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Watch Jane Krakowski’s “Leaked” Audition Tape for Peter Pan Live!

The 30 Rock star gives it her all

Funny or Die has managed to get its hands on 30 Rock star Jane Krakowski’s audition tape for Peter Pan Live! and “leaked” the reel to the press. In the clip, Krakowksi make it clear that she is willing to do whatever it takes to play Peter Pan in NBC’s upcoming live production of the play—and if that means hooking up with Wendy, then she’s down for it.

Krakowski came in full costume to the audition, bringing along the Tony Award she won for her portrayal of Carla in Nine, as a helpful reminder to the producers that she’s legit. She showed off her stage skills by playing Peter Pan as an oversexed British pixie dust addict who might be afraid of heights and have a lot in common with Tinkerbell. While it would have been a fascinating take on the beloved childhood character, NBC opted to cast a safer choice, Girls star Allison Williams, in the role instead.

Peter Pan Live! airs on NBC on Thursday.

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Watch James Franco and Seth Rogen Make Korean BBQ Lasagna

They're promoting their upcoming film with the folks from the 'Epic Meal Time' YouTube series

James Franco and Seth Rogen have teamed up to make a Korean BBQ lasagna with Epic Meal Time, a YouTube channel known for creating food mashup monstrosities like Four Loko-infused chili and sushi made out of fast food burgers. Warning: watching them make this “lasagna”—a recipe that also includes french fries—may make you lose your appetite for lunch.

The stunt is a promotion for their upcoming film The Interview, in which the comedians fly to North Korea to interview dictator Kim Jong Un and are recruited by the CIA as assassins.

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100 Human Brains Went Missing From the University of Texas

Kenneth C. Zirkel—Getty Images Brain in a jar with clipping path


Here’s a story you don’t hear every day: Approximately 100 human brains, complete with their formaldehyde storage casing, have gone missing from the University of Texas in Austin.

Psychology professor Tim Schallert told the Austin American-Statesman Tuesday that while they “think somebody may have taken the brains… we don’t know at all for sure.”

So culprits could include anything from students with strange taste in Christmas tree ornaments (postulates Business Insider) to Halloween pranksters (guesses other UT professors) to, and we’re just putting this out there, the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz. (Beats zombies, am I right?)

The brains came into the university’s collection 30 years ago, and many were stored in the basement of the school’s Animal Resources Center. One of the brains that is suspected missing belonged to Charles Whitman, a sniper who killed 16 people after firing from the Austin clock tower in 1966. He had requested his brain be studied for mental illness.


Watch Reese Witherspoon and Jimmy Fallon Sing Gibberish Christmas Carols

“Oh what fun it is to sniff a small old man named Tom”

Reese Witherspoon helped Jimmy Fallon get into the holiday spirit during a visit to the Tonight Show to promote her new movie Wild. In one of Fallon’s nonsensical wordplay games, the pair sang classic Christmas carols with the original lyrics swapped out for random words. Yule logs and sleigh bells were nowhere in sight as Fallon attempted to refrain from giggling and Witherspoon, a good sport, got stuck with some unfairly high notes.

The humor is at about the right level to make a kindergartner crack up and might have been bolstered by just an ounce of raunch. But the duo does make a rather adorable pair, nonetheless.

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Students With These Names Are the Absolute Worst

According to a survey that claims to reveal the names of students with the best and worst behavior

School Stickers, a website started by a UK teacher where PreK-12 students earn “rewards” for good behavior and achievement from teachers, has compiled a list of boys and girls who have been “naughty” and “nice” based on the most common names.

Nicest Girls


Naughtiest Girls


Nicest Boys


Naughtiest Boys


(h/t BuzzFeed)

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Watch Brian Williams Slow Jam the Immigration News on the Tonight Show

“Take it from my man Breezy-Weezy”

It’s been two weeks since President Obama signed an executive order on immigration reform, but it’s far from old news. So Jimmy Fallon invited Brian Williams, on his 10-year anniversary of hosting NBC’s “Nightly News,” to break down the story, slow jam style.

Fallon squeezes in an impressive number of double entendres, aided by the entry and exit analogies immigration offers. He also manages a handful of spirited nicknames for his colleague, the best (and most NBC-promoting) being Peter Pan, Sr. The duo takes a Nicki Minaj break, then erupts into a spat when Fallon congratulates Williams on a decade of hosting “the 16th hour of the Today Show.”

They make up and hug it out, though, offering an example of reconciliation to the politicians whose inaction they’ve just slow jammed.

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Basically Everyone Watched the New Star Wars Trailer

The Force is strong with this one

The first trailer for the latest Star Wars installment is on pace to be the most watched movie trailer ever.

Since its release on Friday, the trailer for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens has already amassed more than 60 million views, according to data by ZEFR, the YouTube marketing blog. That’s the best first week of any trailer in 2014. The 90-second trailer has been parodied in Lego and reviewed since its release, and everything points to the J.J. Abrams-directed movie being a blockbuster sensation.

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens arrives in theaters on Dec. 18, 2015.

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Kourtney Kardashian Posed Nude While Pregnant

Kourtney Kardashian in West Hollywood, Calif., Oct. 23, 2014.
Jason Merritt—Getty Images for De Re Gallery Kourtney Kardashian in West Hollywood, Calif., Oct. 23, 2014.

Another Kardashian tries to break the Internet

Just when you thought the Internet was finally fixed, another Kardashian has stepped up to break it again.

Kourtney Kardashian, Kim’s sister and the E! star of Keeping Up With the Kardashians fame, posed nude while nine moths pregnant with her third child in a photo shoot for DuJour, which you can see here. Kourtney’s no stranger to nude pregnant photo shoots. She posed nude while carrying Mason (now 4 years old) and said it feels natural to appear in the buff while pregnant.

“To me, nudity is not something to be ashamed of,” she told DuJour. “I’m not embarrassed of my body. I’m at my best when I’m pregnant. It’s such an amazing feeling, the transformation that your body goes through.”

This, of course, follows her sister’s “Break the Internet” derrière shot for Paper magazine last month.

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“This was something that initially I did for myself just to capture the moment in my life, but these photos are beautiful and I’m happy to share them,” Kourtney Kardashian said.

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Watch a Century of Hairstyles in Just One Minute

It's like the DeLorean in Back to the Future — but with curlers

A new video by Cut transforms a model through different hairstyles from 1910 to 2010 in just 60 seconds.

The time-lapse clip has quickly gone viral with more than 1 million hits since going live on Nov. 20. And if the comments below the post are anything to go by, we now have definitive proof that hair in the 1980s was a fashion abomination.

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How to Win Free Starbucks for Life

Starbucks The Ultimate Starbucks Card

10 customers in the U.S., 3 in Canada and 1 in the U.K. will score the big prize

Have you ever scored a free drink coupon from a coffee shop and fantasized about using it again and again without it ever expiring, entitling you to a daily cappuccino, iced coffee or whatever you’re in the mood for on any given morning? That dream has literally come true.

Starbucks for Life is now a thing, and 14 people in the world will win it, the company announced Tuesday. From now until Jan. 5, customers can enter the coffee giant’s “It’s a Wonderful Card Ultimate Giveaway.” Ten customers in the U.S., three in Canada and one in the U.K. will score the big prize, which includes a personalized 10K hammered gold Starbucks card.

The contest also features 482,000 instant prizes like free holiday beverages and treats, but if you’re as intent on scoring lattes for life as we are, here’s what you need to know:

To enter, make a purchase at your local store (the nearly-eradicated eggnog latte, perhaps?) using a Starbucks card or the Starbucks mobile app. You’ll receive a unique sweepstakes code on your receipt that can be entered online at starbucks.com/play for your chance to win.

The grand prize has an estimated value of $54,000. (That’s a lot of those little vanilla scones).

The gold card itself is worth $5,000 and comes engraved with the winner’s name.

“Life,” according to the contest, is 30 years. So if you’re on the younger side, don’t expect to score a venti soy chai tea latte every day until you’re 90.

You can enter up to two times a day using two different entry codes from the bottom of Starbucks receipts.

The 10K gold card is suitable for framing, not for your wallet. Instead, a free reward will be loaded on to the winners’ My Starbucks Rewards Gold Card daily, which translates to one free beverage or food item. So, as cool as it would be to present that gold bad boy at the register, your prize will be protected and can’t easily be stolen. Yes, we asked, because yes, we’re planning on winning one.

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