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May 24th
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All the Movies You Should See This Summer

From comic book adaptations to indie dramas, these are the best new summer movies to watch in 2018

Santa Fe Reveals the Danger of Being a Substitute Teacher in Era of School Shootings

As schools grapple with the chance a shooting could occur through preparations, training programs and drills, substitute teachers are often put in a precarious place

NOAA’s 2018 Hurricane Forecast Is Here. There’s a Good Reason to Trust It

A TIME examination of the past 15 years of NOAA's forecasts found that the agency's predictions are usually correct, or close to it

Retired Admiral: I Served with the Leaders Shaping the North Korea Plan. Here’s What They’ll Do

Retired Admiral James Stavridis details who will be making which decisions

How Stacey Abrams’ Historic Win Could Change the Democratic Party

Here's Why You're Getting So Many Emails About Privacy Policies

Google and Facebook Are Swaying Ireland’s Abortion Referendum Even When They Tried Not To

A New Study Links Antidepressants to Weight Gain

President Trump Grants Rare Posthumous Pardon to Late Boxer Jack Johnson

Bishop Michael Curry: How I Wrote the Royal Wedding Sermon — and Why I Went Off Script