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Google Removes Illustration of Android Robot Urinating on the Apple Logo in Google Maps

The user-generated drawing was spotted in Google Maps on Friday

A new twist in Google’s and Apple’s battle for world domination: Google has removed an illustration of the Android robot relieving itself on the Apple logo found in Google Maps, just outside of Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

CNN Money reports that former Samsung employee Ahmad Babar noticed the crude image and uploaded this screenshot to Instagram:

Has anyone else seen this on Google Maps? Saw it while searching for a place in Rawalpindi

A photo posted by Ahmad Babar (@ahmadbabar) on

Another user-generated image that has since been removed:

The tool relies on contributors to keep maps of their areas current with local, insider information, and a regular, “vetted” contributor appears to be responsible for the gag, a Google spokesperson told the website.

It’s not the first time this kind of a joke has happened. The Washington Post points out that last week, a map of the White House displayed a fake business called “Edward’s Snow Den.”

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This Moonshine Distillery Plans to Launch a Bottle Into Space

Onyx Spirits

Advertising goes to space

It’s a marketing stunt that’s out of this world.

A Connecticut moonshine distillery plans to shoot a 750-milliliter bottle of its best stuff 22 miles into space next month in what the company says is the first time a bottle of liquor will leave the earth’s atmosphere, reports a local California NBC affiliate.

Employees of Onyx Spirits Company will fix the bottle to a weather balloon with a rocks glass and silver platter on May 2, and send it floating into space. The balloon will be equipped with GoPro cameras, GPS technology, a radar deflector, and a parachute to soften its landing into the Long Island Sound.

“Onyx Moonshine is all about attempting things that haven’t been done before, which is the true essence of the American spirit,” Onyx Spirits Company co-founder Adam von Gootkin said Tuesday.

With moonshine, perhaps there’s no such thing as flying too close to the sun.


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A Stinking 11-Ton Megalith of Congealed Fat Has Been Removed From a London Sewer

It’s called a fatberg and it’s terrifying

Londoners have been advised to stop flushing cooking oil and pre-moistened towelettes down sinks after authorities successfully removed a mammoth 11-ton piece of congealed fat, caked with compacted wet wipes, from one of the city’s sewers.

The “fatberg” was reportedly the size of one of the British capital’s famed double-decker buses and inflicted more than a half-million dollars of damage to the sewer pipes under West London’s plush Chelsea neighborhood.

“The original sewer has been so badly abused by fat being chucked down the plughole we’ve had to opt for the time-consuming and disruptive option of replacing many meters of pipe,” Stephen Hunt, a maintenance supervisor at Thames Water charged with overseeing the removal of fatberg, told the Guardian.

West London is home to a high-concentration of restaurants and food-related enterprises that produce approximately 32 million to 44 million liters of used cooking oil, much of which is then flushed down the drains, annually.

“I’d urge people to consider what lurks beneath their feet,” pleaded Hunt. “When it comes to getting rid of fat, ‘bin it – don’t block it.’”

The same, naturally, goes for wet wipes.


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You Can Now Search for the Loch Ness Monster on Google Street View

Loch Ness Monster
Keystone—Getty Images A view of the Loch Ness Monster, near Inverness, Scotland, April 19, 1934.

Who wants to go diving into that freezing, murky water anyway?

It’s one of the most persistent mysteries of modern times — does Nessie, the Loch Ness monster, exist? For those who are interested in finding out, Google is here to help. It has taken its Street View cameras on (and under) Scotland’s most famous lake.

The initiative, according to a post on the company’s official blog, is part of the anniversary celebration (including Tuesday’s Google Doodle) of the iconic “Surgeon’s Photograph” that began the legend. Taken in 1934, the photo showed what appeared to be a giant sea creature raising its neck out of the water, kicking off a series of conspiracy theories that linger to this day.

Google ditched its recognizable Street View car in favor of a boat in order to get the images, naturally, but also employed a team of divers to snap photos beneath the lake’s surface. There’s even a video showing how they did it.

Happy hunting!

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Ohio Woman Discovers Work Colleague Is Her Birth Mom

They had been living six blocks away from each other

It was the last thing La-Sonya Mitchell-Clark expected when she decided to track down her birth mother – she discovered they weren’t strangers, but shockingly, work colleagues.

The 38-year-old from Youngtown, Ohio, learned her mother was Francine Simmons after the Ohio Department of Health released birth records last month for those born between Jan. 1, 1964 and Sept. 18, 1996, according to WYTV.

After she looked her name up on Facebook and saw that they both worked at the same company, Infocision, she knew who she was right away.

“There’s a Francine that works at my job. She works in VR and she works at the front desk,” Mitchell-Clark told the news outlet.

Throughout the years, Simmons wanted to know who her daughter was, but after becoming pregnant when she was 14, she put her in a girls’ home.

“I’m still in shock. It’s amazing,” Simmons told the news outlet.

They connected over a phone call, and the rest is history.

“She called me and I said, ‘Is this Ms. Francine?’ She said, yes. I said, ‘I think I’m your daughter’,” Mitchell-Clark said.

Mitchell-Clark also discovered that she and her mother live six blocks away from each other and that she has three sisters. “Now, we’ve got a bigger extended family where we can just be together,” Francis Simmons told WYTV about reconnecting with her daughter.

The icing on the cake?

One of those sisters works at the same company as well.

“It’s just amazing that all this time we’re thinking about her and trying to find her and she was trying to find us, too,” said one of her sisters, Maisha Cummings.

This article originally appeared on People.com.

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It’s Raining Worms in Norway

And it's not even the first time

Forget cats and dogs. It’s been raining worms in Norway.

Biology teacher Karstein Erstad recently came across “thousands of earthworms” on top of snow at least half a yard deep while skiing on mountains outside Bergen, according to The Local, an English-language European news network.

“It’s a very rare phenomenon,” he said, citing reports he found of worm rainfall in the 1920s. “It’s difficult to say how many times it happens, but it has only been reported a very few times.”

“People have now observed the same phenomenon in many places in Norway,” added Erstad. “It’s very peculiar, I don’t know why so many people have discovered it. I don’t know if there have been some special weather conditions lately.”

[The Local]

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Man Shoots at Armadillo But Accidentally Hits His Mother-in-Law

The bullet bounced off the animal's hard shell

Police in central Georgia are baffled by a case in which a man accidentally shot his mother-in-law Sunday night because the bullet ricocheted off of an armadillo, WALB News reports.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office reports that Larry McElroy’s bullet killed the armadillo, then bounced off of a fence and hit his mother-in-law Carol Johnson in the back as she was sitting in a recliner in her mobile home, according to WALB News. She was not critically injured, and no charges were filed.


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Drivers Catch Cash Spilling From Armored Truck on Texas Highway

The fortunate travelers caught an unknown amount of cash

Motorists on a Texas interstate stopped Friday to catch cash spilling from an armored Brinks truck.

The truck, riding on Interstate 20 to Abilene, released an unknown amount of cash after a plastic bag fell from a side passenger door and split open, Reuters reports. A police officer for Weatherford, which is west of Fort Worth, said that “most” of the money has not been returned to the authorities or to Brinks.

“We strongly encourage those individuals to come forward and turn the money back into the Weatherford Police Department,” said the department.




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Mother Reunited With Daughter 49 Years After Being Told She Died

Zella Jackson Price was told that her child died several hours after she gave birth

Several hours after Zella Jackson Price gave birth, the hospital told her her daughter had died. But 49 years later, her daughter is alive and well—and reunited with her mother.

Melanie Diane Gilmore was put up for adoption for unknown reasons shortly after she was born, but she recently decided to track down her mother, with a little help from her own children, a St. Louis Fox affiliate reports.

Price, now 76, is delighted to have her daughter back in her life—but intends to investigate how the St. Louis hospital wrongly told her of her daughter’s death five decades ago.


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Man Struggled to Cancel Cable Despite His House Burning Down

Comcast eventually apologized for the inconvenience

A Minnesota man whose house burned down was unable to cancel his cable account—even though he lost his television in the fire.

Jimmy Ware, 66, lost all his possessions, including his cable account number in the fire. His daughter, Jessica Schmidt, tried to ease the burden by canceling his account with Comcast for him, according to TwinCities.com, but it was a challenge. Since Ware didn’t have the account number and was not the one to make the original call, representatives from Comcast initially said they didn’t have enough information to cancel the subscription. Schmidt says Ware did get on the line and read the last four digits of his social security number to no avail.

Nearly a week and four or five calls later, Comcast’s corporate office apologized and agreed to cancel the account, backdating the charges to the day of the fire and waiving the cost of the equipment that was destroyed.

“We understand that this is a difficult time for Mr. Ware,” a representative told TwinCities.com, “and apologize for the inconvenience.”


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