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Teacher Tenure Time Magazine Cover
Photograph by Kenji Aoki for Time

The War on Teacher Tenure
It’s really difficult to fire a bad teacher. A group of Silicon Valley investors wants to change that

Which Republican Party?
Even if it captures the Congress, rivalries could hamper the GOP in power

12 Answers To Ebola’s Hard Questions
From hospital safety to travel bans, the facts you need to know

Why Kobani Matters
A border town in Syria becomes ground zero in the U.S. air war against ISIS

Harvard in Hot Water Over Sexual-Assault Policy
Critics say new procedures overcorrect for the problem of rape on campus

Kansas City Baseball Goes Back to the Future
The surprise World Series trip shows how the game is changing

The Apple Pay Effect
McDonald’s, Walgreens, Bloomingdales and more are backing mobile payment

The Culture

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Fear Loves Company: Don’t Watch These New Horror Movies Alone
Annabelle, Ouija and more to catch this Halloween season

Paradigm Swift
On her new album, Taylor Swift goes full-throttle pop

The Queen Is Dead in King Charles III
A new West End play makes a bold move

Matisse’s Great Paper Chase
At MoMA, a dazzling display of the ‘cut-outs’

Whassup, Brainiac?
After a dorky night out in L.A. with Weezer’s front man, I felt free to embrace my inner nerd

10 Questions With Mick Fleetwood
The drumming icon talks about Fleetwood Mac’s reunion, his new memoir and the need to be hot

Honor Thy Teacher

Campaign Inflation
The cost of campaigns has been growing at a staggering clip

Setback for Abe as Two Women Resign From Japan’s Cabinet


Ben Bradlee’s Electric Glow
A former Washington Post reporter remembers a legendary newspaperman who lived off gossip, palled around with the Kennedys and was the most celebrated editor of his time


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How to Eat Now Home Cooking Mark Bittman Time Magazine Cover
Photo-illustration by Andrew B. Myers for TIME

The Truth About Home Cooking
Bestselling food writer Mark Bittman makes the case that eating at home is good for your health, good for your family—and, with the right approach, far easier than you think

Mark Bittman’s Whole Roast Chicken

Mark Bittman’s Vegetable Soup

Mark Bittman’s Skillet Pear Crisp

The Future of Food: Experts Predict How Our Plates Will Change
Foodies and futurists on vertical gardens, low-carbon fridge stocks and more solutions

A Troubled American Moment
As conspiracy theories abound, voters are uncertain about what to believe

Banking by Another Name
Traditional lenders aren’t doing their job. Enter a raft of startups to do it for them

Ebola Panic Goes Viral
America is in panic mode over Ebola and Enterovirus D-86. That’s human nature —but it’s hard to battle an epidemic from a crouch. Here’s how managing fear can give us an edge over disease

The Paperless Classroom is Coming
A national push to get a computer into each student’s hands will upend the way American children are taught

A New Generation Speaks in Hong Kong
The city’s protests may be waning—but the battle for democracy will continue

The Culture

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Robert Duvall and Robert Downey Jr.’s New Father-Son Act
The Judge casts the leading actors in a family affair

Bill Murray’s Bad Saint
The actor gets a heart transplant in the hokey St. Vincent

Review: Stars’ No One Is Lost
The high-risk, high-reward Canadian group releases its seventh album

Gina Rodriguez’s Happy Accident
The actress may be the biggest miracle in Jane the Virgin

Kerry Howley’s Fighting Words
One writer’s journey through the world of mixed martial arts

Meet the Computer Age’s Original Minds
Walter Isaacson’s new book celebrates unlikely pioneers

Brain Builder
Creating the world’s smartest artificial mind

The App Fueling Hong Kong’s Protest
FireChat lets users communicate even when they can’t get online or send text messages

Why We Just Might Avoid a Climate Catastrophe
Do worry. But here are the reasons to be happy

On Becoming a Better Feminist
Like many celebrities, I support #HeForShe. I just needed some help getting my message out

10 Questions with Jennifer Garner
The actor talks about what she does on the Internet, sex ed and beating Ben Affleck at the box office





Marian Seldes
Star of stage and screen

Nobel Prize
Discoverers of “brain’s GPS”

Little Peace in Sight for Ferguson

In Nobody’s Playbook
Three high school football players die within a week

Who Is Khorasan?
Simple: al-Qaeda

Age-Proof Your Muscles
New research pinpoints the ideal moves to protect the male body as it ages

A Tale Of Two Viruses
Ebola and enterovirus D68 have Americans on edge. Here’s how the government is trying to contain them

The Contest Behind the Election
A flurry of changes to ballot laws opens old wounds


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Ebola Cover
TIME animation; Photo-illustration by Spencer Lowell for TIME

The Race to Stop Ebola in Africa
What the world needs to do to fight the deadly virus

Ebola Arrives in America
The West African epidemic lands stateside

The Delta Blues
Two town meetings, two very different kinds of despair

Our Dysfunctional Financial System
Tapes of what really happens between bankers and regulators show how far we have to go

New Apps for the Brain
These programs turn learning into a game

America’s Real Problem in Iran: Ayatullah Khamenei
The country’s most powerful person isn’t interested in diplomacy

Driving While High
Deadly crashes involving pot are on the rise. But stopping stoned drivers won’t be easy

How Dope Affects Driving
TIME talked to Dr. Marilyn Huestis, a lead marijuana researcher at the National Institute on Drug Abuse, to assess key side effects of driving while high.

Hong Kong Seeks Democracy in China’s Shadow

America’s Not So Distant War in Syria
The air war may be feel remote. Give it time

Leon Panetta: The White House Made a Mistakes in Iraq
The former Secretary of Defense discusses how the U.S. misplayed Iraqi troop talks

Meet Pepsi’s Indra Nooyi
The Big Soda boss is pledging a less sugary future

The Culture

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Alan Cumming’s Life Was No Cabaret
The Scottish actor reveals his harsh boyhood in a new memoir

Tinashe’s Confident Debut
R&B singer arrives right on trend

Lost Boys Come to America in The Good Lie
Horror and heart lie at center of new film

The Internet’s Gone Nostalgia-Crazy
Why our digital lives swirl with the remembrance of everything past

10 Questions with Cornel West
The philosopher and agitator talks about prophets, presidents and breaking the law for John Coltrane




A Risky Business


Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky
First grandchild of Bill and Hillary Clinton


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Mary Barra’s Bumpy Ride at the Wheel of GM
The General Motors CEO has already faced a devastating recall. Now she must reinvent the company—and its cars

The 3% Economy
Yes, 3% growth is better than 2%. But, for most Americans, it’s actually more worrisome

After the Revolution: Sitting Down With Egyptian President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi
In one of his first interviews with the U.S. press, Egypt’s President pushes for a wider war on terror in the Middle East

Syria’s Jihadis Should Be Confronted, Not Feared
We are far from being the country we were on 9/11. The dangers we face are more modest and our ability to respond to them are improved

White House’s Weak Security
A deranged intruder exposes shows risks facing nation’s most exclusive address

Meet Alibaba’s Jack Ma
The man leading China’s online shopping giant to America

Police ‘Body Cams’ Shine New Spotlight
What will new police video surveillance show us?

Why the Anti-Vaccine Crowd Won’t Fade Away
People who are reluctant to vaccinate their kids often think they know better than the doctors

The Politics of Nothing
Both conservatives and Liberals have accomplished much of what they set out to do a generation or more ago. So, now what?

A Virtual Cycle
Nobody wins when voters only experience politics second hand

The Culture

Lena Dunham: A Generation’s Gutsy, Ambitious Voice
The Girls star takes on Hollywood, friendship, rape culture, and more—with humor and tenderness—in her new memoir

Gillian Flynn’s Marriage Plot
How the author of ‘Gone Girl’ changed the way you look at your spouse

David Fincher’s Subtle and Wild Gone Girl
Amazing Amy and slick Nick survive the transition from print to film

Stromae’s Lost Generation
The Belgian pop star comes to the U.S.

André Benjamin’s Next Act
‘Hey Ya!’s most outlandish half looks to the future

Denzel Goes Old Testament
A sick city gets its ‘Equalizer’

Stalkers Cheap Thrills
Avert your eyes from this voyeur cop show

10 Questions With Sylvia Earle
The oceanographer on why she keeps diving, being granted a wish, and why the ocean needs parks

Kenny Loggins and Joel Stein’s Greatest Hit
This is what I learned when I collaborated on the best song ever written


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In Need of Repairs

Shining Bright


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Never Offline
The Apple Watch is just the start. How wearable tech will change your life—like it or not

Apple’s Watch Will Make People and Computers More Intimate
The new device will bring us one step closer to human-machine symbiosis

Missed Chance on Immigration
Obama had an opportunity to do something great. Instead, he hid behind the politics

The Artful Dodgers
Companies that flee the U.S. to avoid taxes have forgotten how they got so big in the first place

Disruptive Technology Is Changing How Kids Learn
Research show new tools can make kids more engaged and more creative

Kansas Makes a Race
Democrats quit a Senate battle in hopes of winning the war

Brutal Ray Rice Video Exposes Failures of a National Obsession
Football is not a game anymore

Chris Kluwe: NFL Would Rather Sell Women Pink Jerseys Than Protect Them
In football, and in the case of Ray Rice, the tape never lies. But the NFL sure has

Ray Rice’s Abuse Video: Seeing is Believing a Crime Really Happened
In many horrific contexts, images have the power to wake up our outrage to abstract wrongs

Robin Givens on Domestic Violence: ‘Why I Stayed’
The actress and activist on how video and social media are changing the way we treat women struggling with abusive relationships

Kirsten Gillibrand: ‘The Way the NFL Handled This Was Disgraceful’

Changing The Culture

The Never-Ending War
The setting remains the same, but new enemies and allies have emerged

The Power of Sleep
New research shows a good night’s rest isn’t a luxury–it’s critical for your brain and for your health

The Culture

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Henry Kissinger Reminds Us Why Realism Matters
In his new book, the 91-year-old statesman strikes a note of humility

Terry Crews Won’t Hit the Brakes
What makes Hollywood’s most driven overachiever run

Almost Everybody’s Got Talent
Simon Cowell’s improbable shows sweep the globe

Tana French’s Relentless Mystery
What makes the Irish author’s novels so singular

New Show Charts Highs and Lows of Heels
Fashion historians celebrate foot wear at museum exhibition

Working From $9 to $5
Thanks to the new economy’s outsourcing websites, even my “job” just got easier

10 Questions with Sheryl Sandberg
The Facebook executive talks about young love, big mistakes and why she wants college students to Lean In

Remembering Joan Rivers, Comedy Diva
Comedy diva



The Highest Sacrifice

A Day In The Life
Apple wants consumers to connect with its watch from morning to night with these apps

Birth Control Curveball

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