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Watch People Surf on a River Thanks to Europe’s ‘Supertide’

It happens once every 18 years

A rare “supertide” in Europe this weekend led to surges of water so high a French town briefly turned into an island. It also caused a “tidal bore” on Britain’s River Severn which created six-foot waves ripe for surfing.

Many Brits took advantage of this unique opportunity to surf down the River Severn, which is the longest in the United Kingdom. Those not equipped to go surfing simply gathered on the banks to observe the rare occurrence.


Watch John Oliver Take Down Crippling Fines on Municipal Violations We All Make

"If you don't have enough money to pay a fine immediately, tickets can wreck your life"

John Oliver’s latest takedown on Sunday’s episode of Last Week Tonight was something most people can relate to—municipal violations like traffic tickets or loitering.

“We have all committed municipal violations,” Oliver said. “And if you’ve never gotten a ticket for one, congratulations on not getting caught.”

But while a municipal violation is just an annoyance to the wealthy, Oliver said, “if you don’t have enough money to pay a fine immediately, tickets can wreck your life.”

Oliver targeted the often exorbitant surcharges, processing and court fees tacked onto relatively minor municipal violations, which can be crippling to impoverished communities. Minimum wage workers can’t always immediately pay off a marked-up $225 ticket, which Oliver noted can take 35 hours to pay off. This only leads to additional fees. If those aren’t paid, the result can be jail time.

“We cannot have a system where committing a minor violation can end up putting you in—and I’m going to use a legal term of art here—the f–k barrel,” Oliver said. “We can’t have that. And it might be time that we all stood up and said so.”

Watch the full clip below:

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You Can Now Buy Kit-Kat Bar Sandwiches in Japan Because Why Not

First Kitchen

Another day, another bizarre fast food hybrid

Japan — home to the the mayonnaise pizza and the macaroni, shrimp and white sauce burger — has unveiled its latest feat of bizarre fast food fusion.

Behold: the Kit-Kat bar sandwich. The creation became available last week for a mere 220 yen ($1.81) from the chain First Kitchen.

And in case you needed a closer look:

While we love the candy bar, it looks somewhat less tempting when garnished with whipped cream and orange peel between two slices of white bread. A Twix sandwich, on the other hand…

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This Cop Helped a Determined Runner Finish Her Race and Now the Internet Loves Him

Asia Ford finished in last place, but to her it's one of her biggest wins

Asia Ford finished the Rodes City Run in Louisville, Kentucky, in last place, but to her it’s one of her biggest wins.

Ford set out on the 10K with one goal in mind, to complete the race no matter what, reports WHAS 11. After struggling with her weight for years, the mom has been making a concerted effort to shed pounds.

Her weight loss journey was kickstarted after her husband lost a limb to diabetes and she began to worry about what her kids would do if her health started to fail.

“That is when I woke up and I couldn’t allow them to be on this earth without my help and the only way I would be able to help them is if I helped myself first,” she said.

This determination led Ford – who at her heaviest was 474 lbs., to change her diet, join a exercise boot camp with friends and start training for the Rodes City Run.

After months of working out, Ford arrived at the 10K’s start line on Saturday morning 25 lbs. lighter and ready race. She powered through the over six mile course, until reaching mile four, when she started to have trouble breathing. At that point, a car pulled up alongside her.

“I’m not going to let her quit, so I got out and she immediately grabbed my hand,” Lt. Aubrey Gregory said.

Seeing that Ford was in need of help, Lt. Gregory stopped his car and offered to drive Ford to the finish line.

“He asked me if I wanted to stop and I was like, ‘No,’ we have two more miles to go,” Ford said.

So the officer joined in, walking hand-in-hand with Ford and her son for the rest of the race. The trio completed the remaining two miles together, sharing stories as they moved towards the finish line.

As they made the final steps, the crowd congregated at the end of the race burst in to cheers.

“Your heart starts to fill up, you get those goose bumps and tingles all over your body,” Lt. Gregory said. “When I watched her approach and I started to hear people scream and I let her go right there before the end and to see her raise her hands, there aren’t words to express the way I felt seeing her be successful.”

The moment not only touched Ford and Lt. Gregory, but thousands of others who heard their story.

Inspired by this touching moment, Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer posted two shots of the pair crossing the finish line on his Facebook, these photos have now been shared over 3,000 times.

Lt. Gregory’s simple act of kindness and support moved Ford most of all. After completing the race, she posted a special message about the police officer on her Facebook along with thanks to the countless people who have reached out to her after hearing about her uplifting finish.

“It was really a special moment,” Ford said of her interaction with Lt. Gregory.

This article originally appeared on People.com


Here’s What Bryan Cranston Told Jon Hamm About Ending Mad Men

14th Annual AFI Awards - Cocktail Reception
Kevin Winter—Getty Images for AFI Actors Bryan Cranston (L) and Jon Hamm attend the 14th annual AFI Awards Luncheon

Jon Hamm talks about leaving Don Draper behind

As AMC’s Mad Men enters its final seven episodes April 5, series star Jon Hamm has been reflecting on how it will be to end his eight-year run as Don Draper.

In the April cover story of GQ, Hamm revealed that Bryan Cranston, who played Walter White in AMC’s Breaking Bad, talked with him about the transition out of a long-term role. “It’s hard, man. It’s hard to let it go. It’ll hit you a couple of different ways at different times,” Cranston told Hamm.

Hamm compared the feeling of leaving the show to graduating from high school. “The whole last season was like senior year in high school,” he said. “‘We’ll stay in touch!’ ‘I’ll text you!’ ‘We’ll see each other all the time!’ And it’s like, Will we really?


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Watch The Matrix Lobby-Fight Scene Re-Enacted With Legos

A Redditor spent at least 160 hours re-creating this scene

Matrix franchise aficionados and Lego geeks can revel in a new YouTube re-enactment of the famous lobby-fight sequence from the original 1999 sci-fi action film. Shot scene-for-scene with Legos plastic toys, Reddit user Snooperking animated every minute detail from Trinity running up walls and Neo cartwheeling while volleys of plastic bullets knock cubic chunks out of the walls.

On Reddit, Snooperking said he toiled for approximately 160 hours to re-enact the iconic scene over three months. “I could only do like up to two hours a day before I got sick of it and had to play Battlefield,” Snooperking said. He selected the complex fight sequence to challenge himself to improve his animation skills, after creating a Star Wars Lego video in 2014.

To get a sense of the sheer patience required to reconstruct the Matrix scene with plastic Legos, Snooperking also offers a behind-the-scene video.

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You Won’t Believe Where the World’s Best Whiskey Comes From

Taiwan Whisky Winner
Wally Santana—AP A visitor walks past casks at the Kavalan whiskey distillery in Yilan County, Taiwan

Sorry, Scotland. Nice try, Japan

Taiwan’s Kavalan Solist Vinho Barrique is now officially the best single malt whiskey on earth, according to the World Whiskies Awards.

The contest’s judges described the malt as “surprisingly smooth on the palate” and added: “it’s like Bourbon infused milk chocolate.”

The spirit is produced at the King Car distillery in northeastern Taiwan’s Yilan County, where the whiskey is aged in American oak barrels that once stored white and red wines.

The distillery, which went operational just a decade ago, has been racking up a plethora of awards in recent years and getting nods from some of the world’s top single-malt connoisseurs. In 2012, the acclaimed guide Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible named Kavalan’s Solist Fino Sherry Cask malt the “new whisky of the year.”

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Twitter Helps Bullied Teen Celebrate Birthday After No One RSVPs to His Party

What started out as a simple mother’s request for a few birthday wishes for her 13-year-old son turned into a viral sensation overnight, ending in a party fit for any A-lister.

The story of #odinbirthday begins when a Canadian woman posted a message about her son’s birthday on Friday to a local Facebook group, asking for some support.

“Some of you have seen me post about my son, Odin,” Melissa Camus wrote. “His struggles with bullying, his difficulties with Aspergers. Well, today is his 13th birthday. And, unfortunately, not one kid rsvp’d to his birthday ‘hang out’ invite. :-(”

Odin’s mom asked if some group members could send him birthday wishes on his “schmancy new cell phone.”

Then things exploded: Friday afternoon the Toronto Raptors tweeted, “Happy 13th Birthday to our new friend Odin!”

Messages soon poured in from celebrities, politicians – even Jonathan Scott, one half of HGTV’s Property Brothers.

In all, Odin received more than 5,000 texts wishing him a happy birthday, according to The Peterborough Examiner. Twitter Canada said more than 11,000 similar messages were tweeted.

He arrived to his party in style (riding in a white stretch limo) to hundreds of well-wishers. The bash, which was documented on Twitter, showed people lining up to take photos with Odin and hand him gifts.

“It’s amazing how people care. I feel absolutely amazing,” he told the Examiner. “Now the bullies will have a second glance at me.”

This article originally appeared on People.com

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Now You Can Own a Piece of Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Disney Monorail
Getty Images

Now is your chance to buy an original piece of the monorail that whisked people to the happiest place on earth—if you can afford it.

An eBay user is offering a car from the original train, for a steal—the opening bid is $169,000, and the monorails were valued at $6 million when they went into use at the park’s opening in 1971. So far, more than 800 people have viewed the page, but none have bid.

It’s used, obviously—in its prime, it transported 150,000 guests per day around the park.

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Watch This Little Boy Adorably Pretend to Be Ed Sheeran

We’ve all done it: Lip-mouthed and mumbled our way through a song. But probably not as adorably as Daniel Breki with his electric blue plastic guitar. Complete with head cocks and hitting all the high notes, he does an irresistible version of Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud.”

Who needs the words when you’ve got cuteness?

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