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These Photos of Frozen Waves Make Winter Seem More Real Than Ever

The photographer says they looked like big Slurpees

Yup, it’s still winter, and yup, it’s still cold and icy and generally hellish in most parts of the U.S. Photographer Jonathan Nimerfroh, who specializes in “surf and lifestyle” photography, managed to capture a particularly striking image of the icy winter in Nantucket, Mass. He was walking along the beach and spotted semi-frozen, slushy waves rolling ashore:

Slurpee Surf

A photo posted by Jonathan Nimerfroh (@jdnphotography) on

He told CBS Boston that the waves reminded him of giant Slurpees rolling toward him. Here’s a closer look:

We can only imagine how cold Nimerfroh must have been as he snapped these photos.

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This Is Beyoncé’s Workout Routine

Enjoy this video of the star sweating to "Eye of the Tiger"

Celebrating the 5th anniversary of Let's Move! #GimmeFive @michelleobama 💪

A video posted by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

Beyoncé recently posted a sped-up video of her workout routine on Instagram that will make you sweat just from watching it.

The video is pegged to her friend Michelle Obama’s “#GimmeFive” challenge, which celebrates the fifth anniversary of the First Lady’s “Let’s Move” campaign to raise awareness about active, healthy living and combat obesity in the United States.

It is not the pop star’s first promotion for “Let’s Move.” In 2011, she adapted her song “Get Me Bodied” into “Move Your Body,” a music video meant to inspire kids to dance to stay fit. Shortly after, she made a surprise appearance at a New York City public school and led the students in a routine.

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This Is the Most Popular Dog Breed in America

NANTUCKET, MA - SEPTEMBER 8: Two labradors wait for their owner at a restaurant on Main Street in Nantucket. (Photo by Bill Brett/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)
Getty Images

A few new breeds have also gained newfound popularity

The Labrador Retriever is the most popular dog in America for the 24th year in a row, the American Kennel Club said Thursday.

That may come as no great surprise in the country that brought you Marley & Me, but the real story here is the rise of the Bulldog. That so-ugly-it’s-cute breed has hit No. 4, its highest spot on the AKC chart yet. For the first time in almost 100 years, its daintier cousin the French Bulldog has broken the top 10.

But the news does not only bring wagging tails: just as there are winners, there must be losers. The Norwegian Lundehund is the least popular breed, trailed by the English Foxhound and the Cesky Terrier. It’s a dog’s life, little Lundehund.

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Check Out the Mars Rover’s New Selfie


A composite of dozens of images taken by its robotic arm

NASA pieced together the Mars rover Curiosity’s latest selfie of the Martian landscape from dozens of images taken by its robotic arm throughout January 2015. Showcasing the “Mojave 2″ site of the planet, the frames that make up the picture of the rover were taken Jan. 14 of this year.

“Compared with the earlier Curiosity selfies, we added extra frames for this one so we could see the rover in the context of the full Pahrump Hills campaign,” according to a statement by rover team member Kathryn Stack from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.

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Watch a 2-Year-Old Sing the Cutest National Anthem Ever

It's a slam dunk

Trent Harris, the two-year-old son of Cincinnati Bengals long snapper Clark Harris, recently performed the Star Spangled Banner at the Southern Boys Basketball game in New Jersey. His rendition of the national anthem is a slam dunk in our book — especially when it comes to cuteness. Just look at that little blue blazer and button-down shirt! Listen closely, and you will hear the audience chuckle when he sings the part about “bombs bursting in air.”

Nicknamed “SuperTrentendo” by his football player dad, the youngster got props from his proud parents on Twitter. From mom, dancer and choreographer Jessica Harris:

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Watch Christina Aguilera Bust Out Her Famous Sex and the City Impression

You might remember it from 'Saturday Night Live'

On Wednesday night, The Voice coach Christina Aguilera stopped by Late Night to chat with Seth Meyers, who she first met when she hosted Saturday Night Live. Meyers made sure to bring up the show’s Sex and the City parody, where Aguilera debuted a spot-on impression of Samantha.

So naturally, Meyers asked the singer to revisit the role. Watch above as she shows it off — briefly, but brilliantly — once again. Then watch her full interview here:

Looks like Britney Spears isn’t the only impression Aguilera can pull off.

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There’s Now a Sanitized Version of Uptown Funk by Mormon Singer Alex Boyé

Just in case the original's reference to liquor wasn't for you

Mormon-owned newspaper Deseret News reports that vocalist Alex Boyé, 44, has released a sanitized version of the massive Mark Ronson hit, Uptown Funk.

The original lyric “put some liquor in it” has been amended to “put some Kool-Aid in it,” while “hot damn” has been changed to “hot dang.” Boyé’s version — filmed in the city of Provo, Utah — features in the paper’s “Clean Cut” section of videos that are “inspiring, entertaining or educational and always family friendly.”

Making appearances are scores of senior citizens aged between 65 to 92, including Jean Elliots ‘Golden Girls’ — real-life dancing grandmas from Utah.

Boyé, of Nigerian descent, has been a Mormon since his mid-teens and is primarily known for making Africanized versions of popular songs, many of which are posted on his YouTube channel.

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Good News: Cotton Candy Oreos Are Coming

Lawsuit Seeks To Ban Oreo Cookies In California
Justin Sullivan—Getty Images Oreo Cookies are seen May 13, 2003 in San Francisco.

A collision of two things that taste awesome

What do lemon, watermelon, peanut butter and birthday cake have in common? They’re all flavors of the hugely popular Oreo sandwich cookie, and may soon be joined by cotton candy.

An Instagram user going by the name cookie0man uploaded images of what appeared to be the new cookies, and their packaging, apparently in a warehouse of parent company Nabisco. That’s according to The Verge.

The biscuits are the same light brown color as the Golden Oreo cookies, while the creamy filling is a mix of popular cotton candy colors pink and blue.

With the recent release of the red velvet Oreo, and reports of a s’mores edition coming soon, it’s shaping up to be quite a year for cookie-enthusiasts (which, let’s face it, means everyone).

[The Verge]

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KFC Plans to Roll Out Edible Coffee Cups in the U.K.

The cups will be made out of wafer lined with white chocolate and wrapped in sugar paper

KFC is planning to serve its customers coffee in a cup they can eat.

The fast food chain will soon debut edible cups at all its U.K. franchises, the New York Times reported.

The cups will be made from wafers lined with heat-resistant white chocolate and wrapped in sugar paper, and will be introduced to KFC along with Starbucks brand Seattle’s Best Coffee.

“This type of edible packaging is definitely aligned with the global consumer mind-set in terms of sustainability and simplifying their life,” Shilpa Rosenberry, a senior director for global consumer strategy at consulting firm Daymon Worldwide, told the Times.


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Watch the Most Selfless Dog in the World Shovel Snow

Her name is Elsa and she's the new snow queen

Shoveling snow can be exhausting, so it’s always nice when somebody else will lend a helping hand. Or, in this case, a helping paw. (Get it?)

Meet Elsa. She’s a yellow lab from Guelph, Ontario, who very gamely decided to take some initiative, grab a shovel and help clear snow off her humans’ backyard ice rink. She has such a good attitude that she even wags her tail during the task.

It makes sense, of course, that a dog named Elsa would be so comfortable with snow.

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