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What a Watergate Expert Thinks of the Mueller Report

Robert Mueller's full report represents a major moment in the history of special counsels in the U.S. — but none looms as large as Watergate

Explosions Kill More Than 200 in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday

At least 207 people were killed and hundreds more injured in blasts that rocked three churches and three luxury hotels in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday

130 Years After Hitler’s Birth, He Continues to Live as a Symbol of Evil

His life wasn't long— just 56 years from his birth on April 20, 1889, to his death in 1945—but he continues to live as a specter of evil

Review: In Someone Great, Gina Rodriguez and Friends Find More Than Sex in the City

In its casual honesty, the romantic comedy 'Someone Great' honors the spirit of the dearly departed 'Sex and the City,' even as it better reflects the diversity of the population

How a DJ’s Experiences With Immigration and Family Separation Inspired a Song for Change

Want to Live Longer? Science Says to Do These 5 Things

Amid Rising Gentrification, London’s African Churches Find a Way to Thrive

5 Songs You Need to Listen to This Weekend