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Just a Toddler and a Basset Hound Having a Spirited Outdoor Dance Party

Special shout-out to the toddler for pulling off pink Crocs

Actress Amy Bruni, known for her role as an investigator on Syfy’s Ghost Hunters, has been kind enough to share a cute video of her daughter, Charlotte, romping around with her best canine pal.

The pooch’s name is Zoe and she’s a rescue Basset Hound. She’s also — as you can clearly see — a pretty phenomenal dancer.

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Ape Who Predicted Super Bowl Winners Dies

Super Bowl Prognosticating Ape Dies
In this Jan. 30, 2014, photo Eli the ape has a paper mache Seattle Seahawks helmet he chose over a Denver Broncos helmet, predicting the winner of the Super Bowl, at the Hogle Zoo, in Salt Lake City. The Hogle Zoo—AP

Eli the Orangutan had accurately prophesied the winner in seven consecutive Super Bowls

Bookies and animal lovers alike were in mourning Tuesday after a Utah zoo confirmed that Elijah the Orangutan, who accurately guessed the winners in seven consecutive Super Bowls, has died.

Better known as Eli, the clairvoyant ape was a “staff and community favorite” who rocketed to national fame by correctly forecasting the winning team in each of the last seven Super Bowls. Eli, 24, was born in Topeka, Kansas, at the zoo. He moved to the Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 2004. He died due to complications from breast cancer during a medical procedure, the zoo said in a statement.

“Eli was the class clown, a total ham,” Senior Great Ape Keeper Bobbi Gordon said. “He aimed to entertain and please. He played gently with Acara and was very interactive with the public. He enjoyed doing silly things to make guests or keepers squeal, laugh and scream,” she said.

Eli is survived by his offspring Acara, 9, with whom he lived and was “a gentle father,” the zoo said.

Here’s a video of Eli correctly predicting that the Seattle Seahawks would win the Super Bowl in perfect ape fashion, as he always did, by smashing and climbing on things. He retired with 7 out of 7 correct guesses, at the top of his game.

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Genius Dog Learns to Walk Upright After Breaking Her Front Legs

This pooch broke both of her front legs after she jumped from a 6-foot-high deck. Making that jump probably wasn’t the smartest choice, but she did manage to resolve the predicament pretty quickly and resourcefully. She learned how to walk on her hind legs and get herself in and out of doorways, her human Jason Sanders explains on YouTube.

The other bonus here is that with her transparent cone of shame and her big green leg braces, she looks like some kind of awesome Star Trek character. We’re all about it.

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Video Shows What Surfing Is Like From the Point of View of Surfing Dogs

GoPro is trying to make "Fetch" happen

These dogs aren’t just fluffy and cute. They’ve got skills on the water too. GoPro strapped their cameras to dogs participating in the Hellen Woodward Animal Foundation’s annual Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon in Del Mar, California, on September 7. As the dogs dipped in and out of waves on surfboards, the cameras captured the ride from their perspectives. The video is a promotion for GoPro’s new dog harness, “Fetch,” a $60 harness that can be attached to a dog’s back or underneath its chest.

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Watch Ducks Reenact the DuckTales Theme Song

By ducks for ducks

Life is like a hurricane whether you live in Duckburg or somewhere else entirely.

With all the race cars, lasers and aeroplanes, it’s a duck-blur that sometimes seems to go so quickly that you don’t even have time to sit and think about what you really need in life. Like, watching real ducks reenact the theme song to DuckTales. Thankfully, there’s the internet to give you the things you so desperately want, before you even know you need them.

In the video, the little ducks don helmets, ride ponies, hop in a submarine and, of course, do the Scrooge MacDuck backstroke through a pile of gold. There’s action, adventure and mummy-chasing in these tales of derring do-bad and good. These are not pony tales or cotton tales, no, they are DuckTales! Woo-oo!

Via Oh My Disney.

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Little Dog in Giant Spider Costume Freaks People Out in the Perfect Prank

12 legs and one long tongue.

Halloween is over a month a way, but it’s never too early to stage a scary prank.

YouTube prankster SA Wardega is terrifying millions of people with his viral video of a ‘spider dog.’ The Polish prankster dressed his dog up as a giant mutant spider that is terrifying, if you didn’t look too closely at the goofy dog face grinning underneath the costume. Wardega then set Chica the spider dog loose on the unsuspecting public and kept his cameras rolling.

While one would think a dog in a spider costume would elicit more laughs than screams, the prankster used the dark of night, an unsuspecting public, creepy locals, and an especially unsettling costume to transform the pup into a plus-sized tarantula with a giant side of NOPE. Throw in some prop body parts and a well-placed web and the results are pure terror …and some dog kisses.

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New Dinosaur Species Unearthed in Tanzania

Rukwa Rift Basin Project field team members constructing a litter in order to carry large plaster jacket containing the Rukwatitan skeleton.
Rukwa Rift Basin Project field team members constructing a litter in order to carry large plaster jacket containing the Rukwatitan skeleton. P. O’Connor—Ohio University

The massive, plant-eating sauropod may have weighed as much as several elephants

Paleontologists have unearthed a new species of dinosaur in Tanzania, a long-necked, plant-eating giant that crops up in varied forms on every continent, but rarely ever has been found in the continent of Africa.

The fossils of the newly minted Rukwatitan bisepultus were spotted in in the Rukwa Rift Basin of southwestern Tanzania, embedded into a cliff wall. Paleontologists from the University of Ohio excavated the fossils over several months, unearthing vertebrae, ribs, limbs and pelvic bones.

A silhouette of Rukwatitan showing the recovered skeleton and general shape of the titanosaurian. Eric Gorscak

The fossils clearly belonged to a creature within the family tree of sauropods, the long-necked giants that frequently turn up in the soil of South America, but CT scans revealed a distinct species that had developed unique traits from its cousins across the pond. The bones offer new evidence that the flora and fauna of the region, some 100 million years ago, may have been uniquely adapted to the area’s prehistoric environment. “With the discovery of Rukwatitan and study of the material in nearby Malawi, we are beginning to fill a significant gap from a large part of the world,” said study author Eric Gorscak.

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Adorable Baby Hippo Looks Exactly Like the Michelin Man

Courtesy of Parken Zoo

Her name is Olivia and she's one month old

Who’s this divine little creature? Oh, just a rare pygmy hippopotamus who was born a month ago at the Parken Zoo in Eskilstuna, Sweden, according to the BBC. She’s already made a name for herself thanks to her striking similarity to the Michelin Man.

“She is the cutest little fatty you can imagine,” zoologist Jennie Westander told Sweden’s Aftonbladet newspaper. Which, yes. Definitely true.

Olivia was born as part of an international breeding program (as pygmy hippos are an endangered species.) She’ll spend two years with her mother until she’s relocated to another zoo in Europe.

Courtesy of Parken Zoo
Courtesy of Parken Zoo


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Watch This Totally Tubular Corgi Catch the Perfect Wave

Corgi-bunga, dude!

Does the imminent end of summer have you feeling down? Well, ignore that little flicker of doom burning deep within you for just a moment and watch this incredibly talented surfing corgi that clearly believes in an eternal summer:

His name is Jojo — known on Instagram as Supercorgi Jojo — and he lives in California, where he is all about that surfer life.

Here he is practicing for that big moment you saw above:

And here he is looking dapper in a tux and proving that he’s basically the next Matthew McConaughey:

Alright, Jojo. Alright alright alright.

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The Salmon Cannon Helps These Flying Fish Cross Dams

Salmon Rush...Whee

Dammed if they do, dammed if they don’t. Humans have made it awfully hard for salmon to migrate by building dams in their paths. As penance, people have spent years carrying salmon by hand, by truck and even by airplane upstream. But now we’re trying a new, more efficient means of transportation: the cannon.

A company called Whooshh Innovations (yes, that’s their real name) has invented the Salmon Cannon (yes, that’s it’s real name). Despite its ominous moniker, the device actually carries the fish very gently to their destination: A tube is used to suck up fish from the water and slide them a 22 miles per hour to their destination, where they return to the water unscathed. This weekend, the device will be employed at the Columbia River in Washington.

Whooshh Innovations also invented a vacuum to harvest and transport fruits without bruising them, which basically makes the inventors at this company the Martha Stewarts of animal conservation.

Sounds great for the fruit, but imagine bing a fish suddenly sucked up into a tube: that would be terrifying! Could be a plot point in Finding Dory. You’re welcome, Pixar.

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