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5 Things to Do While You’re Waiting for 50 Shades of Grey to Come Out

Unleash your inner goddess with these recipes, books and vacations


The trailer for the new Fifty Shades of Grey film dropped Thursday, leaving fans to count the days until it’s released on Valentine’s Day 2015. For those who can’t possibly wait that long, here are five ways to get your 50 Shades fix before next February:

Try on some Grey-inspired lingerie

Designed in part by 50 Shades author E.L. James, this collection of bras, briefs, negligées and stockings comes in a variety of colors: Black, red and (of course) gray. Customers can also purchase the title-inspiring gray tie that Christian wears in the book and a black mask to take things to the 50 Shades of Grey level.

Drink a glass of 50 Shades of Grey wine

E.L. James has created an entire industry around tiding over her impatient fans. The business-savvy author (who has already made an estimated $100 million from the trilogy) teamed up with California winemakers to blend a collection of wines specific to 50 Shades of Grey. The collection has both red and white, and the red “has flavors of black cherry, cocoa powder, creamy caramel and vanilla, leather and clove spice.” Leather? Well, at least one flavor stays true to the book.

Cook up a recipe from 50 Shades of Kale

“What’s the sexiest handful of foliage? A fistful of Kale battles cancer, inflammation, and low moods,” the 50 Shades-inspired cookbook’s website reads. It features 50 recipes centered around the sensual vegetable, fit for vegans and gluten-free fans alike. And for those fans worried that a cookbook won’t help them get their 50 Shades of sexy fix, the authors assure, “50 SHADES OF KALE is a fun and sexy romp powered by kale.”

Take a 50 Shades of Grey vacation

Seattle is so beautiful this time of year. Why not enjoy the city by staying at the Hotel Max, which previously offered guests a special package featuring perks from billionaire Christian Grey’s lavish lifestyle? Don’t forget to drink a bottle of Bollinger Rosé (Anastasia Steele’s drink of choice) before taking a helicopter tour around the city (unfortunately not piloted by Christian Grey).

Just reread the books

It never gets old reading a dozen different descriptions for Christian’s copper-colored hair while Anastasia continually insists that she isn’t pretty. You should have a refresher on which sex scenes come when anyway, so you’re ready to critique the film for its accuracy. After all, there’s a pretty high standard to uphold.

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Watch the Trailer for 50 Shades of Grey

The film, based on E.L. James' novel, releases Valentine's Day 2015


The buzzy film adaptation of the blockbuster novel 50 Shades of Grey doesn’t hit screens until next year, but the trailer for upcoming film has already arrived. Those curious to see more about Anastasia Steele’s tumultuous love affair with billionaire Christian Grey have plenty to enjoy from this brief promo.

The movie will star Dakota Johnson as Steele and Jamie Dornan (of ABC’s Once Upon a Time) as Grey, with the novel’s author E.L. James working as a producer for the hotly anticipated film.

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Troubling Times for Chalky White in the New Boardwalk Empire Teaser

Things seem to have gone from bad to worse for the once-powerful leader of Atlantic City's north side


When Michael K. Williams revealed that Boardwalk Empire would jump forward to 1931 for the HBO drama’s final season, the time-jump brought with it the possibility that Williams’ Chalky White may have improved upon his diminished circumstances from Season 4′s finale. If the new “St. James” teaser that HBO released last night is any indication, however, Mr. White seems to be in even worse conditions than when we last saw him.

Though the teaser isn’t totally explicit, it seems Mr. White has spent — or is currently spending — some time in prison. Also in a bad way is Gillian Darmody (Gretchen Mol), who appears trapped in some sort of straightjacket/bathtub contraption. We also get quick glimpses of Nucky (Steve Buscemi), Margaret (Kelly MacDonald), Nelson Van Alden (Michael Shannon), Dr. Narcisse (Jeffrey Wright), Al Capone (Stephen Graham) and Charlie Luciano (Vincent Piazza), but the brief 53-second clip doesn’t hint much about what they’ll be up to in Season 5.

Boardwalk Empire returns on HBO on Sunday, Sept. 7.

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Doctor Who Season 8 Full-Trailer Debuts During World Cup Final

The 12th Doctor will be played by Peter Capaldi


The official full-length trailer for Doctor Who season eight aired during Sunday’s World Cup final on BBC One to the general surprise of sports fans.

The BBC had previously only released short teasers in preparation for the season premiere on Aug. 23. The full-trailer replete with dinosaurs, robots and explosions quelled any reservations that fans might have had about the upcoming season after the death of the 11th Doctor, played by Matt Smith.

The trailer suggested that Whovians are in for many surprises next season, as indicated by Doctor Who’s companion Clara Oswald, played by Jenna Coleman. “I don’t think I know who the Doctor is any more,” Coleman uttered at the beginning of the trailer.

Peter Capaldi, who debuted on the show in the final titillating moments of the Christmas special in season seven, will play the 12th Doctor. Along with Capaldi, actor Samuel Anderson will also join the series as a teacher named Danny Pink.

Sunday night’s trailer appeared just a few days after scripts from the upcoming season had leaked after a security breach at the BBC.

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The Sharknado 2 Trailer Looks Awesomely Bad

Here are the best quotes


The movie that took the Twitterverse by Great White storm last summer has a sequel. And that sequel — appropriately titled Sharknado 2: The Second One — has a trailer. And that trailer is everything we could ever dream it would be.

This time, the Sharknado has followed the cast from Los Angeles to New York City for Tara Reid’s book tour (stop laughing) to promote: How to Survive a Sharknado and Other Unnatural Disasters: Fight Back When Monsters and Mother Nature Attack. (Available for purchase).

SyFy’s epic, chainsaw-laden preview gives a hint at the cacophony of hokey dialogue we can look forward to for the film’s July 30 release. Get ready for instant classics like:

  • “Holy Shark”
  • “You know what you did, don’t you? You jumped the shark.”
  • “They’re sharks. They’re scary. No one wants to get eaten. But I’ve been eaten, and I’m here to tell ya, it takes a lot more than that to bring a good man down. It takes a lot more than that to bring a New Yorker down.” (Cue the muted cheers.)

Starring Ian Ziering, Tara Reid, Vivica A. Fox, Kelly Osbourne, Judah Friedlander, Andy Dick, Billy Ray Cyrus, Mark “Sugar Ray” McGrath, and a bunch of other people who couldn’t stop themselves from being in a movie with a tagline, “Forget the umbrella. Grab a chainsaw.”, Sharknado 2 is clearly an instant classic.

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Watch: The New Teaser for the Next Hunger Games Movie Comes With a Twist

Another message from "Capitol TV"


Looks like Mockingjay is sticking with this PSA thing for its teasers: following a first teaser in which President Snow discussed peace in Panem, the next Hunger Games movie has released a brand new clip in which Snow returns to tackle the topic of “unity.” It’s part of a snazzy Capitol-themed web presence that’s being used to build buzz, complete with a “.pn” web domain.

This time, Johanna and Peeta are both there to flank him as he gives his announcement, demonstrating by their presence that Snow speaks the truth when he says that the Capitol and the districts are in solidarity — until, that is, the evidence to the contrary appears.

We won’t spoil it for you, but the teaser comes with a twist to make it extra clear that not every district agrees. Especially when the district in question is number 13.

The movie is due in theaters Nov. 21, 2014.

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What One Filmmaker Learned by Being with Roger Ebert at the End

Steve James' documentary 'Life Itself' looks at the legendary critic's life and legacy


The time it takes to make a documentary film may vary, but Steve James’ work on Life Itself had a limited timeline. The Hoop Dreams director began filming in December of 2012; his subject, the legendary critic Roger Ebert, died of cancer only a few months later, in April 2013. (James says that he believes he took the last-ever picture of Ebert. The film, which is named after Ebert’s memoir of the same name, arrives in theaters on July 4.) And, despite its title, James says the film — as a result of its timing — is in many ways more about death than about life.

“I like to think he shows us how to die,” says James. “And how to do it with tremendous grace and generosity.”

James says that he knew from the beginning that, though the documentary intended to address Ebert’s effect on film culture — TIME’s film critic Richard Corliss is among the interviewees, and he wrote about Ebert for the latest issue of the magazine — and his critical career, it wouldn’t just be about Ebert at the movies. Rather, just as his life influenced his critical opinions, his fame as a critic would be a way to talk about the rest of his life. The key, James says, is that Ebert had learned how to embrace life, struggles and all, and to let that love inform his work — and, eventually, his death.

James says that Ebert was initially reluctant to share some of the grittier facts of his physical decline. When he first had jaw surgery that left his face disfigured, James notes, he kept an old photo of himself as the image on his website; he finally revealed his new face in a 2011 blog post that James says was a result of deciding that he didn’t want to hide anymore, a decision that would come to define what many remember about him. Even people who weren’t film buffs looked to him as an example of someone confronting illness and death head-on. As Life Itself (the film) points out, Ebert’s colleague and professional rival Gene Siskel died in the late ’90s after having been extremely private about the progression of his own cancer. Ebert’s feelings about Siskel were complicated, but the secret illness and sudden death were shocking; after seeing Siskel make that decision about how to die, Ebert went the opposite direction.

Even so, with the world clued in to his illness, allowing a camera into his hospital room took extra guts. “[Being open about his illness] was what made him more than a film critic to a lot of people,” James says. “There’s a level of candor there that was courageous, but it wasn’t the same as inviting a film crew into a hospital room and seeing him get suctioned.”

As Ebert’s health declined even further, while James was still working on the movie, the critic’s candor gave way to doctors’ demands to keep him away from distractions. When he returned to the hospital near the end of his life, they didn’t want to tire him out with filming, and James says that he agreed that — when it was clear that the critic’s energy was failing — they had reached the point where openness gives way to a family’s need for privacy. And besides, James says, there’s a reason why the balance of candor and discretion ended up just where he wanted it: his subject was uniquely qualified to know what needed to be seen on camera.

“I think he realized that if he was going to have a documentary made about himself,” James says, “he wanted it to be a documentary that would be the kind of documentary he would want to see.”

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The Teaser Trailer For Horrible Bosses 2 Is Here

All your favorites from the original — minus a Colin Farrell — are back for the sequel to the 2011 comedy


Horrible Bosses was a surprise hit when it was released in the summer of 2011, grossing nearly $210 million at the international box office. Now, the star-studded cast — featuring Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, Charlie Day, Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Spacey and Jaime Foxx — are returning for a second go-round. There likely won’t be any Colin Farrell in the sequel because (spoiler alert!) he died in the first one — but it’s probably safe to expect a comparable level of vulgarity and hijinks without him.

Horrible Bosses 2 is expected to open in November of this year.

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Game of Thrones Trailer: The ’80s Remix

So rad!


Some of you may not remember this, but back before HBO Go, before the DVD, even before the LaserDisc (yeah I know you don’t even know what that is, which, exactly) there was a thing called the VHS with an aesthetic all its own. Contemporary with the VHS, there was also a thing called the late 1980s/early 1990s when TV show theme songs all sounded kind of the same and all were totally mondo, dude.

The scratchy visuals and weird distortions of the VHS viewing experience were almost lost to history. Fortunately, we have the Internet, where saintly people do things like mashup a recreation of what a Game of Thrones trailer would look like in the VHS era with a righteously retro GoT theme song.

So slap on those bracelets, pour yourself a bowl of Batman cereal and get ready for a treat.

Holy cow, I’m old.

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Watch the Super Creepy First Teaser for the Next Hunger Games Movie

You love this trailer. Real or not real?


The first hint that something’s not exactly honest about this “Capitol TV” spot: President Snow’s insistence that Panem has known only peace. Then again, any Hunger Games fan won’t be surprised that everyone’s least favorite fictional world leader is acting creepy.

Anyone who’s seen the first two Hunger Games movies knows it’s far from true that the region is a peaceful one—but as Lionsgate ramps up the countdown to Mockingjay Part 1, the penultimate installment, the studio is leaning hard on the propaganda angle, which they’ve also used for the posters. And it’s easy to see why that’s the teaser format of choice: even though the PSA-style spot starring President Snow is all shiny and white, the promise of peace also contains a threat, a not-so-veiled indication of what will happen to those who don’t go along with the plan. (Not-so-veiled = “It is you who will bleed.”) Anticipation for the movie is already high, and the stakes are being raised months in advance, even without a glimpse of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss.

And then there’s Peeta. His fate was left unsettled at the end of Catching Fire—Katniss was rescued and on her way to District 13 without him—and it’s more clear than ever that his life and loyalty hangs in the balance.

Panem today, Panem tomorrow, Panem forever and Panem in theaters on Nov. 21, 2014.

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