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Bill Cosby Could Be Sentenced to 30 Years or Just Probation. His Accusers Will Be Watching Closely

Bill Cosby faces of sentence ranging from 30 years in prison or probation for sexual assault. More than 60 accusers will be watching closely

Giuliani: U.S. ‘Sympathizes’ With Attempt to Overthrow Iran’s Government

Donald Trump's attorney, Rudolph Giuliani, told members of Iran's self-declared government in exile that the U.S. sympathizes with their efforts

Tammie Jo Shults Was Once Told Girls Don’t Become Pilots. Here’s How She Became a National Hero

When an engine exploded Wednesday, Tammie Jo Shults calmly alerted air traffic control and prepared for an emergency landing in Philadelphia

Coca-Cola Is Eyeing a Possible Entry Into the Cannabis Market

Coca-Cola says it’s monitoring the nascent industry with interest in CBD drinks

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