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Heidi Klum Tries to Bluff Jimmy Fallon Playing ‘Box of Lies’ on The Tonight Show

Lying isn't her strong point

Perhaps all those years of brutally honest Project Runway evaluations have gotten the best of her, but Heidi Klum is not a great liar.

On Wednesday’s episode of The Tonight Show, Klum challenged host Jimmy Fallon in a game called Box of Lies. In it, they opened up mystery boxes containing unusual objects and told their opponent what they saw. The opponent had to then guess whether the contents were being described honestly… or if they were being told an outlandish lie.

Fallon came out on top, just by one point, but it’s worth watching just to see the weird objects that come out of the boxes. Some Tonight Show interns really went to town on the arts and crafts here.

This article originally appeared on People.com

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Netflix’s Most Expensive Drama Ever Recreates Life of Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth birthday
John D McHugh—AFP/Getty Images Queen Elizabeth II leaves St Paul's Cathedral in London after a service of thanksgiving in honor of her official 80th birthday in June 2006.

The tagline: “Two houses, two courts, one crown.”

Netflix is putting £100 million ($156,814,000) into an original series about the Queen, Telegraph reports.

The series, which will be called The Crown, will be the most expensive show made by Netflix and the first to be filmed in the U.K. It will follow her life story in 60 episodes over 6 seasons from her wedding day in 1947 until today.

Claire Foy, known for playing Anne Boleyn in Wolf Hall, will play Queen Elizabeth in the first two seasons. At that point, producers will have to decide whether or not to replace her as her character ages.

After Downton Abbey’s raging success, Netflix is likely hoping that this will be the show to finally win a major Emmy. It’s two most popular shows last year, House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, only won in the technical “Creative Arts” categories.

The Crown has been described as “the inside story of two of the most famous addresses in the world – Buckingham Palace and 10 Downing Street – and the intrigues, love lives and machinations behind the great events that shaped the second half of the 20th century.”

It is due to air starting next year.

This article originally appeared on Fortune.com

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Apple Wants to Put an iPhone in Your TV

Apple Starts iPhone 6 Sales In Germany
Sean Gallup—Getty Images

Expect some iPhone-like qualities to invade your television

Apple’s next big media event is on Wednesday, Sept. 9, and many Apple insiders are expecting the company to reveal its long-awaited Apple TV.

There have been reports of an Apple-branded smart television since last year, and the tech wunderkind had even planned to debut the new Apple TV hardware and software upgrades at the June WWDC. However, the company put off the reveal, saying it wanted to focus its resources on iOS9 development. And that’s the big hint as to what Apple may have in mind for its new television device.

The new Apple TV is expected to be the first television model to run a full-blown iOS core, reports 9to5Mac. It’s basically going to be an optimized, much bigger version of your iPhone (assuming it’s running iOS9). That will give it a range of extra benefits over the current Apple TV product, including Siri support, better search capabilities, and a new Apple TV App Store.

Read more about it at 9to5Mac.

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Kelly Clarkson Turns Tinder Profiles into Songs on Jimmy Kimmel Live

More like "Since U Been Swiped"

Musicians singing tweets (or reading mean ones) seems to be a regular occurrence on Jimmy Kimmel Live, but Kelly Clarkson took the celebrities-and-social-media game to a whole new level when she turned Tinder profiles into songs on Tuesday night.

Clarkson has been covering all sorts of her songs while touring in support of her latest album, including Taylor Swift and Rihanna, but there’s perhaps no better demonstration of the original American Idol’s versatility than her ability to make lyrics about foot fetishes and hairless cats sound like everyday pop fare.

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Watch The Muppets Nail N.W.A’s ‘Express Yourself’

Fozzie Bear raps the verses

The Muppets have provided some of the best lip sync videos of the summer — ahem, Miss Piggy’s version of “BBHMM” — and it was only a matter of time before someone (thank you AnimalRobot) mashed them up with N.W.A’s classic hit, “Express Yourself.”

Fozzie the bear carries the verses and Kermit the frog hops aboard for long road trips and banjo jams. Electric Mayhem provides the funk samples.

N.W.A’s biopic Straight Outta Compton debuted Friday, dominating the box office by bringing in $60.2 million in its opening weekend.

This article originally appeared on Entertainment Weekly.com

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Watch Stephen Curry Tell Jimmy Kimmel What It’s Like Playing Golf with Obama

"You don't want to mess the president"

Stephen Curry may be the NBA MVP, but it sounds like he needs to work on his golf game. The NBA champion told Jimmy Kimmel Tuesday that he and his dad lost a golf match to President Barack Obama on the 18th hole.

“It’s probably for the best though because you don’t want to get audited or something like that,” said Kimmel on the loss. “You don’t want to mess the president.”

Still, golfing with Obama had its perks. The president drove Curry around in the golf cart, Curry said. When it came time to actually golf, Curry told Kimmel that Obama engaged in trash talk to distract his golfing partners.

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Why China Is Going Crazy Over NBC’s New Crime Drama, Blindspot

The show features a western woman speaking a notoriously difficult Chinese dialect

The trailer for upcoming tech-thriller Blindspot, which will premiere on NBC in September, is attracting eager attention from an unexpected audience — Chinese social media users.

That’s not to say that Chinese netizens don’t appreciate a good mystery when they see one, but in this case their interest stems from one plot element in particular: the story’s hero, an unknown western woman found covered in tattoos and zipped in a duffel bag in Times Square with her memory wiped, speaks Chinese.

And not just any Chinese; this Jane Doe speaks Wenzhounese, a dialect hailing from southeast China (and also spoken in parts of Queens and Brooklyn) that is so notoriously complex and opaque that it was even used as the basis for military code in World War II. A popular Mandarin couplet warns, “Do not fear the Heavens, do not fear the Earth, but fear the Wenzhou man speaking Wenzhounese.”

Both Chinese media and users on Twitter and Weibo seem deeply amused by the show’s treatment of what some in China call the “Devil Language.”

“Wenzhounese! Hahahahaha!” wrote one Twitter user, aggregating screenshots from an apparently pirated episode of the show.

“Ultimately, how hard is [Wenzhounese]? In Blindspot‘s pilot, it even manages to baffle the FBI!” China Daily posted on Weibo, China’s Twitter-like microblogging service.

And elsewhere on Weibo, user Huangyuanlu wrote: “Blindspot‘s tattooed girl can speak Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, and can even understand Wenzhounese — a lot better than mine.”

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Anne Hathaway to Star in Miniseries Adaptation of The Ambassador’s Wife

Actress Anne Hathaway attends "An Actor's Companion" book release at The Barrow Group on June 23, 2015 in New York City.
Mike Pont—WireImage/Getty Images Actress Anne Hathaway attends "An Actor's Companion" book release at The Barrow Group on June 23, 2015 in New York City.

“The Ambassador’s Wife is an incredible story that pulls you in immediately and resonates with all of us"

Anne Hathaway’s next role? The Ambassador’s Wife on TV.

The Oscar-winning actress has signed on to star and produce a limited series adaptation of journalist Jennifer Steil’s novel of the same name, Hathaway’s publicist confirms to EW. Mark Gordon (Criminal Minds) is producing the project, which is not yet attached to a network.

The Ambassador’s Wife is an incredible story that pulls you in immediately and resonates with all of us based on the images and news headlines that are pervasive in our lives today,” Gordon said in a statement, per The Wrap. “We are so fortunate to have Anne starring in this timely, gripping, and compassionate drama. She is in a league all her own and we cannot think of anyone who can better portray Steil’s complex heroine.”

The Ambassador’s Wife, released last month, is a novel inspired by Steil’s marriage to the former U.K. ambassador to Yemen, Timothy Torlot. In 2010, Torlot was the target of a suicide bomber. After the attack, Steil and the couple’s daughter were taken to Jordan for protection until Torlot’s term ended.

In the novel, Miranda (the titular Wife) lives a comfortable, albeit confined life. She’s constantly surrounded by security — until she’s kidnapped. The book traces the lengths both Miranda and her husband must face and encounter in order to reunite.

The Wrap first reported Hathaway’s addition.

The article originally appeared on ew.com.

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