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The Record Holder for World’s Heaviest Man Has Died

Manuel Uribe eats in his bed at home in Monterrey, Mexico, January 19, 2006. Luis Reyes / Reuters

He had been bedridden for more than a decade

Manuel “Meme” Uribe, once the heaviest man in the world, passed away Monday at 48, Guinness World Records reports.

The Associated Press reports that the passing of the Monterrey, Mexico, resident was confirmed by the health department of Nuevo Leon state. The cause of death remains unknown, but he was hospitalized earlier this month because of an abnormal heartbeat. A crane had to be use to transport him there.

Uribe, a former mechanic, had been bedridden since 2002, but did leave the house to get married to his longtime girlfriend Claudia Solis, who would cook him chicken fajitas and help him bathe, according to People. He arrived at the Oct. 26, 20o8, ceremony sitting in a white canopy bed in a white suit atop the back of a pickup truck. For the first dance, the bride and groom sat holding hands, swaying from side to side to the rhythm of a romantic song. His mother Orquedia Garza told the AP that he stuck to his diet that day and did not eat the wedding cake.

When Guinness World Record certified Uribe as the world’s heaviest man in January 2006, he weighed 1,235 pounds. The records organization said he reportedly slimmed down to 840 pounds in 2007, but gained some of it back, reportedly weighing 980 pounds by March 2012. He was on the Zone Diet at one point, and The Discovery Channel documented his weight loss journey in general.

As he once summed up the struggle to the AP, “People think that I can eat a whole cow but it’s not just overeating, it’s also a hormonal problem.”

Manuel Uribe jokes as he holds a fruit cake with his girlfriend Claudia Solis outside his house in the suburb of San Nicolas de los Garza in the northern city of Monterrey, Mexico, June 11, 2008. Tomas Bravo / Reuters
In this June 9, 2008 file photo, Manuel “Meme” Uribe, 42, shows how he exercises from his bed during an interview in Monterrey, Mexico. Monica Rueda / AP
Manuel Uribe talks on the phone at his home in the suburb of San Nicolas de los Garza, in Monterrey, Mexico, August 8, 2008. Tomas Bravo / Reuters


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Half Naked Man Dressed as a Bumblebee Twerks on the NYC Subway

The only sensible way to spend Memorial Day weekend

On Saturday, Facebook user Krystal Lebron posted the above video (which we’ve taken the liberty of blurring so it’s safe for work) to Facebook with the comment, “Say no to drugs lol.” The video shows a guy sporting some fancy leather chaps that expose his behind dancing around while wearing bumblebee wings. You do you, sir. You do you.

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Snoop Dogg and Seth Rogen Got High and Then Recapped Game of Thrones

Of course they did

Seth Rogen, he of ultimate stoner humor fame, stopped by Snoop Dogg’s talk show — yes, Snoop has a talk show — to do two things: 1. Smoke a bunch of weed (obviously) and then 2. Discuss Game of Thrones.

They end up recapping the latest episode — and though the whole thing is kind of incoherent and clouded with a bunch of giggling, do beware of spoilers. Otherwise, pay special attention to Snoop’s British accent and the spectacular news ticker running along the bottom.

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Health Club Ad Makes Fun of Kimye Wedding

The latest commentary on the celebrity wedding

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian may have already had their Italian wedding in Florence over the weekend, but the jokes don’t seem to be ending any time soon.

New York Sports Clubs has run a newspaper ad advising the rapper to “stay in shape” so that his marriage can “last longer than a Hollywood marriage.” Mashable points out that the gym also published an ad last year joking that if Kim Jong Un had a “better body”, then he wouldn’t need such a “big missile”.

It’s the latest spoof of the lavish wedding to go viral. The New York Post penned a snarky, profanity-laced wedding announcement for the couple that ends with the kicker “The republic still stands.”

E! News and TV host Giuliana Rancic also dressed up in 18th century garb last week while pretending to be at the pre-wedding dinner at Versailles.


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An Anonymous Real Estate Magnate Is Giving Away Cash on Twitter

Forrest Hanson holds up the $100 in cash he found on San Francisco's Baker Beach over Memorial Day Weekend in an online scavenger hunt. Courtesy Forrest Hanson

@Hiddencash has given away more than $5000 in San Francisco after dropping hints on Twitter -- and plans to give even more

Free money has never come this easy: Alexzandra Etherton found $68 in an envelope taped to a parking meter. Matthew Burkert found his stash hidden under a bulldozer. And Forrest Hanson nabbed $100 on San Francisco’s Baker Beach on Memorial Day, then paid it forward by giving it away to other passersby.

Since last Thursday, an anonymous twitter user known only as @HiddenCash has been giving away thousands of dollars in the city by the Bay to the delight of the dozens of people who followed HiddenCash’s clues on Twitter and found the coveted white envelopes. The hints aren’t terribly subtle — one that said the money was at a bar that Tony Hawk would love directed hunters to “The Ramp” (duh!) — and because there are so many people on the lookout, the prizes have been getting snapped up within minutes.

Nobody knows exactly who HiddenCash is, but the anonymous philanthropist tells TIME in an email, “I have made my fortune in real estate, and have been able to accumulate multiple properties, whereas so many people can’t afford to buy a house or even a small condo in San Francisco. People who work just as hard or harder than me. So I wanted to give back … But I also wanted to do something that would give back in a fun way, and get people involved.”

“My message for the ‘haves’ is to be a little more generous, and to give back more,” HiddenCash adds. “I know so many wealthy people who are selfish and greedy, and just want more, more, more. When is it enough? When will you be satisfied? Take a step back, relax, and give back a bit. Putting smiles on other people’s faces will put a smile on your face. Believe me.”

HiddenCash’s advice for the rest of us is a bit more sobering, however: “If you are broke and struggling, please don’t look to @hiddencash or a lottery ticket to be your salvation … Relying on games of chance is probably the worst and least responsible thing you can do.”

With more than 50,000 followers amassed in less than a week, now HiddenCash says it will go nationwide and tells TIME the plan is to give away a total of six figures. A new drop is promised in San Jose on Wednesday and its first in Los Angeles is slated for this weekend. Get ready for the stampede.


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Watch Kids React in Utter Bemusement at the Sight of an Old Computer

"I don't get it, and I also don't get the 1970s"

Kids these days are accustomed to smartphones and iPads and laptops they can tuck under their arms and tote around effortlessly. But show them a computer from the 1970s and they become much less tech savvy — and much more confused. Watch here as a group of young kids share their (totally hilarious) reactions to this seemingly ancient machine.


Watch a Man Bowl a Strike From Outside the Alley


Prepare to feel really self-conscious about your bowling skills. A guy in Virginia Beach managed to hit a strike from 120 feet away. He wasn’t even inside the bowling alley! You probably couldn’t even get a strike if you were standing 4 centimeters away! (Sorry, I’m just projecting my own anger because I’m horrible at bowling.)

Anyway, this miracle bowler, 29-year-old Joey Augustine, only needed six tries before he nailed the shot, which his buddy dared him to attempt, the New York Daily News reports.

Unfortunately, the video cuts off right after the pins go down, so we’ll never know if the man reacted like this:


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Google Doodle Honors Conservationist Rachel Louise Carson


Rachel Louise Carson inspired world bans against DDT and the start of the EPA

The blue scene portrayed in Tuesday’s Google Doodle honors a very green woman.

To celebrate what would have been nature author and conservationist Rachel Louise Carson’s 107th birthday, Google put her in her natural habitat—surrounded by birds and sea creatures. Carson was born in 1907 and began her career as a marine biologist. She became a writer in the 50’s and her 1951 work, The Sea Around Us, won a National Book Award.

Carson’s Silent Spring brought the dangers of pesticides to mainstream attention in 1962. Although chemical companies protested her claims—which have been questioned decades later—her activism inspired worldwide bans of DDT and the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Carson died in 1964 and was posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Jimmy Carter in 1980.

This is a continuation of Google Doodles highlighting notable women in science.


This Is What It Looks Like to Skydive Over New York City

They're braver than we'll ever be

In Red Bull’s newest crazy stunt, the energy drink company sent people in wingsuits zooming across the sky in New York City and filmed it. The result is an awesome POV video of what it looks like to fly above Manhattan in just two minutes.


All of Tech’s Weirdest Mascots in One Place


The new Facebook dinosaur is looking pretty normal

Facebook introduced an “expanded privacy checkup tool” Thursday, which is essentially a popup reminding users to check their privacy settings before they post. But nowhere in the company blog did the social network introduce the “Sorry to interrupt” blue prehistoric creature it has enlisted to disseminate it’s privacy advice.

Oh, polite little dinosaur who looks like he could be ripped straight from the pages of a Randi Zuckerberg children’s book, what is your name? Maybe the “Privacy settings are so easy your Grandpa could do it” dinosaur? The Wall Street Journal dubbed him “Privosaurus Rex.” Nick Bilton at the New York Times writes that Facebook tech writers have called him Zuckasaurus, after obvious parties. Facebook told Bilton that the dino beat out speech bubbles and a robot. But will he live on as a successful mascot, or go the way of the Fail Whale or even worse—the infamous Clippy?

Here are some of tech’s strangest mascots: some of whom you could never forget, and others you wish you could.

Perhaps the most polarizing of any tech mascot was Microsoft’s Clippy. While the virtual paperclip was polite like Zuckasaurus (is that what we’re going with?), he was a little too overeager. Just writing the word “Dear” would catapult him into literal acrobats to help you write the perfect letter.

Here’s Clippy looking dejected on his retirement day in 2011. He couldn’t even get it together in front of Bill Gates! Although we also might not be too happy if all we got after 11 years of service was a wrinkled T-shirt..

Microsoft CEO Bill Gates (C) presents a T-shirt as
Microsoft CEO Bill Gates presents a T-shirt as a retirement gift to “Clippy.” STAN HONDA—AFP/Getty Images


Twitter’s Fail Whale
There’s nothing quite like trying to conceal technological failures with whimsy. In times of need, the Fail Whale would appear, being carried out of the water by little Twitter birds.

The whale was harpooned at the end of 2013. As VP of engineering Christopher Fry explained to Wired, “In the end, it did represent a time when I don’t think we lived up to what the world needed Twitter to be.” Now when Twitter breaks down, it shows a distressed robot instead.


Bitly’s Pufferfish
Bitly’s pufferfish mascot has gone through many different iterations. Neil Wehrle, VP of user experience at Betaworks which helped design the fish, told Mashable that some of the changes involved making him look like “more of a beach ball than a poison fish that can hurt you.” Here’s the mascot getting drunk (see bottom right):

We kind of preferred this look, but whatever.


Sun’s Java Mascot Named Duke
We don’t know much about Duke, save the fact that he looks to be both pointy and blob. He also has facial hair sometimes. When he isn’t coding, you can find Duke riding the L train in Brooklyn.


TiVo’s Smiling TiVo Guy
According to designer Michael Cronan, “I wanted to provide a kind of identity that would become as recognizable as the mouse ears are to Disney.” In other news, TiVo has legs and no arms.


Reddit’s Snoo
Snoo is ok. Although sometimes he ends up on firearms


Tech companies really like their monsters. They’re literally everywhere and all look basically the same. NHK’s Domo:

Yesware’s Yeti:

And AOL’s blue motivational monster:

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