Get Behind the Wheel of a New Porsche…for Just $300

For the price of a speeding ticket, you can drive a Boxster or a 911 Carrera.

Race a brand-new Porsche for $300 — with a no-ticket guarantee!

Most Porsche models carry hefty sticker prices that keep them out of the reach of most people. But now, in its new Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta, you can climb behind the wheel of any Porsche and drive it on a track with a pro for only a few hundred dollars.

For many people, Porsche 911 sports cars, Panamera GTS sedans and Cayenne Turbo SUVs represent two pinnacles—excellent German engineering and cost. But as Porsche continues to grow its model line-up, the company has a vested interest in getting more consumers to experience its vehicles as well as its brand.

Last year, Porsche brought its new luxury compact crossover utility vehicle, the Macan, to the US market. The CUV starts at $49,900 and joins the Boxster ($51,400) at the entry level end of the lineup. To get more potential buyers into seats, the company has just opened a $100 million, 27-acre facility in Atlanta, where real people can sign up for 90 minutes of driving in any Porsche ($300 for a Boxster, up to $750 to compare a 911 Turbo with a GT3), get hours of track time on the 1.6-mile road circuit (or put SUVs on the off-road course), and get professional instruction.

Inside, customers can enjoy a meal in the Restaurant 356, use a racing simulator, or buy everything from fan gear to watches and leather jackets. Porsche will also rent out space for private events and business conferences.

My favorite stop: The Human Performance Center, where fitness experts can evaluate your physical strength, stamina, nutritional status — even your hydration levels. The Performance Center offers a menu of options, from a 90-minute assessment ($140) all the way up to a 12-month executive plan ($650).

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