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People Who Love Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Have Way More Sex Than Those Who Don’t

Grilled cheese sandwich
David Bishop Inc.—Getty Images

Hey, don't knock this totally groundbreaking survey

Did you know Sunday is (un)officially National Grilled Cheese Day?

Well neither do most people, but in light of this tasty holiday, social-networking and dating site Skout did a survey of 4,600 users to find out what their taste in sandwiches said about them.

Turns out that grilled-cheese-sandwich lovers are having way more fun in the bedroom, with 32% having sex more than six times a month, compared with just 27% of people who don’t like the sandwich. Also, 73% of those who like the sandwich said they had sex at least once each month, compared with the 63% of those who say they don’t like the snack.

That might be because 84% of grilled-cheese-sandwich lovers are more adventurous and likely to travel, vs. 78% of nonlovers. Or it could be because the grilled cheesers are more charitable (81% vs. 66%).

If you’re skeptical, well, remember that Skout’s interest in grilled cheese is for a good cause. The site will donate to food banks in San Francisco and Marin County to help feed hungry kids every time users give a “grilled-cheese gift” to someone else on the site.

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This Video Shows That Women Really Do Pay More for Everything Than Men

The so-called "women's tax" is very real in everything from haircuts to perfume to dry cleaning

While it’s no secret that many products and services inexplicably cost more for women, many people still seem unaware — or at least unperturbed — about this “women’s tax.” France’s finance ministry is currently investigating this issue, but in the U.S., it still seems to go largely unnoticed.

So, to shed light on this purported price gap between gendered products, a team at the Daily Share created a video comparing nearly identical products with not-so-identical price tags. They found that a Schick’s Hydro 5 men’s razor, for example, costs $8.56, while a counterpart marketed toward women costs $9.97.

Narciso Rodriguez Eau de Toilette For Him, they found, costs $87, while the “For Her” variety comes in at $106.60. Even major expenses like long-term care insurance, they found, costs 13% more for women.

The one thing they came up with that costs the same for men and women? Unisex button-down shirts from American Apparel. Getting these identical shirts dry cleaned, however, cost 25 cents more for the woman, whose receipt actually said “lady shirt.”


TIME technology

Here’s Why Asparagus Is Yet Another Thing We Should Not Deliver by Drone

Spoiler alert: Explosions

In the not-so-distant future, your dinner will probably be delivered straight to the window of your fifth floor apartment via drone.

Amazon is fighting with the FAA for the ability to test drone grocery deliveries, but drones have also been used less formally to delivery everything from burritos to pizza to champagne to… asparagus.

According to Dutch News, restauranteur Ronald Peijnenburg decided to celebrate asparagus season by using a drone to deliver the vegetable from the countryside to his Michelin-starred Netherlands restaurant. (He had previously delivered asparagus via Formula 1 cars and hot air balloons). But a video chronicling his attempted delivery shows a con of drones: Sometimes they crash and burn.

Between this and that one time a promotional drone in a TGI Friday’s accidentally lost control and cut off the tip of someone’s nose, can we maybe agree drones and the restaurant industry might not be a great fit?

TIME technology

Today’s iPhone Update Gives You Hundreds of New Emoji


Including more racially diverse options

After some beta tests, Apple has released iOS 8.3, an update that comes with 300 new emojis, a highly-anticipated feature since the tech giant pledged last year to make the popular characters more diverse after users protested.

Notable new emojis in this keyboard — in addition to faces with different skin tones — include same-sex families, a range of gadgets like the new Apple Watch and flags from 32 countries.

The update also boasts bug fixes to CarPlay, the Messages app, WiFi and Bluetooth, among others.

(h/t 9to5Mac)

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These ‘No Kardashian Parking’ Signs Are Taking Over Hollywood

"No Kardashian Parking" sign by artist Plastic Jesus in Los Angeles, Calif.
Plastic Jesus "No Kardashian Parking" sign by artist Plastic Jesus in Los Angeles, Calif.

Hope your last name is not Kardashian

If your last name is Kardashian, finding a parking spot in Hollywood just became that much more difficult.

A number of “No Kardashian Parking” signs have popped up around the city – including in front of Dash, the clothing boutique owned by Kim and her sisters – and artist Plastic Jesus is responsible.

Known to many as the Banksy of L.A., the artist told The Hollywood Reporter that the signs are a statement on America’s obsession with celebrity.

“‘Stop Making Stupid People Famous’ often gets blogged as a criticism of the Kardashians,” Plastic Jesus told THR. “But that piece is also meant to criticize us as consumers. Without us, there would be no market for the Kardashians. We are equally, if not more so, to blame.”

A spokesperson for the LAPD told the magazine that “no complaints have yet been filed about the signs, but insisted it’s a pretty clear case of vandalism, regardless of the artistic intent.”

This article originally appeared on People.com.


TIME viral

It’s Rex Manning Day! (Here’s What That Actually Means)

Rex Manning
warner Bros. Maxwell Caulfield as Rex Manning in Empire Records

Time to rent "Empire Records"

It’s April 8, which means today is Rex Manning Day! If you have no idea what that means and why it’s trending on Twitter, we’re sorry for what must have been a severely lacking VHS collection in the 90s. But don’t worry because we’re here to help.

Rex Manning was the fictional pop star in the 1995 movie Empire Records. On April 8, “Oh Rexy, you’re so sexy” Manning has a scheduled appearance at a struggling independent record store that the staff (which includes Renee Zellweger and Liv Tyler) is desperately trying to save from turning into corporate chain.

While the film flopped, making a mere quarter million dollars during its two-week theatrical run, it quickly became a cult classic — and the fake-tanned Rex Manning became an icon.

Watch this fake music video for the insta-classic Say No More (Mon Amour) and revel in Rex Manning’s perfection!

TIME celebrities

Celebrities Speak Out After Walter Scott Shooting


Celebrities are speaking out after a South Carolina police officer was charged with murder in the shooting of 50-year-old Walter L. Scott on Tuesday.

The death was captured in a gruesome video, which shows the officer, who has been identified as Michael T. Slager, 33, firing at Scott, a black man, eight times as he fled after a traffic stop.

Slager claimed that he feared for his life after he got into a scuffle with Scott for his Taser. In the video, an item can be seen falling to the ground, though Scott immediately runs from the officer afterward.

Former Grey’s Anatomy star Isaiah Washington praised the actions of the person who recorded the incident on their cell phone.

“Okay, watching the #WalterScott video was horrible, but I think the brave person who captured the murder is a Hero and a Godsend #Truthdom,” he wrote on Twitter.

“I have 2 sons to raise in this country and this #WalterScott atrocity weakens my hope that they can survive in this Nation. Now what?” he added.

Avengers: Age of Ultron director Joss Whedon also Tweeted about his outrage over the shooting, writing: “At this point, the Slager murder seems like a message, a mafia thing, like it’s meant to shut people down or set them off. It HAS TO END.”

Added Sleepy Hollow star Orlando Jones: “As a former resident of SC (where my parents still reside) I will do everything in my power to make sure #WalterScott’s family gets justice.”

Scott had been stopped for a broken taillight, according to the Times. Slager was denied bond and is being held at the Charleston County Detention Center.

This article originally appeared on People.com.

TIME society

Alaska Airlines Kicked a Woman With Cancer Off a Flight

An employee said she didn't have a doctor's note

Elizabeth Sedway had to miss chemotherapy at home in California Tuesday because Alaska Airlines refused to let the multiple myeloma patient fly without a doctor’s note. The airline has since apologized for the incident.

“I’m being removed as if I’m a criminal or contagious,” she said in a emotional video posted on Facebook Monday night showing Sedway, her husband and two sons being escorted off the flight. They had been on vacation in Hawaii. “My family is being forcibly removed from a plane because I have cancer.”

“God bless you,” other passengers told the 51-year-old, who can be heard crying as she exists.

An Alaska Airlines employee noticed Sedway was wearing a surgical mask to avoid germs in the airport.

“She asked me if I needed anything,” Sedway wrote in a Facebook video post that has been viewed more than 20,000 times in two days. “The first time. I said no. The second time, [I] said, well I might need a bit of extra time to board, sometimes I feel weak. Because I said the word weak, the Alaska Airlines employee called a doctor, she claimed was associated with the airlines. After we board the plane. An Alaska representative boarded the plane, and told us I could not fly without a note from a doctor stating that I was cleared to fly.”

Sedway, who says she has had no trouble flying in the five years since her diagnosis, had to miss her chemotherapy scheduled for the next day as a result. Her husband missed work and her sons missed a day of school.

Alaska Airlines apologized for the incident Tuesday.

“We regret the inconvenience Ms. Sedway experienced yesterday and are very sorry for how the situation was handled,” spokesperson Halley Knigge told a local CBS affiliate. “Her family’s tickets have been refunded and we will cover the cost of her family’s overnight accommodations in Lihue. While our employee had the customer’s well-being in mind, the situation could have been handled differently.”

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When This Multi-Talented Police Horse Isn’t Helping Fight Crime, He’s Painting

What are YOU bringing to the table?

Everyone, say hello to Jacob, a police horse in St. Petersburg, Fla. When he isn’t assisting his human partner, Officer Jason Hughes, with fighting crime and keeping the peace, he’s honing his skills as a painter.

Hughes had noticed that Jacob liked to grab stuff with his mouth, so he thought, “I bet if I gave him a paint brush, and put a canvas in front of it, he’d paint on it.”

As you’ll see in the above video, provided by the St. Petersburg police department, Hughes was right. Jacob is a naturally skilled painter. Why teach him to paint, though? According to Hughes, it keeps Jacob challenged and helps him develop trust with his partner.

Stay tuned for an upcoming charity exhibit featuring Jacob’s work.

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These Three Sisters Play Metallica Better Than You

"Enter Sandman" takes over the Internet

Three sisters from Monterrey, Mexico, are taking the Internet by storm with their cover of Metallica’s classic metal jam “Enter Sandman.” The young women, Daniela (guitar), Paulina (drums) and Alejandra (bass) were just 14, 12 and 9 when the video of their group, The Warning Band, was posted in July 2014, but their sound rivals Metallica’s original work.

While the video was posted over a year ago, it has been picking up traction as the three sisters work to raise funds in the hopes of attending the Berklee College of Music in Boston. They’ve raised more than $9,500 of their $30,000 fundraising goal.

The sisters are aiming to get the attention of every YouTube star’s fairy godmother, Ellen DeGeneres, according to Heavy Metal, in the hopes that she will invite them to perform on her talk show.

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