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Watch Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon Play Summer Camp Besties Who Can’t Stop Singing Third Eye Blind

"I would understaaaaaaand"

On Tuesday’s episode of The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake made really, really great use of their acting and singing skills.

In a sketch about summer camp, Fallon and JT play a pair of brace-faced pubescent boys who can’t fall asleep (as they ate too many Pop Rocks, obviously), so they stay up late talking about crushes and their changing bodies and other pubescent boy things. Eventually, the conversation turns to music, and they launch into a beautiful rendition of Third Eye Blind’s 1998 hit, “Jumper.”

Despite getting scolded several times, they’re just so overcome with emotion that they can’t stop singing. It’s beautiful.

Also, make sure to note how many times they break character. It manages to make the sketch even funnier.

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Watch Jimmy Fallon Sing Hilarious Hannukah Songs Written by Fans on Twitter

"All I do is spin, spin, spin, no matter what. Got dreidels on my mind, Manischewitz in my cup."

This week, Jimmy Fallon decided to play a little game and ask his fans to tweet song lyrics re-imagined as Hannukah tunes:

Well, the people really delivered. Watch as he sings his favorites on The Tonight Show with the help of the Roots. For example: “Hold me Kosher, tiny dancer and “Ra ra Hannukah, ra ma Menorah, Ga Ga yarmulke, don’t want your Christmas.”

Now, some of these lyrics reference Jewish holidays that are not Hannukah, but we’re feeling generous so we’ll let it slide.


Watch Jimmy Fallon and Steve Carell Sing ‘Sexual Healing’ With a Barbershop Quartet

The 40-year-old virgin has come a long way

Steve Carell joined Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show Wednesday night, reminding the audience that he is not, in real life, the scary character he plays in Foxcatcher. The pair took turns singing verses from Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing” as a candy-striped quartet ably delivered a four-part harmony behind them.

Running this song through the barbershop wringer extracts pretty much all of its soul — and sexiness, for that matter — and that seems to be the idea. The Ragtime Gals, as the group is known, has de-sexed such songs as “Ignition (Remix),” “I Wanna Sex You Up” and “SexyBack” — the latter featuring its original singer, Justin Timberlake. It’s all part of the “friendly fun house” to which Entertainment Weekly attributes Fallon’s successful takeover of the Tonight Show, earning him the much-deserved title of “Entertainer of the Year.”

Watch the full video here:

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Watch Reese Witherspoon and Jimmy Fallon Sing Gibberish Christmas Carols

“Oh what fun it is to sniff a small old man named Tom”

Reese Witherspoon helped Jimmy Fallon get into the holiday spirit during a visit to the Tonight Show to promote her new movie Wild. In one of Fallon’s nonsensical wordplay games, the pair sang classic Christmas carols with the original lyrics swapped out for random words. Yule logs and sleigh bells were nowhere in sight as Fallon attempted to refrain from giggling and Witherspoon, a good sport, got stuck with some unfairly high notes.

The humor is at about the right level to make a kindergartner crack up and might have been bolstered by just an ounce of raunch. But the duo does make a rather adorable pair, nonetheless.

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Watch Brian Williams Slow Jam the Immigration News on the Tonight Show

“Take it from my man Breezy-Weezy”

It’s been two weeks since President Obama signed an executive order on immigration reform, but it’s far from old news. So Jimmy Fallon invited Brian Williams, on his 10-year anniversary of hosting NBC’s “Nightly News,” to break down the story, slow jam style.

Fallon squeezes in an impressive number of double entendres, aided by the entry and exit analogies immigration offers. He also manages a handful of spirited nicknames for his colleague, the best (and most NBC-promoting) being Peter Pan, Sr. The duo takes a Nicki Minaj break, then erupts into a spat when Fallon congratulates Williams on a decade of hosting “the 16th hour of the Today Show.”

They make up and hug it out, though, offering an example of reconciliation to the politicians whose inaction they’ve just slow jammed.

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Nick Jonas Says He’s Jealous of Jimmy Fallon’s Hit Song

The musician and the late night host talked about their most recent hit songs... and who's ahead of the game

Of all the competition out there, young actor and music sensation Nick Jonas’ greatest fear is late night host Jimmy Fallon…or so he joked, on Wednesday night, during an appearance on the Tonight Show.

That’s because Fallon’s parody song with will.i.am., Ew!, debuted the same week that Jonas’ recent hit, Jealous, did. For a period of time, Fallon’s Ew! was higher on the Billboard Top 100 than Jonas’ Jealous.

Jonas’ song has since pulled ahead, staying steady in the Top 10.

Watch the late night host and the singer quip, above.

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Benedict Cumberbatch Tries to Get Jimmy Fallon to Say ‘Booty’

Spoiler alert: Kim Kardashian gets discussed

Did you experience varying stages of grief when the Benedict Cumberbatch announced his November engagement? Well here’s something to temporarily numb the pain: It turns out that he probably would have been really bad at couples game night.

When on Jimmy Fallon Monday, the actor was asked to play the “Three Word Game.” The rules are simple: you have to make your opponent say a keyword using only three words. Fallon accomplished the goal with relative ease. Cumberbatch, on the other hand…

Here are some of the clues he gave Fallon for the word “booty”:

  • “You’ve got to shake…” (that’s four words, but whatever)
  • “Shake the shake…” (if at first you don’t succeed…)
  • “At the top…” (clearly not ready for this jelly)

Finally he got to the right territory, saying “A beautiful big,” inspiring Fallon to say “Kim Kardashian’s butt.” After a couple more attempts, booty was revealed.

Who are we really kidding, though. We would still offer to pair up with Cumberbatch for a rousing game of Scrabble or Taboo anytime.

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Watch Channing Tatum Use His Handsome Face to Stump Jimmy Fallon

The pair play a game called Box of Lies on 'The Tonight Show'

Channing Tatum paid a visit to The Tonight Show Wednesday to promote his new movie Foxcatcher and also to play games with Jimmy Fallon and generally show off his devastatingly handsome face.

Tatum was lucky enough to become the first male guest ever to play Box of Lies, a game where participants take turns trying to stump each other about the contents of various boxes. This game became the perfect opportunity for Chan to show off his acting skills and for Fallon to show off his giggling skills.

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Watch John Oliver Fire a Salmon Cannon at Jon Stewart, Kelly Ripa and Homer Simpson

It was like shooting fish out of a barrel

John Oliver went on a rampage during this season’s final episode of Last Week Tonight, but it wasn’t just with strong words for state legislatures or dogs dressed as U.S. Supreme Court justices or Michael Bloomberg‘s .nyc web address shopping spree.

This time, though, he was armed … with a salmon cannon.

After watching a news clip showing a salmon cannon in action helping fish return to their spawning grounds, Oliver was inspired to buy his own and try it at home. He then took a page out of Lew Zealand’s playbook and started throwing fish. He started by chucking one at the face of his former The Daily Show co-worker Jon Stewart, then Jimmy Fallon got one and then he went wild spraying salmon at everyone from Kelly Ripa to Anderson Cooper to Meredith Grey mid-operation on Grey’s Anatomy, hitting an actress mid-dramatic break up on a CBS soap and even burying Homer Simpson in the flying fish.

It’s a fish-throwing feat that is possibly the best thing to ever happen to Grey’s Anatomy.

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Watch Jay Leno Poke Fun at Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show

The show's former host gave Fallon some car advice and delivered a stand-up set

Former host of The Tonight Show Jay Leno stopped by current host Jimmy Fallon’s set to gently needle his successor Friday.

In his first appearance on the show since Fallon took over, Leno recalled the time he gave the former Saturday Night Live star some car advice about buying an “old-timey” car: don’t get one if you don’t want to get your hands dirty fixing it.

“Look at these hands, ladies and gentlemen — that’s like a puppy’s paw,” Leno joked. “This is the hand of a five year-old.”

Elementary star Lucy Liu — who recently chatted with TIME about directing, TV diversity and Destiny’s Child — also stopped by. Leno interrupted the interview to tell Liu that he could always interview her if Fallon’s interviewing technique wasn’t up to par. “This is your first time with Jimmy,” he said, “but I was your first.”

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