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Watch Louis CK Admit He Ruined Jimmy Fallon’s Chance to Be on The Dana Carvey Show

All's well that ends well


Before Jimmy Fallon was host of The Tonight Show, and even before he was cast on Saturday Night Live, he was a struggling young comic trying to find work. His job search led him to try out for a spot on former SNL star Dana Carvey’s brand new show, The Dana Carvey Show, and he thought he rocked the audition, but they never called. Last night on The Tonight Show, Louis CK finally gave him an explanation: He personally torpedoed Fallon’s chance at getting the job.

Turns out Louis CK was working on the show and when Fallon came in, he could tell he was talented and ambitious and was definitely going places. He was also young and attractive and may have been shaking his rear end during the audition. For Louis CK, that was a package he didn’t want delivered on a daily basis, so he set about making sure Fallon never got hired. Luckily things have worked out well for Fallon or else Louis CK might feel a little more than a little guilty.

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Watch the Coolest Grandma Ever Rock Out on a Synthesizer

She gets a pretty big kick out of making music

While spending some quality time with his grandmother, a man decided to teach her a few things about his Bass Station II synthesizer. She turns out to be a quick study and gets the hang of things pretty easily. And she appears to be having a pretty great time, so the whole thing is pretty adorable.

The two share some good laughs as Grandma produces strange sounds, but with a little more practice, we could totally see her become the world’s next great DJ.

(h/t Daily Dot)

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Watch James Corden Take Over an Intersection With a Grease Performance

Tell me more, tell me more, did he get hit by a car?


The T-Birds faced off against the Pink Ladies last night when Late Late Show host James Corden staged a mini-production of Grease in the middle of a busy Los Angeles intersection.

L.A. is pretty far from Rydell High, but Danny Zuko (played by Corden) and Sandy Dumbrowski were still able to rekindle their summer loving, which happened so fast, they were able to get the bulk of the song out while the crosswalk still said “Walk.”

The audience (read: drivers waiting at the light) were seemingly entertained by the show, so long as the songs ended when the light turned green. When Corden held a note in “Greased Lightning” a little too long, horns were wailing louder than he was. Despite the honking, Corden still managed to stick around for his bow.

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Missing Australian Boy with Autism Found After 4 Days in Wilderness

"He's really in remarkable condition"

An 11-year-old boy who went missing on Friday while camping with his family near Lake Eildon in Victoria, Australia, was found alive on Tuesday.

Police praised Luke Shambrook, who has autism, for his resilience. “Luke is fantastic for what he’s been through, suffering exhaustion of course, dehydrated and some hypothermia, but from where he’s been – four nights and four days in the bush – he’s really in remarkable condition,” Acting Commander Rick Nugent from Victoria Police told ABC News.

The moment rescuers reached Luke Shambrook. #VictoriaPolice #VicPolice #VicPol #SearchAndRescue

A video posted by Victoria Police (@victoriapolice) on


Luke disappeared at midday on Friday from the Candlebark Campground in the Fraser National Park, the BBC reports. Police searched the wilderness by land, air and sea before a helicopter finally spotted the boy on Tuesday, nearly two miles from where he was last seen.

“I just, out the corner of my eye, caught a little flash of something,” Acting Sergeant Brad Pascoe, who first saw Luke, told ABC News.

“It wasn’t much but it was enough to make me get the guys to turn the aircraft around. We were able to train the camera in and confirm it was Luke. We were just absolutely over the moon.”

“To find him safe and well, is just wonderful news,” Nugent added. The moment of the boy’s rescue was captured on video, above.

In a statement, authorities thanked dozens of volunteers for their “immense amount of community support” in locating the 11-year-old, who was transported to the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne for treatment after his rescue.

“We’re very thankful to live in a society that puts a lot of effort into finding children who go missing,” Luke’s uncle, Peter Roberts, told ABC News.

“We’re very happy that Luke’s been found alive and well even after such a long time.”

This article originally appeared on People.com.

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Meet the Real Women Who Inspired A League of Their Own

The spring of 1945 found women suiting up in jerseys and skirts for the start of the league's third season

When Philip K. Wrigley spearheaded the effort to remedy professional baseball’s wartime decline with a women’s league, one question dogged the league’s founders: what, exactly, to call it. It wasn’t technically softball. The ball was smaller, the bases farther apart and stealing bases—forbidden in softball—was permitted. But it wasn’t baseball, either: the ball was larger and the bases, closer. They settled on a compromise: The All-American Girls Professional Ball League.

The league that would later inspire the 1992 movie A League of Their Own — and the enduring exclamation, “There’s no crying in baseball!” — had just kicked off its third season when LIFE featured it in a photo essay in 1945. The six teams, all based in the Midwest, were comprised of nearly 100 women between the ages of 16 and 27 who played for $50 to $85 per week. Eight were married and three had children. Nearly half a million spectators were expected to turn out over the course of that season, shelling out $0.74 for a seat to watch the Rockford Peaches face the South Bend Blue Sox and the Grand Rapid Chicks take on the Racine Belles.

As exciting as it was to watch women slide and steal and scuff their knees, the league was a product of its time, and its strict rules of conduct reflected this. According to LIFE, “League rules establish she must always wear feminine attire, cannot smoke or drink in public, cannot have dates except with ‘old friends’ and then only with the approval of the ever-present team chaperone.”

But as demure as the players may have been off the field, they were serious athletes as soon as the first pitch was thrown. Blue Sox Catcher Mary “Bonnie” Baker could throw 345 feet. Lefty pitcher Annabelle Lee threw a perfect game. And Sophie Kurys stole 1,114 bases during her ten-year career. The appeal of players’ athleticism kept the league going for more than a decade, with attendance peaking in the late 1940s at 910,000 fans. But the league’s decentralization, a dearth of qualified players and the rise of televised major league games eventually led to its demise, with players retiring their gloves after the close of the 1954 season.

Liz Ronk, who edited this gallery, is the Photo Editor for LIFE.com. Follow her on Twitter at @LizabethRonk.

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Watch Conan O’Brien Attempt Michelle Obama’s #GimmeFive Challenge

He gets by with a little help from Kevin Hart

To celebrate the fifth anniversary of her Let’s Move! campaign, Michelle Obama has been asking people to use the hashtag #GimmeFive on social media and document five steps toward a healthier lifestyle.

The latest celebrity to take part in the challenge is Conan O’Brien, but in the clip above, the late-night host found a clever way to get out of any real physical activity: making Kevin Hart do all the heavy lifting (literally). Then again, there’s nothing in the First Lady’s rules that say you can’t recruit some friends—in fact, she probably encourages it.

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This Is What Happens When a GoPro Falls 3000 Meters

It comes off a skydiver's helmet and begins a mesmerizing descent

Footage from a GoPro camera that plummeted 3,000 meters after falling from a skydiver has gone viral, after a man uploaded the video to Youtube.

Kristoffer Örstadius says his father found the GoPro in a forest near Kristianstad, Sweden with the memory card intact.

The incredible video shows a group of skydivers jumping out of a plane. After about 30 seconds of free falling the camera gets dropped and hurtles towards the ground, spinning frantically as it falls.

Örstadius uploaded the footage with the hopes of finding the owner, and as luck would have it, a day after posting the video he issued an update saying the owner was “a parachutist in Everöd in Skåne.”

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Watch a Zorbing Ball Bring the Indiana Jones Boulder Scene to Life

The wannabe Indys don't quite have it together yet

Pump the John Williams, because things are about to get really dangerous.

As a tribute to one of the most famous movie stunts of all time, a group of friends recreated the Raiders of the Lost Ark boulder scene using a zorbing ball.

In this video, the wannabe Indys ditch the cave and try to outrun the tumbling plastic orb down a grassy hill. The daredevils try their best, but it doesn’t look like our runners have a future as adventurous archaeologists.

One by one, they are all bowled over by the giant ball. Thankfully, since the pseudo-boulder is made of plastic and not rock, the only thing that is injured in this experiment is pride.

This article originally appeared on People.com.

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Pepperoni Pizza Fries Are the Snack Hybrid of Your Dreams

Carl's Jr. is appealing to pizza bros

You’ve probably seen pizza burgers on a menu, but pizza fries?

Carl’s Jr. is testing “Pepperoni Pizza Fries,” fries topped with mozzarella cheese, parmesan marinara sauce and pepperoni slices, at select locations in Southern California.

But the $2.39 item is more than just a stoner’s dream. It’s also an attempt by the burger restaurant chain to appeal to male millennials, or “Young, Hungry Guys,” as a statement to TIME refers to them. (Think the demographic that drools over “Epic Meal Time” videos.)

Carl’s Jr. says the pepperoni pizza fries are piling onto the trend of “loaded fries.” Varieties that the chain has previously offered include gravy, chili cheese, bacon cheddar, and bacon ranch.”


This Teen’s Rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner Will Inspire You

She couldn't see the crowd clap, but she could hear them cheer

Before Rand Paul announced his presidential bid Tuesday—declaring, “We have come to take our country back”—the crowd heard a special rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner by Marlana VanHoose.

The Kentucky 18-year-old couldn’t see the crowd erupt in applause after she took the stage at the Kentucky Galt House Hotel. Nor could she read the stream of tweets praising her when she belted the national anthem.

Born with cerebral palsy, without a fully formed optic nerve, VanHoose has never been able to see. But after defying doctors’ predictions and making it past her first birthday, according to her website, “Marlana was humming “Jesus loves me” before she talked and by the time she was 2 years old she taught herself to play the piano.”

VanHoose has also sung the national anthem at sporting events and has been featured on ESPN.

She might not have been able to see the crowd clap, but she could hear them cheer.


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