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Ralph Morse—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images

Apollo 11: What Liftoff Looked Like

Ralph Morse recalls how he made what might be the single most famous — and thrilling — five-image sequence in the history of photography.

LIFE’s Most Memorable Kisses

See Harper Lee's Secluded Alabama Life

You’ve Been Eating Spaghetti Wrong This Whole Time

What a Day at the Beach Looked Like in 1948

LIFE Magazine

‘To the Moon and Back’: LIFE’s Complete Special Issue on Apollo 11

For millions of people who witnessed the Apollo 11 triumph, the event perhaps did not feel quite real until, two weeks later, LIFE magazine published its definitive account of the epic journey.

Sophia Loren: Rare and Classic Portraits of a Film Legend

What One Photographer Saw During the Deadly Newark Riots of 1967

Donald Sutherland: Portrait of an Actor’s Actor

The Surprisingly Wild and Crazy Summers of Young Soviets in the 1960s