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Wallace Kirkland—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images

Meet the Real Women Who Inspired A League of Their Own

The spring of 1945 found women suiting up in jerseys and skirts for the start of the league's third season

The Day Albert Einstein Died: A Photographer’s Story

See Barbara and George H.W. Bush’s Historically Long Love Story in Photos

The Photo That Changed the Face of AIDS

‘The Luckiest Generation’: LIFE With Teenagers in 1950s America

Hugo Jaeger—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images

Hitler at 50: Color Photos From a Despot’s Garish Birthday Bash

Rare color pictures from the over-the-top celebrations that marked Hitler's 50th birthday (April 20, 1939), as well as some of the obscenely gaudy gifts bestowed on the German leader by his peers and sycophants.

Lust and Marriage: Sweet, Sexy Portraits of Steve McQueen and Neile Adams

The Photograph That Captured the Horror of MLK’s Assassination

W. Eugene Smith’s Landmark Portrait: ‘Country Doctor’

This Is What the Ideal Woman Looked Like in the 1930s