You Can Now Watch All 6 Star Wars Movies At The Same Time

Purists may not want to watch

If you’re looking for a way to get your Star Wars fix before Star Wars: The Force Awakens comes out in December, the internet has provided a unique solution, which is the Star Wars equivalent of shotgunning a beer (or, you know, something classier).

YouTube user maurcs (a.k.a. filmmaker and senior Archer animator Marcus Rosentrater) has created a video that layers all six of the Star Wars films on top of one another so you can watch them simultaneously. It’s a neat trick, but no one could walk away from viewing the full two hours and 22 minute video with any idea about the plot of any of the movies. Still, it’s a strangely mesmerizing piece that feels like a kaleidoscope of Star Wars characters, locations and battles bleeding into each other.

The best part is that Jar Jar Binks disappears into the melange, making it easy to simply pretend he was never there at all.

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See the Battle of Hoth Like Never Before in This Star Wars Battlefront Trailer

"Just one more pass"

Electronic Arts just released new gameplay footage for the second most-anticipated Star Wars thing of the year: Star Wars Battlefront.

The new trailer — taken from footage shot in a pre-alpha build on a PlayStation 4 — shows the Battle of Hoth from the side of both the Rebels and the Imperials. You get to see a variety of weapons, ships, cockpits and characters, including big two surprises at the very end.

The footage was shown to an audience during EA’s Monday E3 event.

Star Wars Battlefront is due out across platforms Nov. 17, almost exactly a month before the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters on Dec. 18.

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Virtual Reality Star Wars Will Be a Thing

Star Wars Exhibition Previews In Melbourne
Scott Barbour—Getty Images Lynne Kosky (L), Victoria's Minister for Public Transport and Minister for the Arts has a lightsaber battle with an actor dressed as Darth Vader during a preview to the 'Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination' exhibition at Scienceworks on June 2, 2009 in Melbourne, Australia.

ILM is building a VR lab

If you love Star Wars, you’ve seen the incredible work that special effects company Industrial Light & Magic does in creating amazing characters and special effects. Now, the company founded by George Lucas wants to make the cinema experience even more immersive by bringing virtual reality technology into the mix.

The project is called the ILM Experience Lab, and will put viewers directly into the world of their favorite films, USA Today reports.

“ILMxLab is all about us leveraging our skills across all platforms,” Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy told the newspaper. “It’s the Wild West out there with new frontiers, and we’re all figuring out these new tools. Today, technology is in search of content. But we can bring an emotional experience to that technology.”

The first products this new division creates are expected to be related to Star Wars and debut later this year. The next film in the Star Wars franchise, The Force Awakens, debuts in December.

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Watch 5 of Christopher Lee’s Greatest Roles

Revisit some of Christopher Lee's triumphs

Christopher Lee, who died Sunday at the age of 93, spent generations in the entertainment industry, playing parts ranging from his notable bad guys to Sherlock Holmes to George Seurat. To list just five of his roles is only to scratch the surface, but in honor of his life and career, here are some to remember.

The actor first played Dracula in 1958’s Horror of Dracula, starting his long run of appearing in the Hammer Horror movies as the character, reprising the role in films like 1968’s Dracula Has Risen From the Grave and 1972’s Dracula A.D. 1972. Though Lee said that working for Hammer was “fun” in an interview with Total Film, he also explained how the role became frustrating. “I did have a big problem after the first two,” he said. “I said to my agent, ‘I don’t want to do this part again.’ Because all they do is write a story and try and fit the character in somewhere, which is very clear when you see the films. They gave me nothing to do! I pleaded with Hammer to let me use some of the lines that Bram Stoker had written. Occasionally, I sneaked one in.”

Lord Summerisle
In 1973’s The Wicker Man, Lee played the creepy pagan Lord Summerisle. Describing Lee’s performance of “Summer Is Icumen In,” at the end of the film, TIME’s Ben Cosgrove, wrote “Lee seems not so much to be acting the part as inhabiting the body and soul of a true believer caught in the throes of pantheistic ecstasy.”

Lee was the Bond villain Scaramanga—notable for possessing three nipples—opposite Roger Moore in the 1974 film The Man With the Golden Gun. Speaking to IGN, Lee said that the character in the movie “is a great improvement on the character in the book. He’s attractive to women. He has a sense of humour. He’s the dark side of Bond and yet he could be amusing. He was almost like a child in some ways. The way he shoots the cork out of the Champagne bottle, ‘Aha, this toy!'” Lee also had a familial connection to Bond: he was Ian Fleming’s cousin.

A Tolkien lover himself, who had actually encountered the author, Lee played Saruman, the traitorous wizard, in the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films. Peter Jackson’s epics saw Lee going head to head with another legendary Brit, Ian McKellen. He told Cinefantastique in 2010 in an interview being circulated following his death, “Of course I would have loved to play Gandalf, but I don’t think [Jackson] ever had me in mind for Gandalf, because [by] that time I was too old.”

Count Dooku
Dracula wasn’t the only Count D Lee played in his lifetime. He showed up in the Star Wars prequel films Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith as Jedi-gone-evil Count Dooku.

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Original Star Wars Script Found, Solves Long-Running Mystery

In a scene from George Lucas' epic space opera Star Wars, the American actor Harrison Ford as rebel smuggler Han Solo draws a gun against enemies; behind him can be seen a fantastic space shuttle. USA, 1977.
Mondadori Portfolio—Getty Images Harrison Ford as Han Solo in Star Wars, 1977.

The script was discovered in a Canadian library

A newly discovered Star Wars script solves one of the longest-running disputes in the franchise’s history: who shot first, Han Solo or Greedo?

In Stars Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, Han Solo has just finished conducting business in the Mos Eisley Cantina on Tatooine, when Greedo, a bounty hunter working for Jabba the Hutt, pulls him aside for a little chat, demanding that Solo pay Jabba the money he owes him for a botched smuggling job.

What happens next is undisputed. There was a quick gun fight and Solo emerged victorious, while Greedo went on to whatever afterlife the Rodians believe in. But who shot first? Was Solo acting in self-defense? Or just doing whatever he could to get out of paying Jabba?

According to CBC, a recently discovered early draft of the Star Wars script makes it clear that Solo was the trigger-happy aggressor in the fight. The script, which Lucasfilm Publicity said looked to be a “fan-made” replica version of the real early script, was unearthed in the University of New Brunswick Library’s science-fiction collection. It is marked as a “fourth draft” and dated March 15, 1976, well ahead of the film’s 1977 release date. It is such an early draft of the script that the film is called Star Wars: Saga I instead of its eventual title of Star Wars: A New Hope and Luke Skywalker’s character has the much more ominous name of “Luke Starkiller.”

But for fans, one of the most interesting revelations resolves the case of the shoot-out at the cantina. In the original, Solo fires at Greedo without warning. The 1997 version of the film altered the scene to make it look like Solo was acting in self-defense. It was a move that enraged fans (though not as much as the introduction of Jar Jar Binks). But librarian Kristian Brown, who discovered the script, told CBC, “Based on the script, I can tell you 100%, Han shot first.”

That settles that.

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Why Walmart’s CEO Wants His Staff to Be Like Han Solo

2013 Bloomberg

He wants store workers to shed the retailer's bureaucracy

Walmart’s CEO Doug McMillon wants his 2.2 million employees to summon their inner Hans Solo, Chewbacca, and Princess Leia to fight the evil empire of stagnation and help the world’s largest retailer resume faster growth.

Speaking on Friday to 14,000 store workers and investors at Wal-Mart Stores’ annual shareholder meeting in Fayetteville, Ark., McMillon said the retailer’s No. 1 enemy, ahead of rivals, was its own bureaucracy, and he called on store workers to take more initiative on their own.

“The truth is the real villains are lurking within the company,” said McMillon. “Our real villains are things like bureaucracy, complacency, a lack of speed, or a lack of passion.”

Walmart’s operating income only rose 1% last year, while in the U.S., its biggest market by far, comparable sales are growing again, but only modestly. So in the last few months, Walmart has announced a series of steps ranging from raises to less Celine Dion on the PA system to new training as it looks to motivate workers, improve customer service and how stores look, and reduce worker turnover. (Walmart U.S. CEO Greg Foran told Wall Street analysts that turnover is already down, and job applications are up.)

“We can be like scrappy rebels in Star Wars, fighting an insurgency against the galactic empire,” he said, apparently unaware of the irony of the world’s largest company by far, with 2014 sales of $482 billion, one seen by many as the empire that needs to be fought against, is trying to position itself as the underdog.

Proposals by dissident shareholders, including one in favor of a $15 per hour starting wage and another in favor of an independent chairman, were defeated, no surprise considering the Walton family, whose late patriarch Sam founded the company in 1962, owns 51% of shares.

McMillon’s plea for staff “to overcome bureaucracy and mediocrity” echoes efforts at arch-rival Target [fortune-stock symbol=”TGT”] to tame its own bureaucracy, which it did earlier this in part by cutting thousands of jobs at its headquarters, and re-motivate staff.

He recently removed one layer of store management and gave U.S. store workers more say in how their store operates and what it stocks.

“We’ve got to make this business simpler and faster,” McMillon said.

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A New Star Wars Game Was Just Announced and It Sounds Amazing

It's called Star Wars: Uprising

There’s a new Star Wars game coming to mobile devices, and, while it’s still early, it sounds deeply promising.

Star Wars: Uprising, an RPG from Kabam, will be set just after the events of Return of the Jedi in a remote part of the galaxy. You’ll be able to play as a range of different classes, like Bounty Hunter, Smuggler or Diplomat. The game’s villain, an Imperial devotee, is trying to censor news of the Emperor’s death to keep his grip on power in the area, Wired reports.

Here’s more from the StarWars.com press release:

Star Wars: Uprising will feature key events set in the Anoat Sector, inclusive of Hoth and Cloud City, and will allow players to create characters, go on missions, build their gear and skills, and organize crews and factions to participate in wide-ranging battles. Keeping up with tradition of Star Wars roleplaying games, players will learn hundreds of new abilities and collect classic gear and equipment conducive to creating their own takes on iconic roles: Smuggler, Bounty Hunter, Rebel Guerilla, Diplomat, Gambler, or something new entirely.

Beta testing for the new game starts over the next few weeks. Hopefully this gives us all something to tide us over until The Force Awakens hits theaters in December.


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This is Who Andy Serkis Will Play in Star Wars: The Force Awakens

andy serkis avengers london
Anthony Harvey—Getty Images Andy Serkis attends "The Avengers: Age Of Ultron" European premiere at Westfield London on April 21, 2015 in London.

But it opens up even more questions

Andy Serkis is finally connecting some dots for Star Wars fans.

Ever since he was announced as part of The Force Awakens cast, no one has been sure which character would be brought to life by the performance-capture trailblazer, who breathed humanity into inhuman characters such as Gollum in The Lord of the Rings and Caesar in Rise of the Planet of the Apes among many others.

Would he be acting via remote control, as he has in his most famous performances, or turning up in the flesh as he did in Avengers: Age of Ultron as the arms dealer who loses an arm, Ulysses Klaue?

Now, by way of a StarWars.com interview with iconic photographer Annie Leibovitz about her recent Vanity Fair shoot for the film, we’ve learned Serkis will portray a being known as Supreme Leader Snoke.

This opens up even more questions. Who – or what – is Supreme Leader Snoke?

The interview offered nothing more beyond his name, alongside an image of Serkis in motion-capture gear.

The only Star Wars reference to anyone named “Snoke” is a background character named Snoke Loroan from the 1992 novel The Lost City of the Jedi, who was a Corellian pilot serving the Rebels. He also apparently died during Return of the Jedi’s Battle of Endor. So basically, not the same guy. (What kind of Supreme Leader would go by his first name anyway?)

Although we haven’t seen Snoke yet, we have heard him as the narrator of the first teaser trailer last November. “There has been an awakening … Have you felt it? The dark side. And the light…”

The voice is ragged and deep, leading some to speculate that it had been warped and altered. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly in December, Serkis said this wasn’t the case. The voice of Supreme Leader Snoke is all organic. “That is the character,” Serkis says. “There’s no digital manipulation. That’s just me.”

Obviously, those few lines from the previous trailer suggest that Snoke is Force sensitive. If he picks up on a disturbance, an awakening, he has ties to a power that goes far beyond military strength. All Serkis could say in his earlier interview was that his character has witnessed and participated in some harsh things during his time in the galaxy. “He’s been through some stuff,” Serkis says.

Speculation time: Has there ever been a “Supreme Leader” who has been a good guy? Sounds like a tyrant, the kind of person whose hobbies include wearing shapeless suits and running North Korea. In the recent trailer, is this Snoke at center stage, off in the distance, surrounded by a battalion of stormtroopers?

Military entourage. Ominous banners. Flattering, loose-fitting attire …

We can’t know for sure just yet, but that’s how a Supreme Leader rolls.

This article originally appeared on EW.com.

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Watch a Superfast Jet of Gas Burst from a Massive Black Hole

It's traveling at 98% the speed of light, from a galaxy 260 million light years away

If you thought the destructive laserlike beams from Star Wars’ Death Star were just a figment of George Lucas’s imagination, think again– beams of energy powerful enough to cross galaxies are real, and the Hubble Space Station just got a video of one.

You’re watching an extragalactic jet of gas traveling at 98% the speed of light, launched from a massive black hole that could weigh a billion times the mass of the sun. The gaseous stream formed by the magnetic fields of the enormous black hole looks almost like a laser, but photos taken by the Hubble Space Telescope reveal that the jet is actually made of multiple globes of material strung together like pearls.

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When Eileen Meyer of the Space Telescope Science Institute put these images together into a time lapse, she discovered that each globe was rear-ending the one in front of it, creating a shock collision that further accelerates the particles into a beam of radiation, and causes them to brighten.

“Something like this has never been seen before in an extragalactic jet,” Meyer said in a statement. “This will allow us a very rare opportunity to see how the kinetic energy of the collision is dissipated into radiation.”

But this beam of radiation is coming from a host galaxy 260 million light-years away, which means we’re seeing it as it looked before the dinosaurs existed.

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Star Wars to Screen in China for First Time Ever

The Shanghai International Film Festival will screen the original six films

Star Wars: The Force Awakens doesn’t open until the end of this year, but moviegoers in China will travel to a galaxy far, far away next month. The country will have its first-ever screening of the six original Star Wars movies.

The 18th Shanghai International Film Festival and Walt Disney Pictures have announced that all six Star Wars films will screen over the course of the festival. Although Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones, and Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith all debuted in Chinese theaters, this will be the first ever theatrical screening of the original trilogy in China. In a release, SIFF organizers called the series “the greatest sci-fi masterpiece in film history,” saying that they hoped to generate discussion and Chinese interest ahead of the upcoming Force Awakens premiere.

The festival will be held June 13 through June 21.

This article originally appeared on EW.com.

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