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Twitter Unimpressed With Obama’s Leaked Workout Video

Do you even lift, bro?

When Internet got wind of a leaked video of President Barack Obama lifting weights during a recent visit to Poland, the people of Twitter were plainly unimpressed. The Secret Service assured reporters that there was no threat to the president as anyone entering the hotel, including its gym, would have been checked for weapons, but some tweeters saw a different kind of threat to national security in the leaked footage.

Here’s a collection of people on Twitter hating on the president’s workout routine.

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Secret Service Plans to Get Really, Really Good at the Internet

A new software program will help the Secret Service monitor Internet activity by detecting sarcasm and analyzing users' feelings, among other things

Detecting sarcasm on the Internet can be a challenge even for humans who don’t spend every waking minute on the web, so the Secret Service is saving itself some trouble by buying software that will detect sarcasm for the agency, according to a work order posted Monday.

That’s not all: the new software will also track web surfers’ feelings, mine their Twitter histories and perform several other functions related to collecting and analyzing vast amounts of Internet data, Nextgov reports.

The full list of software needs is easy to make fun of, especially with the witty use of irony, but when your job is to protect the president’s life and watch for potential dangers, the ability to analyze sarcasm and weed out “false positives”—like dumb teenagers making joking threats—is probably worth the money.


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Suspicious Car Causes White House Lockdown

U.S. President Barack Obama, his daughters Malia and Sasha, and first lady Michelle watch an NCAA men's basketball game between Oregon State and the University of Maryland at College Park, Maryland, November 17, 2013 Jonathan Ernst—Reuters

An unauthorized car trailing a motorcade containing the first daughters put the White House on lockdown Tuesday afternoon. The vehicle belonged to an employee of the Treasury Department who did not have security clearance to pass the checkpoint

The White House went on lockdown briefly on Tuesday afternoon after a car made it past the Pennsylvania Avenue barricades, officials said.

Security authorities cleared the North Lawn, closed the gates and instructed White House occupants to remain inside after a blue Honda Civic parked near the building’s entrance, ABC reports.

The vehicle belonged to an employee of the Treasury Department who was trailing a motorcade containing the president’s daughters and did not have security clearance to pass the checkpoint. The driver is now in custody.

A spokesperson would not confirm whether the breech was intended or the result of a wrong turn, the BBC reports. The lockdown lasted for approximately half an hour.


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Secret Service Tries to Dodge Another Bullet After Latest Controversy

U.S. President Obama shakes hands with U.S. Secret Service agent Pierson after she is sworn in as first woman Director of the Secret Service in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington
U.S. President Barack Obama (R) with U.S. Secret Service agent Julia Pierson (L) in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, March 27, 2013. Larry Downing / Reuters

Secret Service Director Julia Pierson defended her agency after two incidents within a month saw the White House security detail caught up in controversy

The head of the Secret Service is looking to reassure lawmakers that the latest instance of misconduct by agents traveling with President Barack Obama was an isolated incident.

“I have made clear to the entire workforce that I will not tolerate unprofessional behavior or misconduct at any level—both on and off duty,” Secret Service Director Julia Pierson told senators Tuesday, CNN reports. “I remain committed to swiftly and vigorously addressing any instances of misconduct that are brought to my attention.”

Late last month, three agents charged with protecting Obama during a trip to the Netherlands were forced to take administrative leave after one passed out in a hotel hallway following a group drinking binge. That came after two secret service personnel crashed a rental car in a small Florida Keys town on March 7. A local trooper detected “a slight odor of alcohol” on the agent driving, the Miami Herald reports.And in May 2012, the agency made headlines after several agents were disciplined for boisterous reveling and soliciting prostitutes ahead of the President’s trip to Cartagena, Colombia.

A year after that incident, Obama appointed Pierson to lead the agency, the first woman to fill the position.

“These are isolated incidents of misconduct and we’re working every day to correct our behavior,” she told reporters as she was leaving the Capitol.


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Secret Service Agents Booted From Obama’s Europe Trip After Drinking

Three agents from President Obama's security detail were sent packing after it became known they were drinking before his arrival to Amsterdam. One of the agents was reportedly found passed out in a hotel hallway

Three Secret Service agents were sent back to the U.S. from President Barack Obama’s Europe trip after spending a night out drinking in Amsterdam, according to the Washington Post.

One agent was reportedly found unconscious in a corridor by hotel staff Sunday morning, just hours before Obama was due to arrive in The Netherlands. Hotel staff alerted the nation’s U.S. Embassy, which passed along the message to Secret Service top brass accompanying the president.

Secret Service spokesman Brian Leary confirmed to TIME that three of the agency’s employees were sent home for disciplinary reasons.

The Amsterdam incident comes just shy of a year after a handful of Secret Service agents and officers spent an evening drinking and soliciting prostitutes in Cartagena, Colombia, ahead of Obama’s attendance of an economic summit there.

A law enforcement source told TIME that none of the Secret Service staff involved in the Amsterdam incident were supervisors.

[Washington Post]

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The Next President Is Getting Some New Wheels

A security officer gives a thumbs-up to the driver of 'The Beast,' a modified Cadillac DTS that is the current U.S. presidential limousine, after U.S. President Barack Obama exited it for a dinner at the Orangerie at Schloss Charlottenburg palace on June 19, 2013 in Berlin.
A security officer gives a thumbs-up to the driver of 'The Beast,' a modified Cadillac DTS that is the current U.S. presidential limousine, after U.S. President Barack Obama exited it for a dinner at the Orangerie at Schloss Charlottenburg palace on June 19, 2013 in Berlin. Adam Berry—Getty Images

Whoever wins the next presidential election has at least one definite perk to look forward to: A new presidential limo, complete with classified armor specifications, that'll replace the current "Beast" introduced for President Barack Obama's 2009 inaugural parade

The leader of the free world is getting some new wheels.

The Secret Service is proceeding with development of a new presidential limousine to replace the Cadillac model currently used by President Barack Obama, according to a new General Services Administration contract posting. The new vehicle is expected to be ready for the inauguration of the next president—whomever she or he may be.

Classified armor development for the new rolling Oval Office has been underway since last year. The government is now seeking bidders to integrate that armor into a new design for “The Beast,” as the heavily-protected vehicle is popularly known, with options for the final construction stages. Details of the new design, like the old, are highly classified and contractors must meet strict security requirements just to get a peek at what they will be asked to build.

The current model was introduced in 2009 for Obama’s inaugural parade, partially replacing a 2005 Cadillac DTS model introduced at President George W. Bush’s second inauguration. The older model is occasionally used to transport the president, as well as visiting heads of state.

The Beast is designed with withstand an array of conventional and unconventional attacks, with heavy, foot-wide, and airtight doors, and packed with communications gear to keep the commander in chief safe and connected to the rest of the government. They are essentially custom-designed off of truck chassis, with just a handful of off-the-shelf cosmetic parts.

A spokesman for the Secret Service did not comment on the need for the new model.

-with reporting from Mark Thompson in Washington

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