States, Congress, landowners and environmentalists can all make a case |

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Trump's National Emergency Faces These Four Legal Challenges

Less than a week since President Donald Trump declared a national emergency, multiple groups are already challenging the move in court

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Islamabad honored Crown Prince MBS's visit to Pakistan with a public holiday, a gold-plated gun and the country's highest civilian award

Column: Yes, Bohemian Rhapsody and Green Book Are Problematic. Can We Love Them Anyway?

All movies, even those based on fact, are fictions, made by fallible human beings and subject to a prismatic range of interpretation and response

California’s Lawsuit Over Trump’s Border Wall Is the State’s Latest Act of Resistance

These six examples show no state in the union has resisted Trump as reliably as California

Inside One Man’s Trip to the Idaho Camp Where His Great-Grandparents Were Interned During World War II

Using Young People’s Blood to Prevent Aging Has No Proven Clinical Benefits, FDA Warns

Alabama Woman Who Joined ISIS Says She Made a ‘Big Mistake’ and Wants to Come Home

How Karl Lagerfeld Redefined Modern Fashion As We Knew It