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What matters most to you in a retirement destination? Is it proximity to family, or a white-sand beach? Is affordability more important than convenience? Setting your priorities will help you navigate the inevitable trade-offs when weighing where to live. And while it’s a very individual decision, experts can help if you’re looking for inspiration. This week, the experts at International Living named Panama as the best country to retire to, based on a host of factors from cost of living to health care. After reading this week’s featured story, I was ready to pack my bags! But I’m still a ways from retirement, and when I do get closer I’ll have to sort out my priorities. If you’re already retired to Panama, I’d love to hear from you! Please drop me a line at retirewithmoney@moneymail.com.

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We’ll start our January Retire with Money book club talk on Monday, so I’ll be finishing our selection, Being Mortal by Atul Gawande, this weekend. Join us in the Facebook group on Monday at noon ET to get the discussion started! I know I have personal experience with end-of-life care to share (my grandmothers’, in particular) and perhaps you do, too.


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Elizabeth O'Brien is a senior writer at MONEY, covering retirement and health care. You can email her at elizabeth.o'brien@moneymail.com and follow her on Twitter at @elizobrien.

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