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Adult Books Sales Are Down and Young Adult Soars in 2014

The Fault In Our Stars
Dutton Books

Book sales are booming, according to statistics released this week by the Association of American Publishers, which showed that in the first three-quarters of 2014, overall book sales increased by 4.9%.

But the real page-turners that flew off the shelves were for children and young adults–those categories increased by a whopping 22.4% from Jan.-Sept. 2013 to the same period in 2014, Media Bistro reports. To put things into perspective, adult fiction and non-fiction sales were down 3.3%.

But this doesn’t necessarily mean that adults stopped reading. They might just be expanding their palates to healthy servings of John Green and other YA heavy-hitters.

Adults reading YA wouldn’t be a new phenomenon. According to a 2012 survey by Bowker Market Research found that 55% of young adult novels are bought by adults — 28% of which are made up of the 33 to 44 demographic. That statistic drew some criticism aimed at YA-loving adults this summer–balanced by an overwhelming wave of pieces defending adults who love the genre.

While the AAP didn’t track who bought what books, it did note that children and young adult ebooks increased a total of 52.7% in the first nine months this year. And a December study by Nielsen found that even though teenagers are tech savvy, only 20% of them buy ebooks and express a strong preference for print.

Although no need to hide The Fault of Our Stars in that Kindle — it’s no 50 Shades of Grey, after all.

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These Are Instagram’s 5 New Filters

It's the first time the app has premiered a new filter in 2 years

In case your brunch wasn’t getting cold enough as you toiled over the perfect filter to properly capture your pancakes, Instagram premiered five new filters Tuesday.

The fancily named Perpetua, Ludwig, Slumber, Aden and Crema will be added to Instagram’s existing 20 options — which include the “normal” setting.

This is the first filter addition in two years.

Here’s how they look:











Instagram also added slo-mo video, real-time commenting (to prevent the constant need to refresh your screen), new preview modes, and the ability to manage how you view your editing options.

“We know that everyone has their favorite filters,” Instagram said in a statement sent to TIME. “We want to keep things simple as we add more, so we’ve added a new ‘Manage’ button at the end of your filter tray. Tap it to re-arrange the order of your filters and hide the ones you rarely use.”

So, maybe your scrambled eggs will stay piping hot after all.

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Scarlett Johansson Says She Has ‘an OK Body, I Guess’

AFP—AFP/Getty Images US actress Scarlett Johansson gestures as she arrives for a press conference of the film Captain America

"I'm not going to complain. I've got thighs and a midsection, so I'm happy"

Barbara Walters opened an age-old trap for actress Scarlett Johansson, during an interview for her annual special on the “Most Fascinating People of 2014.”

“Do you like your body?” Walters asked in the segment, which aired Sunday night.

“It’s an ok body, I guess,” Johansson said, attempting to answer a question with basically no right answer. “I mean, I wouldn’t say it’s particularly remarkable, though.”

Continuing to pan for gold, Walters continued: “Any parts you don’t like?”

Johansson, who was named Esquire’s “Sexiest Woman Alivetwice, responded, “I don’t like, you know, my thighs, my midsection…”

Stars: they’re emo teens just like us.

Jessica Alba is “not as excited about” her legs. Victoria Beckham thinks her feet are “the most disgusting thing” about her. Regina George’s pores are huge! (But at least their nail beds don’t suck.)

“But,” Johansson continued, literally throwing her hands in the air, “Eh, well, who can complain? I’m not going to complain. I’ve got thighs and a midsection, so I’m happy.”

Now, who wants to go grab some fries?

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Bubba Watson Releases Music Video as Rapping Santa Bubbaclaus

“It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Bubbaclaus”

It’s tough for many great bands to stay together, and the Golf Boys are no different. After two mega-YouTube hits, Bubba Watson officially branched out on his own music video career Wednesday, dropping “The Single” from Bubbaclaus with a note that it’s “Just a little fun for my fans for the holidays!”

The lyrics are less than phenomenal, repeatedly playing off the Superman line with “It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Bubbaclaus,” but the video does earn random bonus points for featuring a dunking Gumby in a Kevin Durant jersey. And it has Bubba’s hovercraft golf cart.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the Golf Boys would not come together again for a third music video. It just means that for now Watson is doing his own thing as a rapping Santa. Which is not a bad way to spend the golf offseason.

This article originally appeared on Golf.com.

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Adam Levine’s Cover of R. Kelly’s ‘Ignition (Remix)’ Is Surprisingly Great

Bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce

Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine is just like the rest of us — in the sense that he would totally prefer singing R. Kelly’s “Ignition (Remix)” instead of literally any song by Maroon 5. (Seriously, when you’re at karaoke faced with the choice between R. Kelly and Maroon 5, you know you’re going with R. Kelly. Every time.)

And so, at a recent The Voice coaches concert, Levine performed one of his band’s songs, “Sunday Morning,” before launching into the real performance, the part that actually mattered. The R. Kelly part.

You probably think you’re going to hate this, but give it a chance, because it’s surprisingly good and kind of makes us want to go to karaoke with Adam Levine.

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The ‘Little Drummer Boy’ Challenge Will Ruin You This Holiday Season

Drum roll, please

Ever walk through the mall and see people rushing towards the doors, or break down sobbing, when “Little Drummer Boy” comes on the stereo system? Or maybe you’ve seen people talk about it on Facebook?

Turns out they are participating in “The Little Drummer Boy Challenge” (LDBC), a game going viral on social media. Between midnight on Black Friday and midnight on Christmas Eve, participants are challenged to avoid the popular Christmas carol. If it plays on the radio somewhere—or you heard Ricky Gervais and Jimmy Fallon sing it on The Tonight Show—then you’ve lost. You’re out. Puh-rum-puh-pum done. The only ground rule is that someone can’t trick you into listening to it, that is, play it deliberately to get another person out.

The most visible Facebook group for the challenge was drummed up in 2010 by Michael Alan Peck, a content strategist in Chicago, who says friends started doing it among themselves as an inside joke. He decided to set up a Facebook page for the game after his wife complained about how early the holiday season must be starting if she had already heard the “Little Drummer Boy” on the radio before Thanksgiving.

Recently, participants have started sharing selfies of the “horrified” expressions on their faces the moment they lost the game. Or they shame the people who accidentally played the song by sharing photos of them. They also note where they were when they heard the song, and which version it was.

Based on the approximately 700 people who reported whether they “won” or “lost” through his website last year, Peck says 25% “won” and 75% “lost.” Bing Crosby’s and David Bowie’s duet trips seemed to trip people up the most, while Peck argues Vince Guaraldi’s version in A Charlie Brown Christmas tends to sneak up on people because they forget it’s in the movie.

While there seem to be several private and public Facebook groups supporting the effort in the U.S. and Canada, it’s hard to know exactly how far and how quickly it has spread. Anyone could just start playing it right now, and they may not necessarily be reporting the moment they “lost” through Peck’s website or the game’s official Facebook page. But Peck says 2014 is the year it has taken off on Facebook, as more and more people have recruited friends to play by tagging them, so the number of Facebook page fans has grown from a little more than 1,800 at the start of the season to more than 2,500 at the time of publication.

Some have taken their participation to extreme levels. “I’ve had people tell me they won’t leave the house, or they shop only online,” says Peck. “One woman said she abandoned a full shopping cart in Target because they were playing Christmas music, and then all of a sudden, she was so sure it was going to play that she flipped out and left.”

That’s why some players wear headphones and listen to their own playlists everywhere and crank up the volume to drown out the holiday music. Or, they take matters into their own hands as Peck did one year. “I was going to go out to dinner, but I knew the place was playing holiday music, so I called ahead of time and asked them to make sure that song wouldn’t be played,” he says. “You get a little nutty that way.”

Peck insists he doesn’t hate “Little Drummer Boy” in any way and is not trying to start a boycott. He just claims it works well for the challenge because “you hear it a lot, but not so much that the game is impossible.” That said, he does think “it’s a goofy song. I don’t know why anyone thinks a newborn baby would want to hear a drum being banged by [his] head.”

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Watch Jimmy Fallon and Oprah Get Auto-Tuned in a Soap Opera Parody

Digitally-altered voices make the dysfunctional couple's problems sound even more ridiculous

On Monday night’s The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon and Oprah Winfrey parodied 80s soap operas by reliving the time they “starred” on “Midnight Meadows.”

Playing characters named Broderick and Valentina Kensington, the two speak in digitally-altered voices that make them sound like extraterrestrials, which only makes the melodrama even more unbelievable.

In October, he pulled the same schtick with Carol Burnett. The two starred in a parody of a 90s soap opera, “Tensions,” in which mundane moments in life—walking the dog or asking what time it is—escalate into violent episodes and staring contests.

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Watch Chris Pratt Sing a Beautiful Tribute to Li’l Sebastian at the Parks and Rec Wrap Party

Everyone is very nostalgic as the final season approaches

The Parks and Recreation crew just wrapped its final season, which will begin airing Jan. 13, and we’re starting to get a little misty-eyed thinking about saying our goodbyes to the great people of Pawnee, Ind.

The show’s cast and crew, of course, have also been getting pretty nostalgic about wrapping up the beloved comedy. On the last day of filming, they were tweeting photos and memories and all sorts of sentimentality. And then at the show’s wrap party, it seems the nostalgia continued.

We don’t know much about the festivities — though we imagine everyone was getting drunk on Snake Juice and Amy Poehler sang “Poker Face” — but we do know Chris Pratt took the stage (possibly in character as lovable idiot Andy Dwyer?) to sing “5,000 Candles In the Wind.” As you probably recall, that’s the song Andy’s band Mouserat performed as a tribute to Li’l Sebastian, the miniature horse who was basically the Beyoncé of Pawnee.

Oh man, all this nostalgia, but I’M NOT CRYING, OKAY?

Read next: Watch Nick Offerman Sing a Beautiful Tribute to His One True Love, Whiskey

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McDonald’s Japan is Facing a French Fry Shortage

Labor dispute on the West Coast has delayed production

McDonald’s Japan is only selling small-size french fries because a labor dispute among ports on America’s West Coast has delayed shipments of supplies, Reuters reports.

“Unfortunately without this sales restriction step, we would run the danger of running out of fries at some of our stores around the end of the year or beginning of the new year,” McDonald’s Japan spokeswoman Kokoro Toyama told Reuters.

To help avoid a shortage, the company is ordering shipments of frozen potatoes from East Coast ports to Japan—the biggest Asian market for frozen potatoes made in America.

McDonald’s Japan reportedly has not said when it would resume selling larger sizes, but Reuters points out there does not seem to be a limit on how many small-size fries customers can buy.



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This Video Is a Turtle Love Story Baby Just Say Yes

Romeo helps Juliet who has fallen on her back and then they ride off into the sunset

This is a video starring two turtles, so you’re probably thinking it isn’t going to be a big deal and it isn’t going to make you feel a bunch of feelings. But joke’s on you, because this video is a big deal and it is going to make you feel a bunch of feelings.

When one turtle spotted a fellow turtle stuck on its back, it bravely came to the rescue, carefully but deliberately turning it over until it was standing on its own feet once again. It’s really such a beautiful moment. They both pause, letting this burgeoning turtle romance sink in for just a second, before waddling (do turtles waddle?) off into the sunset.

As Taylor Swift might say: It’s a love story, baby just say yes.


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