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Internet Swoons Over Convicted Felon’s Mugshot

Jeremy Meeks Stockton Police Department

That's one smooth criminal

The mugshot of a strikingly good-looking convicted felon posted on Facebook by the Stockton, California police department has gone viral, winning hearts on the Internet near and far despite the man’s criminal status.

The Stockton Police Department posted the photo and several others associated with “Operation Ceasefire,” a multi-agency crackdown launched to combat “a recent increase of shootings and robberies in the Weston Ranch area.” Jeremy Meeks, 30-years-old and a “convicted felon,” was arrested in the operation for “felony weapons charges,” the police said.

His mugshot quickly went viral, racking up more than 50,000 likes and 6,000 shares as of this writing. The citizens of the Internet were able to suspend judgment on his violent past and his teardrop tattoo—which can actually have many meanings, though none of them are very happy—and just enjoy Meeks’ photo, leaving comments like “absolutely beautiful what jail is he in lmfao” and “He’s allowed one call, right? Call me jeremy! = )”

Lest you get too lost in those icy blue eyes, know that a spokesperson for the Stockton police told the Associated Press that Meeks is “one of the most violent criminals in the Stockton area.” The same operation that nabbed him also netted some pretty serious firepower:



10 Craft Beers to Kick Off Your Summer

Keep cool with these light drinks

Summer officially begins this weekend, meaning it’s time to relax and kick off the season with a nice, cold beer. But don’t get weighed down by a heavy brewsky; you need some lighter options to stay buzzed all summer.

We enlisted some help from the bar finding website Taphunter to round up a list of beers you can stock your fridge with all summer. Cheers!

  • White Rascal, Avery Brewing

    Avery Brewing Co.

    If you need to cool off after a long day in the sun, this is your beer. It’s light, sweet and can be found at just about any bar.

  • Windansea, Karl Strauss Brewing Company

    Karl Strauss

    Perfect for poolside sipping, this Hefeweizen will make you feel like you’re on a tropical vacation. Even non-beer drinkers will appreciate the banana and vanilla undertones, giving it a sweet finish.

  • RAD, Sixpoint Brewery

    Sixpoint Brewery

    A combination of fruit juice and ale, this lower-alcohol beer is great for the lightweights in your crew. It’s almost like a beer cocktail, so feel free to put a little umbrella in your glass.

  • Bombshell Blonde, Southern Star Brewing

    Southern Star Brewing

    The Lone Star State’s sticky weather served as a good excuse to concoct this light, smooth beer. Enjoy on a hot summer day with your cowboy boots on.

  • Summer Love, Victory Brewing Company

    Victory Brewing Company

    When you’re barbequing on the roof, this lemony beer will keep you cool as you’re getting ready to enjoy a summer night. The tangy finish makes it a great addition to almost any meal.

  • Blonde Ale, Diamond Knot Craft Brewing

    Diamond Knot Craft Brewing

    Don’t be fooled by the light color–this blonde ale packs a punch. The makers used their grandfather’s pre-Prohibition recipe to make it into a modern day, light drinking option.

  • Summer Honey Ale, Big Sky Brewing Company

    Big Sky Brewing Company

    You can taste the difference of the clear, crisp Montana water in the Summer Honey Ale’s seasonal suds. It’s got some spices to kick up the flavor — but not too many, keeping it very drinkable.

  • Festina Peche, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

    Dogfish Head

    Hailed by critics as one of the best additions to the summer season, this tart beer was made for the beer geeks. It’s a little sour, but fruity, and would probably taste great with ice cream.

  • Honey Kolsch, Rogue Ales

    Rogue Ales & Spirits

    The honey in this beer will have you buzzing for more. Made with honey from the brewery’s local farm, it’s got a special taste you won’t find in standard fizzy yellow beers.

  • Big Wave Golden Ale, Kona Brewing Company

    Kona Brewing Company

    Take a sip of this Hawaiian-brewed beer for a taste of the islands. All you need to complete the pint is a surfboard and some major waves.

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Photos: The Week in Sports

Kickoff of the World Cup, the NBA Finals, the Stanley Cup and the U.S. Open all made for a week packed with sports. Here are TIME's best photos from these athletic events

TIME Photos

Celebrate the First Day of Summer with These 13 Fun Photos

From baby gorillas to Lionel Messi, here's a handful of photos to get your summer started right

TIME animals

These Spiders Eat Fish Twice Their Size

Fish Eating Spider
Pisauridae spider, dolomedes sp, catching fish Alastair Macewen—Getty Images

And they live on every continent except Antarctica. Be afraid.

Didn’t think spiders were terrifying enough already? Guess what: now scientists have discovered that a ton of spiders can eat things over twice their size. Swimming things.

These pescatarian spiders live on every continent except Antarctica, according to research published in PLoS ONE on Wednesday.

Researchers in Australia and Switzerland reviewed reports on fish predation and found that these aggressive spiders are much more common than scientists originally believed. Fish-eating spiders belong to eight different taxonomic families and only one of the spiders lives underwater. The rest hang out (or “lurk,” if you will) by the water and usually eat insects but occasionally go for a larger appetizer, killing fish 2-6 cm in length, about 2.2 times the size of the spider.

Their kill method is to wait on a rock for a fish to touch one of their legs before diving into the water and biting the neck of their prey, killing them. Then they drag the fish to land and devour it.

So now we know how an epic battle between Spider-Man and Aqua Man would go down.

TIME Food & Drink

Ben & Jerry’s Introduces Two New SNL-Themed Ice Cream Flavors

They're called Gilly's Catastrophic Crunch and Lazy Sunday, and they both look delicious

Ben & Jerry’s was inspired by Saturday Night Live back in 2011 when it introduced a flavor called Schweddy Balls, a nod to a classic SNL bit. Now, the Vermont company is back with two new SNL-themed varieties in honor of the show’s 40th anniversary this year, the Huffington Post reports.

The first is called Lazy Sunday, based, of course, the on the famous skit of the same name starring Andy Samberg and Chris Parnell. It features vanilla cake batter ice cream with chocolate and yellow cupcake pieces and a chocolate frosting swirl.

The second is Gilly’s Catastrophic Crunch, paying homage to the character made famous by Kristen Wiig. It’s got chocolate and sweet cream ice creams with caramel clusters, fudge-covered almonds and a marshmallow swirl.

Both are on sale now at scoop shops across the U.S., but sadly, they’re not available by the pint at grocery stores. You can, however, purchase a pint at a scoop shop, so you can still reclusively eat an entire container all by yourself on your couch while watching SNL re-runs, just the way it was intended.

TIME NextDraft

Inside a Video Game Rehab Clinic and Other Fascinating News on the Web

June 19, 2014


1. Game Junkies

“The drug addicts and alcoholics have a certain comfort with being in the world, you know. They’re street smart. They’ve had to figure out how to go get their drugs and they’ve done their drugs socially and been sexually active. It kind of gives them a comfort in the world that a lot of our guys completely lack.” Jagger Gravning takes us along for a day at the first video game rehab clinic in the U.S. After reading this, I’m pretty sure I need news rehab.

+ People were obsessed with games long before they went digital. “Before Risk, before Dungeons & Dragons, before Magic: The Gathering, there was Diplomacy.” In Grantland, David Hill enters an international competition to play The Board Game of the Alpha Nerds.

2. The Hum

Do you hear a constant humming noise? You’re not alone. In places around the world, a small fraction of the population regularly reports being driven nuts by a constant hum. As Jared Keller reports in the newly designed Mic, the hum is “characterized by a persistent and invasive low-frequency rumbling or droning noise often accompanied by vibrations.” And while there are many theories, nobody seems to be quite sure what’s causing it.

3. (Advisory) Boots on the Ground

“American forces will not be returning to combat in Iraq.” So said President Obama during a press conference in which he announced that up to 300 military advisors will be sent to Iraq to “train, advise and support” Iraqi forces. Obama also said that the U.S. military would take “targeted and precise” actions if necessary. Here’s a full transcript of the remarks.

+ WaPo: U.S. seeking alternatives to Maliki.

+ MoJo: Here’s what the battle over Iraqi oil means for America.

+ (Too) much of the recent coverage of the Iraq crisis has been dominated by an incredible WSJ op-ed by Dick Cheney and Liz Cheney in which they argue that we are “watching American defeat snatched from the jaws of victory” in Iraq. In tomorrow’s WSJ, maybe Dick Cheney and George Custer will advise Obama on winning at Little Bighorn. I try to lean away from politics here, but in this case, even Fox News can’t believe Cheney is giving advice.

4. The Bus Stops Here

Back in February, controversial American Apparel CEO Dov Charney told Buzzfeed that he was just getting started at the company: “I don’t have people bursting in my house yet telling me to take a hike … I’m just cracking my knuckles and getting started. When I’m in my mid-fifties, I’m going to start looking at how to widen, you know, start passing on the torch completely. But right now, I’m just figuring where I want to drive the bus.” Well, the bus just stopped. The company’s board intends to fire Charney “for cause.” (I’m guessing one could use the plural causes in this case.)

+ Due to the structure of some loans, the ouster could mean bankruptcy.

+ Quartz: Here are five things Dov Charney didn’t get fired for.

+ According to a recent study, the highest paid CEOs are the worst for investors.

5. Waxing Brazilian

“It’s your crowning achievement … Or your moment of defeat.” … “There’s a big dose of artistry involved.” There’s the beautiful game. And there’s the beautiful announcing. In a great piece (with audio!), the NYT’s Fernanda Santos leads us in a chorus of Goooooool, the siren song of soccer. And here is a companion interactive piece that has a lot of people yelling goal, and that is just awesome.

+ The commentators aren’t the only ones yelling. Here’s what Santiago sounded like after Chile beat Spain.

+ InFocus has a good collection of photos from the first week of the World Cup.

6. Detention

“For more than a decade, mental-health facilities and other institutions have worked to curtail the practice of physically restraining children or isolating them in rooms against their will.” It turns out there are no such regulations when it comes to public schools. From ProPublica, a pretty disturbing look at the shocking ways school kids are being pinned down, and isolated against their will.

+ NPR: Warnings against antidepressants for teens may have backfired

7. Chelsea’s New Neighborhood

Chelsea Handler has signed with Netflix to do a late night show. It’s pretty interesting news for her. It’s really interesting for the future direction of Netflix.

8. Jailhouse Rock

Since trying to have his wife killed, Christian Metal Rock band founder Tim Lambesis has admitted that he really wasn’t all that Christian (and neither were his bandmates, and according to him, neither are members of a lot of other Christian bands). “In the process of trying to defend my faith, I started thinking the other point of view was the stronger one.” He should have waited for a third point of view. Lambesis is currently serving six years in jail.

9. I Wouldn’t Leave You Hanging…

As I’ve mentioned, NextDraft will not be published for the next week. I’ll be providing links to some news stories (mixed in with my usual weirdness) on Twitter. So feel free to follow me there. In the meantime, I’ll fill today’s ninth spot with a few extra stories.

+ “With a quivering hand, Vlok took a glass of water off Chikane’s desk, poured it into the basin, sprinkled it onto Chikane’s naked toes, and dried them carefully with the rag. And then both men dissolved into tears.” New Republic’s Eve Fairbanks on a former Apartheid leader who is seeking redemption — by washing the feet of those he wronged.

+ “Whenever you are speaking with a co-worker who seems to be paying attention, and whose upper body is angled toward you, but whose legs and feet have turned toward the door – realize that the conversation is over.” Entrepreneur on body language, leadership positions, and why you should never cross your arms again.

+ FastCo: You’re more likely to lie, cheat, and steal in the afternoon. (But never at dusk…)

+ “If there were a widespread disease that similarly deprived people of a third of their conscious lives, the search for a cure would be lavishly funded.” Aeon’s Jessa Gamble on the end of sleep.

+ Why do Finnish babies sleep in cardboard boxes?

+ Fortune: Prison labor’s new frontier — Artisanal Foods.

+ Modern Farmer: California entrepreneurs try to design their way out of the drought. And The Atlantic on why Californians will soon be drinking their own pee. I always knew my cats were ahead of the curve.

+ Santa Fe Reporter: Casanova’s Long Con — How Michael Soutar turned a 34-year prison sentence into freedom.

+ Build bigger roads, and traffic gets worse.

+ “I tell them to do what I did: Get surveillance cameras. Hire a private investigator. And do the necessary steps to get them out.” BloombergBusinessweek with a look inside Airbnb’s battle for New York.

+ Here’s an interesting look back at a CIA plan to work with one of the people behind GI Joe to make a demon toy to counter Osama bin Laden’s influence

+ 19 supermarket mind games that get you to buy more stuff.

10. The Bottom of the News

“I am just back out here to make enough money to disappear again.” Dave Chappelle is back on stage in New York City.

+ When Hells Angels freezes over… Introducing Harley-Davidson’s electric motorcycle.

+ Why did Popeye’s have to fork over $43 million for its own recipes (and why did they want them)?

+ If you have tens of millions of dollars but your drive a beat-up, old car, then you must be a politician.



‘Uber for Marijuana’ App Will Deliver Pot to Your Door

… If you have a medicinal marijuana card and live in Washington State

Say goodbye to those awkwardly composed texts to your friend’s friend’s friend (“Hey, do you by any chance …”), because two college students have come up with a solution — a marijuana-delivery app called Canary.

But don’t get too excited. For now, Canary, founded by University of Washington students Josiah Tullis and Megh Vakharia, will allow only medical-marijuana card holders to place orders for their favorite strains of bud, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported on Thursday. Though marijuana possession in Washington State has been legal for those over 21 after voters passed Initiative 502 in 2012, the first licensed retailers have yet to open.

The plan, though, is to one day begin delivering recreational marijuana.

“The uncertainties are not in the technology; the technology has already been done before. The uncertainties are in the legality on the business side,” Tullis said.

Tullis and Vakharia pitched the idea to a startup conference hosted by TechCrunch, where they were met with widespread support. Investors have expressed interest, and drivers from Uber and Lyft looking for delivery jobs are already interviewing.

And what do their parents have to say about it? Vakharia’s mom told him, “Go ahead and pursue this business; just don’t partake in what you’re delivering.”

Well, good thing they’ve already gotten into college.

TIME technology

This Club Is Offering Poolside Drone Bottle Service

Yes, really

When the Hollywood Reporter released a roundup Thursday of the extravagant luxuries provided by some Las Vegas clubs, we didn’t blink at the $9,000 personal fireworks displays or PlayStation 4-filled cabanas. What gave us pause was the Cosmopolitan Marquee Dayclub’s poolside bottle service … delivered via drone.

For a mere $20,000 bar tab (and a day’s notice), an unmanned drone will descend from the sky to bring libations to the inebriated, bikini-wearing masses.

The bizarre service was available on Memorial Day, although the Cosmopolitan did not respond when asked if the service was still available or to other requests for comment.

“It seems as if there is something new that comes up almost every week,” a Federal Aviation Administration spokesperson told TIME, referring to strange drone integrations. Unfortunately—and we’re sorry to burst your champagne bubble—this kind of drone activity is definitely not approved by the FAA. Which is, you know, mandatory.

While a recreational voyage, like innocently taking a “dronie” in the park, doesn’t need FAA approval, a commercial unmanned flight does. However, the FAA spokesperson added that “FAA regulations apply only to outdoor use—If a hotel wants to use an unmanned aircraft to deliver drinks indoors, that’s outside FAA jurisdiction.”

The FAA has only approved two commercial drone voyages, one to conduct research in the Arctic and another to survey pipelines in the U.S. But the FAA spokesperson said that although civil penalties can be applied, he doesn’t expect that it will be in the case of the drone bottle service as “that is usually for flying in a careless or reckless manner.”

The Cosmopolitan, however, isn’t the only hotel to use drone bottle service — The Mansion at California’s Casa Madrona also offers the service for guests staying in the $10,000-a-night Alexandrite Suite.

TIME Crime

Watch: Reporter Robbed While Reporting On Robbery

Not for the first time, a Bay Area reporter is robbed while on air

Heather Holmes, a San Francisco based reporter for KTVV was reporting on local crimes and, while on air, became a victim herself.

Reporting on a spate of recent muggings and car robberies, Holmes was on camera when an opportunistic thief entered the crew’s production van.

“R u kidding me?” Holmes tweeted, “Doing a live report at @oaklandpoliceca headquarters & my purse is stolen from the live truck!”

She later tweeted that someone used her bank card just 20 minutes later.

Holmes isn’t the first reporter to have this happen to her. According to the New York Times, every Bay Area TV station has been robbed of their cameras at least once, with some stations now employing armed plain clothes security.

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