The 10 Most Controversial American Apparel Ads

Recently fired chief executive Dov Charney was known for controversy

Late Wednesday night, American Apparel fired to its controversy-courting founder Dov Charney as chief executive due to an “ongoing investigation into alleged misconduct.”

At the same time that scandal clung to Charney, the company’s financial performance faltered. Shares in the company have fallen 84 percent over the past five years. Charney was the subject of lawsuits for sexual harassment and violence aimed at employees, charges routinely denied by American Apparel.

Charney relished the aura of misbehavior and his company’s advertising became renown for its over-the-top and unbuttoned sexual imagery. Some of the ads were so out-there that they drew bans overseas.

Here’s a look at ten of the most controversial ads used by the retailer.

TIME faith

Christian Heavy Metal Band Frontman Admits He’s Actually an Atheist

As I Lay Dying Wikipedia / Matthias Bauer

Apostasy is so metal

If you grew up Christian, or just really emo, you might remember the band As I Lay Dying from your teenage years. They mixed heavy metal instrumentation and angsty lyrics with a tinge of religion. But it turns out that was something of a lie. The band’s frontman, Tim Lambesis, just admitted that he has been an atheist for years—and he wasn’t the only band member to drop out of their creed.

This confession wasn’t the first time Lambesis betrayed his fans, however. He was also recently arrested for hiring an undercover detective to kill his soon-to-be former wife—he was angry that she had restricted visits with their children and would get a share of his income in the divorce. His wife, Meggan, has filed a $2 million lawsuit against him.

Lambesis says he was the third guy who became an atheist in the band, a fact that had come to light in the couple’s divorce papers. “In the process of trying to defend my faith, I started thinking the other point of view was the stronger one,” he said in an interview with Alternative Press. “In 12 years of touring with As I Lay Dying, I would say maybe one in 10 Christian bands we toured with were actually Christian bands.”

The singer has been sentenced to six years in jail, but the band’s near future probably isn’t a good bet, either.

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WATCH: David Bowie’s and Mick Jagger’s “Dancing In The Street” Video Without The Music

Looks like a silly workout video

Back in 1985, Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger and David Bowie did a campy cover of the Motown classic “Dancing In The Street.” In 2014, for the latest installment of his music-less music video series, Mario Wienerroither decided to strip out the duo’s dulcet tones and just leave the jumpsuit-and-shoulder-pad-heavy video intact but soundtracked solely by the pitter patter of two sets of very famous feet, the occasional grunt, a train whistle and even a burp.

The result is something that looks like a very energetic exercise video with Mick Jagger playing the enthusiastic aerobics instructor until David Bowie swoops down from the sky like he’s back in Labyrinth and woos Jagger outside. Once they are dancing in the street, the extremely dynamic duo engage in some synchronized dance moves, nearly silent Tai Chi-like arm maneuvers and bold sweeping arm gestures surely directing the silent orchestra. Not since Charlie Chaplin (or, fine, The Artist) has a silent film been so engaging.

[h/t Gothamist]

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A VHS Copy Of Hellraiser Is Mysteriously Haunting A London Bus Stop

Bus stop at night in London Tim Robberts—Getty Images

Do not open the box

Is South London about to be invaded by the Cenobites? Maybe, but the neighborhood is definitely being haunted by a VHS copy of Hellraiser, the 1987 classic Clive Barker horror film.

Back in 2011, an eagle-eyed commuter noticed that there was a puzzling box (that’s a Hellraiser reference, folks) perched atop a bus stop. When he investigated, it turned out to be a VHS copy of the horror film complete with Pinhead’s terrifying face staring out from it. Three years on, it’s still there.

Last year, Tom Wateracre started documenting what he assumed was an amusing oddity worth tweeting about. It became less funny and more creepy when a second copy showed up:

It didn’t stop in April, either. In August, another VHS copy of the film showed up:

When one copy disappears, another shows up in its place. In October, the phenomenon spread across town:

Was it a copy cat or the first hints that Frank Cotton is returning? The world may never know. What we do know is that the VHS copy of Hellraiser is still there (see for yourself on Google Street View) sitting on the bus stop on Old Kent Road just waiting for some curious person to open it, which, if horror movies are to be believed, would probably be a very bad idea.

You can read the entire scary Hellraiser Storify here:

[via Dazed]

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Grieving Daughter Takes Life-Size Cardboard Cutout of Deceased Father Around the World

A moving tribute to a man who always wanted to travel the globe

A Virginia dad died from stomach cancer at 52 before fulfilling his lifelong dream of traveling the world. Now, CNN reports his daughter, New York-based artist Jinna Yang, 25, made it come true by going around Europe in April with a life-size cutout of her dad Jay Kwon Yang, taking photos of it in front of landmarks.

“Most of the time when you see a life-sized cutout, it’s of Justin Bieber or One Direction, and it’s usually in a nine-year-old’s room,” Yang told CNN. Plus, the six-foot-tall cardboard figure folded up, so in terms of transportation, she joked, “I didn’t have to pay for an extra seat for dad!”

Me and dad at the Leaning Tower of #Pisa, #Italy | #formyfather (Photo 5/11)

A photo posted by JINNA YANG (@greaseandglamour) on

Me and my dad in front of #skogafoss, #Iceland | #formyfather (Photo 6/11; cc @tineey)

A photo posted by JINNA YANG (@greaseandglamour) on

Me and my dad outside the Eiffel Tower in #Paris | #formyfather (Photo 1/11, cc: @tineey)

A photo posted by JINNA YANG (@greaseandglamour) on



This Is How Much Money Americans Are Spending Every Second

Spoiler alert: it's a whole lot

Americans love to spend. We know this. But just how much are they spending every second of every day, and on what exactly? The folks over at Retale, a location-based app that aggregates weekly retail circulars, created a real-time graphic to visualize the answers to these questions. Watch the numbers tick swiftly upward, as more and more money is spent on everything from coffee to firearms to pet food to lottery tickets to doughnuts.

Via retale.com

References are listed below the graphic. Of course, keep in mind that these numbers are ultimately an estimate. And if the graphic looks familiar, that’s because it was inspired by the popular Internet in Real-Time chart.

TIME Crime

Watch: Suspect Leads Police On Wild Chase Through Golf Course


For some golfers lining up to hit their drives, something as subtle as a sneeze can break their concentration and cause them to hook or slice their shot. So, spare a thought for the golfers of Moorhead, M.N., who had to deal with a high-speed car chase crashing through their course.

As WDAY reports, 33-year-old Kendall Scott Feist had been served with outstanding arrest warrants for drug offenses, but instead of cooperating with police, he took off in his pickup truck.

The ensuing chase took him through the town and across the local golf course, before finally coming to a halt at a shopping mall in the neighboring town of Fargo, N.D.

There were no injuries sustained in the incident, although the golf course suffered extensive damage. Feist now faces felony charges of fleeing police and criminal damage to property in addition to his outstanding drug charges.

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Sorry New Yorkers, You Can No Longer Tattoo Your Pets

State legislature passes bill forbidding the tattooing and piercing of pets, after lawmaker spotted "gothic kittens" for sale

New York state lawmakers passed a bill on Wednesday forbidding the tattooing and piercings of pets.

Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal introduced the animal rights bill in 2011 after she discovered “gothic kittens” with tattoos and piercings for sale online, according to the New York Daily News. The proposal will now head to Governor Andrew Cuomo, who is expected to sign the law.

The bill, co-sponsored by Senator Mark Grisanti, was designed to prevent animals from unnecessary body modification, which many believe is a form of animal cruelty. The only exceptions are piercings for medical purposes and tattoos for medical or identification purposes, according to the bill’s text.

In March, photos circulated online of a dog inked by a Brooklyn tattoo artist.

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Discerning Cat Walks 12 Miles Back to Old Home Because He Didn’t Like His New One

Getty Images

Curious George?

A cat ran away and walked 12 miles back to its old home after its owners moved to a different neighborhood in Portland, Oregon, The Oregonian reports.

The new renters reportedly called and said they thought they found the two-year-old tabby named George, which showed up and kept wanting to be pet.

Last year, a tortoiseshell cat named Holly made headlines for trekking 200 miles back home to West Palm Beach, Florida, after running away from the family vacation at a R.V. rally in Daytona Beach. While scientists don’t know for sure how a cat could find its way home from a long distance, they say cats navigate in familiar areas via sight and smell. Patrick Bateson, a behavioral biologist at Cambridge University, told the New York Times, it’s possible that cats can sense “the smell of pine with wind coming from the north, so they move in a southerly direction.”


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Game of Thrones: The Brady Bunch Remix

It’s just wholesome TV, right?

Classic television is all about family drama, showing close-knit circles of people conflicting with each other then realizing that they love each other after all. Especially if they’re brothers and sisters? On the Will Wheaton Project, the Game of Thrones opening sequence was swapped for that other happy family show, The Brady Bunch.

Apart from all the death and betrayal, it’s an easy transition between the two. Instead of wholesome lyrics, Game of Thrones has “He had hair of gold like his uncle, because of incest,” referencing Joffrey Baratheon, of course, and “Ned was noble, so he died pretty quick,” about the Stark king. In the end, everyone comes together in a big, grimacing grid.

In comparison, here’s the original:

As Leo Tolstoy wrote, “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” We might add to that, some families are unhappier than others.

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