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These Are the Victims of the New Zealand Mosque Shootings

Among the victims killed in the Christchurch, New Zealand, mosque shootings on March 15 are a goalkeeper for the national futsal team, a Pakistani academic who tried to stop the gunman and dozens of others, many of them immigrants to New Zealand

Excerpt: How Do I Convince My Little Black Girl That She Can Be Whatever She Wants to Be in America?

'I know it’s possible. I know you can and will be those things I said you can be,' writes Damon Young

A Strong Earthquake Turned a High-Powered Telescope Into a Seismograph

Science has stumbled across a new kind of seismography, with earthquakes recorded not by tracings on a screen or a paper strip, but by seeming wobbles in the stars above

Apple's iPad Lineup Is Suddenly More Complicated Than Ever. Here's How to Pick

Apple made a surprise hardware announcement Monday, unveiling updated versions of its iPad Air and iPad Mini

‘They Think They Can Silence Us.’ How Nicaragua is Waging a War on Journalists

8 Science-Backed Ways to Prevent Heart Attacks, According to New Guidelines

A Guide to the Biggest Celebrity Superfans of March Madness