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This Is Now the Most-Liked Instagram Photo of All Time

Guess which celebrity couple it features?

Good job, Kim Kardashian. You now hold the record for the most-liked Instagram of all time. Of all time. Behold:


A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

This photo of Kim kissing Kanye at their wedding in Italy — yup, their first smooch as a married couple — has racked up 1.97 million likes (and counting). It breaks the previous record, which belonged to none other than Justin Bieber. His photo with on-again off-again-girlfriend Selena Gomez, captioned “Love the way you look at me” (barf), had gotten a comparatively measly 1.82 million likes:

Love the way you look at me

A photo posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

As many people have pointed out, Kim Kardashian is kind of famous for nothing, but no longer! Now she’s famous for uploading the most popular Instagram ever. Proud of you, Kim.

(h/t Mashable)

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Woman Turns Yard Into a Beach So She’ll Never Have to Mow The Lawn Again

Getty Images


Just in time for summer, a Kansas City woman’s home looks like a beach after she got sick of mowing the lawn and replaced the grass with sand, KCTV5 reports.

The owner, Georgianna Reid, said she did it because she is “over 60″ and joked to KCTV5 that the new yard looks like “largest litter box in the world.” Neighbors are reportedly unimpressed by the house’s new look, but the city told KCTV5 that it does not violate any codes because the sand is being used for landscaping purposes.

Talk about going against the grain.


Soccer Player Confuses Goalie by Falling on His Face, Then Scores a Penalty Goal

Cunning trickery or just an honest, good old-fashioned trip?

In an AFC Challenge Cup game between Maldives and Afghanistan, there was some, shall we say, unique footwork. With Afghanistan leading 2-1, Maldives player Ashad “Adey” Ali geared up for a penalty kick and promptly fell flat on his face. Oh no, Maldives fans were probably thinking at that moment, we lost our shot at evening up the score. But no! Adey sprang back up and launched the ball right into the net. The refs deemed it a legitimate goal.

Then Maldives ended up winning 8-7.

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First We Had a Jenga-Playing Cat, So Now, Here’s a Jenga-Playing Dog

Next, we'd really like to see a Jenga-playing ferret

Not to be outdone by some silly cat, a Great Pyrenees named Nana decided to try her hand (er, paw) at the game too. Now all we need to do is somehow get these two together for an epic Jenga face-off. As skilled as Nana is, though, we’d probably have to put our money on the cat.

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The Most Destructive U.S. Hurricanes of All Time

As the 2014 hurricane season begins, TIME looks back at the most damaging storms to barrel down on the US.

Hurricanes have been menacing the U.S. as long as anyone can remember, but the monetary damages the storms have caused has increased in recent years, as this TIME photo collection shows. The devastation from Hurricane Sandy — later dubbed a “Superstorm” — rang in at $65 billion, leaving 72 people dead and more than 6 million homeless.

Does that mean hurricanes are getting more powerful or more common? Not necessarily. While many atmospheric scientists believe that climate change may strengthen tropical cyclones—higher temperatures at the ocean tend to feed hurricanes—the power of the storm isn’t the only factor in the extent of the damage. Far more important, at least for now, is the increase in the number of people and the value of the property in coastal areas that are perennially vulnerable to major hurricanes. Hurricane Katrina was so expensive not just because it was powerful, but because it landed directly on top of a major American city—and one that was clearly unprepared for a storm of that magnitude.

The more people and property we put in harm’s way, the greater thee damage any storm will cause. If climate change really does give hurricanes an extra kick—and if we do nothing to slow global warming or prepare for the effects—damage will be incalculably greater.


Sick of the People on Dating Apps? Now There’s a Tinder for Dogs


We'd be ok with these bathroom mirror selfies

The person-to-pet trickle down effect has provided dogs with everything from facials to Halloween costumes. It was only a matter of time until dogs got a dating app, too.

Bark & Co.—the company behind monthly dog-treat bundle service BarkBox and on-demand, in-home veterinarian service BarkCare—recently launched BarkBuddy. Which, as co-founder Henrik Werdelin says, “in short is like Tinder for dogs.” Because, let’s face it, you swipe right for guys with puppies in their photos anyway.

But don’t worry, BarkBuddy isn’t for creepy breeding purposes. (There was actually a Kickstarter for a dog-breeds-with-dog matchmaking app that only raised $187 out of a $50,0000 goal). Rather, BarkBuddy is to match lonely humans with single dogs who are up for adoption at nearby shelters.

“There are 250,000 dogs in the database, and we are open to talking to any shelter about joining us,” Werdelin says.

Here’s how it works: The first step is downloading the app, currently only available on iPhone, and listing your preferences of dog size, age, and gender. Then location-based tracking finds dogs in your area, and a bunch of different dogs, looking for love, come on screen.


You can click on their picture to get contact information for the relevant shelter. (Yes, you have to call them. You can’t just order a puppy via the app.)


Swipe right to add the dog to your list of favorites (the dog automatically swipes right for you, too, because they’re equal opportunity lovers), and left to pass.

Based on what dogs users swipe right on, a BarkBuddy algorithm narrows down dog preferences and specializes what dogs get shown.


But you don’t need to have a type. “Sometimes people might not even know what they’re looking for, but they get that instant emotional reaction when they see it,” Werdelin said.

And just like some people play Tinder for fun and not to date, Werdelin expects that there will be some casual browsers: “A lot of us just love dogs a lot, so the thought of sitting and swiping through pictures of dogs is very appealing.”

Unlike Tinder, Werdelin isn’t expecting a lot of the dogs to show off bathroom mirror selfies in their profiles. “I guess puppy eyes is going to be their cliche thing,” he says.

Bark & Co. isn’t the first company to try to meld the weird world of dating sites with pet adoption. The ASPCA placed targeted ads on OKCupid in February as part of a pro-bono campaign, making them look like dating profiles, to help homeless pets find true love.

“In the four days following the launch of the campaign, 6 dogs and 35 cats were adopted, with an impressive 28 cats finding homes on that Saturday and Sunday!” the ASPCA tells TIME.

BarkBuddy also hopes that it can streamline the adoption process by creating a quick pre-approval process. “We’re going to try to make it easier for you to be approved to get a dog,” Werdelin says. “It can be complicated with required home visits and letters from landlords, which is a process you often have to go through before you even meet a dog and know its a match.”

Considering how many positive responses a guy who posed as a dog on Tinder got, the real thing will probably grow pretty popular. After all, who wouldn’t want to swipe through cute dogs instead of people?

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Eliminated Spelling Bee Contestant Swears He Knew That One


Jacob Williamson, the excitable 15-year-old Scripps National Spelling Bee contestant who “captured all of our hearts,” was eliminated last night in one of the most awkward and funny-sad moments of the whole Bee. When presented with the word “kabaragoya,” which is a type of lizard, Williamson was super confident that he was totally gonna own this round. “I know it!!!” he shouts excitedly, jumping up and down. Oh, but how wrong he was.

There’s always next year, Jacob! We’ll be rooting for you.


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Feel Good Friday: 14 Fun Photos to Start Your Weekend

From mermaids to heat waves, here's a handful of photos to get your weekend started right

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Preschooler Delivers The Only Graduation Speech That Matters

10 words of childhood innocence

‘Tis the season for commencements, and this youngster in a miniature cap and gown is going viral for giving the most honest graduation speech you’ll hear this spring: “I’m Jathan Muhar, and I wanna be Batman.”

In the words of Journey, don’t stop believin’.

(h/t 22 Words)

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