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Here Are the Top 10 Things People Share With Their Moms on Facebook on Mother’s Day

Kid President and Boyz 2 Men are very popular with the mamas

Mother’s Day can be a lot of pressure. You need to write your Mom the perfect card, get her the perfect gift, and now that we live in a social media obsessed era, you need to post the perfect thing on her Facebook wall.

But Facebook wants to help you out. The social network sent us the 10 most popular things people shared with their moms on Mother’s Day last year, and 365 days later, they’re still pretty adorable.

1) An Open Letter To Moms from Kid President

2) Someecard for Mom, “I love how we don’t even need to say that I’m your favorite child”

3) Boyz 2 Men, “A Song for Mama”

4) Family Guy episode, “Lois Mom Mum Mommy”

5) Clay Weiner, “Mother’s Day”

6) 35 Signs You Were Raised By A Jewish Mother

Top sign: “You know to always bring a jacket no matter what the temperature is.”

7) 2PAC, “Dear Mama”

8) The Lonely Island, “Motherlover (feat. Justin Timberlake)”

9) Mr. T Treat Your Mother Right

10) Barats and Bereta, “Mother’s Day”

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Dating Show Contestant Reveals He Murdered Wife And Mistress, But Is Still Looking For Love

Ladies, he's single

When it comes to looking for love, maybe skip the dating shows and hitch a ride on the hook-up truck instead.

While honesty is usually the best policy, Sefer Calinak, a man looking for love on a Turkish dating show, missed his chance to meet a potential wife when he got a little too open and honest too quickly.

The 62-year old shocked the audience of Flash TV’s The Luck of The Draw by admitting — on air — that he had murdered his first wife and later killed a lover with an axe during an argument.

Calinak said he killed his first wife, a cousin, when they were both 17. As is common with young love, things didn’t work out. Less common, Calinak killed her and was sentenced to 13 years in prison, serving four before being released due to an amnesty.

He then started an affair with a married woman and when she refused to leave her husband for him, they argued and he “accidentally” killed her with an axe. “I killed her after she tried to kill me,” he said according to Hurriyet Daily News. “She was accidentally killed when I swung the ax.” He then served another six years in prison, before heading to the bright lights of television to look for love.

According to USA Today, the show’s producer knew that Calinak had murdered someone, but he was allowed to appear on the show because he had served his legal sentence.

In the game show’s defense, the host did ask Calinak to leave after he confessed to the second murder.

As for us, we’re sticking to that cupcake on Tinder.

[Via USA Today]

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Can Puppies Help Fight Cancer? This New Study Aims to Find Out

Dog wearing nerd glasses
Tudor Costache / Getty Images

Puppy love

Puppies can kill you with cuteness, but they may also be able to help cure you. At least that’s what a new study hopes to prove.

“Obviously, we know that the children like to see the dogs,” said Amy McCullough, American Humane Association’s national director of humane research and therapy, speaking to NBC. “But the folks in risk management want some clinical data.”

Finding that hard scientific proof is the goal of a new study by the American Humane Association (AHA) that aims to provide empirically-proven facts of what many anecdotally know to be true — puppy love can make you feel better.

The study, which advocates say may be the first official clinical trial on the effects of animal-assisted therapy on young cancer patients and their families, has backing from both Zoetis, a veterinary health firm, and the Pfizer Foundation.

For the study, researchers have designed a randomized, controlled trial in five children’s hospitals where they will follow 100 children (grab a tissue) between the ages of 3 and 12 years old, who are newly diagnosed with cancer. 50 of the kids will receive visits from trained therapy dogs, and 50 will receive standard treatment without puppy love to ease the blow.

The study will track blood pressure, heart rate and psychological responses in the kids, their families and the caregivers lucky enough to get to work with the therapy dogs. The study isn’t all about the kids, though. Researchers will also look at the effect on the dogs, measuring the level of the stress hormone cortisol in the animals’ saliva before and after visits spent cuddling children, which will probably show that when it comes to kids and dogs, the love goes both ways.

[Via NBC]

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Sorry, Wannabe Models: Amazon Now Owns the Patent for ‘Photography Against A White Background’

Amazon.com Illustrations Ahead Of Earnings
Bloomberg/Getty Images

And you thought you were soooooo original

DIY Photography, a popular photography blog, recently uncovered Amazon’s filing of a patent that would, if enforced, essentially give Amazon the intellectual rights to taking pictures in front of seamless white backgrounds.

The patent—titled “Studio Arrangement”—was filed in 2011, and detailed what’s essentially been the accepted method of taking studio photos against a white backdrop. As TechDirt reports, the highly technical process detailed in the patent goes something like this:

1. Turn back lights on.

2. Turn front lights on.

3. Position thing on platform.

4. Take picture.

…Not exactly rocket science, to be sure. The specifics listed in Amazon’s filing, however, would appear to render the patent itself unenforceable, as they’re not hard to get around. But that begs the question: Why even file in the first place?


This Startup Paid the Fake Sign Language Interpreter From Mandela’s Funeral a Ton Of Money to Star in Its Ad

Today in questionable advertising methods

Thamsanqa Jantjie’s brush with celebrity should have been fleeting. In case the name doesn’t ring a bell, Jantjie was the phony sign language interpreter during Nelson Mandela’s funeral who signed things like “hand me scissors” while dignitaries honored one of the last century’s greatest leaders.

But no. While Jantjie was in a mental institution—he told anyone who would listen that his ineptitude was brought on by visions of angels and a history of schizophrenia—an Israeli startup thought it would be a great idea to send a journalist into a mental ward to pitch him a job as being the spokesman for a live streaming video app.

This worked for Jantjie because, as he told Betabeat: “I want to be a professional actor—[being famous] was my dream since I was a little boy.”

And so, in the ad, Jantjie lies about having an “ancestral ceremony” to attend so he could bust out of the hospital for a day and star in a completely tone-deaf commercial for Livelens, an app that streams videos to your friends. He jokes about essentially turning Mandela’s funeral into a farce (“I speak sign language—not,” he signs) and got paid a lot of money to do it. Or at least enough to buy a new house for his family, Jantjie told Betabeat before clarifying that he wasn’t sorry for any of his actions at the funeral.

“We needed something surprising,” Livelens’ Sefi Shaked told the New York Daily News. “We wanted to choose a presenter who is the worst presenter for a live app possible; you know, the person who did the worst screw up on live TV — ever.”

And Livelens’ pandering for shares is obvious. Jantjie even signs “I’m on a horse” as his head is photoshopped on an image of the “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” riding a horse in an Old Spice ad.

TIME Appreciation

The Moms of YouTube

With Mother’s Day coming up on Sunday, NewsFeed takes a moment to appreciate some of the most memorable moms who have gone viral on YouTube in the past few years.


  • The Dancing Mom

    While Utah mom Summer Knowlden was practicing for an online dance-off, she accidentally knocked down her toddler as she was shaking her behind. However, we actually wouldn’t be surprised if more moms had dance parties like this one when their kids leave for school!

  • The Mom Who Dances to BeyoncĂ©

    This mother and daughter, however, have perfect timing when they groove to Beyoncé’s “End of Time.” After the dance went viral, choreographer Tianne King and her daughter Heaven got to meet the pop diva at a concert.

  • The Dancing Mom Who Also Happens to Be The First Lady of the United States

    Last year, Michelle Obama, mother of two, mocked the embarrassing moves that moms often bust out while chaperoning school dances. But no mom could look as embarrassing as Jimmy Fallon in drag.

  • The Mom Whose Son Surprised Her with Super Bowl Tickets

    When the Seattle Seahawks made it to Super Bowl 2014, Mike Harris surprised his mom Vicki with tickets and filmed her emotional reaction.

  • The Mom Who Surprised Her Daughter with a Trip to Disneyland

    When Katie Clem bought her six-year-old Lily a trip to Disneyland for her birthday in 2011, her daughter started to weep tears of joy. The mom’s first time using a Flip camera and YouTube garnered 15 millions views and profile in the New York Times.

  • The Mom Whose Son Really Needs a Cupcake Right Now

    Arguing with his mother Linda Beltran and saying “Linda, honey, listen!” repeatedly for two-and-a-half minutes may not have gotten Mateo, 3, the cupcake that he wanted, but it did get this video more than six million YouTube views. He finally got his cupcakes — actually a tower of Superman and Batman-themed ones — on The Ellen Show in March.

  • The Mom Whose Baby Freaks Out Whenever She Blows Her Nose

    Seems like this mother didn’t need to get her baby son Emerson a high chair with toys after all because she can make him laugh hysterically just by blowing her nose.

  • The Panda Mom Playing with Her Baby

    That moment when video captured play time between the panda Mei Xiang and her newborn Bao Bao when the female cub was only six days old at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. last summer.

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LOL: There’s Going to Be a TV Show Called Selfie

Karen Gillan
Karen Gillan attends a screening of "Oculus" on April 3, 2014 in Hollywood, Calif. Mike Windle / Getty Images

ABC picked up the Instagram-worthy pilot

“Selfie” was 2013′s Oxford Dictionaries word of the year. It was the subject of studies about self-image, introspective essays and head-lice scares. It’s the title of a hit song. And now — because none of that was enough — it’s going to be a TV show.

Deadline reports that ABC has picked up the pilot for the comedy Selfie, which is, improbably enough, based on My Fair Lady. Karen Gillan of Doctor Who fame stars as Eliza Dooley, an Internet-famous selfie star who realizes that her zillions of followers don’t mean she has any actual friends. John Cho co-stars as the marketer she hires to help make her seem less self(ie)-centered so that she can make friends offline.

Apparently, there will be a plot line about Candy Crush. No word yet whether she’ll have to learn how to properly pronounce the emoji-sentence “raindrop-umbrella-Spanish flag-autumn leaf-autumn leaf-airplane.”

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These States Are the Most Likely to Give to Charity

Getty Images

Charitable giving was lowest in Southern and Southwestern states, according to a new Gallup poll.

Utah residents are the most likely to say they have donated money to a charity or volunteered their time for one in the last month, a new Gallup poll reports.

“Highest percentages of charitable giving, by state”:
South Dakota
New Hampshire

“Lowest percentages of charitable giving, by state”:
New York
North Carolina
West Virginia
Rhode Island

The poll asked Americans whether they had donated money to a charity, volunteered their time for a cause, or done both in the last month. Gallup said the states that ranked low on its well-being surveys also seemed to have lowest charitable giving percentages, arguing “it is also possible that citizens with higher well-being are more likely to become active in their communities.” Overall, most Americans were more likely to say that they have donated money rather than volunteer. That said, the United States is still the “most generous country in the world,” according to the 2013 World Giving Index.

This Gallup poll was conducted between June and December 2013, with at least 600 residents in each of the 50 states. The margin of sampling error is ±5 percentage points.

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The End is Nigh: Woman Gets Tattoo of Herself Taking A Selfie

To make matters worse, she's doing duck face

A duck face is not a thing that should be immortalized. And yet a sad soul appears to have gotten a tattoo of her pursed lip taking a selfie—which might be a modern-day sign of the apocalypse.

We don’t know the context, but this photo has been making its rounds around the Internet. Hopefully it isn’t giving any Snapchatters ideas for their weekend itineraries.

It looks like millennials haven’t learned the lessons of Gen-Xers about NOT tattooing digital trends on their bodies. Hopefully this woman will regret her choices slightly less than those who marked up their bodies with now-defunct websites during the early dot-com days.


Pictures of the Week: May 2 – May 9

From deadly landslides in Afghanistan and elections in South Africa, to setting the stage for the World Cup and Eurovision’s beautiful, bearded songstress, TIME presents the best pictures of the week.

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