Pictures of the Week: June 20 — June 27

From the US advancing to the knockout round of the 2014 World Cup and the growing crisis in Iraq to selfies with Queen Elizabeth and Batman’s California VIP appearance, TIME presents the best photos of the week.

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This Dog Eating Corn on the Cob Would Be a Hit at Your Next Barbecue

A real corn dog.

There’s something strangely mesmerizing about this golden retriever calmly chowing down on a big ol’ hunk of corn on the cob. Though the video was uploaded last September, it’s just starting to make its way across the web now. Shame on all of us for waiting this long to discover this joyous clip, but at least now you can share it with friends at your July 4 barbecue.

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This Guy Just Lost Jeopardy! in The Best Way Possible

We see what you did there

On Jeopardy! Thursday night, a contestant became the latest person to show that if you do not know the answer, you might as well go out in style.

The final clue was “In 1891, this European said ‘perhaps my factories will put an end to war sooner than your congresses.'” The answer is Alfred Nobel, but Los Angeles-based comedian Ari Voukydis wrote “Who is This handsome gentleman?” with an arrow pointing at himself and then just went


(hat tip Gawker)

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This Exists: Coffee-Flavored Wine in a Can

Friends Fun Wine Coffee Wine
Friends Fun Wine/PRNews Foto Friends Fun Wine Introduces The World's First Coffee Wine

Doesn't sound like a great flavor combination

Like coffee? Like wine? Well, now you can have both. In a single can.

Friends Fun Wine has invented the world’s first coffee-wine hybrid drinks, which sound pre-destined to taste bad. The drinks come in both red and white varieties: Cabernet Coffee Espresso and Chardonnay Coffee Cappuccino. The company is marketing their product as “combining the world’s most popular Day Drink with the world’s most popular Night Drink,” according a news release.

No one is arguing with the appeal of using caffeine to combat the sleepy feeling you get when indulging in a glass of vino. But there may be a reason that people usually keep these day and night drinks separate.

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Here’s What the World’s Ugliest Dog Looks Like After a Makeover

The two-year-old rescue mutt got the help of a team of stylists

In case you missed it, a pooch named Peanut was recently crowned the World’s Ugliest Dog. Jimmy Kimmel decided to enlist a team of hair, makeup and clothing specialists to the dog, who previously suffered from abuse and had been injured in a fire.

It’s a nice gift, but after the makeover, Peanut still looks … pretty ugly. It’s okay, your fans still love you, Peanut.

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Jared Leto and Ellen Page Are PETA’s Sexiest Celebrity Vegetarians

Adrian Sanchez-Gonzalez / AFP / Getty Images Ellen Page arrives to the 2014 Vanity Fair Oscar Party on March 2, 2014, in West Hollywood, California.

PETA has named Academy Award-winning actor Jared Leto and Oscar-nominated actress Ellen Page the “Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrities” of 2014.

Leto is a vegan and has been a vegetarian since he was a teenager. He promotes the lifestyle on social media, from posting an Instagram video of himself flipping vegan pancakes to wearing a vegan leather cuff.

Page is also a vegan. When she was renaming fans’ dogs on Twitter, she clearly had vegetables on her mind when she dubbed one “carrots.”

PETA’s 2013 “Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity” was Kristen Bell. Dax Shepard initially won as well, but could not accept the award because he started eating chicken.

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Katy Perry and Joe Biden Took a Selfie

Cue "Firework"

Vice President Joe Biden posed for a selfie with Katy Perry at the White House on Tuesday. Describing the politician as a “Q-T” on Instagram, the pop star was in Washington, D.C. for a concert at the Verizon Center as part of her Prismatic World Tour.

Parks and Recreation‘s Leslie Knope would be jealous.

(h/t The Hill)

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Miami Marlins Fan Dancing on the Jumbotron Is the Real Winner of This Game

He seized the day.

You know when people just totally freak out at sporting events when they realize they’re on the Jumbotron? Well, no one in the history of sports has freaked out quite like this kid at a recent Miami Marlins home game. Other children would have probably just grinned and waved and maybe done some kind of hand gesture indicating “we’re number one!” But not this little fellow. When he noticed himself on the big screen, he truly took advantage of the opportunity to become an internet sensation.


One Man’s Mission to Turn Tetris into a Spectator Sport

(KG) FE15STTETRIS -- Tetris fanatics meet every month for intense head-to-head competititon in a double-elimination tournament format. Karl Gehring/The Denver Post
Karl Gehring—Denver Post / Getty Images Tetris fanatics meet every month for intense head-to-head competititon in a double-elimination tournament format.

Game on

In general, the biggest audience you’ll get to showcase your Tetris skills for are the bored commuters sitting next to you on the L train.

But Henk Rogers, managing director of The Tetris Company who helped bring the Russian game out of the Soviet Union and into the Western world, has bigger plans for the game than serving as a detox from Tinder swiping. Rogers is on a mission to turn Tetris into a full blown spectator sport.

Why hasn’t it happened already?

In an interview with Wired, Roger explained, “Most people have never seen a good game.”

And he doesn’t think filling arenas, or at least living rooms, is a huge stretch. After all, Roger explained that when he was a surf bum in the 70’s, no one would ever have imagined it would turn into a lucrative, sponsor driven, athletic activity. People already gather to watch action-fueled video games. In 1894, men gathered in Chicago parks to watch centipedes and tarantulas fight to the death. And, I mean, a lot of people watch golf. For hours.

“I think in the next five to 10 years, Tetris will go from being a solitaire game to being a community game, a cooperative game,” Rogers told Wired. “I see professional players. I see a Tetris league. I see competition between cities, between colleges. Just like we have athletic teams today, we’ll have Tetris teams.”

The only thing is he had a similar mission five to ten years ago.

In 2007, Tetris hosted its first-ever Tetris Cup Challenge. At the time, Rogers told the Pacific Business News that he had dreams to “start up a league of professional Tetris player and start sponsoring tournaments worldwide.” That didn’t really happen.

The thing with Tetris is that it can get very repetitive. Alexey Pajitnov, who made the original, told Wired, “We’re still struggling with two-player modes in many versions… I have a feeling that we are not there yet.”

But maybe soon. A next generation version of Tetris will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this summer.

Will you invite friends over to get entranced by its Tron-esque sounds and colors?


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