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When Will Justin Bieber Have His Lady Gaga Moment?

Justin Bieber leaves adidas Originals x Kanye West YEEZY SEASON 1 fashion show during New York Fashion Week Fall 2015 at Skylight Clarkson Sq on Feb. 12, 2015 in New York City.
James Devaney—GC Images/Getty Images Justin Bieber leaves adidas Originals x Kanye West YEEZY SEASON 1 fashion show during New York Fashion Week Fall 2015 at Skylight Clarkson Sq on Feb. 12, 2015 in New York City.

Bieber has a lot going for him, including a legion of fans who are waiting for new music

Justin Bieber has never been out of the headlines since his recording debut in 2009. And yet he’s never seemed more irrelevant. The pop singer, who turns 21 on Sunday, can barely be called a “pop singer” anymore; his last studio album was released in June 2012, with a 2013 compilation of previously-released singles failing to chart at all.

Nearly three years is a fairly significant gap between albums for an artist of Bieber’s tender age, leaving entirely aside the fact that Bieber has replaced productivity as an artist with a seemingly insatiable attitude for consumption, aggressive attitude, and hijinks that Bieber, turning 21, is getting a bit too old to call “youthful.”

Bieber has a lot going for him, including a legion of fans who are waiting for new music. The cycle of approval and disapproval for stars has been moving faster than ever in recent years, proven positive by Lady Gaga’s successful Oscars performance being understood, widely, as practically a full-scale comeback after a down period in her career. One good single, and then a subsequent album of strong material, could sate a fan base that has had little to celebrate in recent years.

Bieber’s participation in a seminude Calvin Klein shoot was headache-inducing for those who care about Bieber’s prospects; playing the bad-boy only works if there’s another side to the story. (Mark Wahlberg, after all, leveraged his underwear ads into movie stardom. With nothing to promote besides his body, what’s Bieber’s endgame?) A more promising sign, though, is Bieber’s participation in an upcoming roast on Comedy Central airing March 30. It’s true that participating places him in somewhat ignominious company: Past roast subjects, including Donald Trump and Charlie Sheen, have been pop-cultural punchlines with little prospect of getting taken seriously by the public at large. But in order to get out of his current morass, Bieber has to think creatively. Presenting himself as someone who’s in on the jokes, and ready to get them all out of the way in a single evening, is a canny way to move forward. Bieber has already apologized to the public for his behavior; it’s addressing it straightforwardly, and with wit, that will prove he’s ready to move on to the next phase of his career.

Bieber’s not really comparable to many other pop stars: Only Miley Cyrus began her mega-famous period quite so young, and Cyrus saves her child-star-gone-bad act for the stage. It is, fairly transparently, an act. Bieber’s current problems are difficult to overcome because they look, uncomfortably, less like a phase in an artist’s career and more like what he has grown into. There simply isn’t enough precedent for an artist who’s practically spent his entire adult life behaving badly in public to prove that he’s changed other than by doing the work of an artist every day.

Bieber should not apologize again—been there, done that—but instead devote himself to changing the conversation around him. A new album, with the associated live performances and concerts, would be part of making that change. Having people around him willing to be straightforward and honest, even if they’re only the roasters on a soundstage for a single night, would be another.

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Diplo and Skrillex’s New Surprise Album Features Justin Bieber, 2 Chainz, Missy Elliott

Celebrities Visit SiriusXM Studios - November 10, 2014
Monica Schipper—Getty Images NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 10: Diplo (L) and Skrillex visit SiriusXM Studios on November 10, 2014 in New York City. (Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images)

Their collaborative project, Jack Ü, just dropped an album

Two of music’s biggest DJ producers, Skrillex and Diplo, just attempted a 24-hour DJ marathon — but that hasn’t stopped them from surprise-releasing their first collaborative album with some very special guests.

Skrillex and Diplo Present Jack Ü features Justin Bieber (his first new song in more than a year), Missy Elliott (her first new song since her Super Bowl halftime show appearance) and 2 Chainz (who raps “Yeah, I’m the sh-t / I should have Febreeze on it”). Appearances from Kiesza and AlunaGeorge also round out the 10-song set, now streaming live on SoundCloud.

Diplo’s 2015 is already off to a great start: he produced several songs for Madonna, who’s profiled in the new issue of TIME, on stands now.

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Kevin Hart Will Be Spitmaster of Justin Bieber Roast

Justin Bieber attends the Grand Opening of West Coast Customs Burbank Headquarters on Dec. 7, 2014 in Burbank, Caif.
Jerod Harris—Getty Images Justin Bieber attends the Grand Opening of West Coast Customs Burbank Headquarters on Dec. 7, 2014 in Burbank, Caif.

Comedy Central roasting will happen March 30

Mark your calendars: Comedy Central’s finest will roast Justin Bieber on March 30, according to a photo posted on the Comedy Central Twitter.

In January, Comedy Central announced Bieber would be their next target—and Bieber proved to be a good sport: “For years I have wanted Comedy Central to roast me,” he wrote on Twitter. “They said only if I provided them w/ more material so for a year now I have worked hard.”

Work hard, he did: Bieber was arrested multiple times in 2014 for charges ranging from vandalism to assault, and peaked (from a comedy standpoint, at least) in a deposition that was released in March.

Bieber joins a long list of celebrities who have been roasted, including James Franco, Charlie Sheen, and Donald Trump. Comedian Kevin Hart will be the evening’s roast master.


This article originally appeared on EW.com.

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Here Are 7 Amazing Things Music Stars Ask for in Their Dressing Rooms

No bananas. No carnations. And definitely no American beer

Pop stars get whatever they want, as we learned from Jack White’s recently leaked performance contract with the University of Oklahoma. According to the document, White and his entourage “don’t want to see bananas anywhere in the building.” White and friends also provide an exact recipe for how to make the guacamole they like.

But before you go off on Jack White, here are some of the other incredibly detailed backstage demands of your favorite stars as reported by the editors of The Smoking Gun web site:

1. Beyonce hates old coffee pots: Her hospitality rider stipulates that she must have a “new” coffee pot in her dressing room. She also requires white tablecloths and rose-scented candles.

2. Kanye loves to take care of his skin: According to his 2007 contract, he requires two tubes of Carmex lip balm, Nivea “Intensive” lotion, and L’Occitaine Soap. He also requests toothpicks and hot sauce be provided.

3. Justin Bieber likes options: There are a lot of different size requests for Justin Bieber’s clothing in his 2010 hospitality and travel rider. In every dressing room, he requires one package of size XS men’s white lo-rise tube socks and two packages of the same socks in size L. He also requires two packages of mens white crew neck T-shirts, one in size XS, and one in size L.

4. Katy Perry hates carnations: In the rider for her 2011 World Tour, Perry requires a fresh flower arrangement of “white and purple hydrangeas, pink and white roses and peonies… ABSOLUTELY NO CARNATIONS. She also requests blue corn tortilla chips, two different brands of pretzels, and dry roasted edamame.

5. Adele doesn’t like American alcohol: She specifically requests red wine (Italian, French, Spanish or Australian) and beer (Becks, Stella Artois, Peroni) and the rider for her 2011 American tour stipulates that “North American beer is NOT acceptable.”

6. Lady Gaga is really into food and tea: In Gaga’s 2010 rider, it says that in bright red all-caps that “the tea kettle, organic ginger and lemongrass tea and throat coat honey are very important.” Gaga also specifies that she needs an assortment of fresh fruit, but it has to have edible skin, edible seeds or be citrus. She also requires that all bars stop serving ice 30 minutes before her performance (it’s part of a security concern, so people don’t throw their drinks at her.)

7. Taylor Swift eats like a kid: Or at least she did in 2008, when she was 19. Swift’s 2008 hospitality rider requests Kraft Mac & Cheese, Twizzlers, two different kinds of Ben & Jerry’s, and Welch’s Grape Juice.


Here’s Proof the Jokes for Comedy Central’s Justin Bieber Roast Will Write Themselves

Three Lions Entertainment Presents Fashion Rocks 2014 - Show
Theo Wargo—2014 Getty Images Singer-songwriter Justin Bieber presents onstage at Fashion Rocks 2014

From monkey abandonment to pot planes

Soon, several comedians will have the opportunity to collect their easiest paycheck to date. All they have to do is make fun of Justin Bieber.

Comedy Central announced that the Canadian pop star will be the subject of its next roast, to be taped and aired at a later date.

While roasters won’t have to search hard for material — see: literally every single news story about the Biebs from the last year — here are some points we hope they hit.

That time he caused $80,900 of damage by egging his neighbor’s house
No, that’s not a typo.

That time he abandoned his pet monkey in a German airport
Mally the monkey was seized by German officials when Bieber tried to smuggle him out of the country without permission during the “Believe” tour. According to The Guardian, “emails from Bieber’s management to the shelter [where the monkey was held] indicated the singer does not want the monkey anymore.” Bieber reportedly owed Germany $11,000 for the incident.

That time he peed in a restaurant’s mop bucket while saying “F*** Bill Clinton”
He later thanked the former president on Twitter after Bill called the Biebs. No words on a reconciliation with the bucket.

That time he was arrested for a DUI and drag racing
In a yellow Lamborghini, obvi.

That time he decided this was a good look for a mugshot

That time the FAA investigated him for a “pot plane” incident (he was cleared)
What’s the point of having a private jet if you can’t hotbox it?

That time he thought he was being super thoughtful about Anne Frank
In April 2013, the Biebs took a trip to the Anne Frank House in Amsteram and wrote in the guestbook: “Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a believer.” Because, yes, the true tragedy of Frank’s early demise was that she never got to see Never Say Never. In lieu of an apology, Bieber posted a shirtless selfie on Instagram the next day. #Dontbecreepin (his words, not ours).

That time he was probably photoshopped for a Calvin Klein underwear campaign

That time he had an identity crisis
Repeat after me: I am not Eminem

That time he literally begged Comedy Central to roast him
Nothing’s hotter than desperation.

“We’re thrilled he listened,” Comedy Central president Kent Alterman said in a release.

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Justin Bieber Will Be Roasted on Comedy Central

The network has caught Bieber fever.

It’s official: Justin Bieber will be roasted on Comedy Central. The network announced Tuesday that Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber will tape in Los Angeles at a date and time still to be determined, though it already has a hashtag, #BieberRoast.

“Justin has been asking us for a few years to roast him, and we just kept telling him to go create more source material first. We’re thrilled he listened,” Kent Alterman of Comedy Central said in a statement. In a remarkably similar choice of words, Bieber tweeted out the news:

The fact that Bieber was tasked with creating more “source material” for the roast, does raise the specter of whether all of Bieber’s behavior (beef! drag races! spankings! drugs! monkeys!) has just been part of his effort to give Comedy Central the source material they were seeking. Perhaps Bieber is displaying Andy Kaufman levels of commitment to the task.

Over the weekend, he proved he could take a joke after he tweeted “Well played. LOL.” in response to the send-up of his new Calvin Klein ads by Saturday Night Live actresses Kate McKinnon (as the pop star) and Cecily Strong (as the female model).

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See Justin Bieber Go Shirtless for New Calvin Klein Ads

He's playing drums and hugging a female model

It’s official. After months of speculation, Justin Bieber has landed his own Calvin Klein campaign. Are you sitting down? Good, because the first teaser for his new collaboration has just been released.

In the clip (below), Bieber plays the drums (without his shirt, of course) and then shares a sexy embrace with a female model, his Calvins peeking out over his jeans. Watch it below.

The 20-year-old singer also shared his news on Instagram, revealing the first campaign images, including one alongside is modeling partner for the brand’s spring ads, Lara Stone. And he’s promising fans that 2015 will be his best year yet.

“I’m longtime fan of the brand and have worn their jeans and underwear for a while, so this is kind of like a dream come true,” he shared in a statement, via WWD. “This is the beginning of an exciting new year for me personally and professionally and being a part of this campaign has been a fantastic opportunity and experience.”

Bieber isn’t the only young star to ditch his shirt in the name of fashion. Budding supermodel Gigi Hadid is continuing her work relationship with Guess, and her latest photos for the label might be the most provocative.

“Going on 15 years as a Guess Girl, this may be my favorite campaign yet. The collection is so effortless to wear, and fits perfectly in any summer environment,” the 19-year-old style star shared in a statement. “I couldn’t think of a better place to shoot the campaign then where we did – on the beaches of my hometown in Malibu! So fitting.”

Aside from her denim moment, Hadid wears a number of skin-revealing looks from the brand’s spring 2015 line.

This article originally appeared on People.com.

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Watch a Platinum Blonde Justin Bieber Totally Wipe Out on a Skateboard

But he's persistent and eventually lands a jump

Justin Bieber has been pretty quiet lately — no new songs, no new brushes with the law, no new offensive comments related to the Holocaust, etc. This past weekend, though, the 20-year-old pop star made a public appearance in New York City to 1) show off his new platinum blonde locks and 2) show off his skateboarding skills.

Well, skills might be a strong word here. Let’s say “attempts.” His skateboarding attempts.

A crowd gathered to watch the Biebs attempt jumps and tricks on some NYC stairs — and things don’t go super well for him. Though to be fair, he’s simultaneously skateboarding and trying to keep his pants up, which is admittedly a very challenging thing to do.

A few times, he falters:

Then he just totally eats it:

Eventually, though, he lands a jump, because he knew everybody beliebed in him.

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See How Celebrities Are Spending Christmas

Jordan Strauss—Invision/AP Rihanna

Justin Bieber played beer pong and Britney Spears put her family in matching pajamas

It’s the time of year for big trees, a sneaky kiss with Santa, and Christmas traditions that prove celebrities are just, but also not at all, like us.

Some celebs were generous to the wee ones:

And to those in need:

And to themselves:

It’s the time of year for a bit of nostalgia:

And family bonding:

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy Christmas!

A photo posted by Britney Spears (@britneyspears) on

Yeeeeaaaaahh! #godaddy #gopats ❤️❤️❤️❤️

A photo posted by Gisele Bündchen (@giseleofficial) on


Don’t forget canine bonding:

Fa la la la la, la la la la! #MerryChristmas #Chaplin #carols

A photo posted by Jessica Chastain (@chastainiac) on

Plus some endearing family cooky-ness:


A photo posted by Cara Delevingne (@caradelevingne) on

Some did the sexy Christmas thing

All I want for Christmas ❤️😘❤️#itsthattimeoftheyear #christmas #holiday

A photo posted by alessandraambrosio (@alessandraambrosio) on

Some did it cute:

Merry Christmas Eve. Oh the things I find online.

A photo posted by Lucy Hale (@lucyhale) on

Or silly:


Others just mystified us:

turnt up elfie

A photo posted by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on

Some had trees:

A photo posted by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

Others had bigger trees:

Uh oh Look what I did.

A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

There were those who reminded us that they are celebrities for a reason: they have superior decorating abilities:

smurfette couture @mdollas11

A photo posted by badgalriri (@badgalriri) on

And that fame has a nice perk: a personal audience with Santa:

A very personal one:

Santa….I have been naughty !! Heidi….Me too !! 🙀🙀

A photo posted by Heidi Klum (@heidiklum) on

With more than one Santa:

🎅🎅🎅 I guess I'm getting lots of gifts this year !!! #hohoho #FelizNatal #MerryChristmas #Erechim

A photo posted by alessandraambrosio (@alessandraambrosio) on

Some caught up on their reading:

Christmas morning, Rossum style. Mom always gets me books. #JamesEllroy #MyDarkPlaces #RobynObrien #UnhealthyTruth

A photo posted by Emmy Rossum (@emmyrossum) on

Others were feeling the Christmas spirit:

The theme of our Christmas. #parksandrec #donna #wisdom #christmas

A photo posted by John Green (@johngreenwritesbooks) on

Celebrities, they’re just like us — they help clear the snow:

Valiant effort Dad. #justletitsnow #christmasissues Merry Christmas peeps!🎄

A photo posted by January Jones (@januaryjones) on


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