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122 Cats Rescued From Squalid Pennsylvania Home

The cats were found living in "filthy, flea-infested conditions" with untreated injuries

(HENRYVILLE, Pa.) — Animal control officials say they have rescued 122 cats and kittens from a squalid Pennsylvania home and transported them to a North Philadelphia facility for medical evaluations.

Sgt. Nicole Wilson says officers with the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and authorities in Henryville were tipped off to the home where cats were found living in “filthy, flea-infested conditions” with untreated injuries.

Officials say the homeowners had planned on opening a sanctuary but were unable to keep up with the cats’ rapid rate of reproduction.

PSPCA CEO Jerry Buckley says it’s admirable that the homeowners wanted to help homeless animals but they were clearly overwhelmed.

The owners voluntarily surrendered the animals.

The cats, most of which are kittens, will be made available for adoption after their health checks.

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Meet Corduroy, the World’s Oldest Cat

The 26-year-old feline is a "lover of sharp cheddar and mice"

A 26-year-old Oregon cat has reclaimed the title of world’s oldest cat about two months after the feline that beat it out for the title in 2014, Tiffany Two of San Diego, died at 27 years old.

Corduroy — a Maine Coon that is 26 years and 13 days old, to be exact — has been described as a “lover of sharp cheddar and mice” that roams the 160-acre ranch where its owner Ashley Reed Okura lives.

The record for oldest cat ever belongs to Crème Puff of Austin, Texas, a black and white feline that lived 38 years and 3 days.

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Terminally Ill St. Bernard Gets One Last Day in the Snow

Special moment for a special dog

Watch this video alone … with tissues … and in a soundproof room. We promise it is in your best interest.

The big, beautiful dog in this clip is Sophia the St. Bernard on her last day of life. Two months ago, Sophia was diagnosed with bone cancer and wasn’t able to beat it. Before sending her furry friend across the rainbow bridge, Sophia’s owner, Alyson Page, wanted to give her pet a meaningful goodbye.

“She absolutely loves the snow,” Page explains in the video. “I’ve been searching for ideas, just something to make the last time that we’ve got with her really special, because she’s been such a special dog.”

Page reached out to indoor ski slop Chill Factore in Manchester, England, to see if she could arrange one last romp in the cold stuff for Sophia. The day before Sophia was put to sleep, Chill Factore replied and invited her to the winter wonderland.

In the video of her snowy play date, Sophia seems like a young pup again, happily bounding and rolling around the slopes.

“She’s not really shown any interest in anything for a good couple of weeks now, so just to see her with a waggy tail and diving around in the snow … it’s just been amazing,” Page says.

“It’s her last day, so it’s just been a wonderful end for her,” said Page. “I can’t even begin to say how much we’re going to miss her, but it’s made me happy knowing that she’s had such a wonderful day today.”

This article originally appeared on People.com

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Yellowstone Park Bear Euthanized After Killing a Hiker

Officials say the female bear didn't act out of motherly instincts to protect its cubs

(HELENA, Mont.) — Yellowstone National Park officials say they euthanized a grizzly bear after DNA tests confirmed it attacked and killed a hiker last week.

Park officials say the adult female bear was killed Thursday because it had eaten part of the Montana man’s body and hid the rest. They say that is not the behavior of a female bear defending its young.

An autopsy confirmed 63-year-old Lance Crosby of Billings died of a bear attack. His body was found by park rangers on Friday about a half-mile from the nearest trail.

Park officials captured the adult bear and two cubs. DNA from bear hair samples collected next to Crosby’s body confirmed the female was responsible for the attack.

They say arrangements are being made to transfer the cubs to a zoo.

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Watch Police Help a Groundhog With Its Head Stuck in a Can

It's a two-person job

A pair of campus police officers helped a lucky groundhog with a tin can stuck on his head — and the whole thing was recorded by their body cameras.

Concerned onlookers at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania alerted Officer Kevin O’Hay and Sgt. Eric Smith when they saw the groundhog blindly roaming the campus on Monday, according to the Associated Press.

After unsuccessfully trying to pry off the can with his hands, one of the officers used a long-armed grabber to hold the can in place while the other officer pulled the animal out.

Free at last, the groundhog ran off across the grass — though it didn’t stop to thank the cops.

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Celebrate the Anniversary of Bambi With These Peaceful Deer

The Disney classic premiered in New York City on Aug. 13, 1942

If there were a competition for saddest Disney movie, Bambi would be tough to beat. The 1942 animated film about a fawn whose mother is shot down by a deer hunter is, for unassuming tots, a brutal introduction to the hard knocks of life, its edges softened only by the cuteness of its woodland creatures and plucky orchestral soundtrack.

Bambi, like many of Disney’s disadvantaged heroes and heroines, ultimately perseveres to make a family of his own. In the spirit of persevering deer everywhere, here is a collection of LIFE Magazine’s most peaceful fawns, does, stags and bucks.

Liz Ronk, who edited this gallery, is the Photo Editor for LIFE.com. Follow her on Twitter @lizabethronk.

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Watch This Fish Attack an Unsuspecting Man’s Nipple

Meet the new scourge of the deep

If you think the biggest underwater threat is a shark or other large predator, think again. A video uploaded by a Utah-based boating store shows the true terror of the deep is a small yellow fish with a taste for nipples.

The footage shows the fish carefully sizing up its prey, rearing back, and then launching its body out of the water to grasp the victim’s chest. Worse, the fish seems to hang on for at least a second as the man struggles to knock it away.

Not seen in the video: the Jaws theme music that was totally playing in the fish’s head as it readied for the attack.

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Australian Fisherman Removes Fishing Line From Whale’s Mouth

Good Samaritan to the rescue

An Australian fisherman says he had a close encounter with a whale when it apparently came looking for help.

Ivan Iskenderian was fishing with some friends in Middle Harbour, Sydney, when he spotted a whale in trouble swimming next to his boat, according to Seven Network, an Australian television network.

“It was lifting its head up and it had a bit of plastic bag and some fishing line on its head,” Iskenderian told the network.

Iskenderian said the whale just swam up next to him and his friends.

“I sorta just reached out, (the whale) sorta wanted me to grab…

Read the rest of the story from our partners at NBC News

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Meet the Weirdly Social and Romantic Octopus Species

These octopuses seem to like hugs and kisses

(WASHINGTON) — The octopus already is an oddball of the ocean. Now biologists have rediscovered a species of the sea creature that’s even stranger and shares some of our social and mating habits.

Biologist Rich Ross at the California Academy of Sciences said a batch of octopuses from Central America just didn’t fit the loner profile that scientists had drawn for the rest of the octopus species.

While most octopuses live alone, coming together briefly for dangerous mating, couples of this species mate beak-to-beak in a romantic way and stay together for a few days.

But it’s more than sex. These octopuses clean food waste from their dens. They twirl their arms like an old-timey movie villain with a moustache.

A report on the species was published Wednesday by the journal PLOS One.

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Watching This Tiny Dog Enjoy Some Cheese Will Basically Solve All Your Problems

His cuteness is transcendent

Did your boyfriend just break up with you? Watch this video. Are you a Canadian immigrant struggling to adjust to the American health system? Watch this video. Are you starting to feel like the world is one big garbage pit full of despair? Watch this video.

This video will basically solve all your problems.

This is Norbert the Dog, who touts himself as a “children’s book author and philanthropist.” He’s also, obviously, a really big fan of cheese. He eats it, then kind of stands there quietly basking in the deliciousness, and then just grins in total delight.

There, now everything feels better, right?

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