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Saturday, December 15th
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Can You Undo an IRA Withdrawal?

Want a do-over? Be sure to act fast.

Some financial moves are easily undone. You can sell a stock, for instance, and change your mind and buy it back the following week. But when it comes to individual retirement accounts, which give you tax breaks for saving, there are only limited circumstances in which you can pull your money out of that tax-advantaged bubble and pump it back in.

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Can I Use My Required Distribution to Fund a Roth IRA?

Q: I am 73 years old and receiving a required minimum distribution (RMD) of approximately $18,000 a year from my individual retirement account. Since I pay income tax on this distribution, can I simply redeposit it in a Roth IRA?

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How Much Social Security Would My Wife Get as a Survivor?

Q: I'm drawing my full Social Security benefit, which I qualified for at age 66. My wife is 54, so I will most likely pass away before she does. My monthly benefit is approximately $2,380, much more than her expected benefit. If she claims mine, will she get 100% of my benefits?

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