Plus: Vietnam and the Battle of the Bulge |

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George Rodger—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images

At the Gates of Hell: The Liberation of Bergen-Belsen, April 1945

In the spring of 1945, photographs and witness accounts from the liberation of camps like Bergen-Belsen afforded the disbelieving world outside of Europe its first glimpse into the abyss of Nazi depravity

‘The Luckiest Generation’: LIFE With Teenagers in 1950s America

Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Photos From the Ruins

Battle of the Bulge: Rare Photos From Hitler’s Last Gamble

The Photo That Changed the Face of AIDS

Allan Grant—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images

‘I’m Gonna Live by the Gun and Roam’: Portrait of an American Spree Killer recalls a killing spree from a half-century ago — a reminder that the unspeakable and the sensational frequently go hand in hand, and that the lessons we glean from such savagery are, all too often, quickly forgotten.

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Faces of the American Dead in Vietnam: One Week’s Toll, June 1969

How to Take a Group Portrait of 14 NFL Quarterbacks on Their Day Off

The Photograph That Captured the Horror of MLK’s Assassination