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You Can Now Rent an Entire Hungarian Village

You could even be deputy mayor

Lease up? Roommate bail on you? Yearn for a little more green space? Well, now you can rent a village in the Hungarian countryside, the Associated Press and Agence France-Presse report.

The fine print, according to the AP, claims renters will have access to the village of Megyer, including “seven guesthouses that sleep 39 people, four streets, a bus stop, a barn, a chicken yard, six horses, two cows, three sheep and four hectares (10 acres) of farmland — along with the possibility of temporarily being named deputy mayor.”

Mayor Kristof Pajer posted an advertisement online to raise awareness of the struggling economy in Megyer, which, with a population of 18, has practically been deserted as its young people move to Budapest or out of the country the minute they are old enough, he told AFP.

No word on whether you will see Megyer on Airbnb at some point in the near future.

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You Can Now Own a Vial of Winston Churchill’s Blood

Sweat, toil and tears not included in the sale.

Looking for the perfect present for the history buff who has everything? A vial of Sir Winston Churchill’s blood is going up on the auction block.

Churchill famously said he had nothing to offer but “blood, toil, tears and sweat” and now some of that blood is to be auctioned off to the highest bidder by Duke’s Auctioneers on March 12.

The blood was collected when Churchill was in the hospital for a fractured hip in 1962. Typically vials of blood are discarded when they are no longer medically necessary, but the nurse who collected it, an apparent fan of the former Prime Minister, received special permission to keep the vial. Upon the nurse’s death, it was bequeathed to a friend who decided to sell the historical medical waste to mark the 50th anniversary of Churchill’s death.

The market value of the vial “is a very difficult thing to estimate,” Timothy Medhurst, an auctioneer and appraiser at Duke’s, told the New York Times. The vial is “the most poignant and unique memorabilia we’ve ever had,” he adds, saying that the blood sample “is the closest you can get to Churchill.”

Keeping all that in mind, he expects the blood to sell for at least 1,000 GBP ($1,550 U.S.) The blood will be sold together with a signed declaration by the nurse detailing the circumstances in which she acquired it.

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Watch Will Smith Rap the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Theme on Ellen

He is promoting his upcoming film Focus

Will Smith can’t stop rapping during his talk show appearances. After a rousing performance of “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It” on The Late Show with David Letterman last week, Smith brought the house down Tuesday during a commercial break for The Ellen DeGeneres Show by rapping the theme to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air — the 90s sitcom that launched his career. The audience knew the lyrics by heart, so they did most of the rapping. He just danced in place.

Earlier this month, he participated in a Fresh Prince parody with Jimmy Fallon.

The rapper and actor has been promoting his upcoming movie Focus, which hits theaters Feb. 27.

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Watch a Group of Monks Have a Massive Snowball Fight

They're having the best time

Blizzards are quite rare in Jerusalem, so when a recent storm dumped around ten inches of snow on the city, some people were pretty excited. Farther south in Israel, some communities got snow for the first time since the 1990s.

But it appears that nobody was quite as pumped about the unexpected snow than this group of Franciscan monks, who were seen frolicking while having a good old-fashioned snowball fight. It’s pretty much a giant free-for-all, although we sense that some of the monks may have formed alliances.

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Watch the Parks and Recreation Cast’s Touching (and Hilarious) Farewell on Late Night

They come together to sing 'Bye Bye Li'l Sebastian' one last time


On Tuesday night, Parks and Recreation ended its glorious seven-season run with a very emotional finale. Later in the night, the entire cast — along with co-creator Mike Schur (who you might recognize as Dwight’s cousin Mose from The Office) — gathered on Late Night With Seth Meyers to reflect and bid farewell.

One of the highlights was when they all came together to sing a rousing rendition of the beloved tune “Bye Bye Li’l Sebastian.” It’s sweet, but since this is Parks and Recreation, things also get kind of weird. Watch the full singalong here:

The cast also took turns toasting each other, and naturally, it was all just one big blend of funny and sweet:



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These Are the 25 Best Places to Be an Intern in 2015

Based on an analysis by job review site Glassdoor

Glassdoor, a website that allows employees to post anonymous office reviews, has released its 2015 list of the best places to intern in the U.S. Facebook leads the ranking, which is based on the highest-rated reviews of each company. Tech dominates the list more than any other sector, with 12 companies represented.

The round-up is a promotion for the site’s new Glassdoor Students, a job search resource specifically tailored to college students.



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Swedish Police Raid Apartment After Mistaking 21st Birthday Party Balloons for ISIS Initials

"Extremism should always be taken seriously"

Police swooped on a Swedish student’s flat this week after mistaking balloons celebrating her 21st birthday party as propaganda for the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS), otherwise known simply as the Islamic State. (Read backwards, the rounded numerals resembled the initials “IS.”)

Sarah Ericsson and her boyfriend Fabian Akesson adorned windows with celebratory balloons for her birthday bash in the southern city Karlskrona. Akesson said police cars arrived Monday after a passer-by had reported a window display featuring ISIS propaganda, reports UPI.

“We understand why someone would report it if they thought it looked like IS-propaganda, although everyone else just thought it looked like the number ’12’ from outside,” Ericsson told Swedish media.

The couple removed the balloons, with the birthday girl saying that “extremism should always be taken seriously.”

“I laughed about it and they showed me a photo that they had taken where from their perspective, it did almost look like the letters IS,” Akesson said.

“I’m so surprised at all the attention,” Ericsson added. “I will never forget my 21st birthday.”


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This Power Rangers Fan Film Stars James Van Der Beek and Katee Sackhoff

And it's definitely not for kids

There’s a new Power Rangers fan film, and it’s probably not something your parents would have let you watch as a kid.

The 14-minute fan film, described by its creators as a “deboot of the Power Rangers,” has been produced by Adi Shankar and is directed by Joseph Kahn — the guy behind the movie Torque and Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” music video.

It stars Dawson’s Creek actor James Van Der Beek as Rocky, the former Red Ranger who betrays his teammates to the enemy, and Battlestar Galactica’s Katee Sackhoff as Pink Ranger Kimberly. It also has the kind of blood, gore and sexuality that would be more at home on Game of Thrones. And this isn’t even the R-rated version that was found on Vimeo.

“Not a pilot, not a series, not for profit, strictly for exhibition. This is a bootleg experiment…” the film’s disclaimer adds.

But that’s not how Haim Saban, the owner of the Power Rangers franchise and co-producer of an upcoming reboot of the series, sees it. According to Deadline.com, Kahn, who insists he has not infringed copyright laws, alleges he is being “harassed” by Saban.

“It is just as if I drew a pic of Power Rangers on a napkin and I gave it to my friend,” said Kahn in a series of outraged tweets. “Is it illegal to give pic I drew of a character on a napkin to someone for free? No.”

Vimeo has reportedly taken down the original version after a complaint from Saban Brands, but the “safe-for-work version” on YouTube still exists and has been viewed over 2.5 million times in two days.

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Man Falls 600 Ft. Down Mountain, Almost Lands on Rescue Team

polarisandy—Flickr/Getty Helvellyn in winter

And uses up his store of good luck for quite some time

While climbing a mountain Sunday in England’s rugged Lake District, a British man tumbled 600 ft. down a snow-covered slope — only to land in the path of a rescue team.

David Spain, 28, suffered minor injuries — a dislocated shoulder, cuts and bruises — after falling down the 3,200-ft. peak of Helvellyn mountain, which has killed three people this year. He was propelled downward by a gust of wind during a blizzard that started midclimb, according to the Manchester Evening News.

He ended up near a rescue team conducting a training exercise. “I shouted and shouted until they saw me … I was really lucky,” said Spain, who is currently recuperating with his fiancée until his wedding in May.

“This is one lucky chap — he should buy a lottery ticket,” said rescue official Mike Blakey.

[Manchester Evening News]

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Butter-Flavored Kit Kats Are Now a Thing

Nestle To Make Fairtrade KitKats
Bloomberg—Bloomberg via Getty Images Bars of original KitKat chocolate, produced by Nestle SA, sit arranged for a photograph in London, U.K., on Monday, Dec.7, 2009.

But only for the fortunate few

The good news: a new butter-flavored Kit Kat will be unveiled next month. The bad news (unless you happen to live in the vicinity): it will only be available in one store in the northern Japanese city of Sapporo, which lies on the island of Hokkaido.

The rich new buttery flavor was the winner of a contest organized by the Tsuji Group culinary school, which sought to highlight an ingredient local to the region. Milk and butter are among the island’s main claims to fame — luckily, in this case, beating out other Hokkaido specialties like sea urchin and salmon.

The butter-flavor chocolate-covered wafers will be sold at the Sapporo branch of Chocolatory, a Kit Kat specialty store, in four-packs for $3.36 or 12-packs for $10.20.

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Kit Kats enjoy immense popularity in Japan, partly because parent company Nestle has been wowing consumers with its limited edition local flavors — like special Sakura Green Tea Kit Kats (made with green tea, white chocolate and edible cherry-blossom leaves), Strawberry Cheesecake and (yes) Wasabi.

The butter-flavored Kit Kat will be available from March 7. If you have friends in Sapporo, now’s the time to start calling in a few favors.

[Rocket News 24]

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