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What would you risk to follow your dreams? Karen Schaler walked away from an Emmy-award winning career as a broadcast journalist--and cashed out her 401(k)--to move to New York City and establish herself as a screenwriter at age 40. You might have heard of some of her work, especially at this time of year: Schaler wrote the Netflix mega-hit movie, “The Christmas Prince,” which premiered in November 2017. Despite the film’s success, and the many subsequent projects she’s lined up, Schaler hasn’t yet recouped all her financial losses. Most financial planners strongly advise against cashing out your retirement savings, except in cases of serious hardship. But Schaler has no regrets: “It’s expensive to follow your dreams,” she says.

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Meet the Screenwriter of Netflix’s “A Christmas Prince,” an Emmy-Award-Winning Journalist Who Cashed Out Her 401(k) at Age 40 to Pursue Her Dream

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Thanks to all who voted on our December Retire with Money book club title! The winner is Being Mortal, by Atul Gawande. Since everyone’s busy around the holidays, we decided to postpone our discussion until the first week of the New Year.


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