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Watch John Krasinski and Emily Blunt Prank Jimmy Kimmel

The gift-wrapped, ornament-filled car was just the beginning

Last year, Jimmy Kimmel did what he thought was necessary to put an end to an ongoing prank feud with his neighbors John Krasinski and Emily Blunt. He not only made it snow in Los Angeles, but also he gift-wrapped their entire house from roof to lawn with Christmas carolers and an elf thrown in for fun. While one would think that would be impossible to top, this year Krasinski and Blunt struck back, and it turns out they are kind of evil geniuses.

But on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday night, Kimmel revealed that Blunt and Krasinski have managed to best him, and he had the video to prove it. Not only did they gift wrap his car, but they filled in with sparkly baubles that he had to remove before he could drive. That was a good prank, but it was just phase one of their dastardly Christmas scheme.

When these people feud, everyone wins.

Watch the full clip here:

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Stephen Collins Confesses to Child Molestation

Stephen Collins in Beverly Hills in 2010.
Stephen Collins in Beverly Hills in 2010. Frederick M. Brown—Getty Images

"I did something terribly wrong that I deeply regret," Collins said

Actor Stephen Collins has admitted to inappropriate sexual contact with three female minors in a statement to People.

A recording of the 67-year-old 7th Heaven actor confessing to child molestation was released to TMZ and published in October. Collins recounts three victims from 1973 to 1994 and how “I have not had an impulse to act out in any such way” in the last 20 years.

In his statement to People, Collins said, “Forty years ago, I did something terribly wrong that I deeply regret. I have been working to atone for it ever since. I’ve decided to address these issues publicly because two months ago, various news organizations published a recording made by my then-wife, Faye Grant, during a confidential marriage therapy session in January, 2012. This session was recorded without the therapist’s or my knowledge or consent.”

Read more at People

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The Simpsons Make It to 25 Years

Homer and Marge
Homer and Marge Simpson Fox

But don't have a cow, man

It was 25 years ago Wednesday that America first met The Simpsons for real. Sure, some folks had seen a rough version of the family during sketches on The Tracey Ullman Show. But Dec. 17, 1989, marked the first actual episode, a dedicated time of the week for Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie to enter Americans’ living rooms.

It’s been quite a ride since then, with the show becoming such a cultural touchstone that TIME’s James Poniewozik called it “The Best TV Show Ever” in 1999. In the decade between the premier and that declaration, it transformed from a show about trouble-making Bart into what was really a show about Homer, America’s lovable oaf of a dad—and, of course, about the entire universe of characters creator Matt Groening brought to Springfield.

MORE: Hello Simpsons World, goodbye rest of your life

Twenty-five years and more than 550 episodes later, true fans know The Simpsons has long since passed it’s prime (it went downhill after season nine). But with its 26th season underway, the 25th anniversary is a fitting time to take stock of its unprecedented staying power.

Marking the show’s 100th episode in 1994, TIME’s Richard Corliss noted some of the things that make the show special, and they’re just as fitting today. Here’s just one of them:

For a family of underachievers, the Simpsons have achieved quite a bit. In the show, Homer has been a monorail conductor and a baseball mascot; he won a Grammy (for Outstanding Soul, Spoken Word or Barbershop Album) and survived eating a deadly blowfish. Marge sang Blanche Dubois in the musical O Streetcar! Lisa created her own talking doll, mastered the saxophone and the Talmud, was a Junior Miss Springfield, uncovered political corruption and saved the Republic. Bart adopted an elephant, fell down a well and was rescued by String, and was tried for murdering Principal Skinner. Maggie had her first word voiced for her by Elizabeth Taylor.

Read the rest here, in the TIME Vault: Simpsons Forever!

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Spoiler Alert! Who Is the Season 7 Winner of The Voice?

The Voice - Season 7
Craig Wayne Boyd, Matt McAndrew, Carson Daly, Damien Lawson and Chris Jamison, left to right, on the set of The Voice on Nov. 16, 2014 Trae Patton—NBC/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty Images

Only one star could walk away with The Voice title

The stage lit up as Jennifer Hudson and Jessie J serenaded the crowd with number one hits during The Voice Season 7 finale Tuesday night, but all eyes were on the four finalists who sang beside them, battling it out to win the competition.

Matt McAndrew, Damien Lawson and Chris Jamison of Team Adam Levine and Craig Wayne Boyd of Team Blake Shelton sang their hearts out from the start of the blind auditions down to the moment the winner was revealed.

In the end, only one star could walk away with The Voice title and it was Craig Wayne Boyd from Team Blake.

Boyd, the 35-year-old singer from Nashville, Tennessee, hooked the country’s vote and proved he had what it took to become America’s next musical superstar after belting “Sweet Home Alabama” on stage with the iconic Lynyrd Skynyrd.

“There has never been a more deserving person to hold that trophy than Craig Wayne Boyd,” Shelton said after the show as he stood next to Boyd.

On Monday night, Boyd awed America as he performed original song “My Baby’s Got a Smile On Her Face” – gifted to him by his coach.

Shelton had been “carrying the song around in his back pocket for years” not knowing what to do with it, and even admitted that he didn’t record it himself because of the difficulty level.

“You know, looking back, I don’t know if I’m really one of those guys that believes in meant to be’s,” said Shelton, about the song. “This may have been one.”

This article originally appeared on People.com

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Walking Dead Spinoff Location Revealed

From left: Josh McDermitt, Chad L. Coleman, Lauren Cohan, Alanna Masterson, Steven Yeun, Emily Kinney, Andrew Lincoln, Sonequa Martin-Green, Danai Gurira, and Michael Cudlitz. The cast of "The Walking Dead" attend the season 5 premiere on Oct. 2, 2014 in Universal City, California.
From left: Josh McDermitt, Chad L. Coleman, Lauren Cohan, Alanna Masterson, Steven Yeun, Emily Kinney, Andrew Lincoln, Sonequa Martin-Green, Danai Gurira, and Michael Cudlitz. The cast of "The Walking Dead" attend the season 5 premiere on Oct. 2, 2014 in Universal City, California. Frazer Harrison—Getty Images

The new location adds some intriguing setting possibilities

No more sweat-drenched survivors trudging through forests! The Walking Dead‘s companion project is taking the zombie apocalypse out of Georgia. Sources confirm TV Line‘s report that the as-yet-untitled pilot is set in Los Angeles.

The scenery shift to the West Coast adds some intriguing setting possibilities: Beaches and the ocean, Hollywood, iconic landmarks, walker celebrities (though the cable show could likely never top Bill Murray in Zombieland), a nearby desert, and a larger metropolis to play with than the original hit’s occasional dips into Atlanta.

Just because the setting is Los Angeles doesn’t guarantee it will be shot there. AMC, which had no comment, is still casting the pilot written by Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson. So far Cliff Curtis (Sunshine), Frank Dillane (who played Tom Riddle in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince) and Alycia Debnam Carey (Into the Storm) have signed on.

This article originally appeared on Entertainment Weekly

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5-Second Game of Thrones Teaser Leaked Online

Don't blink

A 5-second teaser clip from Game of Thrones, Season 5, was leaked on YouTube Monday, despite HBO’s spirited attempt to keep the content securely within the show’s official webpage.

HBO invited fans to visit the show’s official webpage and sign up for access to the clip by entering their personal phone numbers. A link to the clip was then sent to the fan’s mobile phone, at which point the clip could be played just once, only on that mobile device, before it vanished into the ether. That is, until one crafty Redditor, spotted by Vulture, finagled a way to record the clip and share it over YouTube.

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How Stephen Colbert Schooled Americans in Campaign Finance

By having his own Super PAC and 501(c)(4), he could evolve right alongside the campaigns

When I speak at law schools, I am always asked about the Colbert Super PAC “Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow” and its sibling 501(c)(4), “Colbert Super PAC Shhh.” Almost every time, someone asks, “How did you and Stephen Colbert plan the story line of his coverage of money in politics?”

The assumption at law schools, where law professors create a course by designing a complete blueprint for each subject, is that Stephen’s two years of on-air legal conversations on money and politics issues were planned and scripted in advance. Stephen certainly offered the American public a course in modern campaign finance law, but there never was a master plan for the discovery of the American campaign finance system’s peculiarities. Instead, our serial discussion evolved in wonderful spontaneity, appropriate to Stephen’s belief in the power of improvisation. One conversation simply led logically to another—unless Stephen got that wild look in his eyes and said “What if I did…?” (like “run for President of South Carolina”), and then the dialogue took an unexpected turn.

The 2012 presidential election cycle was a remarkable time in the campaign finance field. Campaigns evolved in real time as they experimented with the new political vehicles known as Super PACs and explored the gray areas of election law. Along the way, Stephen effectively demonstrated the absurdities and workarounds in our campaign finance system through the creation of several legal entities: a non-connected PAC to raise money to influence elections, a Super PAC to raise unlimited contributions from corporations and labor unions, and a 501(c)(4) social welfare organization used to launder contributions to keep donors anonymous.

Finally, he was able to show America the loopholes (or “loop-chasms” as he called them) in the laws designed to regulate coordination between candidates and supposedly “independent” groups. By having his own Super PAC and 501(c)(4), Stephen could evolve right alongside the campaigns—or often be a step ahead of them. His understanding of the possibilities inherent in the legal confusion was keen enough to discover and exploit absurd legalities before it became clear that actual candidates and political activists were doing the same thing.

Working with Stephen, I quickly came to respect his quick and sharp intellect, including that skill so highly prized by lawyers: the ability to ingest and intellectually digest a large amount of information on an unfamiliar subject, distilling it into key questions and insights. The fact that he could do this with unfamiliar campaign finance legal concepts always amazed me; that he could then boil it all down to a 4 ½ minute on-air discussion and make it funny was pure genius. I told him at one point that if he ever wanted a different career, he would make the world’s best Supreme Court advocate. After all, the highest paid lawyers master the factual record of their case, apply a nuanced area of law, and present the breadth of this material to the justices in a digestible and persuasive manner. The only difference is that Supreme Court advocates have 30 minutes and Colbert had 4 ½.

Stephen, if you ever decide to move on from the entertainment industry, I would be happy to refer potential Supreme Court clients.

Trevor Potter, Stephen Colbert’s “personal lawyer” for his SuperPac, is a former FEC Chairman and currently a member of the Caplin & Drysdale law firm and President of the Campaign Legal Center, a public interest law firm.

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Rachel and Kurt Return to McKinley in Glee Final Season Teaser

For Glee‘s sixth and final season, Rachel and Kurt are returning to McKinley High to reinstate the Glee Club. And from the looks of the trailer, that involves butting heads with Ms. Sylvester, running into The Dalton Academy Warblers and, of course, singing “Let It Go.”

But where’s Idina Menzel?

Glee‘s sixth season kicks off with a two-hour premiere on Friday, Jan. 9 on Fox.

This article originally appeared on EW.com

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Watch Chris Pratt Sing a Beautiful Tribute to Li’l Sebastian at the Parks and Rec Wrap Party

Everyone is very nostalgic as the final season approaches

The Parks and Recreation crew just wrapped its final season, which will begin airing Jan. 13, and we’re starting to get a little misty-eyed thinking about saying our goodbyes to the great people of Pawnee, Ind.

The show’s cast and crew, of course, have also been getting pretty nostalgic about wrapping up the beloved comedy. On the last day of filming, they were tweeting photos and memories and all sorts of sentimentality. And then at the show’s wrap party, it seems the nostalgia continued.

We don’t know much about the festivities — though we imagine everyone was getting drunk on Snake Juice and Amy Poehler sang “Poker Face” — but we do know Chris Pratt took the stage (possibly in character as lovable idiot Andy Dwyer?) to sing “5,000 Candles In the Wind.” As you probably recall, that’s the song Andy’s band Mouserat performed as a tribute to Li’l Sebastian, the miniature horse who was basically the Beyoncé of Pawnee.

Oh man, all this nostalgia, but I’M NOT CRYING, OKAY?

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Stephen Colbert

How well do you know the late-night funny man?

As Stephen Colbert ends his 10-year run on the award-winning Colbert Report to take over the Late Show, take a look back at some things you may not have known about the celebrated comedian.

  • He was once a “real” correspondent

    Long before he played a fake correspondent, Stephen Colbert had a brief stint as an actual correspondent for Good Morning America. According to an interview with Mediabistro, he did exactly two reports—only one of which made it on air.

  • He was on the Daily Show before Jon Stewart

    Colbert’s time on The Daily Show predates current host Jon Stewart, having joined as a correspondent in 1997 during the Craig Kilborn years. Stewart came on board as host in 1999.

  • He was once in a bank commercial

    One of Colbert’s earliest gigs before he was famous was as the spokesperson for a commercial for FirsTier bank.

  • He is the Letter Z

    Sesame Street

    In 2005, Colbert teamed up with Nicole Sullivan and Elmo to teach kids their ABCs in the Sesame Street: All-Star Alphabet.

  • The man can sing

    Colbert is an entertainment triple threat, which means he’s able to act, sing and dance—skills that he will indubitably put a spotlight on on the Late Show. Until then check out a duet of the Star Spangled Banner he once sang with Steve Carell.

  • He has a Grammy

    Stephen Colbert
    Michael Tran—FilmMagic/Getty Images

    In 2010, Colbert won a Grammy for Best Comedy Album for A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All!.

  • He graduated from Northwestern

    Colbert graduated from Northwestern’s School of Communication in 1986 and returned to his alma mater in 2011 to give the commencement speech.

  • He was once on Whose Line Is It Anyway?

    Colbert stretched his improv muscles as a guest star in two episodes of Whose Line Is It Anyway?.

  • He’s part of the International Space Station

    Astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson, equipped with a bungee harness, exercises on the Combined Operational Load Bearing External Resistance Treadmill

    A treadmill on the International Space Station known as the Combined Operational Load Bearing External Resistance Treadmill, or C.O.L.B.E.R.T. for short, was named for the comedian after winning a NASA naming contest.

    The contest was originally intended to name a new module of the space station, however NASA decided to name the module Tranquility instead of Colbert, with the latter’s name used for the treadmill instead.

  • He broke The Daily Show‘s winning streak

    65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - CBS Show
    Monty Brinton—CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images

    The Colbert Report broke The Daily Show‘s 10–year Emmy winning streak for best Variety series in 2013 with its win at the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards.

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