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Apple CEO Tim Cook Says It’s Time to Stand Up for Your Privacy Rights

'Innovation, breakthrough ideas and great features can go hand in hand with user privacy—and they must,' writes Apple's CEO

A Federal Court Has Ruled Texas Can Bar Planned Parenthood From Medicaid

A federal appeals court panel lifted a lower-court ban that prohibited Texas from eliminating Planned Parenthood from its Medicaid program

25% of Antibiotic Prescriptions Are Unnecessary. Here’s Why That’s So Dangerous

When used too frequently or inappropriately, the drugs can become ineffective for conditions they could normally treat, because bacteria can develop resistance to them

Martin Scorsese Remembers Actor Verna Bloom—And How She Helped Change His Life

Director Martin Scorsese discusses the lifelong friendship he shared with actor Verna Bloom, who died on January 9

President Trump’s Plans to Boost Missile Defense Could Spark an Arms Race

The Nazi-Fighting Winter Soldiers Who Taught America to Ski

FDA Move Could Help Drug Companies Provide Over-the-Counter Overdose Antidote

Judge Acquits Officers Accused of Covering Up Fatal Shooting of Black Teen

Soccer Game Was Saudi Arabia's Latest Attempt to 'Sportswash' Rights Abuses

Is Black Pepper Healthy? Here’s What the Science Says

The Surprising Link Between Prohibition and Women’s Rights

These Artists Have Removed Their R. Kelly Collaborations From Streaming Platforms