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You’ll Fall ‘Crazy in Love’ With These Groomsmen After Watching Their Incredible Wedding Dance

It also includes a Persian dance number

Even if you don’t usually go for sappy stuff, you will most likely find this clip adorable and touching unless you are made of stone. Watch as a groom (with the help of his many groomsmen) surprises his new bride with a carefully choreographed dance medley featuring throwback jams from Destiny’s Child and Backstreet Boys. In the middle they transition to a spirited Persian dance routine, and they cap the performance off with Bruno Mars’ “Marry You.” Go ahead, wipe the tears from your eyes, we’re not judging you.


This Brilliant Ad Uses Sex Toys to Promote Gun Safety

Why adults need to lock up their guns

As if gun safety wasn’t enough of a conversation starter, an organization called Evolve found a way to promote the reduction of gun violence with, um, dildos.

Using the widely known fact that kids have absolutely zero respect for privacy at all—they will open your not-so-secret drawer and play with your things—the commercial shows two mothers’ conversations rudely getting interrupted by their sons sword fighting with one mom’s sex toys.

Embarrassing, right? But not tragic.

“If they find it, they’ll play with it,” a narrator says. “So always lock up your guns.”

This isn’t the first time gun control has been linked with sex toys. In 2011, an adult store in Alabama had a Valentine’s Day promotion that allowed people to trade their firearms for store credit.

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This Marijuana Food Truck Can Get You High

The Samich truck's take on PB&J MagicalButter.com

Washington state residents now have a chance to try pot-infused truffle popcorn and other treats

The “munchies” are going artisanal. After debuting in Denver on 4/20, a marijuana food truck is expected to open at a farmer’s market in Washington state this weekend.

But will its meals get customers high?

“Yes,” says Garyn Angel, who runs the refurbished school bus, dubbed “Samich,” both a shorthand for sandwich and an acronym for Savory Accessible Marijuana Infused Culinary Happiness.

Customers will be able to choose between four cannabis-infused meals at Jet City Farmer’s Market in the city of Everett, Wash. between 11:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday:

  • Danksgiving,” a grilled turkey sandwich with stuffing, homemade gravy and cranberry chutney on cornbread.
  • A take on the peanut butter and jelly sandwich on five-grain bread boasting homemade nut butter, banana, infused-honey, and jelly (a blend of blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, cherry and pomegranate). Bacon bits optional.
  • A Vietnamese pork banh mi, a sandwich with pulled pork, pickled cabbage, vegetables, sriracha aioli and infused garlic butter on a French roll.
  • Truffle popcorn.
The pork banh mi MagicalButter.com

The Samich truck is a promotion for Angel’s company MagicalButter.com, which sells an appliance intended to help people make cannabis-infused cooking oils at home and wants to market itself to medical marijuana patients.

All dishes are in the suggested serving size, which is worth noting in light of growing food safety concerns about pot edibles. Maureen Dowd recently wrote a column in the New York Times about getting uncomfortably high from eating an entire pot chocolate bar in Denver because the label didn’t warn novices to break it up into 16 pieces. Last month, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper signed two safety bills to both ensure labels are not misleading and attempt to determine an appropriate serving size of concentrated marijuana to prevent overeating in light of recent deaths.

In Washington state, regulations require samples to pass a “microbiological screening” and commercial pot kitchens to be inspected before such chefs can be licensed, the Associated Press recently reported. Marijuana retail sales are expected to start in a couple of weeks, and Governor Jay Inslee just announced an “emergency set of rules” ordering approval of marijuana edible packaging to make sure there are not cartoonish images that may appeal to children, The New York Times reports this week.

In general, when it comes to consuming cannabis-infused food and drink as safely as possible, “If you don’t know what you’re doing, less is more,” says Angel. “Take it slow.”

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Will Ferrell Crashed a World Cup Fan Event and Everyone Freaked Out

Highlights include an enthusiastic USA chant and a Luis Suarez reference

When Team USA fans gathered at an event in Recife, Brazil, to get pumped for Wednesday’s World Cup game against Germany, they were treated to a special surprise: a visit from Will Ferrell. That’s right, Ron Burgundy himself showed up to inspire the crowd and threaten to bite any and all German players if needed. (A nod, of course, to Uruguayan player Luis Suarez’s recent biting incident.) He was probably joking, but we kind of believe he’ll do it if things get out of hand.

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Corvette Museum Will Make Car-Eating Sinkhole a Permanent Exhibit

Visitors to the Bowling Green, Ky. attraction will be able to see at least part of the famous sinkhole

The National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Ky. announced Thursday that a sinkhole that swallowed eight classic cars in February — as seen in the video above — will remain a permanent part of the exhibit.

The board of the museum was presented with three options: 1) Fill the sinkhole and replace the floor, as if nothing happened; 2) Keep a small bit open for posterity’s sake; 3) Mother Earth has spoken, leave it as is. After some consideration, they went with option 2.

“My own personal opinion changed as time went on,” a board member stated on the museum’s blog. “I come here today with my marching orders from my members. About two thirds of my organization says to leave it open in some form or fashion.”

This makes sense considering that the museum’s attendance has been up 59% and revenue increased 65% since the headline-making event.

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Missing Boy’s Father Told Son Found in Basement on Live TV

Charles Bothuell was rendered speechless when HLN's Nancy Grace told him the news

The 11-day search for a missing child in Detroit took a bizarre turn on Wednesday, when the 12-year-old was found hiding in the basement of his father’s home.

The perplexing case unfolded on live television when, during an interview on HLN, the boy’s father, Charles Bothuell, was informed that his son Charlie had been found in the basement.

The incredulous father appeared bewildered and breathless, taking a moment to recover. “I checked my basement,” Bothuell said. “The FBI checked my basement. The police checked my basement. My wife checked my basement. I’ve been down there several times. We’ve all been checking.”

The boy’s discovery concludes a search that began on June 14 when Charlie walked out of the home refusing to do chores, his father had told HLN earlier. But it also raises new questions.

Charlie was found barricaded behind boxes and a large five-gallon drum, Detroit Police Chief James Craig told CNN affiliate XWYZ. “There’s no way he could have erected his makeshift area of concealment,” he said.

He later told reporters that he was not ruling out the possibility that an adult was responsible for hiding the boy, according to CNN. “We’re not ruling that out,” he said. “It would be hard for me to sit here and tell you that someone didn’t know Charlie was there, but I can’t say definitively.”

After his interview on HLN, Charles Bothuell, the father, responded angrily to questions about who may have known of his son’s whereabouts, CNN reports. “For anybody to imply that I somehow knew my son was in the basement is absurd and wrong. I love my son,” he said. “I’m glad that he’s home.”



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Julian Assange May Be Britain’s Next Top Model

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange speaks to the media inside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London June 14, 2013.
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange speaks to the media inside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London June 14, 2013. Reuters

The WikiLeaks founder is reportedly set to strut his stuff on the catwalk at London Fashion Week this September

Julian Assange, the fugitive founder of WikiLeaks, may be making a guest appearance at London Fashion Week in September, the Independent reports.

Ben Westwood, son of acclaimed British designer Vivienne Westwood, has reportedly asked Assange to model in his show, which will be held at Ecuador’s embassy.

Though an international embassy might seem a strange choice of venue for good-looking, well-dressed people, Westwood has little choice. His sartorial star has been taking shelter in the embassy for the past two years to avoid extradition to Sweden over allegations of sex offenses.

Unfazed by his model’s infamy, Westwood commented: “I want to highlight Julian Assange’s plight. What happened to him is totally unfair.”

Should the WikiLeaks founder participate he’ll by joined by six other models wearing clothes inspired by Clint Eastwood Westerns and what Westwood called Assange’s “combat-beret look”.

Though Assange has yet to comment on this latest job offer, he is no stranger to publicity, even when in hiding. In October 2012, Lady Gaga swung by the embassy to pay him a visit and in Nov. 2013 he opened rapper M.I.A’s “Matangi” tour via Skype.

Tantalizingly, Westwood has also suggested he’ll showcase a “garment with a Julian Assange print”. Whether this look will be hitting the stores in a few months time remains to be seen.


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Charlie Rangel’s Famous Friends Are Happy He’s Still in Congress

A fixture in New York's social and political scenes, Rangel is slated to add two more years to his 44-year stint in Congress after a tight race against state Sen. Adriano Espaillat

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World Cup Urinals Spark Pissing Matches

Aly Song / Reuters

For soccer whizzes

World Cup-themed filters have been put in urinals in the men’s room at a Shanghai mall, Reuters reports. The Telegraph described them as “wee-to-score.” No word on whether the games will be live-streamed.

Aly Song / Reuters

These Are America’s Most Stressed-Out Cities

Based on commute times, work schedules, crime rates and more

These days, it seems like just about every American is stressed for one reason or another. But which areas of the U.S. are home to the most stressed-out people? CNNMoney teamed with the American Psychological Association to answer that question. They came up with the major indicators of stress in urban areas and then broke these factors down into the following categories: economy and money, work, family, lifestyle and crime.

The major indicators included poverty rates, commute times, health status, family size and crime rates. An overall weighted ranking system lead to the following list, with the Big Apple, not surprisingly, landing at the top:

1. New York

2. Detroit

3. Los Angeles

4. Riverside / San Bernardino

5. Houston

6. Chicago

7. Miami

8. New Orleans

9. Atlanta

10. Memphis

Head over to CNNMoney to see the full list of the most (and least) stressed-out urban areas.

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