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Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel” Video Without Music Is Completely Creepy

It's Stalkerrific!

Picture it: You’re a woman walking alone down a darkened city street when a man emerges from the shadows and shouts, “HEY!” As his voice echoes harshly through the night, you walk faster and faster. He follows you, ominously close, and then he starts to …dance.

That’s the storyline in Michael Jackson’s video for “The Way You Make Me Feel,” but it’s hard to notice how starkly terrifying the scene is because the upbeat pop music masks the sinister undertone.

In the latest installment of YouTube series Musicless Musicvideo, the music is removed from the video and the creepy scenario springs to life. Watch, but be warned–you will never view this video the same way again.

[via Dangerous Minds]

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NASA Is Letting People Choose Its Next Uber-Techy Spacesuit

Here are the options...

NASA is making space nerds’ dreams come true: They can vote on what the next spacesuit design will look like. (First Cosmos and now this? It’s space nerd Christmas!)

The Z-1 Spacesuit — named one of TIME’s best innovations of 2012, FYI — is upgrading to a Z-2, made with the help of 3D human laser scans and 3D-printed hardware. To fully engage its core audience, NASA is allowing its fans to pick which high tech design will be built. Here are the options, each with a subtly different theme:

1. Biomimicry

This suit is meant to look like the world’s oceans:


And to embrace the “bioluminescent qualities of aquatic creatures found at incredible depths,” it also glows in the dark:


2. Technology

This design uses Luminex wire and light-emitting patches:


3. Trends in Society

This is what NASA thinks a spacesuit would look like if it was ‘reflective of what every day clothes may look like in the not too distant future”:


And here’s the 2012 Z-1:


People can vote here.

Of course, like most awesome things on the Internet, there’s a bit of a catch. The spacesuit isn’t actually space friendly. According to the frequently asked questions section, it isn’t designed to fly in space because the outer layers doesn’t have the functionality of “micrometeroite, thermal and radiation protection.” This is a prototype used primarily for aesthetics. Womp womp.

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Firefighter Rescues a Worker Dangling From a Burning Apartment Building

No injuries were reported, and all of the construction workers got out safely

A firefighter rescued a construction worker who was ready to jump from a ledge just in the nick of time Tuesday, as strong winds produced a massive fire that burned down a Houston apartment complex that was under construction, Associated Press reports.

In video shot from a nearby office by a woman named Karen Jones, the worker can be seen climbing down from the fifth floor ledge to the one below and then the fifth floor breaking apart right after the worker crawled onto a firefighter’s extension ladder.

What started out as a small rooftop fire at the $50 million apartment complex that witnesses say started around 12:30 p.m. yesterday became a blaze that 200 emergency personnel brought under control after two-and-a-half hours.

The Houston Chronicle reports that the cause of the fire is still under investigation, but it is possible that welders working on the roof started it, according to Houston Fire Department Deputy Chief Greg Lewis.

Below is the full two-and-a-half-minute video of the rescue, which the AP has also published:

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What Gwyneth Paltrow Really Means by ‘Conscious Uncoupling:’ A Goop-to-English Dictionary

Hollywood Stands Up To Cancer Presented By The Entertainment Industry Foundation And Event Chairs Jim Toth And Reese Witherspoon Benefiting Stand Up To Cancer - Inside
Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow on January 28, 2014 in Culver City, California. Charley Gallay—Getty Images for Entertainment I

The actress also known as Goop is rebranding her divorce as 'conscious uncoupling.' What else will she rebrand in her post-Martin world?

Gwyneth Paltrow doesn’t eat cereal, she eats quinoa granola with olive oil. She doesn’t go to the gym, she does “brain activated” Tracy Anderson Method dance cardio. And she doesn’t get divorced from the father of her two children, she “consciously uncouples” from him, as she explained in an announcement posted on her lifestyle website, Goop.com.

Apparently Paltrow wants to differentiate herself from all those people who get divorced while unconscious.

She and her website seem to hate messy emotions about as much as they hate gluten, cupcakes, and lying around on the couch like a normal person. That’s why she’s choosing to “consciously uncouple” from her musician husband Chris Martin instead of going through the painful and often enraging process of splitting up a family like the rest of us do when a marriage isn’t working.

The uncoupling announcement caused such a traffic hit to Goop.com that it crashed the site. This intense interest in how Goop would handle divorce seems to open up all kinds of new marketing possibilities to Paltrow. After all she’s already told us how she managed to uncouple herself from post-partem weight, processed foods, tasteless home decor and general sloth. Now she can tell us how to uncouple ourselves from all the awful parts of divorce so we can be happy, gluten-free single parents.

But before we get onboard with Paltrow’s latest bit of transformational lifestyle advice, we might want to learn a little more about this “conscious uncoupling” she speaks of.

Therapist “Transformational Teacher” Katherine Woodward Thomas spends almost an hour explaining “conscious uncoupling” with her soft-spoken bearded friend in this “Cutting Edge Consciousness” video for people who have nothing else to do. Thomas says “conscious uncoupling” is a five-week process (like a cleanse?) in which individuals “devote themselves to a conscious process” of getting over a relationship without bitterness so that you don’t turn your “soul-mate” into “soul-hate.” You have to “midwife” the “the energy of your emotions” in order to use the “energy of transformation” for a “constructive expression.” Dr. Thomas says Nelson Mandela is a perfect example of this kind of consciousness–because being in jail for 26 years is kind of like getting over a breakup.

If you’re confused, you’re not alone. Here’s a handy (made-up) Goop to English translator to help you understand other post-divorce life events that may one day befall Gwyneth Paltrow and her family.

Dictionary of 10 Goopy Terms:

“Time Managed Co-Parenting” = Joint custody

“Compassionate Post-Conscious-Uncoupling Resource Distribution” = Alimony

“Toxin” = Candy

“Youthful Journey-Finding” = When daughter Apple says “I want to go to Dad’s house where there’s candy!”

“Maintaining Post-Pleasure Tranquility” = Making sure new boyfriend sneaks out before kids wake up

“Embracing Joyous Change” = Introducing kids to new boyfriend

“Accepting a New Element” = Introducing kids to dad’s new girlfriend

“Intergenerational Quality Time for Love and Learning” = When Grandma comes to stay for two weeks so you can go to Fiji with new boyfriend

“Tolerating the Expansion of Horizons” = When dad’s new girlfriend gives Moses a pack of Twizzlers

“A Communal Tranquility Event” = When all four parents and step-parents are at the school play

Congratulations! Now you’re fluent in Goop.

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Baby North Totally Peed On Kanye During Their Vogue Shoot

How could she be so heartless?

So much for Vogue being all about poise and glamour.

On Late Night Tuesday, Kim Kardashian told Seth Meyers a fun fact about her recent top-secret photo shoot for the fashion magazine with fiance Kanye West and their baby, North. Apparently nine-month-old North totally peed on Kanye while she was lying nude on the rapper’s chest during the portrait session by legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz.

We assume Kanye was like, “North, I keep telling you not to pee on me!” and then she was like, “Excuse me, was you saying something? Uh, uh, you can’t tell me nothing.”

We’ll see ourselves out.


This California Museum is Hosting an Exhibit of the Best Awkward Family Photos

Awkward Family Photos, the beloved website that compiles the best of the worst family portraits, is getting its very own museum exhibit. The California Heritage Museum in Santa Monica, which displays “American decorative and fine arts,” will host an exhibit of the portraits, curated by childhood friends and Awkward Family Photos creators Mike Bender and Doug Chernack.

According to the museum:

The “Awkward Family Photo” exhibition, at the California Heritage Museum, opens on March 28, and will continue through July 27, 2014. It invites you to celebrate those less than picture-perfect moments in an exhibition that explores ten family themes: The Family Portrait; Siblings; Vacation; The Kids; The Holidays; Weddings; Dad; Mom; The Grandparents; Birthdays; and The Family Pet.

Does this mean a celebrities-as-normal-people exhibit is on the horizon?


Here’s Michelle Obama Just Feeding Apples to Some Pandas In China

U.S. first lady Michelle Obama and her mother Marian Robinson feed apple to giant pandas as they visit Giant Panda Research Base in Chengdu
U.S. first lady Michelle Obama (L) and her mother Marian Robinson (R) feed apple to giant pandas as daughter Malia looks on during their visit at Giant Panda Research Base in Chengdu, Sichuan province, March 26, 2014. Petar Kujundzic / Reuters

No big deal

During her weeklong visit to China, First Lady Michelle Obama carved out some time to stop by the Giant Panda Research Base in Chengdu to hang out with some pandas. With the assistance of her mom, Marian Robinson, and daughter, Malia, the FLOTUS used a bamboo shoot to feed apples to some of the cuddly creatures and it was probably the cutest thing in political history.



South Korean ‘Diva’ Makes $9000 a Month Eating on Camera

The success of one of South Korea's most popular food bloggers, who makes a living broadcasting herself eat, is a mark of a society coming to terms with its increasing urban alienation

Park Seo-yeon eats for a living. And, boy, does she eat.

On a Sunday evening last month, I watched her gobble up $300 worth of prime beef, alongside an armful of grilled zucchini, mushroom, pepper, eggplant and pumpkin. Her second course: six fresh, blue crabs piled on a mound of greens and bathed in a clear broth. For dessert: pudding.

Also watching the 32-year-old consume copious quantities of food that night: several thousand fans. Park, who goes by the nickname ‘The Diva,’ is one of South Korea’s top culinary bloggers. Nearly every day, she prepares and eats her outsized evening meal in her home studio, live-broadcasting for up to four hours at a time. “I try to look pretty, eat pretty, and eat a lot of delicious food,” she says.

The Diva’s show is part cooking program, part virtual community. Fans tune in to see what she cooks (it varies, but it is always a lot) and how she eats it (with relish). They also send recipes, and ask her questions. (‘How do you eat so much?’) As a sign of appreciation, they send “balloons,” a digital currency that can be converted to cash. She says she now makes about $9000 per month.

Park is at the leading edge of South Korea’s burgeoning meok-bang, or ‘broadcast eating’ fad. There are thousands of hosts, although she is currently the most popular in the category. Two things are driving the trend, she says: an obsession with food, eating and dieting, and the loneliness of urban life.

The Diva’s show is a sensory feast. You can hear the meat sizzle and the mustard squirt. After cutting a particularly juicy piece of steak, Park spears it with her fork and holds it before the camera, turning it just slightly until it glistens in the light. She takes a bite. “Juicy,” she says, between chews. “It just melts away in my mouth.”

The Diva’s meals are mostly multi-course, multi-hour affairs featuring abnormally large portions. That’s part of the appeal. A lot of her fans are young people, particularly young women, who face tremendous pressure to stay thin. “A lot of my fans are on a diet,” she says. “Watching me eat gives them a vicarious thrill.”

The tone is sensual, but not overtly sexual. Park is the first to admit that her looks are part of the appeal. Although she insists she does not purge or diet, she says she spends about 1.5 hours a day doing her makeup and hair, and strives to both “eat pretty” and look good. The day TIME met her, camera in-tow, she went to the butcher’s shop in spike heels.

But the show is, quite literally, family friendly. After several years of broadcasting solo, Park made her parents regular guests. They drive to her home several nights a week to help her grocery shop, prepare food, and interact with the audience. “We tell the fans they should eat with their parents,” says her dad, Park Il-lyun, 64. “Now I have my own fans too.”

For some viewers the broadcast is a nightly ritual, a virtual re-enactment of a family meal. The number of one-person households in South Korea expected to jump from 25.3% in 2012 to 32.7% in 2030, the fastest rate among rich-world countries, according Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. “Many people are eating alone,” Park says. “My show makes them feel like they are eating with a friend.”

The Diva’s fans, like real-life friends and family, are full of questions and advice. “Do you have a boyfriend?” they ask. “How do you manage to stay so slim?,” “Where do you buy your makeup?,” “What brand of oil do you use?” After watching her prepare and eat an outrageous amount of beef, one fan wrote-in with some health advice: “Eating too much meat is bad for your kidneys.”

Certainly, the lifestyle takes its toll. Park’s success in the virtual world has changed her real life. She makes more money than she did at her office job, sure, but she spends most of her time alone, prepping, shopping and broadcasting. It is tough to make dinner plans, or meet a life partner (which she says she would like to do), when you have a standing date with three or four thousand online voyeurs.

But she works hard to downplay the difficulty, to make it all look easy. Park is the woman who eats as much as she pleases, but doesn’t gain a pound, the dinner companion who never tires of your company. She is selling the same thing that television shows have been peddling for years: fantasy. And audiences eat it up.

—with reporting by Stephen Kim / Incheon, South Korea

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In Whopper of a Challenge, Watch a Guy Eat Every Burger on the Burger King Menu in 24 Minutes

Will this competitive eater meat his match?

The competitive eater and YouTube entertainer L.A. Beast accepted Burger King’s Instagram challenge to eat every burger on the menu and did so in 24 minutes. Wearing a shock collar and drinking Gatorade to help wash down the fast food, he consumed 6,370 calories during the challenge, according to the video.

“I did not order the specialty NEW KING BURGER because I did not see it on the menu when I was ordering,” L.A. Beast writes in the YouTube description, “but Burger King, unbeknownst to me, gave me a free extra whopper to make up for it.”

Earlier this week, L.A. Beast went viral for chugging a bottle of hot sauce. Past viral stunts include eating a cactus and attempting to consume 150 Warheads sour candies, but having to stop at 86 because his entire mouth started bleeding.

Sorry to anyone who was craving burgers for lunch before reading this.

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North Korean University Students Are Now Reportedly Required to Get the Same Haircut as Kim Jong Un

North Korea leader Kim Jong Un presides over a meeting of the Central Military Commission of the Workers' Party of Korea
Nice haircut, Mr Dictator. North Korea leader Kim Jong Un presides over a meeting of the Central Military Commission of the Workers' Party of Korea. KCNA / Reuters

Women will still be allowed to choose from a selection of state-sanctioned 'dos

Until now, everyone in North Korea had to choose their haircuts from a list of state-approved styles. But now, all male undergraduates in the hermit kingdom will be required to sport the same hairstyle as supreme leader Kim Jong Un, the BBC reports.

Pyongyang introduced the new law two weeks ago but is now rolling it out across the country. Unfortunately, some North Koreans may not be thrilled about the new look. According to a former Pyongyang resident now living in China, the Kim Jong Un cut is unpopular because it apparently resembles the style of Chinese smugglers. “Until the mid-2000s, we called it the ‘Chinese smuggler haircut’,” the source told the Korea Times.

For now, it seems women will still be able to choose one of the several state-approved styles. Though if Kim Jong Un is a Friends fan, maybe he’ll mandate that all women get “The Rachel.” You never know.

Update, 4:05 a.m. ET: The BBC corrected its story to say that the haircut rule applies only to university students, not all North Korean men as originally stated. This story has now been edited to reflect that.

Update, March 27, 10:55 a.m. ET: The Associated Press reports that the mandatory haircuts may be an unfounded rumor. See full report here.

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