How to Draw a Perfect Circle Freehand

The technique is so simple


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No one thought it was possible. Until now. In the tutorial video below, YouTuber Dave Hax shows us how to draw a perfect circle freehand. The technique is so simple, it’ll make you wonder why no one thought of it before: you use your wrist, knuckles, or fingers as your pivot. From there, you spin the paper around, drawing a perfect circle as you go. It takes a bit of practice, but when you get the hang of it, it feels like unlocking a new skill!

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Try to Survive This Virtual Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Haunted House

Because for some of us, the real thing is too scary

If you’re too lazy, busy, or afraid of wetting your pants to visit an actual haunted house this Halloween, YouTube has got you covered. YouTube Nation produced a Halloween-themed choose-your-own-adventure experience, making use of a set designed by director and horror aficionado Guillermo del Toro for maximum spookiness.

The adventure features several YouTube celebrities, including Tay Zonday (best known for “Chocolate Rain”) and web series host Steve Zaragoza. After “entering” the haunted house — from the comfort of your chair — and meeting the cast of characters, you’re periodically presented with options, which usually consist of bailing, partying or exploring the mansion’s creepy nooks and crannies. Depending on your choices, you may not make it out — virtually speaking — alive.

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Grieving Dad Grants Deceased 13-Year-Old Daughter’s Wish to Be Famous

Listen to Anna van Keulen beautifully play Downton Abbey's theme on the piano

Two weeks ago, 13-year-old Anna van Keulen died from injuries she sustained during a bike accident on her way to school in the Netherlands.

On Tuesday, her grieving father Niek van Keulen decided to do what he could to fulfill at least one of his deceased daughter’s wishes: To be famous. He tweeted out a video of Anna playing the theme song from Downton Abbey on the piano, and the heartfelt performance immediately went viral. Less than two days later, the video has been viewed almost 1.5 million times.

A day after the video went up, van Keulen tweeted, according to Google translate, “It’s overwhelming … thanks all. Anna’s goal is reached: she’s famous.”

But he wants to keep the attention directed to his daughter rather than himself. “Dear journalists: please stop calling,” he tweeted. “I do not want [to be] on radio or TV, it’s not about me, it’s about Anna. Thank you.”

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Here’s What It’s Like to Walk the Streets of NYC as a White Man, According to Funny or Die

Hint: a lot of high-fives are involved

10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Man – watch more funny videos

On Tuesday, the anti-street harassment activist group Hollaback released a video of a young woman walking around New York City for a day, experiencing more than a hundred instances of harassment from men. Now, Funny or Die shows us the other side of the coin: what it’s like to walk the city streets as a white man.

The video serves as a reminder that the flip side of sexism is privilege, and as the video’s ample footballs and high-fives suggest, a very bro-tastic kind of privilege, indeed.

While the parody will ring true to any white man who’s fully aware of the privilege his sex and race afford him, it’s important to remember that not everyone’s in on the joke. Following the virality of Hollaback’s video, the woman in the video received rape threats, which serve only as further proof that efforts like Hollaback’s are sorely needed.

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Terminally Ill Brittany Maynard May Not End Her Life, After All

Death With Dignity Advocate
This undated file photo provided by the Maynard family shows Brittany Maynard, a 29-year-old terminally ill woman who plans to take her own life under Oregon’s death with dignity law. AP

The 29-year-old woman, who was diagnosed with brain cancer, explains her state of mind two days before her scheduled death

A terminally ill 29-year-old woman who has said she plans to commit physician-assisted suicide on Nov. 1 implies in a heart-wrenching new video that she may not go through with it in the end.

In the six-minute clip, released with advocacy group Compassion & Choices, Brittany Maynard says she may or may not choose to die on that date, People reports.

“So if Nov. 2 comes along and I’ve passed, I hope my family is still proud of me and the choices I made,” says Maynard, who was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and given six months to live last spring.

Read more at People

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This Horror Movie Spoof Shows What It Would Actually Take to Terrify a Millennial This Halloween

"Who builds a mansion without any power outlets???"

Comedian Paul Gale created a horror short in which you actually wouldn’t be sad if any of the main characters died.

“What Terrifies 20-Somethings on Halloween” riffs on what actually would scare millennials trapped in a haunted mansion “without any power outlets!” Welcome to a world of no service, inexplicably fleeting battery life (“Oh my God it’s dead — I had 25%!”) and Tinder matches you will never be able to follow up on.

Happy Halloween! Everything is terrible.

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Watch This Woman Get Harassed 108 Times While Walking in New York City

She's just walking, wearing jeans and a crew-neck T-shirt

In a PSA for anti-harassment organization Hollaback, a volunteer in jeans and a T-shirt walked for ten hours through New York City and videotaped what people said to her. Here’s what happened:

Rob Bliss, the viral video director who filmed the video of volunteer Shoshana B. Roberts, says that none of it was staged. “What I did was walk in front of her, with earbuds in and sunglasses on, with a hole cut in the back of my shirt, wearing a hidden GoPro camera,” he wrote in an email to TIME. “I didn’t have any contact with any of these guys, the whole idea was to be a stone wall and just let everyone else bounce off us.”

“I’m harassed when I smile and I’m harassed when I don’t. I’m harassed by white men, black men, latino men,” Roberts noted in a press release accompanying the video. “Not a day goes by when I don’t experience this.”

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See an Exclusive Clip of Marilyn Monroe’s Response to Nikita Khrushchev in 1959

See footage of a 1959 political luncheon — featuring a very special guest

At the height of the Cold War, Nikita Khrushchev, the Soviet premier, wanted to go to Disneyland.

Khrushchev was visiting the U.S. that September on a tour of the enemy nation, a chance to meet with President Eisenhower but also to see what America was all about. The itinerary was varied and was supposed to include, as this exclusive clip from PBS’ “American Experience” special Cold War Roadshow shows, that amusement-park visit — which was cancelled, to the visitor’s dismay, over security concerns. And to whom did he complain? The guests at a fancy lunch thrown in his honor, who included Marilyn Monroe. Hundreds of journalists were on hand to follow Khrushchev everywhere he went, and they captured the movie star as well (giving, in this clip, pretty much the least scintillating interview ever).

Khrushchev’s visit to Hollywood also included a set visit to see the musical Can-Can being filmed, something star Shirley MacLaine had been prepping for. As TIME reported on Sept. 21, 1959:

As she flounced off the set of Can-Can in Hollywood one day last week, Actress Shirley MacLaine began running over her lines. “How the hell are you, Khrush? I’m goddammed glad you’re here. Welcome to our country; and welcome to 20th Century-Fox, and I hope you enjoy seeing how Hollywood makes a musical. We’re going to shoot the can-can number without pants.” Like most of Hollywood, which was like most of the U.S., Shirley MacLaine had the Khrushchev visit on her mind (she is an official movie hostess) and, since it was inevitable, saw no reason for not relaxing and making it the gayest oddball social event of the season.

By the time the “Butcher of Budapest” was ready to go back home, Soviet newspaper Pravda was reporting that the attitude toward him in the U.S. had clearly changed — and TIME was backing that up by reporting on Khrushchev’s take on his first hot dog (“”Well, capitalist,’ he boomed to Official Escort Henry Cabot Lodge, whom he needled throughout his trip, ‘have you finished your sausage?'”), his decision to swap hats with a longshoreman and his joking with Iowa farmers. The good will between the U.S. and the USSR wouldn’t last, however: a U.S. spy plane was caught in Soviet airspace before the year was up, so Eisenhower’s planned trip to do the same glad-handing in Russia was nixed.

The special Cold War Roadshow premieres on PBS on Nov. 18, 2014.

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Watch These Little Princesses Drop F-Bombs for Feminism

Because there are worse words than curse words

Think the F-word is a dirty word? These little girls can think of a few that are worse — like “pay inequality” or “rape and violence.”

But there’s a reason for their potty-mouthed exclamations — these young girls, dressed up in princess costumes, are cursing to protest inequalities that are even more shocking than curse words. The video was made by FCKH8.com, a for-profit company that produces clothing that advocates for social change. And while FCKH8 is famous for equality-themed T-shirts like “Some Chicks Marry Chicks” and “Straight Against Hate,” this particular video is meant to promote its feminist line, with T-shirts that say things like “This is What a Feminist Looks Like” and “Girls Just Want to Have Fun – damental rights.”

You can watch the whole video here.

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