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Drones Help Find Stray Dogs in Texas

Drones Texas Tests
Eric Gay—AP A test drone with a wing span of almost 13 feet flies over a ranch near Sarita, Texas, Jan. 15, 2014.

It's for a TV show

We all know about drones and their more dangerous missions – flying in war zones, crashing onto the White House lawn. But now they’re being used in Texas for a gentler reason: to find stray dogs.

The World Animal Awareness Society (WA2S) is filming a new television show called “Operation Houston: Stray Dog City,” USA Today reports, to examine the stray dog problem in Houston and profile the people trying to save the animals.

That’s where the drones come in. Tom McPhee, executive director of WA2S, said the drones will “draw a big circle in the air” while volunteers and GPS technology work on the ground, and that combination will help them count all the stray dogs in the Houston area.

“It’s another amazing tool,” McPhee said of drones.

[USA Today]

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There Are Now Martini Glasses Designed for Space Travel

The designs for a space-friendly cocktail glass and drinking glass are seen from the Zero Gravity Cocktail Project kickstarter campaign.
Cosmic Lifestyle Corp The design for a space-friendly cocktail glass and drinking glass are seen from the Zero Gravity Cocktail Project kickstarter campaign

Houston, we have stemware

For the stylish space voyager, sucking liquids through a straw out of a foil bag is never going to cut it. But a new Kickstarter venture hopes to smarten things up by raising money to produce a zero-gravity-friendly martini glass.

Created under the Zero Gravity Cocktail Project, the glass is designed with a series of grooves that prevent the liquid inside from forming into a floating blob and instead guide it neatly towards the mouth.

“The glass is a stepping-stone to say that, Hey, this is possible, you can create these things for space,” Samuel Coniglio, COO of Cosmic Lifestyle Corp., the company designing the glass, says in a promotional video.

Cosmic Lifestyle is hoping that this new product can be the beginning of a wider project to create a lifestyle brand for anyone wanting to travel to space in style.

Presumably a zero-gravity cocktail shaker is on the drawing board next, or else nobody is going to get served their cosmic martini any time soon.

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Florida Crocheter Helps Kids Beat Cancer in Style

Unraveled by Samantha Dawn Samantha Mutschler with one of her hat recipients

She spends as much time and money as she can creating colorful and cozy hats for them.

Samantha Mutschler has turned her hobby into a way to help others.

The West Orange, Florida, resident spends as much time and money as she can creating colorful and cozy hats for children fighting cancer, reports the West Orange Times & Observer.

Mutschler’s mission to cover the head of every young cancer patient began when her family friend, Katie Karp, was diagnosed with bone cancer. Wanting to comfort the 12-year-old in some way, Mutschler, 24, decided to make a blanket for the girl. The creation was such a hit that soon Mutschler was being asked to make wraps for the patients of the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children through Katie’s Kause, a nonprofit set up by Karp’s family that works to keep kids with cancer optimistic.

Wanting to give more to the children she was cheering up, Mutschler began crocheting in 2011, making simple hats to include with her blankets. In a few months Mutschler had created her own cancer support program, Unraveled by Samantha Dawn, and was taking requests from young patients and their families for hats.

From SpongeBob SquarePants to sharks, she has crocheted beanies featuring all kinds of characters and animals, with Disney princesses being a big favorite. Mutschler has donated more than 160 of her hats so far, sending some as far as Holland and Australia.

Mutschler is willing to add and alter any details a child desires in order to make their hat perfect for them. To add even more magic to her gifts, she often makes care packages with stuffed animals and dolls to send along with her hats.

Mutschler is currently working on turning this passion project into a nonprofit, and she has a GoFundMe page to help support her drive to bring smiles to young cancer patients.

“It brings joy to them; it brings joy to me,” Mutschler said. “I know I’m doing what God wants me to do. My dream is to one day see a team of ladies working for me in getting more hats out to these precious warriors.”

If you would like to commission a hat from Mutschler or donate to her work, visit Unraveled by Samantha Dawn’s Facebook page.

This article originally appeared on People.com

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This Father-Daughter Duo Recreated Jurassic Park Using $100K Worth of LEGOs

A father and his eight-year-old daughter have created a stop-motion adaptation of Jurassic Park using $100,000 worth of LEGOs to make the sets and cars. Produced by the Los Angeles-based Digital Wizards Studios, the video took three months to make.

In the past, the duo has parodied blockbuster films such as Batman, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Toy Story and Pulp Fiction.

In other Jurassic Park news, the LEGO video game version of Jurassic World star Chris Pratt was recently revealed.

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This Is What Happens When You Drop an iPhone 6 Into a Lava Lamp

It lasts for a surprisingly long time

Tech blogger and popular YouTube channel TechRax recently put an iPhone 6 inside a giant lava lamp just for fun. To see how long the device will keep functioning after it is submerged in the goop, the mischief-maker plays a music video on the phone. The music appears to keep playing for about 40 seconds before a menu with notification alerts drops down and the screen turns black.

His past stunts include boiling an iPhone 6 in Coca-Cola or pouring molten aluminum over the device.

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Best Dad Ever Dressed Up as Elsa to Take His Daughter to a Frozen Sing-along

While she was dressed like Olaf the snowman

Reddit user wabbeyen has shared a photo of a girl dressed like Olaf the snowman from the hit Disney movie Frozen, while her father, reportedly a tattoo artist, is dressed like Queen Elsa. The user says that the two, who were photographed outside the Cheshunt National Rail station, are dressed up for a Frozen-themed sing-a-long in London. Users of the social networking are already calling this man “Dad of the year.”

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This Little Girl Has the Best Reaction When She Finds Out She’s Becoming a Big Sister

Her dad bursts out laughing

It’s never clear how kids will react when they find out they will soon have a younger brother or sister. Some are just thrilled, while others are very distraught they’ll no longer be the center of attention.

This girl named Kathryn, however, is surprisingly indifferent when her dad tells her another girl will soon be joining their family. Watch her priceless reaction — and then see her dad’s uncontrollable laughter.

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Watch What Happens When a TV Presenter Interrupts Mating Tortoises

The explorer just barges in

This National Geographic video captures the moment when explorer and TV presenter Paul Rose and his camera man are “chased” away by a male tortoise that was caught getting ready to mate with a female tortoise. The incident took place on Assumption Island, which is north of Madagascar and part of the the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean.

This clip has racked up more than 1.6 million views since it was uploaded to YouTube.

It is unclear whether the encounter left the tortoise feeling shell-shocked.

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Watch This Soccer Player Score a Totally Insane ‘Scorpion Kick’ Goal


Even if you’re not much of a soccer fan, or a sports fan at all, you’ll appreciate this highly impressive goal scored by Hungarian footballer Botond Birtalan.

Birtalan plays for Békéscsaba in the Hungarian second division, and in a recent game, he pulled off quite the stunt. His team was down 2-1 when he sunk the goal, which began with a “scorpion kick.” The goalie almost managed to save it, which was quite impressive too, but Birtalan was ultimately victorious.

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This Harry Potter-Friends Mashup Is Magical

Hogwarts will be there for you

Some wizard on the Internet mashed up the theme song from the hit TV show Friends with scenes from the Harry Potter movies, which are, of course, based on the bestselling series of books by J.K. Rowling. YouTube user Jeremiah Rivera (nicknamed “Bahtmun” on the web) aptly pairs the lyric from the famous intro “So no one told you life was gonna be this way” with a chaotic scene of the young Hogwarts students falling from the sky, which dwarfs the problems of the six fictional pals living in New York City.

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