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Clay Aiken Holds Slim Lead in North Carolina Democratic Primary

Clay Aiken
Clay Aiken speaks to supporters during an election night watch party in Holly Springs, N.C., Tuesday, May 6, 2014. Gerry Broome—AP

The American Idol runner-up is ahead by just 372 votes, with all precincts reporting, but the race has still not been called

Former American Idol contestant Clay Aiken was ahead in the North Carolina Democratic congressional primary by a slim margin Wednesday morning. The former singer led his opponent, former state Commerce Secretary Keith Crisco, by only 372 votes with all precincts reporting, making the race too close to call according to the Associated Press.

As things stand, Aiken has the 40 percent necessary to win, but has been unable to declare victory.

Aiken and Crisco both hold 40 percent on the vote. Whoever wins will face incumbent Republican U.S. Renee Ellmers in November. Ellmers won by a wide margin in 2010 when she was elected during the Tea Party wave.




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Spice Up Your Life With This New Wasabi-Infused Beer

Dogfish Head Brewery

You can find it on tap starting June 1.

The same people that brought us moon-dust beer are back with a new brew, and this one’s made with wasabi.

As part of its Music Series collection, Delaware-based Dogfish Head Brewery collaborated with musician Julianna Barwick to create a new, hoppy IPA that just happens to be infused with wasabi.

The ale is called Rosabi, and Dogfish Head explains its complex tastes in a recent blog post:

The vivid rose hue of Rosabi comes from a combination of Munich and Caramel malts and a touch of red rice from Julianna’s home state of Louisiana. Citrusy Simcoe and Centennial feed Julianna’s love of hops, and the star of the show is her go-to ingredient: wasabi … The Japanese root adds bittering and herbal notes similar to hops, with its subtle heat creeping in after the kick of carbonation

A thousand cases of Rosabi will come packaged with an album of four original songs that Barwick composed using sounds recorded inside the brewery, documenting the beer-making process.

This limited release hits shelves and taps on June 1 in select locations across the country. Dogfish Head expects Rosabi to last for about two months. So once June rolls around, you’ll want to act fast, because we don’t recommend trying to make your own wasabi beer at home.


Clothing Brand Apologizes for Mother’s Day Ad of a Woman Poking Holes in Condoms

This is not how you should get pregnant.

Spanish clothing company Desigual is catching flak for releasing a TV ad featuring a woman hoping to get pregnant by poking holes in her condoms, pegged to Mother’s Day in Spain, which was on May 4.

In the original version of the spot, a woman stands in front of a mirror and stuffs a cushion up her dress to admire her would-be pregnant stomach, then coyly plays with a pin before poking it through a green pack of condoms:

A copy uploaded by YouTube user jotaTVQ has started going viral, racking up more than 1.7 million views by late afternoon Tuesday.

The campaign has caused outrage on the Internet, with some calling it “wildly offensive” and others pointing out that it endorses dishonest and dangerous behavior.

In an updated blog post in Spanish, Desigual apologized for offending viewers, and stated that its intention was to produce a humorous spot. It has released another version with the controversial pin-pricking edited out.

Spain is currently poised to vote on a strict abortion ban, except in instances of rape or a threat to the health of the mother. Pro-choice activists even set up a fake pop-up “abortion travel agency” in Madrid last month.

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This Man Got a Tattoo of a KFC Double Down Sandwich

And the process is preserved forever in the fast food joint's latest advertisement

Kentucky Fried Chicken managed to convince a man to get a tattoo of a Double Down as part of a new commercial.

Now, for the uninitiated, a Double Down is a “sandwich” that uses two pieces of fried chicken instead of bread, with bacon, cheese and secret sauce wedged in between. So now that everybody’s up to speed, let’s take another moment to acknowledge that there is now a man who has that sandwich tattooed on his body. Forever.

But, why would he tattoo a Double Down on his leg?

It’s a tattoo that people will always ask about,” the anonymous man explains. “And it’s funny, so.”

Oh, okay, that clears things right up.

(h/t Grub Street)


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Here’s How Much of Your Life You’ll Spend Binge-Watching These Popular Shows

Planning a '24' marathon? That will take 6 days and 2 hours, according to this Nielsen infographic

Do you have that one friend who’s always telling you that you just have to watch The Wire? Feeling out of the cultural loop because you still haven’t seen Breaking Bad? Well, the folks over at Nielson TOPTEN crunched the numbers to determine just how much time it will take to marathon those and other popular TV shows.

So, allow this handy little guide to help you determine which shows to add to your Netflix lineup. If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands right now, you might want to push 24 and The West Wing down to the bottom of your queue.

How Long Will It Take to Watch


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The Rise of High-Tech Board Games and Other Fascinating News on the Web

May 6, 2014


1. Getting Off

You’d think that tatters of shredded board games would be buried in a heaping landfill of the barely recognizable parts of industries, businesses, and people disintermediated, rendered obsolete, or just plain squashed by the Internet. But it turns out that people often use technology to get themselves back offline. Last year, more Kickstarter money was raised for tabletop games than for video games. Sales at hobby stores have risen significantly over the past three years. And game creators are using technology to get games from their brains to your kitchen table faster than ever. From NYT’s Nick Wingfield: High-Tech Push Has Board Games Rolling Again.

2. Present, Tense

“For a long time we have perceived climate change as an issue that’s distant, affecting just polar bears or something that matters to our kids. This shows it’s not just in the future; it matters today.” The latest U.S. Climate Report confirms what we already know. Climate change is happening, and the impact is already severe.

+ Vox: Nine maps that show how climate change is already affecting the US.

+ MoJo: 7 scary facts about how global warming is scorching the United States.

3. The Missing

“The girls in the school dorm heard the sound of gunshots from a nearby town. So when armed men in uniforms burst in and promised to rescue them, at first they were relieved.” With the help of a student who escaped, AP’s Michelle Faul pieces together the anatomy of a kidnapping.

+ The kidnapping of Nigerian schoolgirls is getting a lot of international attention. But it took awhile. The kidnapping happened about three weeks ago. And the group behind the crime, Boko Haram, has been operating for about a decade. From NPR: Boko Haram’s local fight suddenly gets international scrutiny.

+ The U.S. is sending in experts to help locate and free the girls.

4. What You Get Out of Getting In

According to a new survey, getting into that elite college doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be a happier person later in life. But then again, neither does anything else.

5. Game of Phones

“Upon getting word that investigators were outside, employees at the plant began destroying documents and switching computers, replacing the ones that were being used — and might have damaging material on them — with others.” Vanity Fair’s Kurt Eichenwald on Apple, Samsung, and the Great Smartphone War.

6. Down and Out in Beverly Hills

Brunei’s Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah just began rolling out Sharia law. So celebrities and many others have announced a boycott of his hotels, including the Beverly Hills Hotel and Hotel Bel-Air.

+ The Daily Beast: How the Sultan of Brunei violated his Sharia law with me.

7. The Seen

“Someone points out something and suddenly a secondary interpretation of an image appears. There’s something a little scary about this process, even when the images are harmless. We have a flash of insight and a new pattern is revealed hiding within the world we thought we knew. It surprises us.” The Atlantic’s Alexis Madrigal on the things you cannot unsee (and what that says about your brain).

+ Did you happen to see the face of Jesus on a piece of toast? Don’t worry, that’s perfectly normal. (I tend to see Moses, but maybe that’s because I usually eat rye.)

8. The Blue Period

“I was also possibly the first person whose global humiliation was driven by the Internet.” Monica Lewinsky says “it’s time to burn the beret and bury the blue dress.” It’s also time for her book. Maybe, after all these years, we’ll finally learn what the meaning of “is” is.

9. These Kids Today

“It was, in other words, a sharp reversion to the banality of yore.” In Believer Magazine Anne Helen Petersen provides a detailed and interesting overview of the banality of the celebrity profile, and how it got that way.

+ Why would you teach a class on Miley Cyrus?

10. The Bottom of the News

The Washington Post tries to explain what it’s like to be 100 years old, in 10 charts. (Get up to pee every three charts, then you’ll know what it’s like…)

+ All politicians are not useless. Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber got out of his car to give a woman CPR. (He once left the stage during a debate to help someone in need.)

+ A new app enables San Francisco drivers to auction off their current parking spot to the highest bidder. (Mike Judge will never run out of material.)



WATCH: Man Followed by Adorable Entourage of Ducklings

Make way.

The Entourage movie is still being hatched somewhere in Hollywood, but this man’s all-duckling entourage is already out in the world, ready to play, and way cuter than Vince, Eric, Turtle or Drama.

An unnamed Good Samaritan stepped in when a mother duck was killed, rescuing her 13 eggs and keeping them warm in an incubator until they hatched. When the brand-new ducklings emerged from their shells, they imprinted on the man and claimed him as their parent.

Now the 13 ducklings stick close to their ersatz parent, following him everywhere he goes. As the ducklings grow older, they will start to follow him less and less, until they become fully independent. Just like in the last season of Entourage.

MORE: WATCH: Dog and Disabled Kitten Play Like Best Friends

MORE: Inmates Train Dogs to Be Service Animals for Autistic Children

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These Scientists Want to Breed Animals That Can Survive Climate Change

New breeds won't fry as quickly, researchers hope.

Scientists at the University of Delaware are working to breed more heat-resistant chickens to better survive climate change, specifically at the African naked-neck chicken. The bird’s lack of neck feathers helps keep it cool — a model for what it might take for an animal to thrive in higher temperatures. Theoretically, incorporating some of the characteristics of the African chicken in U.S. breeds could create a more adaptable bird—and more food in the long run.

“We have to start now to anticipate what changes we have to make in order to feed 9 billion people,” Carl Schmidt, one of the researchers, told the Los Angeles Times. According to Schmidt, the hardier chickens could begin to be mass-produced within 15 years. As America warms up, they’ll certainly be useful, but the new animals are also relevant in the short-term for small-scale farming in Africa.

The experiment is one of the first attempts to kickstart evolution’s reaction to the climate catastrophe we find ourselves in. Too bad humans aren’t changing quite as quickly.

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Jay Z Pretending to Propose to Beyoncé Proves They’re the World’s Cutest Couple

"Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala
Jay Z and Beyoncé attend the 'Charles James: Beyond Fashion' Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 5, 2014 in New York City. Jamie McCarthy / FilmMagic / Getty Images

The sweetest moment at this year's Met Gala

While Beyoncé was making her way down the red carpet at the annual Met Gala Monday night, one of her rings fell off her finger. Luckily, her devoted husband Jay Z located it and knelt down to retrieve it. Then he slipped the ring onto Bey’s finger in a mock proposal, much to the delight of the many photographers hovering nearby.

Everyone loved this gesture, because it was Jay Z literally putting a ring on it! And also because it was adorable and proved once again that Jay and Bey are the most perfect, gorgeous, wonderful couple. And if you disagree, you might want to keep it to yourself, or else the Beygency will come after you.

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This Twitter Account Tells You What Clothes Your Favorite TV Stars Are Wearing

You can now dress just like Jess on New Girl, thanks to this Twitter account.

With the rise of big-budget television, we’ve also entered a renaissance of TV fashion. Seinfeld no more—on screen, TV characters are outfitted in cutting-edge clothes from iconic fashion brands. But short of pushing one of those weird shop-on-your-TV buttons, how are we supposed to find out which Scandal character is wearing what? That’s where Style on Screen comes in.

The Twitter account and website dissects what stars are wearing on-screen (or at the Met Gala, as the case may be) and posts it so non-celebrities can get a leg up on copying the looks. PR companies and stylists help identify the items, but “we also work with a fantastic community of style spotters who love to help people find outfits,” Style on Screen founder Kingsley Maunder told The Daily Dot.

The service also offers alternatives when the clothing that appears on TV is sold out in stores. But if you want to find that Mickey Mouse sweater that Pharrell recently wore on The Voice (it’s Opening Ceremony, by the way), then you’re all set. There’s also an entire section of looks from New Girl, from blazers to dresses and even pajamas. If you start buying up all of Jess’s wardrobe, you might get some strange looks, however.

Style on Screen’s Twitter account takes personal requests with alacrity, so if you have an inquiry feel free to tweet it out. Looking for the suits that show up on Mad Men might take a little more time.

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