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Gabourey Sidibe and Amy Schumer Agree: You Make Your Own Confidence

Ms. Foundation Women Of Vision Gala: 2014
Gabourey Sidibe and Amy Schumer attend the Ms. Foundation Women Of Vision Gala 2014 on May 1, 2014 in New York City. Astrid Stawiarz—Getty Images

The Academy Award-nominated actress and Comedy Central show runner both shared life insights at the Ms. Foundation for Women's Gloria Awards Gala. Moral of the story: don't let mean fifth graders or bad sex get you down

Gabourey Sidibe and Amy Schumer both made deeply personal speeches about confidence Thursday night at the Gloria Awards and Gala, an awards ceremony to honor “women of vision” hosted by the Ms. Foundation for Women. The actress and comedian each described the exact moments they decided to take control of their own narratives.

Sidibe, who was nominated for an Academy Award for playing the lead character in Precious: Based on the Novel Push By Sapphire and recently appeared in American Horror Story: Coven, described a lonely childhood, where she was chided by her parents for being overweight and ignored by her classmate for being a self-described “bossy a**hole.”

I was a bossy, bossy a**hole. See, remember when I said that I thought I was more clever than everyone else? Well, I did! And I told them that — every single day! Those kids couldn’t get a word in edgewise, without me cutting them off to remind them that I was smarter, funnier, and all around wittier than them…The point is, I was a snob. I thought I was better than the kids in my class, and I let them know it. That’s why they didn’t like me. I think the reason I thought so highly of myself all the time was because no one else ever did.

Sidibe told the audience about the time she laboriously baked gingerbread cookies for a class party in fifth grade, only to get to the party and find that her classmates refused to eat the cookies she’d made. But she didn’t let it cramp her style.

I just had been rejected by 28 kids in a row. And I was sitting alone at my desk, with an empty Ziplock bag, crumbs in my lap, and I was at this great party that I had waited for all week. I waited all week for this party that I wasn’t invited to. And for some reason I got up, I sat on my desk, and I partied my a** off. I laughed loudly when something funny happened. And when [the teacher] Miss Lowe put on music, I was one of the first ones to get up and dance. I joined the limbo, and ate chips, and drank soda, and I enjoyed myself, even though no one wanted me there.

You know why? I told you — I was an a**hole! I wanted that party! And what I want trumps what 28 people want me to do, especially when what they want me to do is leave. I had a great time. I did. And if I somehow ruined my classmates’ good time, then that’s on them. “How are you so confident?” “I’m an a**hole!”

Even though Amy Schumer now has her own show on Comedy Central, she spoke about the moment where she had to become her “own fairy godmother.” She had thought that her popularity in high school would translate into her college life, but when she got to campus she found she was at the lowest rung of the social ladder, eclipsed by “thinner, blonder, dumber girls.” This low self-esteem drove her to have a one-night stand with a drunk older guy who “smelled like skunk microwaved with cheeseburgers,” while a Sam Cooke CD was playing in the background.

I was looking down at myself from the ceiling fan. What happened to this girl? How did she get here? I felt the fan on my skin and I went, “Oh, wait! I am this girl! We got to get me out of here!” I became my own fairy godmother. I waited until the last perfect note floated out, and escaped from under him and out the door. I never heard from Matt again, but felt only grateful for being introduced to my new self, a girl who got her value from within her. I’m also grateful to Matt for introducing me to my love Sam Cooke, who I’m still with today.

Now I feel strong and beautiful. I walk proudly down the streets of Manhattan. The people I love, love me. I make the funniest people in the country laugh, and they are my friends. I am a great friend and an even better sister. I have fought my way through harsh criticism and death threats for speaking my mind. I am alive, like the strong women in this room before me. I am a hot-blooded fighter and I am fearless.

But Schumer also talked about how, even though she’s found her confidence, it can be stripped away in a second with a mean comment or a backhanded gesture.

I did morning radio last week, and a DJ asked, “Have you gained weight? You seem chunkier to me. You should strike while the iron is hot, Amy.” And it’s all gone. In an instant, it’s all stripped away. I wrote an article for Men’s Health and was so proud, until I saw instead of using my photo, they used one of a 16-year-old model wearing a clown nose, to show that she’s hilarious. But those are my words. What about who I am, and what I have to say?

I can be reduced to that lost college freshman so quickly sometimes, I want to quit. Not performing, but being a woman altogether. I want to throw my hands in the air, after reading a mean Twitter comment, and say, “All right! You got it. You figured me out. I’m not pretty. I’m not thin. I do not deserve to use my voice. I’ll start wearing a burqa and start waiting tables at a pancake house. All my self-worth is based on what you can see.”

But then I think, f*** that. I am not laying in that freshman year bed anymore ever again. I am a woman with thoughts and questions and s*** to say. I say if I’m beautiful. I say if I’m strong. You will not determine my story — I will.

BOOM! That’s two confidence boosters for the price of one.

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Ben Affleck Reportedly Banned from Blackjack Table at Las Vegas Casino

The actor and director has been forbidden from playing blackjack at the Hard Rock casino in Las Vegas because he is "too good at the game," a source close to the actor said. The source did not reveal whether Affleck had been accused of counting cards

Looks like Ben Affleck has folded after reportedly being turned away from the blackjack table at a Las Vegas casino.

CNN, citing an anonymous source close to Affleck, reported the the actor was “banned from playing blackjack at the Hard Rock casino in Las Vegas.”

“You are too good at the game,” casino security said, according to the source, who said Affleck could still play other games at the Casino.

Hard Rock did not respond immediately to requests for comment.

The source didn’t say whether Affleck was accused of counting cards, which is not a crime but is frowned upon by casinos. Various media outlets reported that he was called out for altering his betting strategy in a suspicious way.

Affleck is playing Bruce Wayne in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie.

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Lupita Nyong’o Hits Washington D.C.

TIME/People WHCD Cocktail Party
Lupita Nyong'o and TIME managing editor Nancy Gibbs at the TIME/People WHCD cocktail party at St Regis Hotel - Astor Terrace on May 2, 2014 in Washington, DC. Larry Busacca—Getty Images for TIME

The Oscar winner, recently named 2014's Most Beautiful Person by People, says she's excited for the White House Correspondents' Dinner tonight and is "looking forward to seeing the president." Nyong’o has rocketed to fame since appearing in 12 Years a Slave

Oscar-winner Lupita Nyong’o said there’s one celebrity in particular she’s excited to see at the White House Correspondents Association Dinner on Saturday.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the president,” said Nyong’o at the annual TIME/People pre-White House Correspondents Association dinner cocktail party on Friday.

The 31-year-old has rocketed to fame since appearing as the slave Patsy in 12 Years a Slave, winning an Academy Award for best supporting actress and being named the face of Lancôme before being named the Most Beautiful person of 2014 by People.

But all that attention hasn’t gone to Nyong’o’s head. “It’s just a reminder that things are bigger than yourself,” she said. “It shows the power of pursuing your goals and ambitions.”

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Scandal‘s President Wants Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office

TIME/People WHCD Cocktail Party
Tony Goldwyn and Dan Bucatinsky at the TIME/People WHCD cocktail party at St Regis Hotel - Astor Terrace on May 2, 2014 in Washington, DC. Larry Busacca—Getty Images for TIME

Tony Goldwyn, who plays President Fitzgerald Grant on the hit ABC show, thinks the former First Lady would make a great commander-in-chief

Tony Goldwyn may stand in the Oval Office every week on the set of ABC’s Scandal, but the actor—who plays President Fitzgerald “Fitz” Grant on the hit show—called standing in the real deal “surreal.”

“I looked up to see if there were any cameras but I couldn’t find any,” the actor told TIME of his visit to the White House this week. “There’s also a ceiling in the real office—there’s no ceiling in ours.”

Goldwyn and many other Scandal cast members attended the TIME/People pre-White House Correspondents’ Dinner cocktail party on Friday. And though the actor who plays the show’s president says he drew inspiration for his character from Presidents Obama, Clinton and Kennedy, the person he’d most like to see as commander-in-chief was once a First Lady.

“[Hillary Clinton] is the most qualified candidate out there,” Goldwyn said. “She’s got the intelligence, she’s inspiring, and she’s tough.”

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Ronan Farrow Gushes Over Lupita Nyong’o

TIME/People WHCD Cocktail Party
Savannah Guthrie and Ronan Farrow Michael Loccisano—Getty Images for TIME

The MSNBC host was eager to make friends at TIME/People’s pre-White House Correspondents Association dinner cocktail party

MSNBC host Ronan Farrow called the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner weekend the “unholy union of Washington and Hollywood,” but there was one star he was dying to see.

Like many others at the TIME/People pre-White House Correspondents Association Dinner cocktail party on Friday, the TV host just couldn’t help but gush over Academy Award winner Lupita Nyong’o.

“Lupita is here,” Farrow said. “Need I say more?”

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Meghan McCain Says Washington Doesn’t Get Millennials

TIME/People WHCD Cocktail Party
Meghan McCain Michael Loccisano—Getty Images for TIME

The daughter of Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) said that youngsters don’t like labels and Washington can’t quite understand it

Meghan McCain, daughter of Senator John McCain, says there’s one thing Washington really can’t seem to get right: millennials.

“Washington is getting so many things wrong about young people,” McCain, the host of an upcoming TV series on politics for cable channel Pivot, told TIME at the Time/People pre-White House Correspondents’ Dinner cocktail party on Friday. The district, she said, needs to start paying more attention to the demographic.

Youngsters can be socially liberal and fiscally conservative, she said, but politicians such as her father, former Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain (R—Ariz)—can’t seem to fully grasp that. “Washington is not having a nuanced conversation about young people,” McCain says. But the host of the new late-night series hopes her show can help bring some of those conversations to the forefront, particularly as the 2014 midterm elections near.

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Veep Star Met Real-Life Vice President Joe Biden

"Sister" Premiere - 2014 Tribeca Film Festival
attends the "Sister" Premiere during the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival at the SVA Theater on April 25, 2014 in New York City. Mike Coppola—Getty Images

Reid Scott, star of HBO’s Veep, recently met Joe Biden in Las Vegas, the actor tells TIME. Scott plays the deputy communications director to the Vice President on the sitcom and said the experience was instructive

Reid Scott, star of HBO’s VEEP, recently met with real life Vice President Joe Biden — who asked him to talk to him as if he was Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ vice president character on the hit sitcom, curse words and all.

“He told me to talk to him the way I talk to the VP on the show,” Scott, who plays deputy communications director Dan on the show, told TIME at the TIME/People cocktail party held Friday at the St. Regis Hotel in Washington D.C. And he obliged, after sharing a chat about the NCAA tournament with his fellow Syracuse alum. “I dropped a couple of F-bombs,” the actor joked.

Though the actor insisted government officials can only learn “what not to do” from the show, he said his meeting with Biden in Las Vegas was instructive. But, when asked if he had to decide between Vice President Biden and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in 2016, the star was stumped. “In a perfect world, they would both run,” Scott says. “It’ll have to come down to a coin flip for me.”


George Clooney’s Very Public Spat With Casino Mogul Steve Wynn

Vegas honcho calls the newly-engaged star "mollycoddled." Clooney says Wynn "needs to take off his red sparkly dinner jacket" and delivers other choice barbs in a statement released on Friday

George Clooney is not pulling punches in his recent spat with Las Vegas casino mogul and Republican donor Steve Wynn.

Wynn and the Hollywood star reportedly first clashed in a war of words during a political argument earlier this month in Las Vegas after Wynn allegedly called President Barack Obama a dirty word. In an interview posted Friday on Bloomberg TV’s “Market Makers,” Wynn denied making the statement about Obama, said Clooney had been drinking and that Hollywood A-listers like him “live in a very strange bubble” and are “molly coddled”:

Artists, actors, people like that, they live in a very strange bubble of their own. They’re molly coddled, they’re highly privileged. We’re talking about successful artists like George, or Barbra Streisand or any other really successful performing artist. They live in a relatively small world. The people around them are very solicitous and caring for them. They have a world view that therefore everything should be given to everybody because everything has been given to them.

Wynn added that despite stars’ negative qualities, he and others in Las Vegas “love them anyway.”

He was a little into the tequila,” Wynn said of Clooney during a reportedly heated exchange the two had recently during a group dinner. “But he is fun to be with. He’s a good storyteller.”

Clooney replied with a pointed statement of his own, which he released to People on Friday:

He said I live in a bubble. More of a bubble than Las Vegas? Honestly? He says I’m ‘molly coddled,’ that I’m surrounded by people who coddle me. I would suggest that Mr. Wynn look to his left and right and find anyone in his sphere that says anything but ‘yes’ to him. Emphatically. I did not attend a private boys’ school, I worked in tobacco fields and in stock rooms, and construction sites. I’ve been broke more of my life than I have been successful, and I understand the meaning of being an employee and how difficult it is to make ends meet.

Steve is one of the richest men in the world and he should be congratulated for it, but he needs to take off his red sparkly dinner jacket and roll up his sleeves every once in a while and understand what most of the country is actually dealing with … or at least start with the fact that you can’t make up stories when eight people who are not on your payroll are sitting around you as witnesses.


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Kerry Washington Has a Baby Girl

86th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals
Kerry Washington arrives at the 86th Annual Academy Awards at Hollywood & Highland Center on March 2, 2014 in Hollywood, California. Gregg DeGuire—WireImage

The actress and husband Nnamdi Asomugha, who married secretly last June, have named their daughter Isabelle Amarachi. Washington first revealed her baby bump in January when walking the red carpet for the Golden Globes

Kerry Washington gave birth to a daughter on Monday, April 21, People Magazine reports, citing unnamed sources. The Scandal star and her husband, former San Francisco 49ers cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha, named the baby girl Isabelle Amarachi.

Washington, 36, and Asomugha, 32, have been married for almost a year; they had a secret wedding last June. Washington revealed her baby bump in January when walking the red carpet for the Golden Globes, and Scandal went to great lengths to conceal her pregnancy behind oddly-placed lamps and plants on the show.


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Watch Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton and Leslie Mann Behind the Scenes of The Other Woman

What "the lawyer, the wife, and the boobs" got up to on set

The Other Woman, starring Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Kate Upton, made $24.7 million in its opening weekend, despite unimpressed critic reviews. But just because it might not be not Oscar material doesn’t mean it’s not entertaining to watch the three women interact.

Watch the video above for a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the movie.

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