How the world changes |

January 14, 2016

It's impossible to look back on the presidency of Barack Obama without seeing the woman who supported him through it: Michelle Obama, she of vegetable gardens and sweet fist bumps, and of a seemingly deep reservoir of strength. One of the best considerations of the outgoing FLOTUS I've read is on Motto by Brittney Cooper--an essay about her friendship with Beyoncé, in fact, excerpted from a new book of collected writings about the First Lady.

It's also hard to consider President Obama's historic position without thinking of the enormous civil-rights strides of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who would have been 88 years old on Sunday. The day of service we observe on Monday is a tribute to the man whose life mission was to help others--something that has guided Melinda Gates' philanthropy, she writes for Motto. "Changing the world," says Gates, "doesn't always look like changing the world."

Here's to the people who change our world for the better.


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