimmy Kimmel asks people in L.A.: what is gluten?

Back in January, Girl Scouts of America announced that in addition to Samoas, Tagalongs and Thin Mints, they were going to offer gluten-free cookies to customers. It is part of a nationwide dietary trend to avoid gluten and foods that traditionally contain gluten like wheat bread, cookies, and pasta.

While some people need to avoid gluten for medical reasons (celiac disease, wheat allergies, etc.), others choose to do so for other health or fitness reasons. TIME labeled the gluten-free movement #2 on its top 10 list of food trends back in 2012 and, as the trend continues, restaurants and food manufacturers are eager to cash in by offering alternatives to gluten-based products. Even Dunkin Donuts — the cathedral for those of us who choose to worship the holy trinity of fat, sugar and gluten — is offering gluten-free baked goods.

But what exactly is gluten?

Hoping to answer that question, Jimmy Kimmel sent a camera crew to a park in Los Angeles to ask people who admit to choosing a gluten-free diet to ask: “What is gluten?”

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This Video Shows You Full House as a Horror Movie Because Whatever Happened to Predictability

You may never see the show the same way again

First they added Francis J. Underwood, and that was creepy. Then they took away Michelle, and that was creepier. Now, someone has turned Full House into a full house of horrors.

A new video re-envisions Full House, transforming it from an affable family-friendly sitcom to a dark and sinister world where people move into a well-appointed San Francisco townhouse …and never move out.

The video makes you realize how creepy out-of-context footage can be, especially when set to ominous music. Scenes that were once innocuous like DJ Tanner staring at herself in the mirror, Danny Tanner mopping the floor or slow motion footage of children running through the house, are filled with a sense of foreboding that makes Full House seem like the next installment in Eli Roth’s Hostel series.

Watch now, but be forewarned: You man never see Danny Tanner the same way again.

[Via Uproxx]

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WATCH: Man Followed by Adorable Entourage of Ducklings

Make way.

The Entourage movie is still being hatched somewhere in Hollywood, but this man’s all-duckling entourage is already out in the world, ready to play, and way cuter than Vince, Eric, Turtle or Drama.

An unnamed Good Samaritan stepped in when a mother duck was killed, rescuing her 13 eggs and keeping them warm in an incubator until they hatched. When the brand-new ducklings emerged from their shells, they imprinted on the man and claimed him as their parent.

Now the 13 ducklings stick close to their ersatz parent, following him everywhere he goes. As the ducklings grow older, they will start to follow him less and less, until they become fully independent. Just like in the last season of Entourage.

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WATCH: Opening Cider with a Chainsaw Looks Cool in Slow-Motion, But Don’t Try It at Home

Slow-motion video makes a chainsaw look a lot less dangerous.

We’ve all been there: Desperate for a drink from a cold beverage, but unable to find a bottle opener. The guys at Slow-Mo Laboratories have come up with a great don’t-try-this-at-home solution to that problem — Use a chainsaw!

The guys who showed us what it looks like to pop bubblegum in slow motion, breath fire in slow motion, and took out their aggression by shooting a gun at a water bottle (and showing us the results in slow motion), have done it again.

This time they’ve taken a chainsaw to both a glass bottle of cider and an icy cold Coke and impressively managed to pop the tops off without shattering the glass. When they slow down the action, the video replay shows both their expert-level skills with a chainsaw (which is still surprisingly fast, even in slow motion) and how you should never, ever try this at home.

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