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It Took 9 Months to Make This Vine

A pregnancy in six seconds

There’s nothing as awe-inspiring as the creation of life — except for maybe this man’s dedication to creating this Vine.

Filmed over nine months, the mini-video documents a pregnancy from barely showing to baby toting. It’s Vine user Ian Padgham’s (@origiful) modern take on the staid old tradition of the pregnancy photo.

Padgham,whose day job involves making time-lapse clips on the social site for various brands, used his professional skill set to film his wife, Claire Pasquier, over the course of the nine months of her pregnancy. He captured her physical transformation in a six-second-long looping clip, shooting to frames at a time over nine months.

It’s a cool homage to family, life and technology, that has become one of the most viewed Vines of all time, with more than 12 million views so far.

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Portland Plans Tiny Houses for the Homeless

Homeless in the Pearl
Don Ryan—AP A person walks by the Right 2 Dream Too homeless camp in Portland, Ore. on Oct. 4, 2013.

Designed to give residents greater privacy and independence than traditional shelters, the micro homes may persuade people who currently live in Portland's "tent cities" to relocate to the sturdier structures

With an estimated 2,000 of its residents sleeping under bridges, on streets and in empty lots in a variety of makeshift shelters, the city of Portland, Oregon, is on a quest to provide more safe housing for those without a permanent address. Thinking beyond typical dorm-style shelters, it has launched a task force that will meet September 4th “to assess the viability of using tiny homes as a potential for housing houseless people,” says Josh Alpert, Director of Strategic Initiatives for Mayor Charlie Hales. Alpert hopes the first batch of homes will be ready for occupancy by late February 2015.

The mayor’s office began looking into the idea of micro homes in June after housing advocate Michael Withey presented an idea to the city council based on designs by architecture firm TechDwell. Alpert says he envisions a pilot program in which up to ten structures are erected on four separate city-owned lots. The idea is to establish the micro communities in various neighborhoods “so that no one area is feeling overburdened,” Alpert adds.


The tiny houses will be selected through a request-for-proposals process and will hinge on two key factors: cost and the ability to meet city and county building codes. Tim Cornell of TechDwell, who has already met with Alpert to discuss his prototype, says he can deliver micro homes that sleep two people and have bathrooms and kitchens built-in for $20,000 each. His FlexDwell prototype (shown at right) measures 16 feet wide and 12 feet deep and features a sloped ceiling that is 12-ft. high in front. Made of prefab materials available at Home Depot and Lowe’s, it includes two sleeping pods joined by a kitchen, bathroom and eating area. To save space, the bathroom shares a sink with the kitchen. “We could have them built on-site in 45 days” after an order is placed, Cornell says.

Because the tiny houses offer dwellers more privacy than big shelters, they may appeal to people who are reluctant to give up the sense of independence that comes from living on the street. The micro homes could also be cheaper than temporary emergency shelters, which cost up to $16,000 a year and lack plumbing.

“If there is a potential to get even one person off the streets, it’s worth trying,” says Alpert. “Simply having a roof over their head may enable them to springboard into finding a job.”

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The Sheer Amount of Wool on This Sheep Baaa-ffles Farmers

Two Tasmanian farmers were in for a surprise Sunday when a wild, impossibly fleecy sheep wandered onto their land. His name is Shaun, and after going six years without a haircut, they think he could be a contender for a world’s wooliest sheep record.

“I just couldn’t believe it, I just could not believe a sheep could have so much wool,” Netty Hazell, one of the farmers, told Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Netty and Peter Hazell estimate that Shaun has been lumbering around with at least 20 kilograms (about 55 pounds) of fleece. They plan to shear him soon to see if he is, in fact, even woolier than the late Shrek, that was found hiding in caves in New Zealand in 2004 and yielded 27 kilograms of fleece (about 59 pounds). The competition is sure to be a close shave.

Simon Baker SB/CP – ReutersShrek the merino sheep waits in a pen as a large crowd gathers before a charity function in Cromwell, New Zealand, April 28, 2004.

Update on August 28, 2014: Shaun has been shorn! Turns out he was carrying 23 kilograms (about 51 pounds) of wool, 4 kilograms less than Shrek:

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Matt Damon Uses Toilet Water for His Ice Bucket Challenge

He hoped to draw attention to the widespread lack of clean water around the world

When nominated by his pals Ben Affleck and Jimmy Kimmel for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Matt Damon faced a bit of a dilemma.

The challenge requires participants to either donate money toward amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) research or dump water over their heads (or, as many celebrities have done, both, helping the campaign raise about $80 million.) Damon was down to contribute to a good (and massively viral) cause, but didn’t want to waste clean water, as he’s the co-founder of Water.org, a non-profit dedicated to providing safe water and sanitation in the developing world.

Damon’s solution to this conundrum? Just use toilet water — and also consider the video an opportunity to raise awareness about the lack of clean drinking water across the globe.

“This is truly toilet water. I’ve been collecting it from various toilets around the house,” he says as he fills his bucket. ” For those of you like my wife who think this is really disgusting, keep in mind that the water in our toilets in the West is actually cleaner than the water that most people in the developing world have access to.”

Then he dumps the toilet water over his head and nominates George Clooney, Bono and Tom Brady. We have a feeling those guys will just use regular water though.

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Why Veggie Aisles at Supermarkets Could Start Looking More Like Junk Food Aisles

Getty Images

Can shelves lined with veggie snacks produce that "kid in a candy store" feeling?

Next time you go to the grocery store, bags of carrots might come in flavors like “chili lime” and look suspiciously like packets of potato chips. At least, that’s the idea behind Bolthouse Farms’ new campaign to get kids to eat more veggies.

NPR reports the company is rolling out products like these carrot “Veggie Snackers” and tubes of pureed fruit to market the healthy foods to children, designing the packaging and aisle layouts to look more like the candy section than produce shelves.

Laura Karet, CEO of Giant Eagle, told NPR that these child produce stations are a “win-win.” Giant Eagle is installing these kid-friendly sections in about 400 stores in the mid-Atlantic and Ohio, and Walmart plans to implement them in 1,500 stores later this year.

Jeff Dunn, CEO of Bolthouse, explained to NPR that the “Veggie Snacker” carrots “give you that crunch and flavor” of chips, and that you’ll “get that same sensory [experience] you get with salty snacks.”

Now it just remains to be seen whether hungry kids will agree.

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Burger King Blasted as ‘Traitor’ for Deal That Would Move HQ to Canada

"Order a Whopper w extra tax avoidance and a said of Traitor Tots"

Burger King’s acquisition of Tim Hortons, announced Tuesday, would see the fast food giant move its headquarters from the United States to Canada if the deal goes through. That’s sparked some serious backlash on social media from critics dubbing the company a #traitor and #UnAmerican, as the company would likely wind up paying less in taxes if it were to reincorporate in the Great White North.

Dave Geller, for one, tweeted that his followers should “order a Whopper w extra tax avoidance and a said of Traitor Tots” the next time they’re at Burger King:

Geller is one of many protestors seeing the Warren Buffett-assisted merger as a means to dodge U.S. taxes: (Although Burger King would still have to pay American taxes on domestic U.S. sales.)

Burger King’s Facebook has been flooded with negative comments as well. A recent post on the fast food chain’s Facebook prompting followers to “Say yes to cookies,” for example, is being met with critical responses to “Say ‘NO’ to tax dodgers!” alongside calls for a boycott:

 more dessert please
Burger King

The days of an ecstatic, chicken fries-loving social media frenzy has come to a close.

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‘Winter Is Coming': George R.R. Martin Does the Ice Bucket Challenge

A Song of Ice (Bucket Challenge) and Fire

George R.R. Martin took a quick break from killing off all your favorite people in Westeros to add to the ever-growing collection of celebrity Ice Bucket Challenge videos. That’s the trend in which people dump ice water over themselves and post the proof on Facebook or donate to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) research. Many stars have done both, and the campaign has raised about $80 million so far.

After being nominated by Neil Gaiman (who he deems a “bastard”) and a few other people, Martin parks himself beside a pool and declares, “God help us all! Winter is coming!” Then some friends dump ice water on him and he emits a sound that can really only be described as a squeal/yelp hybrid. Then he hops into the pool and makes a bunch of Game of Thrones references.

Overall, the whole thing is much less of a bloodbath than we expected.



Google Images Hacked? Searches Bring Up Images of Russian Car Accident

Google hasn't yet commented on the strange thing happening to its image search function

Updated 2:14 p.m.

People searching Google Images Tuesday morning noticed an apparent glitch in the system: Innocuous searches were resulting in repeated images of a car accident, alongside intermittent pictures of NBA star Kevin Durant.

Here’s what happened as of 9 a.m. when we Googled the word “puppy”:


Numerous social media reports claim that the issue was ongoing for hours:

A Google spokesperson said Tuesday afternoon the issue had been fixed, but did not clarify the root of the problem.

Concerned searchers on Google’s own support forums traced the jarring image of the car accident to a Ukrainian news site reporting on a deadly crash that took the lives of three people (warning: the site features some grislier images of the wreck).

Some users on a related Reddit chain say that images of Kevin Durant have also been thrown in the mix. Canadian Redditor Acrantrad posted the following image that appears after unrelated Google Image searches.

People on Google’s product forum claim that South America has been impacted, as well.


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This $22 Anti-Seat Reclining Device Diverted an Entire Flight

Ugly dispute broke out after passenger refused to stop using "Knee Defender"

Apart from screw cap wine, it seems like passengers’ only respite on a long flight is the ability to recline their seat a few treasured inches.

And so, when a passenger on a United Airlines flight Sunday refused to stop using his Knee Defender — a $21.95 device that attaches to a tray table and prevents the seat in front from reclining — a brawl broke out that diverted the flight.

A law enforcement official told the AP that the dispute began after a man in the 12th row of United Airlines flight 1462 from Newark, N.J. to Denver, Colo. refused a flight attendant’s request that he disable the prohibited device. The woman with the obstructed seat then reportedly turned around and threw water in his face.

The flight crew then decided to divert the flight to Chicago’s O’Hare airport to escort both passengers off the plane. The flight landed an hour and 38 minutes late.

While no arrests were made, the FAA could impose a $25,000 civil fine to unruly passengers.


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Portland-Area Man Accused of Most Portlandian Crime Ever: Shoplifting With a Kilt

Doing his part to keep Portland weird

A Portland, Oregon, man is being accused of using a kilt to shoplift merchandise, KOIN reports.

Daniel Ducret, 37, allegedly tried to sneak a toy helicopter, phone charger, computer mouse, and other small items from Fry’s Electronics store into a pouch of the kilt, which reportedly looked like it had been enlarged for this purpose.

When Ducret returned the next day to repeat his crimes, staff called the the police, reports the Oregonian. He was arrested, taken to the Clackamas County Jail and charged with one count of second-degree theft. A sheriff’s sergeant noted to KOIN, “I don’t think there’s a graceful way to stick stuff inside a kilt.”

The only way the crime could have been more suitable for a Portlandia episode would be if Ducret had stolen organic gluten-free locally-made biscuits and then hopped onto his unicycle, put on his Darth Vader mask, and started playing the bagpipes.

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