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Watch Kelly Clarkson and Jimmy Fallon Sing the History of Duets

From Jimmy to Kelly

Kelly Clarkson was recently bemoaning the fact that she couldn’t find artists to collaborate with her during an interview with BBC Radio 1, but she has finally found the perfect duet partner in Jimmy Fallon.

On The Tonight Show, Fallon mentioned hearing the interview and the second he told the audience he didn’t understand it, Clarkson appeared onstage. The duo then cut loose with another installment of Fallon’s “History of…” musical project that has seen the host rap with Justin Timberlake and mom dance with Michelle Obama.

For the “History of Duets,” Fallon and Clarkson covered everything from Sonny & Cher’s “I Got You Babe” to Diana Ross and Lionel Richie’s “Endless Love,” Human League’s “Don’t You Want Me” to Elton John’s “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart,” topped off with Paula Abdul’s “Opposite Attract.”

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Watch Jimmy Fallon and Andy Cohen Read Their Real Housewives Taglines

"When I walk into a room, I host it"

Television personality Andy Cohen provided some fodder for Jimmy Fallon to flaunt his Real Housewives persona.

The executive producer for the Real Housewives franchise joined Fallon on The Tonight Show Wednesday, where he gave the host options for his very own tagline, and Fallon aced them.

“I would love to write you a thank you note, but I’m not sure you know how to read,” Fallon said while snapping his fingers. Ouch.






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Watch Taylor Swift and Jimmy Fallon Dance For Jumbotron Over and Over

The pair reminisced over their fondness for spilled popcorn and retro dance movies

Taylor Swift stopped by The Tonight Show on Tuesday night to help Jimmy Fallon celebrate the show’s one year anniversary.

During the singer’s appearance, Fallon took the opportunity to poke fun at her fondness for dancing at live events. He also mentioned that he missed the days when Swift would only dance with him on the jumbotron at sporting events. What followed was a montage of the two dancing their way through games of all of New York’s major sports teams, including the Brooklyn Nets, New York Giants and New York Islanders.

It’s now all too clear where Swift gets her dance inspiration from.

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Jimmy Fallon Just Got a New Ben & Jerry’s Flavor

Called (what else?) "The Tonight Dough"

Here’s another reason to hole up in front of your screen late at night with a pint of ice cream (like you needed one).

NBC talk-show host Jimmy Fallon has partnered with Ben & Jerry’s to introduce a new flavor called “The Tonight Dough.”

The ice cream purveyor announced the news on its Twitter feed Tuesday, revealing that the flavor will feature caramel and chocolate ice cream with chocolate cookie swirls, globs of chocolate-chip cookie dough and peanut butter cookie dough.

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Here’s Jimmy Fallon’s New Photo of Baby Franny

Jimmy Fallon attends the SNL 40th Anniversary Special at Rockefeller Plaza in New York City on Feb. 15, 2015.
Andy Kropa—AP Jimmy Fallon attends the SNL 40th Anniversary Special at Rockefeller Plaza in New York City on Feb. 15, 2015.

She’s a wide-eyed cutie

Jimmy Fallon posted a new photo of daughter Frances Cole — adorably dubbed “Franny” — Tuesday on Instagram, and she’s a wide-eyed cutie.

“Franny Fallon wishes you a happy Tuesday!” the Tonight Show host captioned the snapshot.

Fallon, 40, and wife Nancy, 47, welcomed the baby girl in December. She joined big sister Winnie Rose, 19 months.

“Being a father is the most exciting, amazing thing that ever happened to me,” Fallon told PEOPLE in June. “And everything’s going well on the show. My life has never been this cool.”

Franny Fallon wishes you a happy Tuesday!

A photo posted by Jimmy Fallon (@jimmyfallon) on

This article originally appeared on People.com.

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Conan O’Brien Is the Right Man for a Visit to Cuba

The first late-night show broadcast from Cuba will be hosted by the perfect person for the job

A longstanding media blackout is about to be broken by—of all people—a basic-cable talk show host.

Conan O’Brien, who is currently filming material for the March 4 episode of his talk show, will become the first late-night host to broadcast from Cuba since America’s now-loosened embargo on the island nation began; after President Obama announced the relaxation of the embargo late last year, news anchors have traveled there, but not talk-show hosts. The fact that O’Brien is the “first” talk show host to make such a trip feels like a meaningless statistic: It’s hard to imagine any other host even having the idea to go in the first place.

Conan has been airing on TBS since 2010 (some months after his hosting The Tonight Show fell apart), and has been less able than his broadcast-network counterparts to lure big stars on a consistent basis. In order to earn good ratings, or, more realistically, to get clips circulated on entertainment blogs on weekday mornings, O’Brien has had to rely on stunts with varying degrees of effectiveness. While Jimmy Fallon on NBC and Jimmy Kimmel on ABC, particularly, have been easily able to put together bits where the mere participation of a celebrity is the joke, O’Brien has had to be wilier and more resourceful—or at least more extreme, as with his recent trip to the sauna with a star of The Walking Dead. It wasn’t really funny, but it went far harder than Fallon or Kimmel might have (to say nothing of the other major-network host, David Letterman, who’s winding down his show now).

Neither Kimmel nor Fallon would have done this, because they don’t need to; that is, when you can get Emma Stone or Katy Perry to be a part of your stunts, the concept doesn’t need to be quite so elevated. The fact that this presents a major opportunity for Americans to learn about a country to which access has long been restricted says something for the virtuous nerdiness that’s always been a part of O’Brien’s brand (and part of what made him such a poor fit for the un-cerebral Tonight Show). But let’s be honest: The show will be more jokes derived from man-on-the-street interviews than facts about Cuban culture and the effects of the embargo. And that’s fine!

Consider the late-night environment into which O’Brien is launching his show. When Fallon recently went on the road, it was to the Super Bowl host city of Phoenix, and then to Los Angeles, all places where his particular brand of access-driven hosting could thrive. If O’Brien interviews any recognizable celebrities in Cuba, they’ll be ones he brought with him. The Cuba broadcast comes with significant risk—in particular, the chance that he’ll be perceived, rightly or wrongly, as condescending to a group of people whose years under the Castro regime have given them enough to worry about without a comic coming in and joking at their expense. But the upside is high for a host who has grown wily enough, in his wilderness years, to make comedy without stars present. If anyone was going to be the first, and perhaps only, host to do this, it would’ve been O’Brien—and we’re better off for it.

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SNL 40: Andy Samberg and Adam Sandler Sing Ode to Laugh Breaks

Mostly it's an ode to Jimmy Fallon and Horatio Sanz

There are two types of Saturday Night Live fans: Those who love it when the actors break character and crack up laughing in the middle of scenes, and those who claim to hate it (but probably secretly love it).

Breaking character to laugh happened often enough over the years that it made sense to commemorate such episodes on Saturday Night Live’s 40th anniversary show. To mark the many, many occasions when cast members cracked each other up, two of the biggest culprits — Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg — teamed up on “That’s When You Break,” an ode to getting the giggles when you’re supposed to be on the job.

While the song pointed out that the show’s executive producer Lorne Michaels loved it when the actors started laughing mid-sketch (there may have been some sarcasm there), it also called out some of the worst offenders — specifically, Jimmy Fallon and Horatio Sanz, who seemingly never managed to stay in character. Of course, when you work on a show this funny, it’s just a hazard of the job.

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Watch Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon Rap the History of SNL

SNL 40 is off to a good start

The 40th anniversary of Saturday Night Live got off to a raucous start with Jimmy Fallon seemingly prepared to do a soft shoe opening routine, only to be interrupted by Justin Timberlake. They quickly turn the opener into the history of SNL in rap.

They give shout-outs to everyone from The Californians to Mister Bill, Gumby and The Coneheads and, naturally, the Ambiguously Gay Duo and Dick in a Box.

They continue to rap their way through the annals of SNL history until getting interrupted by Rachel Dratch as Debbie Downer, who shows up to remind viewers that, “History has shown that opening the show with a musical number translates to a sharp drop in ratings.”

Fallon and Timberlake shrug and continue through their litany of the best of SNL comedy sketches, including The Blues Brothers, threatening to pump us up a la Hans and Franz, giving Garth and Wayne their due with a solid, “Schwing!” and shouting for “More Cowbell!” That’s when they are interrupted by Molly Shannon as Mary Katherine Gallagher claiming that, “The sound of cowbell makes her nervous.” When she gets nervous she puts her hands under her armpits and then gives them a good sniff.

Fallon and Timberlake continue through the most beloved sketches in Saturday Night Live history before finally declaring the magic words, “Live from New York it’s Saturday Night!”

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Watch Hugh Grant and Charles Barkley Face Off in Hallway Golf

It's like the Masters, but in a hallway

Jimmy Fallon brought out the competitive spirit in actor Hugh Grant Wednesday night during a round of hallway golf. Fallon, who is not known for taking it easy in his face-offs with the celebrities who stop by The Tonight Show, made the game even harder for Grant by bringing in a ringer—NBA champion Charles Barkley.

The game kicked off with each player hitting a golf ball towards a green screen at the back of the studio and riding a golf cart to the starting line. From there it was a race as Grant, Barkley and Fallon chased their balls through the back of The Tonight Show studio, eventually making it back onto the studio stage where the hole was waiting.

While Barkley would normally be the favorite, due to his career as a professional athlete, he is not exactly known for his golf skills. Yet the champ managed to sink his ball first—until Grant, who had warned them that losing made him “very, very nasty” — knocked his ball out of the hole and hit it down the hallway. Fallon took advantage of the confusion to hit his ball in for the win.

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Here’s Proof Fifty Shades’ Dakota Johnson Can Make Anything Sound Sexy

Jimmy Fallon doesn't quite have the same effect

Fifty Shades of Grey star Dakota Johnson can make anything sound sexy and she proved it Wednesday on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

The young star, who plays Anastasia Steele in the global phenomenon, was challenged to make sentences like, “Let me slip into my sweatpants” and “Excuse me, sir, this strawberry-flavored Chapstick just fell out of your fanny pack” sound alluring.

Johnson had no problem making those un-sexy lines sound like sultry come-ons. Fallon, however, could barely keep a straight face, let alone a come-hither look, while trying to work his magic on his lines like, “You’ll have to excuse the cloud of Gold Bond Powder.” Even a simmering over-the-shoulder look couldn’t give Fallon the same power Johnson (or even Steve Buscemi) has in one little wink, proving there’s a reason Jamie Dornan was cast as Christian Grey instead of Fallon.

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