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Baby Can’t Stop Dancing To Magical Birthday Card

Hamsterdancing all the way to nap time.

There’s an old truism that babies usually prefer playing with the wrapping paper to the actual present, but some kids never even make it to the gift.

Take the tiny tyke in this video, who seemingly never quite got around to opening the present, because she is too darn busy busting a move to the chipper tune blasting out of the birthday card.

As “The Hamsterdance” plays from the musical card, the baby shows off her diaper-shaking dance moves until she gets a little too exuberant and accidentally causes the card to close. She quickly figures out what needs to happen to keep the party going …at least until nap time.

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Anna Kendrick Makes Getting Locked Out Look Like Fun

The actress, who will play Cinderella in the movie Into The Woods, uses her Kate Spade shopping haul to kill time while she waits

Anna Kendrick, star of Pitch Perfect and Up in the Air, knows how to have fun, even when she’s locked out of her apartment. In a new ad for Kate Spade, the actress checks out her purchases while she waits to get back in. She tries on new clothes from the designer, chats on the phone and sips champagne with a straw. Finally, when she’s had enough, she uses the Kate Spade clothes to build a rope to access the fire escape.

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You Can Buy Mr. Darcy’s House

61st Berlin Film Festival - The King's Speech - Photocall
Sean Gallup—Getty Images Actor Colin Firth

The British estate that inspired Jane Austen is up for sale

You might not be able to live out the rest of your days with Pride and Prejudice’s fictional Mr. Darcy, but you can spend them at his British estate.

Wentworth Woodhouse — the residence that reportedly inspired Jane Austen’s depiction of Darcy’s home, Pemberley — is reportedly going on the market for a mere $10.9 million. A spokesperson for U.K. estate agency Savills told the Daily Mail that the manor will go on the market “in the new year.”

The estate will serve as the perfect muse for all that Pride and Prejudice fan fiction you’ve been dying to write.

The estate, which has five miles worth of corridors, was home to the fourth Earl Fitzwilliam, who reportedly inspired Darcy himself.

While $10.9 million might seem like a bargain, keep in mind that there is an estimated $65.6 million of required repairs.

Worth it.

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Watch Lykke Li Put a Beautiful New Twist on Drake’s ‘Hold On, We’re Going Home’

The "I Follow Rivers" singer successfully takes on an R&B track

During a show in London Thursday night, Swedish indie pop artist Lykke Li surprised fans by performing a version of Drake’s hit “Hold On, We’re Going Home.” She simply explains that she loves the song before launching into her haunting take.

To be fair, fans who follow Li on Instagram probably weren’t surprised by this, as last week she shared a video of her practicing:


A video posted by Lykke Li (@lykkeli) on

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This Cat’s Laser Focus and Determination as He Flicks a Piece a Paper Is Commendable

After a full minute he finally takes a break and just cuddles up with it

This is Paper Cat. All we really know about him is that he’s really into paper — or at least, he’s really into this one specific piece of paper. He flicks at it with the type of curiosity and determination that teachers dream of. His human tries a few times to get him to stop, but he’s all, I have a mission and I will not rest until it is completed.

After about a minute, though, he does rest, cuddling up with the paper and making sure to protect it – probably because he plans to continue his mission in a few minutes.

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Mark Zuckerberg Made One of Those Cheesy Facebook ‘Thanks’ Videos for His Wife, But It’s Kind of Cute

Let's all raise a glass to Mark and Priscilla

You may have noticed a new trend on Facebook that allows you to thank your friends for being your friend with a personalized video documenting said friendship.

It’s also entirely possible you haven’t noticed this yet. Based on some initial tests we ran, it yields some cheesy and/or weird results. Also, as my discerning colleague Victor Luckerson points out, “I just find the chasm between the emotional sentiment of the videos and the effort put in by person saying ‘thanks’ really, really funny.” (You really don’t have to do anything at all other than type in your friend’s name and hit play.)

But Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg seems determined to make this feature a thing, so he promoted it by sharing the video documenting his relationship with his wife. He did put in a little extra effort by adding a personalized note and elaborating on why he’s thankful for her.

Check it out:

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Watch Seth Meyers Go Full Sorkin in Four Minutes Flat

Aaron Sorkin couldn't have done it better himself

Aaron Sorkin may be done with television, but television isn’t done with him yet. Last night on Late Night, host Seth Meyers managed to pull off the perfect Sorkin parody in just four minutes flat. Filled with the famed writer’s trademark ping-pong dialogue, walk-and-talk conversations, dramatic camera close-ups, impassioned speeches and random paper hand-offs that were perfected on the sets of The West Wing and The Newsroom.

Meyers, who honed his own sketch-making craft during his time on Saturday Night Live, not only managed to nail the Sorkin lexicon, but was also able to work in the fact that comedian Amy Schumer set a very high bar for Sorkin parodies with her own sketch, “The Foodroom,” starring Josh Charles as a patriotic restaurant manager.

The only thing that gave Meyers the edge on Schumer? Getting Sorkin himself to appear in the sketch.

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Watch Lorde’s Soulful, Surprising Cover of ‘Don’t Tell ‘Em’

The 18-year-old singer shows off her R&B side

You probably know Jeremih as the “Birthday Sex” guy, but his latest hit is “Don’t Tell ‘Em” — and we now know Lorde is a big fan of that track.

The “Royals” singer covered the R&B hit for BBC Radio’s Live Lounge this week, explaining, “I have basically been a really big fan of this song since I first started hearing it around … It’s quite a saucy song or something, and I think it would be interesting to flip the dynamic and make that power mine.”

The New Zealander, who turned 18 last week and was recently named one of TIME’s most influential teens of the year, certainly surprised us with this choice. The fact that she totally killed it, however, did not surprise us at all.

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Pictures of the Week: Nov. 7 – Nov. 14

From Putin’s “coatgate” moment with China’s first lady and the funerals of Kurdish fighters killed in clashes with ISIS, to One World Trade Center’s 69th floor rescue and Brad Pitt’s selfie, TIME presents the best pictures of the week.

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