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Cue the Sad Violins: Only 50 People Showed Up to This Music Festival

Crying baby
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The lesson? Always sell booze

Ever wonder what would happen if you threw a music festival and no one came? An Australian festival just found out.

Top of the Hill Festival was a well-meaning, community-oriented, all-ages music festival located in Swan Hill, a town located some 350kms north of Melbourne, which has close to 10,000 residents. Fewer than 50 of them came to the festival on Saturday.

When it became clear that the festival was not attracting attendees, organizers slashed to just $10 from 6.30pm onwards in the hopes of getting more people through the gate at the Riverside Park festival site in time for a headlining set by Australian band Audemia. The price cutting effort didn’t work and the festival closed. “The acts on the day were great and the people who supported us and came on the day were fantastic,” festival organizer Brad Morpeth told The Guardian. “We just didn’t have the right combination for Swan Hill.”

Festival organizers are conducting a survey on their Facebook page looking to the community for answers as to what went wrong. So far, high ticket prices, a line up without any major musical acts and a lack of alcohol at the event seem to be the culprits.

Regardless of there being no one there, I’m very proud of how our setup came together,” organizers said on the festival’s Facebook page. “We haven’t dismissed a 2015 event, but we have just got to go back to the drawing board.”

[via The Guardian]

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Why Is This Cover Of “Let It Go” Different From All Other Covers Of “Let It Go”?

The 'Frozen' anthem gets a Passover makeover

Forget about Dayenu and Chad Gadya and all your normal Passover songs. At this year’s Seder, everybody’s going to be singing this holiday-themed version of “Let It Go,” the signature song from Disney’s Frozen.

Six-man Jewish a cappella group Six13 put together this Passover tribute, which they’ve titled “Chozen.” (Get it? Because Jews are the chosen people, and chosen rhymes with Frozen.) They rewrote the lyrics of the popular tune to tell the story of Passover, changing lines like “Let it go, let it go / Can’t hold it back anymore” to “Let them go, let them go / Or He’ll plague Egypt some more / Let them go, Pharoah / Say the word and we’re out the door.”

Now, you might be sick of “Let It Go” covers, and we understand that. But if nothing else, it’s totally worth watching this to see an adorable sextet of NJBs singing their kishkas off. Chag sameach!


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Feel Good Friday: 20 Fun Photos to Jump-Start Your Weekend

TGIF! From pillow fights and elephant showers to Batkid throwing the opening pitch and a 110-year-old man kissing his wife, we're sure these photos will be a fun start to your weekend.


WATCH: White House Makes 90s Sitcom-Style Easter Egg Roll Promo with Jim Carrey and Ariana Grande

The President and Cookie Monster are also in it.

The White House is promoting the annual Easter Egg Roll with 90s-style neon graphics and music that is bound to make anyone who watched sitcoms in the 1990s extremely nostalgic.

The First Family, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama and their dogs Bo and Sunny, all make cameos, as well as Jim Carrey, Cookie Monster and Ariana Grande, who will be performing at the event on Apr. 21.

Past promo videos have featured Kid President and 40-seconds of Bo “hunting” Easter eggs on the White House South Lawn.

Now, after watching this latest video, NewsFeed is having flashbacks to the credits from Saved by the Bell.

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7 Chimps Escape Kansas City Zoo

The animals climbed up a log they had placed against the wall, but are now back in captivity

A group of chimpanzees made a break from the Kansas City zoo on Thursday. One of the chimps placed a 5-to-6-foot log against the wall, allowing him and six of his compatriots to scurry up the log and over the wall. They landed in an area only zookeepers can enter.

Zoo officials evacuated the zoo as a precaution, though zoo director Randy Wisthoff said at no time was anyone in danger, according to the Kansas City Star. They eventually coaxed the animals back into their enclosures using carrots, celery, lettuce and malted milk balls.

[Kansas City Star]

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To Have And To Hold (Your Nose)

Hands of bride and groom
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A sewage treatment plant near Seattle is advertising as a wedding venue. For a rental fee of $2,000 for eight hours, you get a full catering kitchen, audio and video equipment, dance floor, parking, and uncomfortable proximity to raw waste

A sewage treatment plant near Seattle wants couples to say “I do” next to large volumes of human waste.

The Bridgewater Wastewater Treatment Center is advertising itself as the perfect place to tie the knot on Facebook. It boasts a full catering kitchen, audio and video equipment, a dance floor and plenty of parking. The venue costs $2,000 to rent for eight hours, according to KIRO TV.

True, the nuptials would take place just steps away from where raw sewage is being processed, according to Susan Tallarico, the director of the Brightwater Environmental Education and Community Center. But one couple has already booked the site.


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French IT Employees Win Right to Unplug after Work and Other Fascinating News on the Web

April 10, 2014


1. Punching Le Clock

As a newsletter writer, I get a lot of out of office replies. But I never really believe them. While people might be out of a physical building, no one I know is ever really away from their work these days. But that’s apparently not the case in France where employees are officially expected to be away from their work emails after 6pm. And the rule applies to smart phones too. Under a recent deal signed by French unions and the tech industry, “about 1 million workers will be required to switch off their work phones outside office hours.” Ceci n’est pas une emploi…

+ France is not alone. Germany recently banned managers from calling or emailing staff after normal work hours, unless it’s an emergency. “Managers should apply a principle of minimum intervention into workers’ free time and keep the number of people whose spare time is disrupted as low as possible.”

+ But don’t worry. America is changing its overworking ways. A cafe in Vermont saw an increase in sales after they cut off WiFi and banned laptops. (Of course, the sales only increased because people made room for more customers by quickly satisfying their caffeine addiction and then running out to the sidewalk to tweet about it.)

2. School of Hard Knocks

There’s something new popping up on college campuses around the country: Food banks. “Food insecurity … is increasingly on the radar of administrators, who report seeing more hungry students, especially at schools that enroll a high percentage of youths who are from low-income families or are the first generation to attend college.”

+ Quartz: These charts explain what’s behind America’s soaring college costs.

+ You don’t have to wait until your kid goes to college to start spending the big bucks. In 31 states, day care costs more than college.

3. Weekend Reads

“Either, as Charlie says, he loved her so much that he had been willing to burn up a county because he thought it would make her happy. Or, as Tonya grew to believe, he loved her too much to let her be free while he went to prison alone.” Some like it hot. Like arson hot. From WaPo: Love and Fire.

+ New Yorker: “He was the most vexing kind of workaholic, the ascetic kind: hard-edged and self-punishing. Through most of his productive years, he seems to have subsisted largely on Diet Rite cola, matzoh, and prunes.” Cesar Chavez, Hunger Artist.

+ “If soldiers felt nothing about taking the life of another human being, that would be indicative of sociopathy.” Aeon: When soldiers kill in war, the secret shame and guilt they bring back home can destroy them.

+ The Year of the Pigskin: My hilarious, heartbreaking, triumphant season with the American Football League of China.

+ “She was our neighborhood bag lady, but she looked more like a retired headmistress, or a librarian exiled from her bookish hideaway.” She was also one of the most accomplished street photographers of her generation.

4. The New Math

“We identified 10 people, including Groves, who were beaten, burned, suffocated, or shot to death in 2013 and whose cases were reclassified as death investigations, downgraded to more minor crimes, or even closed as noncriminal incidents—all for illogical or, at best, unclear reasons.” Chicago Magazine tries to get to the truth about the city’s seemingly miraculous drop in crime rates. This is about as close to another season of The Wire as we’re gonna get.

+ The scary things you learn from 23 years of Oakland police records.

5. You Are Full of It

“Recent studies show that our physical level of hunger, in fact, does not correlate strongly with how much hunger we say that we feel or how much food we go on to consume.” As Maria Konnikova reports, a lot of things can make you hungry — a song, a book, a smell, even a study. “Being genuinely hungry, on the other hand — in the sense of physiologically needing food — matters little.” In other news, Tater Tots.

6. Colbert So Good

Only a couple days after David Letterman announced his retirement plans, CBS has announced that Stephen Colbert will take over his time slot. The Hollywood Reporter’s Tim Goodman says he’s the perfect person for the job. This is really pretty interesting. When he hosts the new show, Colbert will be Colbert the person and not Colbert the character that’s been cultivated over the years. CBS basically hired an unknown.

+ Jon Stewart: “He’s got gears he hasn’t even shown people yet. He would be remarkable.

+ Meanwhile, Rush Limbaugh chimed in saying that, with the hire, CBS “has declared war on the heartland.” Maybe it’s time for Rush to give up the character Rush.

7. Did Jesus Put a Ring On It?

Recently, researchers introduced a piece of Egyptian papyrus in which there was a reference to Jesus’ wife. It was immediately written off as a modern fake. But new tests have shown no evidence of forgery. I can see the wedding invitation: Save the Date (and your soul)…

8. Who Let the Kids Out?

Here’s a strange correlation. It seems that the fewer babies Americans give birth to, the more small dogs they buy. (And people tend to have fewer children once they realize they want to keep the iPad to themselves.)

+ As of 2012, the name Khaleesi is more popular than the name Betsy.

9. One Eye Open

“So should we care about who gives the performance? Probably. But we rationalize away the flaws of the performer because we don’t want to let go of the way he transports us outside of and beside ourselves.” GQ’s Andrew Corsello enters the moral universe of the artist (and the viewer). Is it OK to hate the sinner but still judge the damn movie for yourself?

10. The Bottom of the News

For the latest cover of Rolling Stone, Julia Louis-Dreyfus took off her clothes and had the Constitution Photoshopped to her back. A little lower, we see John Hancock’s signature. Unfortunately, he signed the Declaration of Independence. It’s now almost impossible to differentiate between Dreyfus and a real Veep.

+ At least five percent of American Samoa has pink eye. Islands are the new cruise ships.

+ Buzzfeed: 2,321 words for drunk, ranked.


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Man Sues Ex-Girlfriend Over Stuffed Animal Obsession 

(Not the actual couple) Emilio Labrador / Flickr

Dating is expensive, especially with stuffed animals involved

A man in China’s Hubei province is reportedly suing his ex-girlfriend for $6,450—all because she insisted on bringing her stuffed animal, Snoopy, on dates throughout their four-year relationship. According to a report from China’s Global Post, Snoopy was third-wheeling it all over the place: the boyfriend had to buy extra food and tickets to the movies just for the stuffed animal.

Eventually, the boyfriend snapped, throwing Snoopy in anger after refusing to take it (him, apparently) into the bathroom. He broke up with his girlfriend, but then decided the “mental anguish” caused by Snoopy deserved compensation.

This animal love triangle might be strange, but we’re guessing that the girlfriend had a not-so-secret case of plushophilia, a fetish for stuffed animals that’s well-documented on the Internet.

Plushophilia is different than being a furry—less than one percent of furries (anthropomorphized animal fetishists) are plushophiles, according to one study. The gentleman from Hubei probably would have been equally put off by either one, however.


Watch Stevie Nicks And Jimmy Fallon (as Tom Petty) Expertly Recreate a Classic 1981 Tune

Jimmy Fallon does a pretty mean Tom Petty impersonation, and Stevie Nicks does a pretty mean Stevie Nicks impersonation

Stevie Nicks — objectively one of the coolest people alive and if anyone would like to dispute that just DO NOT– stopped by the Tonight Show Wednesday night and teamed up with host Jimmy Fallon to recreate her 1981 hit “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around.” Fallon played the part of Tom Petty, who sings along with Nicks in the chorus and the bridge.

Fallon does a pretty convincing Petty, but the highlight here is clearly Stevie Nicks, because she’s Stevie Nicks.

The duo stays pretty faithful to the original video:


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California Teen Reportedly Sold Pot Brownies to Raise Money for Her Prom Dress

Getty Images

Northern California news outlets are reporting that she could face deportation

A California teenager was reportedly selling pot brownies to raise money to buy a prom dress, but got caught when a student who consumed one had to be hospitalized, CBS News reports.

River Valley High School student Saira Munoz of Yuba City was reportedly 18 at the time when she enlisted the help of a friend to help sell marijuana-laced brownies last fall.

CBS Sacramento reports, “A judge sentenced her to four years probation on Monday and nine days in jail with credit for time served.” The station, as well as FOX 40, say questions about her legal status and whether she could face deportation now, according to the Sutter County Probation Department.

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