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Here’s How McDonald’s Makes Its French Fries

Potatoes, maybe?

“I know what you’re thinking,” says MythBusters co-host Grant Imahara, standing in front of a conveyer belt chugging out french fries. “These look like potatoes, but are they really potatoes?”

Such is the question many people find themselves asking about McDonald’s signature french fries.

And so, as a part of the fast food chain’s new honesty-is-the-best-policy marketing campaign, consumers are getting a firsthand look at the assembly process.

“Are the fries even made out of potatoes? Are they ground up and mushed into the fry shape?” Imahara asks.

Mickey D’s apparently has the answers.

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Police: College Basketball Player May Have Died From Choking on Chewing Gum in Her Sleep

The community at California University of Pennsylvania morns the loss of a bright student and talented player

Shanice Clark, a 21-year-old student and basketball player at California University of Pennsylvania, was found dead in her off-campus apartment over the weekend, and California, PA, police say preliminary reports from medical personnel about what appears to be an accidental death indicate Clark may have aspirated chewing gum while sleeping, the Associated Press reports. The exact cause of death will come from the autopsy, the results of which were not “immediately released.”

Clark was found by her roommate after falling out of bed early Sunday morning, according to WPXI. Clark was unresponsive and taken to a local hospital where she was pronounced dead an hour later.

Dr. Karen Hjerpe, the California University of Pennsylvania athletic director, said in a statement: “Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to the family and friends of Shanice Clark. Shanice was a bright student and talented player. Her smile and personality will be missed.”



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This Video of a Seal Hugging a Dog Will Warm Your Heart

Cute overload alert

Animal lovers, try to contain your enthusiasm as you watch this seal scoot right up to a yellow labrador and put its front flippers around the canine. The marine mammal pats the dog on the back and rests its head on top of it in an adorable clip shot at Le Cap Ferret on the coast of southwestern France and uploaded earlier this month by YouTube user Elise Frebourg.

It is the latest in unlikely animal “friendships” to go viral, from a meerkat and a husky, a cheetah and a puppy and an owl and a cat.

WATCH: Incredibly Amicable Meerkat Becomes Best Friends With a Husky

WATCH: Here’s an Ocelot Kitten Having the Time of His Life Playing With His Best Canine Friend


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Watch a Reporter Giggle Uncontrollably On Air and Try Desperately to Pull Himself Together

Also, his name is Chris Brown

It’s easy to make fun of TV reporters for bloopers and mishaps, but let’s all admit that it takes an impressive amount of composure and poise to do what they do each day. Sometimes, though, they lose that composure and poise and it’s great and we should just allow ourselves to be entertained.

In this segment from WWAY in Wilmington, N.C., anchor Daniel Seamans apologizes and explains that the crew’s got “the tickle bug,” which we assume is a folksy way of saying “we can’t stop laughing about something stupid that happened moments before we went live.” His co-anchor Makenzi Henderson then introduces the segment, explaining that charter boate are angry about proposed restrictions on fishing expeditions or something like that.

Then anchor Chris Brown takes it away, but apparently talking about chart boats is just too hilarious for him and he just can’t get through it. He keeps giggling and snorting, briefly composing himself, and then breaking down again. It’s great and we can totally relate.


Here’s Proof the Jokes for Comedy Central’s Justin Bieber Roast Will Write Themselves

Three Lions Entertainment Presents Fashion Rocks 2014 - Show
Theo Wargo—2014 Getty Images Singer-songwriter Justin Bieber presents onstage at Fashion Rocks 2014

From monkey abandonment to pot planes

Soon, several comedians will have the opportunity to collect their easiest paycheck to date. All they have to do is make fun of Justin Bieber.

Comedy Central announced that the Canadian pop star will be the subject of its next roast, to be taped and aired at a later date.

While roasters won’t have to search hard for material — see: literally every single news story about the Biebs from the last year — here are some points we hope they hit.

That time he caused $80,900 of damage by egging his neighbor’s house
No, that’s not a typo.

That time he abandoned his pet monkey in a German airport
Mally the monkey was seized by German officials when Bieber tried to smuggle him out of the country without permission during the “Believe” tour. According to The Guardian, “emails from Bieber’s management to the shelter [where the monkey was held] indicated the singer does not want the monkey anymore.” Bieber reportedly owed Germany $11,000 for the incident.

That time he peed in a restaurant’s mop bucket while saying “F*** Bill Clinton”
He later thanked the former president on Twitter after Bill called the Biebs. No words on a reconciliation with the bucket.

That time he was arrested for a DUI and drag racing
In a yellow Lamborghini, obvi.

That time he decided this was a good look for a mugshot

That time the FAA investigated him for a “pot plane” incident (he was cleared)
What’s the point of having a private jet if you can’t hotbox it?

That time he thought he was being super thoughtful about Anne Frank
In April 2013, the Biebs took a trip to the Anne Frank House in Amsteram and wrote in the guestbook: “Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a believer.” Because, yes, the true tragedy of Frank’s early demise was that she never got to see Never Say Never. In lieu of an apology, Bieber posted a shirtless selfie on Instagram the next day. #Dontbecreepin (his words, not ours).

That time he was probably photoshopped for a Calvin Klein underwear campaign

That time he had an identity crisis
Repeat after me: I am not Eminem

That time he literally begged Comedy Central to roast him
Nothing’s hotter than desperation.

“We’re thrilled he listened,” Comedy Central president Kent Alterman said in a release.

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New Hampshire Lottery Releases Bacon-Scented Scratch Ticket

It'll certainly gives new meaning to the phrase "bringing home the bacon"

The New Hampshire state lottery is now offering a lottery ticket that smells like bacon.

The new tickets, which are scratch-n-sniff and read “I Heart Bacon,” were released Jan. 5. Winners can take home $1,000 and the odds of making at least a dollar are one in 4.12, the website says. Plus, you know, it just smells delicious.

To promote the new ticket, bacon trucks will visit various locations in the state, handing out free samples of applewood smoked bacon as well as offering lottery tickets.

Last week, around 700,000 tickets were sold, MarketWatch reports, making the bacon lottery the best selling $1 ticket.

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Here’s the Cover of Kim Kardashian’s New Book of Selfies, Selfish

There's some cleavage

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian revealed the cover art for her upcoming book of selfies, Selfish, on Tuesday, and a spokesperson for Rizzoli confirmed to TIME that the following image is the real deal:

MORE The Kim Kardashian Game Isn’t Making the Megabucks Everyone Thought

In the description of the book on Rizzoli’s website, the star of E!’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians who is married to rapper Kanye West, is referred to as “the modern-day personification of Marilyn Monroe,” a “true American icon,” and a “trailblazer of the ‘selfie movement.'” Selfish hits shelves in spring 2015.

MORE Big Idea 2015: Brands Will Be More Like Kim Kardashian

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Facebook’s Going to Start Weeding Out Fake News Stories

But don't worry — The Onion is safe

Get ready to see less “news” stories about Santa Claus truthers and dinosaur sightings in Utah proliferating on your Facebook feed.

The social media platform announced in a blog post Tuesday that it is making a concerted effort to decrease the number of hoaxes and misleading stories in users’ News Feeds.

FacebookSample “hoax” post included in its press release

“People often share these hoaxes and later decide to delete their original posts after they realize they have been tricked,” Facebook explains. “These types of posts also tend to receive lots of comments from friends letting people know this is a hoax, and comments containing links to hoax-busting websites.”

Internal data shows that people are twice as likely to delete a post after receiving a friend’s clarifying comment.

Users are given the option to report a new story as false.

FacebookFacebook’s instructions on how to report fake news stories

While Facebook won’t delete or fact-check the content, it will not only reduce the distribution of posts that have been reported as false but also add a warning to future sharers.

But don’t worry — this doesn’t mean The Onion is going anywhere.

Facebook clarified that users rarely reported satirical content, so that humorous genre won’t be impacted.

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A Chinese Company 3D-Printed This Five-Story Apartment Building

And a 12,000 square foot mansion

In the not-so-distant future, you might be able to have your 3D printed cake and eat it in your 3D printed apartment.

A Chinese company unveiled a five-story apartment building and three-story mansion that were constructed using a 500-foot-long 3D printer, CNet reports.

Construction company WinSun presented the apartment building at Suzhou Industrial Park:

Here’s the 11,840-square-foot mansion:

According to CNet, the villa cost about $161,000 to build, decreased production time between 50 and 70 percent and saved between 30 and 60 percent of construction waste.

This isn’t WinSun’s first 3D construction feat. In April, the company claimed to print 10 houses in less than 24 hours.

The future is here.

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Watch Benedict Cumberbatch Pretend His Name is ‘Chad’

Further proof the actor is perfect just the way he is

Part of actor Benedict Cumberbatch’s popularity stems from his unique name (and has even inspired a parody name generator).

So on Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday night, the host challenged the Oscar-nominated Imitation Game star to try out some more generic and celebrity names for size. The actor sits in what looks like a candlelit bar, and introduces himself, in a seductive voice, as Chad, George Costanza (from Seinfeld), Sanjay Gupta, 2 Chainz, Inigo Montoya and more. By the end of the gag, he cannot keep a straight face.

Fans, fingers crossed he plays a “Cumberbaby” version of this game at some point.

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