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Hell Yes! Swearing Is Good For You, Study Says

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Apparently it's just "a harmless emotional release"

Great news for all you pottymouths: a team of researchers have found that swearing is actually good for you. @!%# yes!

Psychologists at England’s Keele University say cursing is a harmless, creative emotional release that can make you feel stronger, the Daily Mail reports. Basically, they argue that profanity is often used as a coping mechanism and can help us feel more resilient.

Participants of the study were asked to play aggressive video games. After their sessions, they could recall a wider variety of curse words.

“The video games made people feel more aggressive so their language became more emotional and they swore,” senior lecturer Dr. Richard Stephens told the Daily Mail. “We want to use more taboo words when we are emotional. We grow up learning what these words are and using these words while we are emotional can help us to feel stronger.”

Okay, so this might not be the most credible or logical study, but we’re going to go ahead and believe that people who swear are creative, beautiful, emotionally intelligent geniuses.


23 Pictures That Prove Vladimir Putin Thinks He’s an Action Figure

He horseback rides shirtless! He arm wrestles! He pets gigantic whales!


Navy Dad Surprises His Daughter by Posing as Catcher in Baseball Game

Grab a tissue

Philip Elmore hadn’t seen his daughter since October.

The United States Navy Gunner’s Mate 1st Class had been stationed in Germany for months and wanted to make his reunion with his 8-year-daughter Isabella a memorable one. He contacted his hometown baseball team, the Charlotte Knights, and asked them to help him surprise his daughter and the team was more than happy to help.

Isabella was invited to make a ceremonial opening pitch for a Friday night Knights’ baseball game. Before she headed to the pitcher’s mound, the team aired a message from her father on the Jumbotron. From his post in Germany, Elmore told his little girl that he loved her and missed her and encouraged her to do her best to nail the catcher with her pitch.

Isabella then took to the mound and threw out a pitch like a pro, easily making it over home plate and to the catcher. When the catcher came to congratulate the girl, she got another surprise: The catcher was her dad. It’s clear she could scarcely believe her eyes, but soon enough she was in her father’s arms.

Grab a tissue and watch.

[Via Fox]

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The Scariest Picture You’ll See All Day: A ‘Firenado’

A 'firenado' tears through a field in Chillicothe, Missouri on May 3, 2014. Part fire, part tornado this blazing twister was spotted by Missouri native Janae Copelin while out driving. Janae Copelin—Barcroft Media/Landov

Bill Paxton never could have predicted this

You thought the highly underrated 1996 action movie Twister taught you everything there was to know about tornadoes, but you were wrong. Meet the firenado, which is exactly what it sounds like: a tornado that sucks up surrounding fire, creating a swirling, burning cone of disaster. The above firenado was captured on Instagram by Janae Copelin in Chillicothe, Missouri. No injuries were reported.

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Latest Twitter Trend: High School Kids Get Out Finals If They Get Enough Retweets

Who needs a solid high school education if you have a good personal brand?

Welcome to the era of the social media contract. On May 7, high school senior Andrew Muennink became a Twitter folk hero by getting his art teacher to agree that if his tweet got 15,000 retweets, his class would get out of its end of year exam. And hey, considering Round Rock High School’s close proximity to tech-savvy Austin, Texas, this social media stunt might prove more valuable to his future career than an art test anyway.

The school administration did not agree. Even though Meunnink met his goal number weeks before his deadline, Round Rock High School announced that the students would be taking the test regardless. “A deal was made and it should be owned up to,” Muennink told ABC via direct message.

But Muennink’s (failed) effort has now inspired other students across the country:

The retweets for finals concept has become a full blown meme:

Some looking less legitimate than others:


Every classroom has its own spin, though. Rather than retweets, one high school classroom just wants to get on Ellen:

Other teachers are throwing in promises of pizza parties to sweeten the deal:

And numbers have gone up to 35,000:https://twitter.com/NicBrinsley/status/46442953310641766

To 100,000

To three million and one…

We can finally stop worrying about the country’s ridiculously low-test scores. Our Twitter game is under control.

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California Officers Rescue Chihuahua Stranded on a Highway Median

She's now safe and sound -- and looking for a new home

A tiny little pup who was plucked from a busy California freeway last week is now resting up and recovering from the traumatic ordeal.

California Highway Patrol officers were alerted on Friday about a chihuahua who was stranded on a median on Interstate Highway 680, NBC Bay Area reports. The Contra Costa CHP tweeted a picture of an officer helping out the poor pooch:

“We attempted to coax it, we could tell it was very frightened, it was shaking. We were able to pet it a little bit, but other than that we could tell it was not happy,” CHP officer Alex Edmon told NBC. Eventually, officers had to call animal control since they’d arrived on motorcycles and had no way to safely transport the dog, who’s estimated to be around two years old. She had no tags or identification when they found her.

The dog didn’t appear to have any injuries, and there were no witnesses who saw how she ended up stranded on the median. Contra Costa Animal Services, who is now caring for her, said on its Facebook page that she’s recovering and “may already have a home if her owner doesn’t come for her.”

On Sunday, the group posted some new pictures of her. She’s doing just fine, and she’s also really cute:


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Google Doodle Honors Dorothy Hodgkin, Nobel-Prize Winning Chemist

She was famous for discovering the structure of organic molecules

Monday’s Google Doodle honors Dorothy Hodgkin, a Nobel-Prize winning British chemist who determined the 3-D molecular structures of some of our most important biomolecules, like penicillin, insulin and vitamin B12.

Hodgkin, who would have turned 104 on Monday, was best known for helping improve the techniques of X-Ray crystallography, a process which allows scientists to learn how molecules are put together and determine their three-dimensional structures. Previously, this method had mostly been used on inorganic molecules, but she and her mentor John Desmond Bernal were the first to use X-Ray crystallography to determine the structure of complex organic molecules like insulin and penicillin. She won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1964 for her work in this area, and became only the third woman in history to win this prize.

Hodgkin was also heavily involved in humanitarian causes. She was the chair of the Pugwash Conference from 1976 to 1988, an organization inspired by a manifesto by Albert Einstein and Bertrand Russell that works to reduce harm and conflict caused by scientific discoveries (like nuclear weapons.)

She died in 1994.


Artist Creates Crayola Crayon Sculptures of Everyone From Darth Vader to Daria

Hoang Tran

He does pop culture icons along with custom-made special requests, and they're all impressively precise

We all knew crayons could be used to draw beautiful art, but who knew crayons could also themselves be art?

Behold Wax Nostalgic, a project which features the work of artist Hoang Tran, who creates incredibly detailed sculptures made from nothing other than good old Crayola crayons.

Tran mainly takes inspiration from pop culture — he’s recreated characters from shows like Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad along with those from movies like Star Wars and Beauty and the Beast. He also takes custom orders, which means he could totally create a sculpture of your dog (He sells his work on Etsy).

Tran emphasizes that the sculptures — even the multicolored ones — are made entirely from crayons.

“Painting would probably be a lot easier but I’m a purist and want the entire carving to be made of crayon wax,” Tran told Lost At E Minor in a recent interview. “I don’t want to reveal the exact technique but I basically melt wax from one crayon and carefully apply it drop by drop to the main crayon I’m working on.”

Here are some of our favorites:

Hoang Tran
Hoang Tran
Hoang Tran
Hoang Tran
Hoang Tran


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Watch Putin Play Hockey and Score a Suspicious Number of Goals

Russia's president hits the ice in a video showcasing his amateur hockey skills

Vladimir Putin can add unlikely hockey star to his list of accomplishments, alongside being the President of Russia and an oft-shirtless friend to the animal kingdom.

Putin scored six goals and got five assists during an exhibition amateur hockey game in Sochi on Saturday, helping his team claim victory with a ludicrous final score of 21-4. As The Wire notes, it doesn’t look like the other team was trying very hard to keep Putin from tearing up the ice.

The event — which began with a moment of silence for pro-Russian insurgents killed the day before in Ukraine — was part of Russia’s Night Hockey League, a group that helps get ice time for players who have to work during the day.

[The Wire]

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Boy Scouts Rescue Ann Curry After She Breaks Her Ankle Hiking

2012 Time 100 Gala
Debra L Rothenberg—FilmMagic/Getty Images

When the NBC journalist sprained her ankle while hiking in New York's Harriman State Park, a New Jersey-based boy scout troop crafted a makeshift stretcher and carried her down a mountain

A Boy Scouts troop’s awesome wilderness skills recently helped them rescue TV journalist Ann Curry.

Yes, really.

The NBC journalist was hiking last month in New York’s Harriman State Park when a New Jersey-based troop found her sitting on the ground, according to a Scouting Magazine blog post. She told them she’d broken her ankle, and they managed to create a splint for it.

Still, though, she couldn’t walk. Their next step was to craft a makeshift stretcher — a totally old school, rustic stretcher made from two strong sticks and a tarp. Only after they got her safely down the mountain did the teens realize they had just rescued a famous, Emmy-winning TV journalist.

This week, Curry tweeted her thanks to the troop:


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